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Russian Sailormoon

The extensive list of Sailor Moon character names is courtesy of Julia Zvezdina.

Character Names

Japanese Name Russian Name
Tsukino Usagi Bunny Tsukino
Mizuno Ami Ami Mizuno
Hino Rei Rei Hino
Kino Makoto Makoto Kino
Aino Minako Minako Aino
Chiba Mamoru Mamoru Chiba
Chibi-usa Malishka Bunny*
Tsukikage no Knight Ritsar Lunnogo Sveta**
Ten'ou Haruka Haruka Ten'ou
Meiou Setsuna Setsuna Meiou
Kaiou Michiru Michiru Kaiou
Jadeite Jadeite
Nephrite Nephrite
Zoisite Zoisite
Kunzite Kunzite
Queen Beryl Koroleva Pogibel***
nijizuishou raduzshnii cristall****
Ginzuishou serebrjannii cristall*****
Ail Ail
Ann Ann
Ginga Seijouru Seijouru Ginga
Ginga Natsumi Natsumi Ginga
Prince Demando Prince Almaz******
Saffiru Saphir
Esmeroodo Izumrud*******
Rubeus Rubeus
Petz Petzite
Ayakashi Sisters Sestri Presledovatelnitsi********
Cooan Karmesite
Beruche Birthierite
Karaberas Kalaverite
Wiseman Mudrets*********
Death Busters Apostoli Smerti***********
Tomoe Hotaru Hotaru Tomoe
Professor Tomoe Souichi Professor Souchi Tomoe
Kaolinite Kaolinite
Witches 5 Vedmi pjat' ************
Eudial Eugene
Mimette Mimette
Tellu Tellu
Viluy Villu
Cyprine & Ptiol Cyprine and Ptiol
Kaori Kaori

* - 'Malishka' means 'small' in Russian.
** - 'Ritsar Lunnogo Sveta' means 'Moonlight Knight.'
*** - "'Koroleva' means 'queen' but why they called her Pogibel - that's the question: 'pogibel' in russian means 'death.' Maybe they misunderstood Beryl - to bury?"
**** - 'Raduzshnii' means rainbow (adj.) and 'cristall' - crystal.
***** - 'Serebrjannii cristall' means 'silver crystal.'
****** - Almaz means 'diamond.'
******* - Means 'emerald.'
******** - 'Sestri' means 'sisters' while 'presledovatelnitsi' means 'haunters.'
********* - 'Mudrets' means 'Wiseman.'
********** - Means 'The Apostols of Death'
*********** - Vedmi=witches while pjat'=five.

For more names of the characters in Russian Sailor Moon, you can visit Julia's webpage, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor.

Additional information on Sailor Moon in Russia has been provided by Julia. Her contributions are cut and pasted below.

"Well I can tell you a little about SailorMoon in Russia.

"1. You wander why Queen Beril was called "pogibel". I think I know why. Yes, "beril" is a stone and we have almost the same word in Russian. But the anime was translated for children, grown-ups usually don't watch "cartoons", as they call it. (Of course there are some exceptions who see a lot in SailorMoon, me for example ^_^) And the translators needed to show children how terrible Queen Beril is. By the way, "pogibel" means not only death, but also ruin, destruction and so on. And it is also an abstract noun which means something that ruin, kill.....Wow! How linguistically-minded I am!

"2. Witches 5 actually are called not "ved'my pjat'", but it is a Company of Witches and Killers("Kompanija Ved'my i Ubijtsy")...

"I've got one more idea about Beryl's name is Russia (I guess it doesn't interest you very much...but still i tell you). Probably "beryl" sound nearly like "peryl". And so it was translated into Russian. Sayonara!"

The following long list of senshi attack names is courtesy of TAC Novosibirsk.

Attacks and Transformations Of The Senshi in Russia


  • "Moon Prism, give me the power!" Used in ALL three seasons shown in Russia.
  • "Holy Grail, give me the power!" That turns her into SuperSailormoon in S.
  • "Moon Tiara, fight!"
  • "Moon Tiara, throw the stardust!"
  • "Moon Healing Power, help!"
  • "Magical Moon Wand, help!" Used both in R and S.


  • "Mercury Power, give me the power!" I know that sounds stupid... but it's not me who dubbed SM. In one episode, she says 'Mercury Prism, give me the power!". Used in all three seasons.
  • "Soap Rain, fight!" Used in all three seasons.


  • "Mars Power, give me the power!" Used always.
  • "Fire Soul, fight!" Used always.
  • "Akuroi Taisan" was translated in MANY different ways... even as "Dark Demons, leave my body!" (in episode 12, I suppose).


  • "Jupiter Power, give me the power!"
  • "Thunder Soul, fight!" In the first episode when Jupiter appeared, she said: "My guardian planet Jupiter, let there be lighting and thunderstorm! Let the thunder come!" or something. What a LONG attack.


  • "Venus Power, give me the power!"
  • "Crescent Beam, fight!" OR "Saint Crescent, fight!"
  • "Venus Love Chain, fight!"


  • "Pluto Planet Power, come to me!"
  • "Dead Scream!" just WASN'T translated most of the time... She only said "Elemental Spirit" (?!) or something once.


  • "Uranus Planet Power, come to me!"
  • "Earth, crack!" or something like that. My translation of her attack from Russian to English is pretty bad.


  • "Neptune Planet Power, come to me!"
  • There was something WEIRD with her attack... it got MANY versions of translation:
    1. "Deep Submerge!" as it should be.
    2. "High Wave!" An opposite to number 1...
    3. "Ice Ball!" ???


  • "Moon Prism, give me the power!"
  • "Heart of a Pink Sweet-tooth, fight!"

"Sailormoon is being shown in Russia once again since April 14, so I decided to tell you some more stuff on Russian dub for your All Over the World section.
Today I watched the Usagi-Mamoru-babysitting episode (the R season), and I noticed that in this particular episode, Ami transformed saying "Moon Healing Escalation" :P. That's not very important but... I just thought it was stupid enough. Also there was a great lot of such stupid mistakes in our dub in fact:
1. Zoisite was called Jadeite for somewhat 3 episodes (that followed Jadeite being put into Eternal Sleep). That confused lots of people who thought that Jadeite returned.
2. Sailormoon says "Moon Prism Power" instead of "Moon Healing Escalation" quite often.
3. "Moon Princess Halation" is changed into "Moon Healing Escalation" (Moon Healing Power, help me! - in Russian) for the entire Alien arc.
4. The senshi say "[Planet] Power, fight!" instead of their regular attacks and/or transformation phrases sometimes.
5. When Usagi gets her new brooch in R, she says "Moon Healing Escalation" to transform. Russian dubbing company seems to like that phrase ^^.
6. Ail and Ann sometimes call each other their true names in public.
7. Nephrite calls Zoisite "Jadeite", and in the same dialogue Zoisite mentiones how Jadeite was telling him (Zoisite) that he'll kill the senshi no matter what. Can we say the dialogue becomes pretty weird this way?^^
8. Rei's "Akuryo Taisan" chanting is translated as "Everything that moves to me, move back!" :P
9. Usagi says "In the name of the moon, I will punish you!" instead of her attack once.
10. Nephrite once says "Light of the stars, give me your power to transform!". Makes me wonder HOW on earth was he going to transform."

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