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Sailor Moon English Dubbed Movies

The following are changes, comments, and lists of information from the Sailor Moon English dubbed movies. Everything on this page is written and compiled by Steve Murphy. The following information has been mostly cut and pasted from his e-mails.

Sailor Moon R Movie

"Still working on this one, but I found out, though not listed in the credits, the voices are just like the japanese. Vince Corazza does the voice of Fiore (same one who did Alan), and Sabrina Grdevich was the Kisenian Flower (same VA as Ann). I thought this was useful for the page."

Sailor Moon SuperS Movie

"All voice actors of Senshi return from the previous movies. On the box of the video, on the back, it states them as 'Sailor Soldiers', but then in the summary of the movie, goes into and calls them Scouts.

"The bad guys have basically the same names, but with minor changes. Peruru (pronounced with 'R's') is there. The bad lady, Badiyanu (which could have sounded better as Vadiana or something closer to english), had the same voice actor as Zoycite/Emerald/Kaori Knight, Kristen Bishop. Not to sure of the others bad guys VA's.

"The fairy's are not mentioned as brothers in the dub, and the main one, besides Peruru, has a name, but i couldn't understand it.

"Diana is featured, though she sounds more like a mouse than a cat really.

"The Bon Bon Babies are kept.

"ALL the attacks and transformations are kept (i.e. Mercury Crystal Power, Mercury Aqua Rhapsody) and the outers have their new attacks (Space Sword Blaster and Submarine Reflection). The only minor change was Moon and Mini-Moon's dual Super transformation (which was changed to Super Moon Crisis Power!) But then when they are in the dream hole, Sailor Moon uses Moon Crisis Power! to escape from her dream.

"The song featured throughout the movie was Nothing At All, the same one used in S. But the 3 O'Clock Fairy was ketp in japanese, so it was kinda weird for that.

"Some really cheesy dubbing was made, Lita now still has living parents and had siblings (saying stuff like 'when we were good and school and had our small chores around...') And it's not the three o'clock fairy, it's the three o'clock monday! kinda of weird.

"Not too much scene cutting, except the parts where the you know the dub would have a blast at seeing (Rini getting spanked to wake up, all the shots of when the senshi lose their powers and are lying around naked, etc.) But then they had the close up shots of nude flying Rini, which was semi disturbing.

"Lots of script changes, sorry to say. Most of the conversation in the kitchen was changed, Serena having eaten half the chips, Diana's comment about Lita finding love becomes eating too much chocolate is bad for you. And then the Peruru scene is changed a lot too, saying thins how people are happy to be having sweets, and Rini agrees, but then switches back to the orginal when he appears with the whole dreams are sweet and stuff like that.

"And they totally chopped up the outers intros, making it typical dub, with them talking about the sweet dream and candy and stuff.

"Well, that's my rough review and stuff. Good dubbing actually. So i would give it 3/5. Horrible if you know the original.

"Well, i watched the credits and did research of the SS movie, and hear were all the names mentioned. The last one has to be Diana, since they list them all together. The fairies kept their names; Peruru, Pupulan (Guy with green hair, main bad fairie). The other two could possibly be named Oranjiya (orange hat one) and Bananu (light green hair). These last two names are from the original, so they don't fit. Even though it's not listed, I can identify that Badiyanu is Bishop by the similar. Some this info is repeated, so ignore it. But it should help.

Terri Hawkes - Serena/Sailor Moon

  • Super Moon Crisis Power
  • Moon Tiara Magic
  • Moon Crisis Power!****
  • Moon Gorgeous Meditation!

Tracy Hoyt - Rini/Sailor Mini-Moon

  • Super Moon Crisis Power
  • Moon Gorgeous Meditation!

Susan Roman - Lita/Sailor Jupiter

  • Jupiter Crystal Power
  • Thunder*
  • Supreme Thunder Crash
  • Jupiter Oak Evolution

Karen Bernstein - Amy/Sailor Mercury

  • Mercury Crystal Power
  • Mercury Splash**
  • Shine Aqua Illusion
  • Mercury Aqua Rhapsody

Katie Griffen - Raye/Sailor Mars

  • Mars Crystal Power
  • Flash***
  • Mars Flame Sniper!

Stephanie Morganstern - Mina/Sailor Venus

  • Venus Crystal Power
  • Venus Love Chain Encircle
  • Venus Love and Beauty Shock

Sarah Lafleur - Amarah/Sailor Uranus

  • Space Sword Blaster!

Barbara Radecki - Michelle/Sailor Neptune

  • Submarine Reflection!

Sabrina Grdovitch - Trista/Sailor Pluto

  • Pluto Deadly Scream!

Vince Corroza - Darien/Tuxedo Mask

Jill Fappier - Luna

Ron Rubin - Artemis

Naomi Emmerson - Diana

*-Jupiter uses this attack abrviated version of her Sparkling Wide Pressure
**-Mercury uses this attack briefly....abbreviated of Shine Aqua Illusion, allthough she uses that attack later in the movie
***-Mars uses this attack brifely...abbreviaterd of Fire Soul Bird
****-Moon uses this when she escapes her dream box.

Light adds:

"I saw at the URL you had no Voice Actor listed for the main fairy Pupulan (the older bro). I discovered by listening that he is voiced by the same guy who did the NA Rubeus, Rob Tinkler. (I didn't recognize the other two fairies yet... I'll work on it though.) Anyway.. there you go. Slight info there. (I thought it was quite interesting how once again, Rubeus's VA worked "under" Emerald's VA)."

"These are the introductory speeches made by the outers (in case you couldn't tell, the outers are my favorite, Uranus being the top):

"Too much candy can make you sick! I am Sailor Uranus, the flying warrior protected by the planet Uranus!"

"It is our turn to give these candies cavaties! I am Sailor Neptune, protected by the planet Neptune!"

"Rotten candy must be discarded! I am Sailor Pluto, the evolution warrior protected by the planet Pluto!"

"And here is that charming speech made by Uranus and Neptune, which was changed from the Japanese. Don't understand why Uranus blushes in the dub though...maybe there can be something ciphered. :P

U - "Stay children forever, huh?"
N - "I think it is a silly idea. Life is full of wonderful experiences. From the begining to the end."
U - Blushes and coughs

"Well, that's my latest update, i will write more on this movie when i review it and the original. Thanks for letting me help out!"

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