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Swedish Sailormoon

The following information on character names and the series itself is courtesy of Jenni Green. This is all cut and pasted directly from her e-mail.

"um. well, it said on your "Sailormoon all over the world" page that you would like to have the names if anybody had them in other languages. I have them in Swedish, since I live in Sweden :). but I only have the three first senshi, because they dubbed all of Sailormoon R but not so many people watched it so they cancelled the show after ep. 23 (the episode before Nephlite's death - bad people! bad people!). then, they aired it again but now it's on "summer vacation" until september 5:th, when they *say* they're going to air it again. but you can never trust TV4.... well, here are the names so far..."

Character Names

Japanese Name French Name
Tsukino Usagi Annie Tsukino
Mizuno Ami Ami Muzino (they spelled her name wrong)
Hino Rei Rai Hino
Chiba Mamoru Mamoru (they haven't said his last name yet, but it's propably Chiba, too)
Tuxedo Kamen Maskerade Rosen
Furuhata Motoki Motoki (Furuhata)
Osaka Naru Lima Osaka
Umino Gurio Umino Gurio (they changed his name so Umino became his first name)
Tsukino Shingo Shino (*sweatdrops* don't ask me why, it isn't a real Swedish name...)
Tsukino Ikuko and Tsukino Kenji Mamma and Pappa (mum and dad, just as simple as that :)
Jedyte Jedyte
Nephlite Neflit
Zoicite oicite (of course, they dubbed him a woman)
Kunzite Kunta (Zoi calls him Lord Kunta)
Queen Beryl drotting Morga (*sweatdrops again* don't ask me, they're stupid translators:)
Queen Metallia so far only known as "den stora härskaren", meaning the great ruler or something like that.

"actually Swedish Sailormoon got a dub by a small company, which means that they keep the background music, most of the original names for people who show up in one episode or so, and stay very close to the original script, and make changes only when a joke needs to be changed to make the swedes understand. when they re-aired it, they removed Ep.4 to prevent little children from going crazy over their weight or something like that... weird, because they've already aired it once... but, they gave us two episodes that they skipped the first time... they've also changed the lyrics of the songs, so now they sound a lot more childish. (a little girl withe really long tresses, about fourteen years and rather cute... brr!) they also translated the attacks directly to swedish without changing the meaning of the words, (firesoul becomes eldsjäl, shabon spray is bubbelspray...) though I'm a bit worried about the Venus Love-Me chain... one thing that's annoying is that all the VA:s are the voices of more than one person, for example the voice actress of Queen Beryl is the same as Tsukino Ikuko (!) and miss Haruna. but it's not that bad, all three Senshi so far all have voices that fit their personality very well, especially Usagi. also, the meaning of Rei's chanting when she throws an Ofuda was lost in the dub. now, she just starts chanting some stuff that sound cool and then throw the paper, mostly she says something like "Evil Spirits, Go Away..." and then shouts something as she throws it. in the Animemanga she sometimes just shouts "parchment" or something (not sure if it's the right word...). right now, I'm hoping so many people watch the show that they'll translate the whole thing... :) (yeah, right, but one must be allowed to dream...)"

All of the following information on character names and the powers list has been cut and pasted from Madeleine Fritjof's e-mail message.

Character Names
  • Annie Tsukino(swedish) is Sailor Moon (swedish)
  • Amy Mizuno (swedish) is Sailor Mercery (swedish)
  • Rai Hino (swedish) is Sailor Mars (swedish)
  • Arianne Aino(swedish) is Sailor Venus (swedish)
  • Mako Kino (swedish) is Sailor Jupiter (swedish)
  • Tuxedo mask is Maskerade Rosen (swedish) and Darien is Mamoru (swedish)
  • Annies Friend Naru is named Lima Osaka (swedish)
  • The dark kingdom = Det mörka kungarinket (swedish)
  • Queen Beryl = Drottning Morga (swedish)
  • Jedite= Jedyte (swedish)
  • Nephlite= Nephlite (swedish)
  • Zoicite= Zoisite (swedish)
  • General Malachite= Lord Kunta (swedish)
  • Alan and Ann = Ale & Ann (swedish)
  • Luna & Artemis = the same name
  • Sailor Chibi Moon = Chibi Usa (swedish)
  • Setsuna Meiou= Same name
  • Haruna = Same name
  • Umino= same name
  • Yuuchirou = Yushi (swedish)
  • Queen Serenity = Drottning Selen (swedish)

Attacks and Powers

Sailor Moon

  • Moon Prism Power, Make Up!: "Månprisma, Förvandla Mig!"
  • Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!: "Månkristallkraft, Förvandla Mig!"
  • Moon Tiara Action!: "Måntiara Attack!"
  • Moon Tiara Stardust!: "Måntiarans Stjärnstoff!"
  • Moon Healing Escalation!: "Månläkning Verkställ!"
  • Moon Princess Halation!: "Prinsessläkning Verkställ!"

Sailor Mercery

  • Mercury Power, Make Up!: Merkuriuskraft, Förvandla Mig!"
  • Shabon Spray!: "Bubbel Spray!"
  • Shabon Spray freezing: "Silver Spray!"

Sailor Mars

  • Mars Power, Make Up!: "Marskraft, Förvandla Mig!"
  • Fire Soul: "Eldsjäl!"

Sailor Venus

  • Venus Power, Make Up: "Venuskraft, Förvandla Mig!"
  • Crescent Beam: "Venusstråle Attack!"
  • Crescent Beam shower: "Venus dubbelstråle attack"

Sailor Jupiter

  • Jupiter power, make up: "Jupiterkraft förvandla mig"
  • Supreme Thunder: "Blixt och Dunder"

Some other facts about Sailor Moon

"Sailor Moon is on sundays and the time is 8.35. We are now on episode 53 and we hope that Sweden will send all 200. Becouse of that they dont have so much attcks and stuff now."

The following tidbits of information come from Akaiko Nozomi.

"Two episodes were not shown; apparently, they were damaged.
"Zoisite changed to a woman. Allegedly because the station can't show gays who are evil, rather than because they can't show them at all. (Wonder what they'll do with Haruka and Michiru then?)
"Original music kept. Start and end tunes kept but lyrics not kept. No info about songs. Most, but not all, original names kept. Beryl is renamed Morga, Usagi is renamed Annie. Owned by TV4, which aired to the middle of the first series but dubbed to the end of R. They had the rights until summer 1999."

The following URL is submitted by Felicia Gilljam as a great Swedish Sailormoon webpage to visit:

Åke Rosenius runs the website, and Felicia says he's the "Swedish Sailormoon-guru" ^___^

As of January 2002, from Juho Keskinen:

Here are some more info about swedish Sailor Moon. Swedish TV channel TV4 sent the last episode of R season about four or five months ago and they are not going to sent anymore Sailor Moon episodes ever.

Here are some attacks and transformations for Senshi:

Sailor Mercury
Mercury Star Power, Make Up! = "Merkuriuskristallkraft, förvandla mig!" (Mercury crystal power, transform me!)
Shine Aqua Illusion = "Silvervirvelillusion!" (Silver whirlpool illusion!)
and once Mercury says "Silvervatten, spray!" (Silver water, spray!)

Sailor Mars
Mars Star Power, Make Up! = "Marskristallkraft, förvandla mig!" (Mars crystal power, transform me!)
Fire Soul Bird = "Eldsjälfågel" (Fire Soul Bird)
Burning Mandala = "Eld och sol fågel" (Fire and Sun Bird) and once Mars says "Eldsjäl" (Fire Soul)

Sailor Jupiter
Jupiter Star Power, Make Up! = "Jupiterkristallkraft, förvandla mig!" (Jupiter crystal power, transform me!)
Supreme Thunder Dragon! = "Blixt och dunder draken!" (Lightning and thunder dragon)
Sparkling Wide Pressure = "Jupiterkraftslagattack" (Jupiter Power Punch Attack) or "Jupiterkraftstråleattack" (Jupiter Power Beam Attack)

Sailor Venus
Venus Star Power, Make Up! = "Venuskristallkraft, förvandla mig!" (Venus crystal power, transform me!)
Venus Love Me chain = "Venuskraftstråleattack" (Venus Power Beam Attack)

Luna-P magic = "Hokus pokus!" (Hocus Pocus!)

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