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North American Sailor Moon

Sailor Scouts

The North American Sailor Moon English version was first produced by a company called DIC and is now currently being produced by Cloverway, Toei Animation's American branch. In total, DIC produced about 82 episodes which covered the first two seasons of"Sailormoon: SM and SMR. DIC did not actually translate Sailormoon, and in the dub's end credits, it calls the dub an "adaptation." DIC seriously edited and changed the original Sailormoon anime. Dialogue, story elements, the animation itself, music, and characters were changed, entire episodes were dropped out, and there was the addition of 'Sailor Says' at the end of the first 65-so episodes. (For some reason, the 'Sailor Says' often had scenes cut out from the episode in it.)

The second and third seasons of Sailormoon, SMS and SuperS, were produced by Cloverway and were shown on Cartoon Network's Toonami, having started their run June 12, 2000. The two seasons were also shown in Canada on YTV.

If you want to contact Cloverway, here is their information; thanks go to AnimeGuru and Barbara for it:
Toei Animation
C/O Cloverway
444 West Ocean Boulevard
Suite 1000
Long Beach, CA 90802
Phone: (562) 901-2444

NASM has been shown in several countries, enjoying high popularity in Canada on YTV and then good ratings on Cartoon Network in the United States. It also gained some popularity in Australia, and the first few seasons were gradually shown in the United Kingdom.

Buena Vista Entertainment originally released select episodes of the DIC Sailor Moon series on video tape, two episodes per tape. The boxes were bright pink, glittery, tacky, and featured horrible artwork. There were not many episodes released this way, though a Doom Tree box set with four VHSes was sold.

ADV bought the rights to DIC's dub and is releasing all of the SM and SMR on VHS. It also recently bought the rights to release the first two seasons subtitled in English with Japanese voites. These seasons will be released on VHS and DVD.

Pioneer has released the three Sailormoon movies subtitled on VHS, the three Sailormoon movies dubbed on VHS, and the three Sailormoon movie dual layer DVDs with both subbed and dubbed versions. The company is releasing DVDs and VHSes of the Sailormoon S and SuperS TV series both dubbed and subtitled.

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