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Sailormoon in Thailand

Thai Sailor Moon Names

The following information on Thai Sailormoon comes from Pocket_Demon. The following is cut and pasted from Pocket_Demon's e-mail message.

"The character names are pretty much the same, except for Chibiusa's name. Her name in thai is Usagi-noi, which basically means "Little Usagi." The only strange thing is, sometimes I hear them using the suffix "chan" (ie Usagi-chan!).

"They have dubbed all of SuperS, and that's all I know since I have checked. They have the original soundtrack (including the opening and ending themes) and as far as I know, there haven't been any tampering with the actual images (such as henshin images where you can see the breast and butt lines).

"I don't think there's any of the movies there, since I saw no movie videos on the rental shelves. Plus, when my little cousins arrived, all they wanted to see was the pioneer subtitles videos of the movies I had.

"Haruka and Michiru are still lesbians (Thank you, God, I love you). That's a plus. of couse, i only understand _very_ little thai, so I can only think of what they're saying. But in the first S episode, all the inners still fell down in stupidity cause of Haruka's bust, and she still flirts with girls.

"The voices are pretty okay, I guess. Usagi's voice is a little low, but it fits the thai accent. Sometimes, though, the music disappears when the senshi are talking (like the music is unhearable when Neptune yells out her henshin phrase).

"The henshin phrases end with a "transform," instead of Make Up. I'm not sure what the actual phrases are, though.

"The senshi are called "Sailor Knights."

"Well, that's all I know. I hope its helpful to your page in the least bit way."

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