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Sailormoon in Malaysia

Sailormoon in Malaysia The following information is courtesy of Tomita Masako a.k.a Sailor Earth or Uranus.

There are two versions of Sailormoon in Malaysia, the Cantonese dub and the Malay dub. The Cantonese dub names are romanized, as the following (but since Tomita Masako can't romanize well, these are based on the way the names are pronounced.)

Japanese Name Cantonese Names
Tsukino Usagi Yuet Yue Tung Toe (Ah Toe for short)
Mizuno Ami Ah Mei (Not so sure on her full name)
Hino Rei Ah Lei (Not sure on her full name)
Aino Minako Mei Loi Zi
Kino Makoto Zchan kam
Chiba Mamoru Tei Chong Wei (Ah Wei for short)
Tenoh Haruka Tin Wong Ying (Ah Ying for short)
Kaioh Michiru Wong Michi lau
Meioh Setsuna ????(Hasn't reached Malaysian TV Yet)
Tomoe Hotaru ???? (Hasn't reached Malaysian TV yet)

The Malay dub names remain the same.

The following info is courtesy of Celine Chan. Her information has been cut and pasted.

"Here's the full name of the senshis ( in cantonese pronounciation ). The bracket beside the name is how they call each other."

Usagi Tsukino - Yuet Yea Tou ( Ah Tou )
Ami Mizuno - Shui Yea A-Mei ( A-Mei )
Rei Hino - Fo Yea Lai ( Ah Lai )
Makoto Kino - Mok Yea Zhan Kam ( Zhan Kam )
Minako Aino - Ngoi Yea Mei Noi Chi ( Mei Noi Chi )

Mamoru Chiba - Tei Cheong Wai ( Ah Wai )
Chibi Usa - Tau Teng Tou (in tape) / Siu Tou ( in tv )
Pegasus - Tuk Kwok Tin Ma
Helios - Ai Lei O See

Setsuna Meiou - Yim Wong Suet Noi ( Suet Noi )
Haruka Tenou - Tin Wong Yiu ( Ah Yiu )
Michiru Kaiou - Hoi Wong Mei Chi Lau ( Ah Moon ( sounds like Muun )
Hotaru Tomoe - Toe Mang Ying ( Ah Ying )

Princess Kakyuu - Fo Kau ( Kung Chu = princess )
Seiya Kou - Sing Yea Kwong ( Sing Yea )
Yaten Kou - Yea Tin Kwong ( Yea Tin )
Taiki Kou - Tai Hei Kwong ( Tai Hei )

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