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Portuguese Sailormoon

All information on Sailor Moon in Portugal comes from Eolo / Marco Felgueiras and Haruka / Vera Sacchetti. Also thanks to Beans, acting as correspondent. Their contributions have been cut and pasted below.

Character Names

Japanese Name Portuguese Name
Tsukino Usagi Bunny Tsukino
Mizuno Ami Ami Mizuno
Hino Rei Rita Hino*
Kino Makoto Maria**
Aino Minako Joana Lima
Chiba Mamoru Gonçalo Chiba
Chibiusa Chibiusa***
Tenoh Haruka Haruka Tenou****
Kaioh Michiru Mariana Kaiou
Meioh Setsuna Susana Melo
Tomoe Hotaru Otavia Tomoe
Oosaka Naru Sara Tavares
Umino Gurio Jimmy
Furuhata Motoki Mario
Furuhata Unazuki Fernanda
Elza Gray Elza Gray
Sakurada Haruna Carolina

* Pronounce "Hino" as "Ino" without the H
** No last name for Maria.
*** Pronounced as "Shibiuza" X_x
**** Pronounce "Haruka" as "Aruka" without the H.

Voice Actress Info

"There are five regular female actresses and three regular male actors. As you can imagine, a lot of the characters have the same VAs, and the following are a listing of who has the same voices."

  • Usagi, Chibiusa, Unazuki, and a few victims.
  • Ami, Beryl, Esmeraude, Kooan, Calaveras, Kaorinite, all the Witches 5, maybe Neherenia, all the female monsters.
  • Rei, Naru, Usagi's mother, Haruna, Artemis, and Setsuna.
  • Makoto, Minako, and Petz.
  • Haruka and Michiru. X_x [Eolo said that Haruka's voice was good, Vera said she doesn't sound good when she screams, and both agree that Michiru sounds like a vacuum cleaner.]
  • Vera did Miharu and Reika in SuperS.
  • Mamoru, HawksEye, Safiru, Motoki, Zoisite, and eventual victim of the day.
  • Rubeus, Luna, Kunzyte, Neflyte, Jedaito, Demando, Tomoe Souichi, TigersEye, and the eventual older victim of the day.

Other Things
  • "Chibimoon's "Twinkle Yell" in SuperS was called "Ring the Bell" in Portuguese Sailormoon."
  • "Luna and Artemis's sexes are changed in the Portuguese dub, so that Artemis is female and Luna is male. So, as Eolo put it, "it seems in some episodes that the cats are gay" and he "can't wait for Luna drooling over Yaten in Portuguese.""
  • "The boss in charge of the dub doesn't allow the VAs to view the footage before acting. He also thought there were too many female roles, therefore the dub has so few actual VAs."
  • "Zoicite is still gay in the anime."

"In episode 110, the episode where Uranus and Neptune have their Talismans taken out, the scene where Haruka and Michiru do the hand thing goes like this [replacing Michiru with 'Mariana']:"

Haruka: "What's wrong, Michiru? Are you with a fever?"
Michiru: "No, I think you're the one with fever, you seem weird."
Haruka, while the mouth is shut: "Poor Michiru, I really think she has a fever."

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