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Greek Sailormoon

The following information and opinions on Greek Sailor Moon are courtesy of Vasiliki Papaioannou. This information has been cut and pasted.

Instructions for reading the names:

  • Dh stands for the sound of th in the english word "that".
  • Read the rest as if it was romanji.

Character Names

Greek Civilian Name Senshi Name
Banny Tsukino Sailor Moon
Mamoru Chiba Maskoforos & Ipotis tu Fegarofotos *
Chibiusa Sailor Chibi Moon
Ami Mizuno Sailor Kronos (first 2 seasons); Sailor Ermis (after the talk about the Sailor of Destruction starts)
Rei Hino Sailor Aris
Makoto Kino Sailor Dhias
---- ---
Haruka Teno Sailor Uranos
Michiru Kaio Sailor Posidonas & Sailor Neptune
Setsuna Meio Sailor Pluto
Hotaru Tomoe Sailor Kronos
Seya Kou Sailor StarFighter & Sailor Mahitis
Taiki Kou Sailor StarMaker & Sailor Dimiuryos
Yaten Kou Sailor StarHealer & Sailor Therapeftis
Chibi-Chibi N/A
Luna, Artemis, Diana N/A

* Maskoforos = one who wears a mask
* Ipotis tu Fegarofotos = Prince of the Moonlight

Their names remained the same, with minor changes in pronounciation or literally translation of some names as:

  • Sailor Iron Mouse --> Sailor Sidherenio Pontiki
  • Professor Tomoe --> Kathigitis Tomoe

Other characters names remain the same (Naru, Umino, Unozuki, Motoki etc).

Some of the attacks:

  • Uranus: World Shaking --> Uranio Tremulo (=Heaven Shaking) & O Kosmos Tremi (=The World is Shaking)
  • Neptune: Deep Submerge --> Vathia Katadhisi (=Deep Submerge)
  • Pluto: Dead Scream --> Nekri Kravyi (=Dead Scream)


  • (...) Planet Power, Make up! --> Dhinami tu (...), Metamorfose Me! (=Power of the (...), Transform me!)

Positive notes:

  • Zoicite's gender didn't change.
  • Haruka and Michiru's relationship didn't change.
  • Scenes weren't cut.

Negative changes:

  • When Hotaru runs to meet her adopted parents when they exit the car in the #168, she addresses them as Haruka & Michiru, not papa Haruka & mama Michiru, but she does speak of mama Setsuna.
  • The Opening song of the Stars Season never appeared.
  • Instead, the S Opening theme was used, as in the entire series. However, up until the 3rd season the opening and ending sequences did change.

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