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Vietnamese Sailormoon

The following information has been submitted by Lina.

"In one page you mentioned somebody named Jennifer told you about Sailor Moon in Viet Nam that it was not that famous. Well, i lived in Viet Nam for most of my childhood and i can assure that Sailor Moon was big among junior high students, just like all Japanese comics are over there. Sailor Moon arrived in Viet Nam as black and white anime books, which contain, as you may knew, black and white screenshots from the anime. The pictures were in poor quality, neither anime-lookalike nor manga-lookalike, and i have the impression that they, the people from the Vietnamese publisher, are traced from the original anime screenshots, which is why they looked so ugly. But the book covers were in color and very neat indeed. There were also Sailor Moon calendars published by the same book publisher. There was a lot of editting, most references to bi-sexual/lesbian relationships were left out. Sometimes when it gets to the point where editting didn't help, they just simply cut off the part and moved on to the next, leaving readers all puzzled. It happened a lot and it got worst in the Sailor Moon Super series. There was no Stars series in Viet Nam, not that i know of. Perhaps the whole transsexual/crossdressing sailors thing is pretty obvious and apparently can't be cut without spoiling the storyline (just for the record, i like the anime version of the Starlights: male in earth forms and female in sailor forms, you may disagree but that's okay ;)

"As for the anime, subtitled version of the Japanese anime is available in VHS and VCD. The tapes don't come in order. I didn't buy any tape or VCD so i don't know if the Stars series is released or not. The Vietnamese National Television used to show the original Japanese anime on every Sunday afternoon. It was labeled as a children show. As far as i recall, most episodes didn't appear in original order, A LOT of episodes were skipped, i think for the same reason that they did in the comic books. No "blurring effect" is added, nudity-implied lines are not deleted, like they are in North America version. It was on for a while and then just suddenly went off the air. It is difficult to say where it stopped since, like i said, the series was aired in fragments with no logical order whatsover. It was not dubbed nor subtitled. I don't know what you call it since i have never seen this kind of presentation on American television. As the original Japanese episode was played, a Vietnamese speaker (off screen of course) reads the dialogues between characters whenever they speak. There is only one person doing all the dialogues. As you watch, you can hear both Japanese and Vietnamese, but the Japanese is turned down a bit so the viewers can hear the Vietnamese better. A little more info on this type of presentation, it is popular on Vietnamese television when it comes to foreign-language-speaking shows. There was a reason for this. First off, Vietnamese television viewers hate reading subtitle, and due to the nature of the Vietnamese language, sometimes when the characters say many words in their languages (especially if it was Western languages), they are reduced into just a few words when translated into Vietnamese, and vice versa. Thus, when they are dubbed in Vietnamese, the moving of their lips doesn't match the words. This is common but Vietnamese viewers can't stand that. Therefore the off-screen-speaker method is preferred."

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