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Mexican Sailormoon

Much of the following information comes from Pedro Pacheco and was last updated May 18, 2002.

  • The Mexican dub must to use the DIC names in its dub, since DIC has the rights to SM in North America.
  • The dub company is named "Intertrack".
  • Sailor Pluto is forced to be called 'Sailor Plut' because Disney has rights to the name 'Pluto' and therefore SM can't use the same one.
  • The Sailor Senshi are called "Sailor Scouts", "Sailors Scouts" or "Sailors" and sometimes, in Classic, "Scouts". The Outer Senshi are called "Sailor Guerreras" (Sailor Warriors) for short and their long name is "Sailor Scouts del Sistema Solar Externo" (Sailor Scouts of the Outer Solar/Planetary System).
  • Rini calls Plut "Pluu".
  • Rini is named Serena too, but everybody call her Rini as a nickname.
  • She's sometimes called "the little Rini".
  • One of the main people working on the dub script is Adalisa Zarate, who is also the editor of the Mexican "Animanga." She is the translator of the anime comic of Sailormoon, and she says her editor is trying to keep the script as close as possible to the original.

Here's what Sailor Guardian had to say about the dub:

  • "The dialogs SUCK!! Sometimes they make no sense at all. I think they are translating it from Japanese with absolutely no changes. I think that's wrong because the cultures are not the same."
  • "So the story line is the same as the original."
  • "Usagi's voice is SO annoying when she's 'crying' her transformations and her attacks I actually use MUTE. I just can't stand the voice they gave her.
  • "Mamoru has actually had 3 different voices in the whole series. Male voice actors are hard to find there I guess."
  • "There's only one opening song and one ending song for all 5 seasons. Obviously they don't care about the music part. "
  • "The last season has finally aired. The 3 lights and the Starlights have different voices! You know 3 lights guy voices and Starlights girl voices. Weird because they're suppose to be the same persons! Thanks god they didn't do that to Haruka and Uranus. "
  • "Luna's voice is different from the other seasons, but I guess that's not as important."

Here are some corrections by Adalisa on the comments made by Sailor Guardian on the Mexican dub (cut and paste):

  • "Mamoru only has two different voices. But the second voice also had to gave the voice to Endymion and make it really deep. There are many voice actors in México, thankfully."
  • "Toei didn't pay for the translation of the songs, and unfortunately, dub companies can't work for free here."
  • "The reason for the Three lights to have different voices than the Starlights was to avoid any mistake about their genders, unlike Haruka who is obviously a girl."
  • "Luna voice only changed for three episodes, because the voice actor wasn't able to attend the recordings."

Here are comments of Pedro (cut and pasted):

  • "Normally, the dialogs are good and make much sense but sometimes, not. When Amy learns that Luna is called in this way, she comments "like the satellite, doesn't it?" and Serena says "You're so smart". It has no sense because "luna" means "moon" in Spanish so isn't difficult to know that, not as in Japanese where is still Luna but fewer people know what do it means."
  • "Other flub: When Serena first meets lita at lunch, she said "Hey lita, can I call you lita?" Is it other way? (Everyone had been recalling her by that)"
  • "Mamoru's voice changes at the half of R (near his dreams of his future frustrated wedding) so we have two Dariens: one with younger voice and most of the time hating Serena and other with deeper voice, more mature (or that's the voice?) and loving Serena."
  • "Starlights' different voices are really like the other; the best is Starhealer's, she speaks exactly as he, sounding like the voice transforms with the body."
  • "Haruka's voice is not as deep as original when she's Sailor Uranus." Read this
  • "Luna's new voice sounds more like the original."

The following comments and the HUGE VA cast list are from li'l iz. Her list and additions have been cut and pasted below.

"The whole 5 series had ended (we saw the last episode... I think they're dubbing the movies)... also i got the mexican cast for the dub."

Mexican SM Dub Cast list

  • Serena Tsukino/Sailor Moon :: Patricia Acevedo
  • Raye Hino/Sailor Mars :: Monica Manjárrez
  • lita Kino/Sailor Jupiter :: Araceli de León
  • Amy Mizuno/Sailor Mercury :: Rosy Aguirre
  • Mina Aino/Sailor Venus :: María Fernanda Morales
  • Haruka Tenou/Sailor Uranus :: Belinda Martínez (S)
  • Michiru Kaiou/Sailor Neptune :: Irma Carmona (S)
  • Setsuna Meiou/Sailor Plut :: Anabel Méndez (S)
  • Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn :: Cristina Camargo (S)
  • Rini/Sailor Chibi-Moon :: Cristina Hernández (R)
  • Seiya Kou/Sailor Star Fighter :: Irwin Dayaan (normal), Mónica Villaseñor (Sailor) (Sailor Stars)
  • Taiki Kou/Sailor Star Maker :: José Gilberto Vílchis (normal), Norma Echeverría (Sailor) (Sailor Stars)
  • Yaten Kou/Sailor Star Healer :: Sergio Bonilla (normal), Circe Luna (Sailor) (Sailor Stars)
  • Darien Chiba/Tuxedo Mask :: Genaro Vásquez (until R), Gerardo Reyero (from R to SailorStars)
  • Chibi-Chibi :: Patricia Acevedo (Sailor Stars)
  • Luna :: Rocío Garcel (normal), Cristina Camargo (some episodes in Sailor Stars)
  • Artemis :: Salvador Delgado
  • Diana :: Cony Madera (Super S)
  • Raye's Grandfather :: Herman Lopez (until R)
  • Molly Osaka :: Cristina Camargo
  • Kelvin Taylor :: Genaro Vásquez (until R), René García (some episodes), José Gilberto Vílchis (some episodes)
  • Señorita Mónica :: Belinda Martínez
  • Ikuko Tsukino :: Ruth Toscano
  • Serena's father (name not mentioned) :: Arturo Mercado
  • Neflyte :: Mario Castañeda
  • Jedite :: René García
  • Zoycite :: Olga Donadiue
  • Malachite :: Guillermo Sauceda
  • Sammy Tsukino :: Ana María Grey
  • Reina Beryl :: Belinda Martínez
  • Melissa Alpha/Ann :: Rosanelda Aguirre (R)
  • Steven Alpha/Alan :: Guillermo Sauceda (R)
  • Andrew (Motoki) :: Jesus Barrero (up to half R series), Benjamín Rivera (rest of R), José Gilberto Vílchis (S and Super S)
  • Unazuki :: Isabel Martiñón
  • Rubeus :: René García (R)
  • Kermesite :: Angela Villanueva (R)
  • Petzite :: Alejandra de la Rosa (R)
  • Kalaberite :: Irma Carmona (R)
  • Berthierite :: Cristina Camargo (R)
  • Momo :: Irma Carmona (R, S and Super S)
  • Kyosuke :: José Gilberto Vílchis (she's not sure which season)
  • Achiral :: Alejandro Illescas (R)
  • El Gran Sabio (Wiseman) :: José Luis Castañeda (some R episodes), Paco Mauri (rest of R)
  • Principe Diamante :: Benjamín Rivera (R)
  • Zafiro :: Emmanuel Rivas (R)
  • Esmeralda :: Victoria Burgoa (R)
  • Profesor Tomoe :: Carlos del Campo (S)
  • Kaolinite/Kaori :: liza Willert (S)
  • Eudial :: Nancy McKenzie (S)
  • Mimete :: Pilar Escandon (S)
  • Nicholas Kumada :: Ricardo Mendoza (part of S)
  • Pegaso/Helios :: Irwin Dayaan (Super S)
  • Ojo de Tigre (Tiger's Eye) :: Yamil Atala (Super S)
  • Ojo de Aguila (Hawk's Eye) :: Benjamín Rivera (Super S)
  • Ojo de Pez (Fish's Eye) :: Victoria Burgoa (Super S)
  • Zirconia :: Guadalupe Noel (Super S)
  • Ves Ves :: Gabriela Willert (Super S)
  • Jun Jun :: Ana María Grey (Super S)
  • Para Para :: Circe Luna (Super S)
  • Neherenia :: Sylvia Garcel (Super S)
  • Sailor Galaxia :: Nancy McKenzie (Sailor Stars)
  • Sailor Iron Mouse :: Gabriela Willert (Sailor Stars)
  • Sailor Lead Crow :: Gisela Casillas (Sailor Stars)
  • Sailor Aluminiun Siren :: Maru Guerrero (Sailor Stars)
  • Sailor Tin Nyanko :: Ana María Grey (Sailor Stars)
  • Sr. Funitachi :: José Luis Castañeda (one episode)
  • Yusuke Amade :: Salvador Delgado (one episode)
  • Samantha's father :: José Luis Castañeda (one episode)
  • Sr. Edwards :: Humberto Vélez (one episode in S)
  • Sr. Yamada :: Marcos Patiño (one episode in S)
  • Kitakata :: Eduardo Garza (one episode in Super S)
  • Natsumi :: Anabel Mendez (one episode in Super S)
  • Miharu :: Gabriela Willert (one episode in Super S)
  • Miharu's Mother :: liza Willert (one episode in Super S)
  • Ichiro Onno :: Ricardo Tejedo (one episode in Super S)
  • Kiriko :: Maru Guerrero (one episode in Super S)
  • Nanako :: Cristina Camargo (one episode in Super S)
  • Kotaro :: Rocio Garcel (one episode in Super S)
  • Kamoi :: Eduardo Garza (one episode in Super S)
  • Princesa Rubina :: liza Willert (one episode in Super S)
  • Saki Itabashi :: Irma Carmona (one episode in Sailor Stars)
  • Sra. Akane/Hermana Angela :: liza Willert (one episode in Sailor Stars)
  • Animal stylist :: Ricardo Hill (one episode in Sailor Stars)
  • Tetsuo Yoshirogawa :: Marcos Patiño (one episode in Sailor Stars)
  • Police chief :: Eduardo Borja (one episode in Sailor Stars)
  • Takeo Shiro :: Humberto Vélez (one episode in Sailor Stars)
  • Takuya Moroboshi :: Benjamín Rivera (one episode in Sailor Stars)

About the stuff sailor guardian says:

  • "They care about the music part but he doesn't know how difficult it's to translate or even sing a song opening. i think we're better with the first song, firstable because its okay and secondly because we have heard how they translate and sing the ranma songs! they suck! we're no asking for more horrible songs! just like that."
  • "Also, if you want to know: the episode before sailorvenus appeared (oblivious was draw with spanish people, from Spain, i mean) they called Usagi "Bunny" (as Spain) instead of "Serena"... it really sound pretty hilarious..."

"the volume in which seiya kisses usagi and all the mushi stuff under the rain wasnt showed!!! they haven't buyed it, and the ones who knows about the existense of that episode(s) (we) are dying!!!!!!"

And Pedro corrects:

  • "Ranma songs weren't actually translated by Intertrack, but by AudioMaster 3000."
  • "There are goofs in first Sailormercury episode too: she transforms with "Mercury Power in Action" and attacks with "Mercury Fog"".
  • "About first Sailorvenus' appear mistakes: Raye called Serena "Bunny" once and only once: "I watched the TV news and I tought that she couldn't be Bunny", the rest of the time everybody call her by her "true" name, so it can be a 'detail' only. "Reino Oscuro" (Dark Kingdom) is used in the whole episode, but "Negaverso" too, so it have two names or, most probably, "reino oscuro" is only and adjective and not a real name (notice that in this ep Kunzite 'darks' the city)."

The following information and sound clips are from Pedro Pacheco. His information has been cut and pasted.

Pedro says, "The dub is very good and accurate at the most part, trying to not change the names but there are limitation's in Spanish so they do 'little' changes. And there are some difficult-to-translate-right names like Star Gentle Uterus that obviously changed."

Sailor Moon's typical introduction

In the first series and a few episodes of SMR, it is:

"Soy una Sailor Scout que lucha por el amor y la justicia, soy Sailor Moon! Y te castigaré en el nombre de la Luna!" (I'm a Sailor Scout that fights for love and justice, I'm Sailor Moon! And I'll punish you in the name of the Moon!).

Later, the last line change to "Sailor Moon te castigará en el nombre de la Luna!" (Sailor Moon will punish you in the name of the Moon!)

In episode #2, all of it changes (apparently to be more close to the original) to an odd, inconsistently one:

"Defiendo el amor y la justicia, soy una Sailor Scout con traje de marinero, Soy Sailor Moon! Y te voy a castigar en el nombre de la Luna!" (I defend love and justice, I'm a sailor suited Sailor Scout, I'm Sailor Moon! And I'm going to punish you in the name of the Moon!)

Episodes 4 and 5 use "sailor suited" too.

About the Names

Person Names

"Used DiC names for most of the principal characters, except Endymion (to avoid the goof about Darien doesn't remembering this name). For attacked people in the first season they invent new English names like Wanda (Reika, tough they call her 'Leika' in SuperS), Miss Mónica McKenzie (Ms. Haruna), Jackeline McArthur, linda... or sometimes the English "best match" like Eliot for Elios."

Villain Names

Most of the names with 'l' have original pronunciations ('l'='r'). The names with the ^ are correctly translated.

Sailor Moon: Negaverso (Negaverse), Negafuerza (Negaforce); Jedite*, Neflyte, Malachite, Zoycite and Reina Beryl (Queen Beryl). Youmas: Morganas (Morgans) o Malignas (Malignes).

Sailor Moon R part 1: Alan, Ann. Their civilian names are Steven Alpha and Melissa Alpha (their last names could also be Alfa (Spanish for "alpha"), since they're pronounced the same). Cardians: Naipes (Cards)

Sailor Moon R part 2: Luna Negra^/Black Moon; Rubeus, Kermesite, Berthierite, Calaverite, Petzite, Esmeralda (Emerald), Zafiro (Sapphire), Diamante (Diamond), Black Lady (sometimes translated as "La dama de la oscuridad", which is something like "the lady of darkness"), Gran Sabio^. Droids: Droidos^.

Sailor Moon S: Cazadores de la muerte^; Profesor Tomoe^, Kaolinite, Eudial, Mimete, Tellu, Viluy, Cyprine, Petirol, Dama 9^, Faraón 90^. Daimons: Demonios^.

Sailor Moon Super S: Circo de la Luna Nueva^; Zirconia, Ojo de Águila^, Ojo de Pez^, Ojo de Tigre^, CereCere, PallaPalla, JunJun, VesVes, Nehellenia. Lemures: Sombras (Shadows). Dreameaters: Comesueños^

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Galaxia, Iron Mouse, Aluminum Siren, Lead Crow, Tin Nyanko. Phages: [Sailor] Zombies

* According to Ep #13 title, it's "Jedyte" but the Intertrack names there don't seem to be very accurate (since "Sailor Scouts" are "Sailor Escouts" once) then I use DiC names for the first season because they use them too. :)

- As you can read lines below, the dubbers were trying to keep DiC and later original names but the translation "word by word" doesn't sound right in Spanish; and sometimes the translation for one English word is not exact.

Item Names

All Serena and Rini's brooch and compacts are "brooches". Henshin Sticks are "Transformation Pens". Holy Grail is Moon Cup (Read this). Sailor Moon sticks: Moon Sceptre, Cute Moon Stuff, Moon Spiral Sceptre and later sticks not named. Later Sailor-items: unnamed or translated only. Ginzuishou is Crystal of Silver (sometimes Silver Crystal Phantom >_<) . Golden Crystal: just translated. Daimon Eggs are Demon Seeds.
The Silence Glaive is called "La Tumba del Silencio" which means, "Tomb of Silence".
Other items: translated or unnamed. And, all of this names are said in Spanish, of course.


Sailor Moon

  • Moon Tiara Action: Tiara Lunar, [en] acción^ (Moon Tiara, [in] action)
  • Moon Tiara Stardust: Tiara Lunar, Polvo Estelar^
  • Moon Healing Escalation: Curación Lunar, acción (Moon Healing, action)
  • Moon Princess Halation: Por el Halo de La Princesa de la Luna^, transfórmate (Moon Princess Halation, transform), Por el poder del Halo de la Princesa (Princess Halation Power)
  • Moon Spiral Heart Attack: Espiral Lunar del Corazón, ataca (Heart Moon Spiral, attack)
  • Rainbow Moon Heart Ache: Arcoiris Lunar del Corazón, ataca (Heart Moon Rainbow, attack)
  • Moon Gorgeous Meditation: Sublime Meditación Lunar^ (Sublime Moon Meditation)
  • Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss: Dulce Luz de Estrella de la Sailor Scout (Sweet Starlight of the Sailor Scout)
  • Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss: Por el Poder del Cristal de la Luna Plateada (Silver Moon Crystal Power)

Sailor Chibi-Moon

  • Pink Sugar Heart Attack: Dulce Corazón Rosa, ataca (Sweet Pink Heart, attack)
  • Twinkle Yell: Llamado Estelar (Star Calling)

Sailor Mercury

  • Shabon Spray: Burbujas de Mercurio, estallen (Mercury Bubbles, burst), Burbujas de Mercurio, exploten (Mercury Bubbles, explode)
  • Shabon Spray Freezing: Burbujas congelantes, estallen (Freezing Bubbles, burst), Burbujas de Mercurio, congelen (Mercury Bubbles, freeze)
  • Double Shabon Spray Freezing: Burbujas dobles de Mercurio, congelen (Mercury Double Bubbles, freeze)
  • Shine Aqua Ilussion: Fulgor del Agua de Mercurio (Mercury Water Brillancy), and once Fulgor de agua resplandeciente (Glowing Water Brillancy)
  • Mercury Aqua Rhapsody: Sailor Mercury... Rapsodia Acuática de Mercurio (Sailor Mercury... Mercury Aqua Rhapsody)

Sailor Mars

  • Fire Soul, Fire Soul Bird: Fuego de Marte, enciéndete (Mars Fire, ignite)
  • Burning Mandala: Same as Fire Soul, and Fuego Sagrado de Marte (Mars Sacred Fire) sometimes (usually in Super S)
  • Mars Flame Sniper: Sailor Mars... Saeta Llameante de Marte (Sailor Mars...Mars Flaming Arrow)

Sailor Jupiter

  • Supreme Thunder, Supreme Dragon: Trueno de Jupiter, resuena (Jupiter Thunder, resound)
  • Sparkling Wide Pressure: Centella Relampagueante de Júpiter (Jupiter lightening Sparkle)
  • Jupiter Oak Evolution: Sailor Jupiter...Ataque de Hojas de Roble de Júpiter (Sailor Jupiter... Jupiter Oak Leaves Attack)

Sailor Venus

  • Crescent Beam: Rayo Creciente^, Rayo de Venus, fulmina (Venus Beam, fulminate), Rayo Creciente de Venus, fulmina (Venus Crescent Beam, fulminate) and Rayo Creciente de Venus (Venus Crescent Beam)
  • Crescent Beam Shower: Cascada de Venus, fulmina (Venus Shower, fulminate)
  • Venus Love Me Chain: Cadena de Amor de Venus (Venus Love Chain)
  • Venus Love and Beauty Shock: Sailor Venus... Beso de Amor y Belleza de Venus (Sailor Venus... Venus Love and Beauty Kiss)

Sailor Uranus

  • World Shaking: Tierra, tiembla (Earth [ground], shake)
  • Space Sword Blaster: Espada de Urano, elimina (Uranus Sword, eliminate)

Sailor Neptune

  • Deep Submerge: Maremoto de Neptuno (Neptune Sea-quake)
  • Submarine Reflection: Reflejo Submarino^

Sailor Plut

  • Dead Scream: Grito Mortal (Deadly Scream)

Sailor Saturn

  • Silence Wall: Campo de energía (Energy Field)
  • Silence Glaive Surprise: Tumba del Silencio, destruye (Tomb of Silence, destroy - Note: The Silence Glaive is called "Tomb of Silence")

Star lights

  • Star Serious Laser: Láser de Estrella Fugaz (Shooting Star Laser)
  • Star Gentle Uterus: Estrella de Sailor Maker (Sailor Maker's Star)
  • Star Sensitive Inferno: Infierno Estelar de Healer (Healer's Star Inferno)


Inners & Outers:

Used first DiC names and later original ones with some changes:

- [planet] Star Power Make-Up: Por el poder estelar del planeta [planet], transformación (Planet [planet] Star Power, transformation)

- [planet] Planet Power Make-Up: Por el poder del planeta [planet], transformación (Planet [planet] power, transformation)

- [planet] Crystal Power Make-Up: Por el poder del cristal del planeta [planet] (Planet [planet] Crystal Power, transformation)

Sailor Moon & Chibimoon:

  • Moon Prism Power Make-Up: Por el poder del prisma lunar (Dic), for Chibimoon, they added "transformación" (transformation)
  • Moon Power: Poder Lunar. Some episodes goofed and used "Moon Prism Power"
  • Moon Crystal Power Make-Up: Por el poder del cristal lunar (Moon Crystal Power) and later they added "transformación" (transformation)
  • Moon Cosmic Power Make-Up: Poder Cósmico Lunar, transformación (Moon Cosmic Power, transformation)
  • Crisis Make-Up: Metamorfosis Lunar (Moon Metamorphosis) (Read this)
  • Moon Crisis Make-Up: Doble Poder Cósmico Lunar, acción (Double Moon Cosmic Power, action) (Read this)
  • Moon Eternal Make-Up: Eternal Sailor Moon, transformación (Eternal Sailor Moon, transformation)

Star lights:

Fighter/Maker/Healer Star Power Make-Up: Poder de lucha/creación/curación estelar, transformación (Star Fighting/Creation/Healing Power, transformation)


- Zoycite is made a woman, but its is apparently because they were working guided by DiC version, not a censhorship per se (according to Ken Arromdee FAQ). Haruka and Michiru relationship conserved, but when Haruka's in costume, her voice is normal female. Ojo de Pez (Fish's Eye) has a female voice, although the scene showing "her" bare chest is not cut.

- Holy Grail is Moon Cup (it sounds like an ice cream, doesn't it? ;P), Crisis Makeup is Moon Metamorphosis (it's a good name, since Supersailormoon looks like a butterfly, and, at the start of the henshin, you can see something like a chrysalis breaking up) and the Messiahs are Envoy of Good and Envoy of Evil. Apparently to remove Catholical references. Only these SMS names are changed, making this dub more consistently than CWI's (You don't suspect nothing at all).

- Later crisis' reference: Moon Crisis Makeup is Double Moon Cosmic Power, action (used "action" is place of "transformation" for short, note that actors didn't have much time to say it ;) ) and Chibimoon's Moon Crisis Power is just Moon Cosmic Power (giving to the phrase a special meaning).

The following information was submitted by Akaiko Nozomi and has been cut and pasted below. Additions made by Pedro, in italics.

  • Mostly uses the same names as the DIC version, including Serena, lita, Malachite, and Negaverse. Minor characters may be different. One episode goofed and used the names "Bunny" and "Dark Kingdom".
  • Keeps the original music and the start and end themes use the original tunes and are directly translated from the Japanese version. Songs are usually not translated and stay in Japanese.The only translated song that I can remember is the one that played during Usagi's true identity (Serenity) revelation.
  • The S season uses the R opening.
  • Each station receives the episodes uncut, but sometimes cuts them locally.

The following information was submitted by Natalia Alvarez and has been cut and pasted below.

  • In Mexico, Ms. Haruna is actually called "Mónica Haruna" and not "Monica McKenzie" like you said.
  • Also that ALL 200 episodes have been dubbed and we, Latin Americans, didn't miss essential episodes like the kiss of Seiya and Usagi or anything, not like somebody said in that section.
  • In SM Super S, the circus is called actually "el circo Dead Moon" and not "Luna nueva"

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