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Polish Sailormoon

All information on this page is courtesy of Dorothy. Her very well-done and lengthy submissions are cut and pasted below.

"On your site you has many information about SM in many countries. I want to tell you that in Poland we can also watch SM. Unfortunatelly, the translation of it is as bad as bad can be.

"First, the main character is called "Bunny", but it's pronounced like "Bane" or something. Other names are kept.

"Second, the title of SM is "Czarodziejka z Ksiezyca" (Sorceress/Mage/Wizard from the Moon) and that's also Usagi's name in her Senshi Form."

The Sailor Senshi

Japanese Name Polish Name Polish Senshi Name
Tsukino Usagi Bunny Tsukino Czarodziejka z Księżyca
Mizuno Ami Ami Mizuno Czarodziejka z Merkurego
Hino Rei Rei (pronounced "Ray") Hino Czar. z Marsa
Kino Makoto Mako(to) Kino (usually pronounced like "Mako Tokino") Czarodziejka z Jowisza
Aino Minako Minako Aino Czarodziejka z Wenus
Chiba Mamoru Mamoru Chiba Tuxedo
Chibi-usa Chibi Usa Mala Czarodziejka z Ksiezyca (Small Mage from Moon)
Tenoh Haruka Haruka Ten'ou Czarodziejka z Urana
Kaioh Michiru Michiru Kaiou Czarodziejka z Neptuna
Meioh Setsuna Setsuna Meiou Czarodziejka z Plutona
Tomoe Hotaru Hotaru Tomoe Czarodziejka z Saturna

Tsukikage no Knight - Ksiaze Ksiezycowej Poswiaty
nijizuishou - teczowy krysztal (rainbow crystal)
Ginzuishou - srebrny krysztal (silver crystal)

Dark Kingdom - Krolestwo Ciemnosci

Japanese Name Polish Name
Jadeite Jadeite
Nephrite Nephrite
Zoisite Zoisite
Kunzite Kunzite
Beryl Beryl (pronounced "Peril")
youma demony (demons)

The Aliens - Obcy

Japanese Name Polish Name
Ail Ail
Ann Anna
Ginga Seijouru Seijouru Ginga
Ginga Natsumi Natsumi Ginga
cardian kardian (?)

The Ayakashi Sisters - siostry (sisters) zla (evil)

Polish Manga Name Polish Anime Name
Petz Petzite
Cooan Kermesite
Beruche Bertherite
Karaberas Kalaverite

The Black Moon Family

Japanese Name Polish Name
Wiseman Medrzec (Wiseman)
Demando Demando
Esmeraude Esmeralda
Saffiru Saffiru
Rubeus Rubeus
droid droidy

Death Busters - Bractwo Smierci (fellowship of the Death)

Japanese Name Polish Name
Professor Tomoe Souichi doktor Souchi Tomoe
Kaolinite Kaolinite
Kaori Kaori
Witches 5 Domek Pieciu Wiedzm (House of five witches)
Eudial Eudial
Mimette Mimett
Tellu Tellu
Viluy Villu (pronounced "Biruit")
Cyprine & Ptiol Cyprine and Pikurol

Dead Moon Circus - cyrk smierci (circus of death)

Japanese Name Polish Name
Zirconia cyrkonia
Nehelenia Nehelenia
Amazon Trio mezne Trio (brave trio)
Fish Eye Oko ryby (eye of fish)
Tiger Eye Oko Tygrysa (eye of tiger)
Hawk Eye Oko Sokola (eye of falcon; should be "Oko Jastrzebia")
Amazoness Quartet kwartet amazonek
Vesves Besubesu
Pallapalla Parapara
Cerecere Selesele
Junjun Junjun


Polish Name Polish Senshi Name
Taiki Kou Gwiezdna Czarodziejka Swobody (Star Mage of freedom)
Sometimes Gwiezdna Czarodziejka Ocalenia (Star Mage of save)
Seiya Kou Gwiezdna Czarodziejka Walki (Star mage of fight)
Yaten Kou Gwiezdna Czarodziejka Ocalenia
sometimes Gwiezdna Czarodziejka Swobody

Animamates - warriors

Japanese Name Polish Name
Iron Mouse Zelazna Myszka (Iron Mouse)
Lead Crow Ognista Czarodziejka (Fiery Mage)
Aluminum Siren Alumina Seren (???)
Tin Naynko Tinianko or Nianko (???)
Galaxia Galaxia (also called "Star Galaxia")

"In the Polish version of manga girls are called "Sailor Senshi" (Sailormoon, ect.)

"The attack phrase is another story. They sound soooo stupid, few example:

  • Shabon Spray - Mydlo-powidlo (Soap and jam)
  • Crescent Beam - groch-fasola (Bean and pin)
  • Crescent Beam Shower - groch-fasola, silna wola (Beam and pin and strong will)
  • Shine Aqua Illusion - Zimna woda sily doda (cold water gives a strength)
  • Star Gentle Uterus - Gwiezdny atak ETERNO (Star attack ETERNO; no-one knows what "eterno" is)
  • Star Sensitive Inferno - Gwiezdny atak Inferno (Star attack Inferno)

"Others are also very stupid, but no so much as this few...

"In Poland were shown all five series + SMR the movie, but without a few episodes:

  • 45 and 46 - guess why?
  • One from SMSuperS, when Diana appears
  • SuperS special episodes

"Other were slightly cut: for example, when Luna dreams about great love; Mako has "big talent"; all references to the... bodies were removed.

"Zoisite is still a male, but he "loves Kunzite as brothers do". Fish Eye is usually a woman, but in one episode he is a man (I really don't understand this: if our translator wants something to change, he should change Fish Eye to a female and cut one episode. I wonder, why they didn't do that...) Haruka and Michiru... Their "talks" were kept, although they are more "innocent." Of course "Save the scolding for bed" didn't appear... Ah! Hotaru didn't say "Haruka-papa" and "Michiru-mama".

"These are the most important information about Polish SailorMoon."

The following information is from Maxxx:

Here's some additional information on the Polish Sailormoon translation, as Dorothy (your info supplier on this subject) wasn't very precise in some places.

First of all, "czarodziejka" doesn't really mean sorceress/mage/wizard, it's more like an enchantress. You know, more fairy, less witch. :)

Next, "Bunny" is not pronounced "bane" as this would, in English, sound similar to "rain" or "cane". This "bane" should be pronounced Japanese-style (ba-ne) to capture the Polish pronunciation. You could also write it as "bané".

Next: character names.

Tsukikage-no Knight = knight of the lunar glow (exactly as in Japanese)
Nephrite was repeatedly mispronounced as "Nephlite" or "Nephlytte"
Beryl was rep. mispr. as "Beril" or "Peril"

Cardian - there was no translation, the Cardians stayed just Cardians.

Hawk Eye - it's enough to say that the Hawk was changed into a Falcon in the Polish version

"star mage of save" - errr. In Polish it made some sense, in English it doesn't, neither does "mage of fight". A more exact translation would be "Star Enchantress of Salvation" and "Star Enchantress of Battle"

Aluminium Siren, Tin Nyanko - they were not translated in any way, just left the way they sounded in the Japanese version.

Now the last but not least - the attacks.

Shabon Spray - "Mydlo-powidlo" - it's literally "soap and jam", but it's supposed to be from a proverb... one about "everything possible, even ridiculously irrelevant" to be found somewhere, I don't remember how it went in English...

Crescent Beam - "groch-fasola" is "bean and peas", not some "pin" or something. Again, it's a proverbial thing, meaning "all kinds of stuff inside".

Now I'll be damned if I know the correct English proverbs for those two. Again, the first is something you could probably say about a shop's offer when you come into it and are surprised at what they offer - especially if it's all kinds of stuff of various genres and types, like, shoes and butter and computer disks on one shelf... "there's lots of stuff, but not sorted in any way, you could probably find ANYTHING in there".

The other, about beans and peas, is more chaos-aligned, if you know what I mean... it's about there being a lot of stuff, a LOT, all mixed in and no longer resembling anything.

But, that's just my rambling. The error comes from the point where the stupid translator mistook "crescent BEAM" as "BEAN" and all errors followed.

And, the "strong will" bit was supposed to rhyme in Polish. It did, though it lacked even the slightest bit of sense.

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