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Sailormoon in the Philippines

The following information is courtesy of Mia Mizuno. Her submissions have been cut and pasted below.

  • "All names were left untampered with (Rei was still Rei Hino, Naru was still Naru, etc...) except for Usagi, who was named 'Bunny Tsukino'."

  • "An extra episode (I think) was added in the Sailormoon and Sailormoon R series. (This, I can't really confirm...but I just guessed by the way it was edited. Both episodes consisted of clips from various episodes of both seasons, and Bunny's voice telling about what's going on from the beginning of the series to the middle of SMR.)"

  • "Instead of Senshi, in SM, they're called 'Sailorwarriors,' and in SMR, they're called 'Sailorsoldiers.'"

  • "Tsukikage no Knight of SMR is changed to 'Knight of the Moonlight.'"

  • "Late April, Sailormoon came back to Philippine airwaves. They took it from Sailormoon S, major changes in the voice actors were made. The theme is the Japanese theme instead of the tagalog theme...and 'Bunny' was reverted back to Usagi. (Don't ask me why, they just did...)"

  • "Michiru and Haruka still kept their names, Setsuna and Hotaru have yet to make their apperance...(it's rather early in the S season at the moment.)"

The following is as of March 29, 2001. The information was submitted by Seph_70 and has been cut and pasted:

  • "SuperS just finished and I must say that the senshi's voices dramaticaly changed to the worst except usagi who remained just fine since the start."
  • "Setsuna and Hotaru kept their names unchanged."
  • "They turned fisheye into a girl like the NA ver. did with Zoycite."
  • "The opening theme was cut in the start. they took the sound of the ringing bell off."
  • "the ep. where Pegasus permanently gives his power to Sailormoon came after the episode where they used it for the 2nd time."
  • "In S, the ending theme had no lyrics just the instruments."
  • "They did not use Rashiku Ikimasho in Super S."
  • "In S, all the voices changed but Usagi's voice was restored to the original a few episodes after it began."
  • "That's all for now, we are expecting for Stars to begin some time this April, thanks for the opportunity."

The following is as of December 21, 2001. The information was submitted by A Concerned Moonie and has been cut and pasted:

  • Sailor Stars is now being aired as of Nov. 24, 2001.
  • Ironically, the senshi's voices sound younger compare to the SuperS season.
  • Usagi's voice is retained.
  • A Filipino version of the Star Song was not composed unlike (but Moonlight Densestsu had a Filipino version).
  • Senshi is still isn't use nor "sailorwarrior" that was used during the earlier seasons. The new term is "mandirigmang sailormoon" or sailormoon warrior in english.
  • In the 4th episode of Stars, Sailor Uranus' World Shaking was changed to Earth Shaking once.
  • Instead of "This is my way of fighting" as Sailor Mecury's reply to Sailor Uranus while they were fighting a "copy" of Nehelenia during the 4th episode of Stars, her line became "...analyzing data..."(in Filipino of course!).

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