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Sailormoon in Singapore

Singapore Names

The following information was submitted by Usa-chan. The information has been cut and pasted directly.

"Hi, I have some things to say about the Singapore version of the Sailormoon manga. I believe that the Singapore version is actually similar to the Hongkong version, but the Chinese in both countries are a little different. The Singapore version uses simplified Chinese, which is familiar to most Singaporean Chinese people. The Animamates were also refered to as Animaids or Animamaids, like in the Hongkong version as you said. The henshin phrases are all translated into Chinese except for the two words 'make up'. Chibichibi is also called 'Little Little Rabbit'. The names of the Senshi are in English, with some spelling mistakes. Some of the attacks were translated, while others might have a little mistake in spelling.

"The anime, which has only been broadcast up to the end of the first season, is the Taiwanese version, which was mentioned as the one with messed up names.

"About February 1998, during the Chinese New Year period, the Sailormoon R movie was broadcast with the local stations' voice actors playing the characters. The names were similar to the manga ones, except for Chibiusa (Little Little Rabbit), Rei (something that was two words), Usagi (Little Rabbit) and Mamoru (a 'little' was added in front of his name). The local TV station had also cut some scenes from the movie that they thought would be harmful to children i.e. the scene where Fiore took Mamoru's hand in his, the scene where Usagi transformed into Princess Selenity etc. Calls for everyone ('minna') became a selfish cry for only one of her friends (translators mistook 'minna' for 'mina', a short form for Minako).

"The anime books found in Singapore were imported from Hongkong, and they only reached the end of the R season, and a Sailormoon R movie book.

"One more thing, in the dubbed Sailormoon R movie, Luna's and Artemis' sexes were switched, and Luna called Artemis 'white cat little sister' (direct translation)!

"In Singapore they published this set of phonecards with the theme Sailormoon. There were six phonecards in all, one for each Senshi and the last for a group shot. The cards have borders and there are some signs in them, and when the cards are placed in order, signs of Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and the Moon can be seen. There is a folder for these cards, and the names of the Senshi in Chinese are Moon Soldier..."

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