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Sailormoon Around the World

This section of the SSP focuses on Sailormoon in other countries. Thanks to the many visitors to the site who've helped contribute to these sections! You can find different information and opinions about the dubs and translations in different countries. If you have any information about Sailormoon in another country, please feel free to e-mail me whatever you know, whether it be on character names; dub errors, edits, cuts; voice actor/actress information; manga information; basically whatever you'd like to contribute.

As I don't know very much about Sailormoon in other countries, I'm relying on the contributors who send me the information. Most of the information sent to me is cut and pasted from the e-mail messages into HTML pages. If there is something incorrect in one of the country sites, please tell me. Please keep in mind that much of this information and many of these comments were written several years ago, so the information may or may not be true today (especially when people comment that the series is still ongoing or has not yet finished). All information has been credited to the people who have submitted them.

Acheron says about Sailormoon in Hungary: "There is Sailormoon in Hungary too (and also Poland, I think). A Hungarian TV company bought it from France, so we had France names."

Melis Bagatir says about Sailormoon in Turkey: "Turkey now showing all episodes of Sailormoon and did in 1993 but they are repeating once more. We call Sailormoon as Ay savaşçısı but when we translate it into English, the meaning is: Moon Fighter. They have bought from China. It shows because the sound of translation sometimes more lower than the sound of original one so we can hear the sounds of them."

Mikael Tanska from Finland says (September 2002) that Finnish Sailormoon is actually the Swedish version with Finnish subtitles. It began running in Finland on September 7, 2002.

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