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Spanish Sailormoon

All the following information is courtesy of Melania Avellaneda. Her information has been cut and pasted below.

"We have watched the censured version. The SM Fans from Spain don't know in general the Japanese names of the senshi. If you are a real otaku and you read imported information you can know it but most of the fans don't have any idea. So, When you say that your nick is Haruka they can't imagine that in fact you're Sailor Uranus because she is called 'Timmy' in the Spanish version. I knew about the Japanese characters from the American and Japanese web pages, so if you find some Spanish guy that speaks about Timmy don't blame him or her!! Antena 3 (a private TV channel) passed Sailor Moon, SM R and SM S (though many people didn't know about SM S and couldn't watch it) 3 years ago. In these last 3 years we haven't watched NOTHING about SM T_T. And... now... it seems that in maybe some days we'll be able to watch SM Super S. Very cute, isn't it? ^_^

"And if we talk about the manga... Glenat is the editorial that publishes Sailor Moon and... if it has 18 volumes, Glenat has only published 7 and in an irregular way. Sometimes every 2 months, sometimes every 6 months... or when Glenat remembers that they publish a manga... sniff! A pity! But... I've been able to read until manga number 16 in the French version! :))"

The Characters

"Now... What about the names of the characters in Spanish? First of all there is a thing you must know:
Senshi= Guerrero.
Sailor means 'marinero' and as calling Sailor Moon 'Marinero Luna' is nonsense, the senshi are called 'Senshi + the name of their planet'. So Sailor Moon is 'Guerrero Luna'.

Usagi Tsukino: Bunny Tsukino. Yes, 'bunny' is an English word... But as 'conejo' (bunny in Spanish) has sexual connotations and as a name it's not correct, they kept her name in English (and French, as far as I know). The translations sometimes can be very confusing and horrible! She is Guerrero Luna (Sailor Moon).

Ami Mizuno: Amy Mizuno. She is Guerrero Mercurio. (Amy is not a Spanish name... but it's a name that is not unknown for us because of many shows from TV.)

Rei Hino: Ray Hino. She is Guerrero Marte. (Another name that is not Spanish but that they kept like that.)

Makoto Kino: Patricia (uhm... why did they translate this name? But it's not that bad, though) Kino. She is Guerrero Jupiter.

Minako Aino: Carola (the most HORRIBLE name in the world!!!) Aino. She is Guerrero Venus.

Luna and Artemis: (They keep their names.) Luna means 'moon' in Spanish, so the black cat doesn't need a translation...

Setsuna Meiou: Raquel Meiou. She is Guerrero Pluton.

Haruka Ten'ou: Timmy Ten'ou. She is Guerrero Urano.

Michiru Kaiou: Vicky Kaiou. She is Guerrero Neptuno.

Hotaru Tomoe: Andrea Tomoe. She is Guerrero Saturno.

(These four [Outer] senshi have horrible names. Vicky, Andrea and Raquel are not THAT bad, but Timmy... Personally, I prefer Alex, because Timmy is not only horrible but also not used in Spain)

The Outer senshi are the Guerreros Externas.

The Inner senshi are the Guerreros Internas.

Mamoru Chiba: Armando Chiba. He is Tuxedo Kamen: El Senyor del Antifaz. (The translation into English would be 'the masked man,' more or less).

Chibi Usa: Chibi Usa (Why didn't they translate this name?). She is the Small Lady (Pequenya Dama) and Guerrero Chibi Usa.

Umino: Camilo. (A horrible name, btw)

Naru: Kari. (Another horrible name and it is NOT a Spanish name!!)

The Attacks

MARTE: Her first attack: RAYO FUEGO! (I think it's the Burning Mandala, isn't it?) [It's probably Fire Soul.] Her second attack: FUEGO DESTRUCTOR!

MERCURIO: Her first attack: MERCURIO LUCHA! (I don't know the name in English, I only know that it's the attack with the fog). [Shabon Spray] Her second attack: RAYO CONGELANTE!

VENUS: Her first attack: FULGOR CRECIENTE! (It's the Crescent Beam). Her second attack: VENUS CADENA DE AMOR! (Venus Love Me Chain)

JUPITER: Her first attack: SUPREMO TRUENO! (Supreme Thunder) Her second attack: CHISPAS DE PLATA AL ATAQUE! [Sparkling Wide Pressure]

NEPTUNO: Her only attack in the SMS: MARES Y OCEANOS! (Deep Submerge)

URANO: Her only attack in the SMS (the TV show): TEMBLOR DE TIERRA! (World Shaking)

PLUTON: The same thing that I told you about Uranus and Neptune. Her only attack is: FUERZAS RESPLANDECIENTES! (Dead Scream)

The following information on Spanish manga is from

"The spanish form of manga can be 1) bought @ FNAC in Madrid and 2) is even more messed up name-wise than the american manga. They use amaerican names such as bunny, but also give them spanish fisrt names with their original japonses last names (ex: armando chiba/chiba mamoru, patricia kino/ kino makoto. plus, half the people still have their original japensesnames (ex: chibi-usa, asanuma and unazuki. so it's always worse somewhere else, although i too wish that they kept the japanese names for the american manga. ;-)"

The following information is from Pedro Pacheco"


Moon Prism Power Make-up, Moon Crystal Power Make Up: Prístina Luna, dame el poder (Pristine Moon, give me the power)

The other senshi always transforms with "Planet [planet], give me the power"


Most of their names sound very odd, Spanish is not as "easy to have sense" as English, I mean, translating them sound better than original. They appear to avoid using planet names (but there are exceptions).

Guerrero Luna (Sailormoon)

  • Moon Tiara Action: Diadema Acción (Diadem Action)
  • Moon Healing Escalation: Escala de Curación de la Luna (Healing Escalation of the Moon)
  • Moon Princess Halation: Cetro Relampagueante Aureola (Flashing Sceptre Halation)

Guerrero Mercurio (Sailormercury)

  • Shabon Spray: Mercurio Lucha (Mercury Fight)
  • Shine Aqua Illusion: Rayo Congelante (Freezing Ray)

Guerrero Marte (Sailormars)

  • Fire Soul: Rayo Fuego (Fire Ray)
  • Burning Mandala: Fuego Destructor (Destructor Fire)

Guerrero Júpiter (Sailorjupiter)

  • Supreme Thunder: Supremo Trueno (it can be a nearly translation)
  • Sparkling Wide Pressure: Chispas de Plata al Ataque (Silver Sparkies Attack???)

Guerrero Venus (Sailorvenus)

  • Crescent Beam: Fulgor Creciente (Crescent Brillancy)
  • Venus Love Me Chain: Venus Cadena de Amor (Venus Love Chain)

Guerrero Urano (Sailoruranus)

  • World Shaking: Temblor de Tierra (It can be a very nearly translation)

Guerrero Neptuno (Sailorneptune)

  • Deep Submerge: Mares y Océanos (Seas and Oceans)

Guerrero Plutón (Sailorpluto)

  • Dead Scream: Fuerzas Resplandecientes (Glowing Forces???)

About the manga

"I can read a few manga here in Peru, where is not very advertised and popular. They translate all the manga, I think, I've read one of SailorStars and learned that:

  • 'Bunny' transforms with "Cristal de Plata poder" (Silver Crystal Power) or something like that.
  • Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss is 'Rayo de Miel, Beso de Guerrero' (Honey Ray, Soldier Kiss)
  • Starlights are not "Guerreros" they are Sailor Star Lights, and transform with "Fighter/Maker/Healer(untranslated) poder". Their attacks are write in original-but-Spanish pronunciation, as "Star Laser Sirius" SUCKING!!! and making no sense at all"

What? How can I know that? Because here in Peru are not only Spain manga, also are Spain movies (illegal, of course) and I've seen R movie in this dub. That's why i don't know Sailormoon's SMS attacks and transformations."

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