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German Sailormoon

The information on the senshi names is courtesy of Steven Mallory. This info is cut and pasted from Steven's original e-mail message.

"Alright, German Sailor Moon names and so forth. The Germans have some oddities to their show, but in general, give them high marks for leaving the plot entirely as it was (Haruka and Michiru especially). I'm grateful for this, as I had no clue what I had been missing having only seen the first season and a half Dicisized.

"Although they tend to keep a lot of the Japanese names, in some cases they take the American one instead, or invent something new. In all cases, the first name-last name order has been Westernized."

Japanese Name German Name
Tsukino Usagi Usagi Tsukino ("Bunny")
Chiba Mamoru Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask
Chibi-usa Chibi-usa
Mizuno Ami Ami Mizuno
Hino Rei Rei Hino
Kino Makoto Makoto Kino
Aino Minako Minako Aino
Tenoh Haruka Haruka Tenoh
Kaioh Michiru Michiru Kaioh
Meioh Setsuna Setsuna Meioh
Tomoe Hotaru Hotaru Tomoe

"Other villians tend to keep American names, although there are exceptions. Nephlyte is Nephrite, and Beryl has been changed to Perrylia, for some odd reason, and this is often the case with the villains."

The following miscellaneous information is courtesy of strange_music and is cut and pasted below.

"Germany has now been showing all episodes. As today there was the finale :[ (Snifff....I won't cry...I am a big......WAHHHH]

"The Starlights kept their first names right (Althought I am not sure about their last name, do they have some?)

"However their attacks where changed. (Didn't think that they would really take Gentle Uterus ;-). But then again, so far they have always changed the attacks.

"The contioued to leave Haruka and Michiru the pair that they obviously are. Many times almost translating the text word to word!!!

"The only time that they flunked it was at 'Safe the scolding for the bed'.

"For for the scenes that followed I glady forgave them this one."

To Austria:

"They are now approching the end of SMS and I don't really know how much more they will show. However I can make a good gues by saying that it will show as much as Germany.

"The Synchronisation is the same as the episodes are the same that had played in Germany."

The following complete list of attack names is courtesy of Tarantuli. Also included are some corrections and notes of hers. Her information has been cut and pasted below.

German attack names


  • Moon Tiara Action: Mondstein, flieg und sieg (Moonstone, fly and conquer)
  • Moon Healing Escalation: Macht des Mondes, verwandle ihn/sie zurück (Power of the Moon, change him/her back)
  • Moon Princess Halation: same as Moon Healing Escalation
  • Moon Spiral Heart Attack: Macht der Liebe, flieg und sieg (Power of Love, fly and conquer)
  • Rainbow Moon Heart Ache: Mächte aller Zeiten, lass' die Liebe sich verbreiten (Powers of all times, let love spread itself!)
  • Moon Gorgeous Meditation: same as Moon Spiral Heart Attack
  • Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss: Macht des Lichtes, sieg und heile (Power of Light, conquer and heal)
  • Silvermoon Crystal Power Kiss: Licht des Silbermondes, schein und heile (Light of the Silvermoon, shine and heal)

Sailor Mercury

  • Shabon Spray, Shabon Spray Freezing, Double Shabon Spray Freezing: Seifenblasen, fliegt (Soap Bubbles, fly)
  • Shine Aqua Illusion: Wasserstrahl, flieg (Water Beam, fly)
  • Mercury Aqua Rhapsody: Merkur... Macht des Wassers, sieg (Mercury... Power of Water, conquer)

Sailor Mars

  • Fire Soul, Fire Bird: Feuerball, flieg (Fire Ball, fly)
  • Burning Mandala: Feuerringe, fliegt (Fire Rings, fly)
  • Mars Flame Sniper: Mars... Macht des Feuers, sieg (Mars... Power of Fire, conquer)

Sailor Jupiter

  • Supreme Thunder, Supreme Thunder Dragon, Sparkling Wide Pressure: Donnerschlag, flieg (Thunderstrike, fly?)
  • Jupiter Oak Evolution: Jupiter... Macht der Donner, sieg (Jupiter... Power of Thunder, conquer)

Sailor Venus

  • Crescent Beam, Crescent Beam Shower: Halbmondstrahl, flieg (Halfmoon Beam or Crescent Beam, fly)
  • Venus Love-me Chain: Feuerhertzen, fliegt (Fire Hearts, fly) or Feuerhertzenkette, flieg (Fire Heart Chain, fly)
  • Venus Love & Beauty Shock: Venus... Macht der Hertzen, sieg (Power of the Heart, conquer)


  • World Shaking: Uranus, flieg (Uranus, fly)
  • Deep Submerge: Neptun, flieg (Neptune, fly)
  • Dead Scream: Pluto, flieg und sieg (Pluto, fly and conquer) or 'Pluto, schick' das Feuer der Tiefe' (Pluto, send the fire of the depth).


  • Star Serious Laser: Sailor Star, strahfe ihn/sie (Sailor Star, punish him/her)
  • Star Sensitive Inferno: Sailor Star, lähme ihn/sie (Sailor Star, paralyse him/her?)
  • Star Gentle Uterus: Sailor Star, halt ihn/sie auf (Sailor Star, stop him/her)

Other Notes
  • 'Rei' is written "Ray", according to the episode title "Ray's großer Tag".
  • 'Chibiusa' is written "Chibiusa", according to the title "Chibiusa hat Heimweh".
  • 'Dead Scream' has yet another name: "Macht des Plutos, flieg und sieg" (Power of Pluto, fly and conquer).
  • 'Silent Wall' is called: "Saturn, schütze sie!" (Saturn, protect them!)
  • In the SuperS movie we learn that:
    • 'Submarine Reflection' is called "Spiegel, Spiegel, mach' sie schwach! (Mirror, mirror, make them weak!). I believe that this is an error, as this attack is merely used to reveal the truth.
    • 'Space Sword Blaster' is called "Macht des Schwertes, verwandle ihn" (Power of the Sword, change him!).
  • The second opening theme was actually started halfway through SMS, beginning with episode 98 to be precisely.
  • About the two stations that broadcast Sailormoon, the following remarks should be placed:
    • It is by no means clear that ZDF cut episode 46 for the violence; the violence was still there, but less long. And the Senshi did all die - as was shown 'vividly' on screen. So why didn't they cut the stills with the dead Senshi as well? The most common heard opinion is that ZDF cut for time purposes.
    • The fact that Zoicite became female, but that Haruka and Michiru are still lovers can be appointed to the two different dubbing companies. ZDF gave the first season to one dub company, while RTL2 used the ZDF dub of the first season, but had the other seasons done by another company (which led to new voices for Usagi and Luna - unfortunately).


  • 'Nephrite' is not called "Nephrite", but "Neflyte".
  • 'Beryl' is called 'Periglia', after the Italian word for danger.

Information on the music and title of the series is courtesy of Rebo1234 and her German exchange student. Their information has been cut and pasted below.

  • There are two theme songs used for the show. One song is used for the first three seasons, then for SuperS and Stars, there is a new theme song. Both theme songs are techno style that does not sound like Moonlight Densetsu, and in each song, the lyrics are repeated many times (Though the second song has a bit more variety.)

  • The full title for the German version is "Sailormoon: Das Madchen mit den Zauberkraften" (Sailormoon: The Girl with [the?] Magic Powers) The purpose of "den" is unclear, as in German, all nouns are usually (With very few exceptions) preceeded by some sort of gender word. It is not always clear when translating whether or not that word is to mean "the" or can be left out, such as in the case here.

  • A group known as "The Super Moonies" sing the songs for the show, and the entire German version has different songs. There are four German CDs. According to Ken Arromdee, the background music was the same as in the original, but songs were removed in the first season but kept later on.

  • According to Ken Arromdee's FAQ, it mentions that there were two versions of the show because it was shown on two networks. The first one was ZDF, which showed up to episode #46. They made heavy cuts for violence in 45-46 as well. The station RTL2 showed everything (except for episode 89) and made no cuts in that area, but they take great pains to avoid using the word "kill." Also, Zoicite was changed to a woman (Odd, considering that they didn't cut Haruka and Michiru's relationship.)

One thing I might add is that, according to my exchange student, Sailormoon is very popular over there ^_^

Correction on Sailor Moon's civilian name is provided by Water Sorceress.

"Hi, I watch the German dub of Sailormoon and I have some corrections to make in the name section:
"Sailormoon's name is infact Usagi Tsukino, but everybody calls her Bunny... you can hear Tuxedo Mask say her real name in some critical situations it's not very often but I assure it does happen and that this is true. SailorChibiMoon's name is also Usagi Tsukino because she's named after her mother and when she's first shown and she tells her name is Usagi she and Bunny begin to fight cause Bunny says that she is Usagí, but then they decide to call her Chibi-usa...which like i think you know means Little Usagi...that's all!!!
"p.s. this is all DEFINETLY TRUE because I've seen all of the episodes twice...third round right now ^-^"

Information about magazines, CDs, and some names comes from Claudia Enzweiler. It has been cut and pasted.

"I would just like to give you some extra information about Sailor Moon in Germany. Germany has a magazine that comes out every two weeks by the name of "Sailor Moon." It features a different episode of each season in every issue (seasons and episodes are featured in chronological order). There are also posters and small extras that are always included. Also, Perilia (as it is spelled in the magazines) is later referred to as Berryl. This is after the second company started dubbing it. "Das Mddchen mit den Zauberkrdften" (the 'a' in Mddchen should have two dots on it and so should the second 'a' in Zauberkrdften- sorry, I don't know if the e-mail will show this right) does mean the girl with the magic powers. 'Den' replaces the normal 'the' for grammatical reasons (this is accurate because I am German). Also, Sailor Moon now has a third theme song that was done by! the Super Moonies. Sailor Moon also has it's own CDs since the past few years and there are eight of them as of January 2000."

Corrections on names, clarifications on changes, and the very thorough voice actress/actor list is from Scarymoon. The following has been cut and pasted from Scarymoon's e-mail message.

"There is a mistake in your "Sailor moon all over the world"-section for Germany. Well, I am German. The wheapon of Star Maker is "Sailor Star, halt ihn/sie auf." (which means "Sailor Star, stop him/her")
"The fact, why Zoisite is a woman and Haruka and Michiru have their reletion-ship is quiet simple. The first two seasons (to episode 88) are translated for ZDF. ZDF is an open channel and a little conservative. RTL2 is a private kable channel (It is called the 'Tits-chanel' here, 'cause they show sex-movies at night ^-^). Little more modern, you know. Actually, the German TV has no problems with showing homosexuality on TV, even though Sailor Moon runs during a kids TVshow called 'Vampy'.
"The four Princes (or Generals) have the original Japanese Names, they are just written "German", so as you speak them.
"The four sisters of the Black Moon are called Kermesite (Cooan), Berthierite (Beruche), Caleverite (Karaberas) and Petzite (Petz). You speak the last "e" like in Nephrite.
"The names of the Amazontrio were simply translated to German, Tigerauge (Tiger's Eye), Falkenauge (Hawk's Eye), Fischauge (Fisheye). 'Auge' is the German word for 'Eye'.
"The Names of the Quartett are the same then in Japan, only for Ves Ves, who is called Besu Besu, but I guess, that's the way her name is spoken in Japanes (???).
"The last name of the Starlights are for Seiya and Yaten never mentioned, for Taiki, it's once said as Hikaru (Episode 179).
"The Germans have three title songs, allways shown with the first Opening (with Beryl). At the moment, only the third title is in. The other are not on the air anylonger.
"The songs called 'Macht des Mondes' (Power of the Moon) - actual song -, the first one is simply called 'Sailor Moon - Opening'. For the second one, I don't know the name.
"There are 8 CDs, but they are not Soundtracks. There are only a few "Super Moonies"-Songs on them, some original Japanese Songs, rest Pop-Songs.
There are 3 CDs of the "Super Moonies", with songs based upon the show (and you really don't want to hear that) and one CD with original Japanese songs, most Star Image Songs, 'You're just my love', 'Nagaraboshi e' and 'Sailor team no theme'.
"The songs in the show are (from the third season on, RTL2) the translated versions from the original songs. They are sung by only one woman (don't know her name). Translated songs are (as I remember), 'Rashiku Ikimasho' (German title unknown), 'Sailor Team no Theme' (Wacht auf!), 'Watashi-tashi ni naritakute' (In einem wunderschoenen Traum), 'Nagaraboshi e' (Search for your Love), 'Todokanu Omoi' (German title unkonwn), 'Sailor Star Song' (German title unkown), 'Moon Revenge', a song called 'Dort im Regen' where I don't know the Japanese title (it's that song of Makoto, where she stands in the rain, remembers that boy, R-season, I guess) and some more, which I can't remember yet. I once counted 12 songs (of the original once). There is no CD with this songs, but the texts were good, and she has a wunderful voice. She sang 'Nagaraboshi e', too, so it's only sung by one person here.
"The reason, why Bunny is sometimes called Usagi is, because our text-writers don't know what they are doing, I guess -_-;). Her name is Bunny, but sometimes they simply change it. There is an episode, where they call Minako Usagi, and another one, where Seiya say "she" about Taiki (not Star Maker) on stage to all the Three Lights-Fans.
"But the mistakes are not that bad. "

German Voice Actors/Actresses

Character German voice
Tsukino Usagi/Sailor Moon/Serenity Sabine Bohlmann (1. +2. Season)
Inez Guenther
Chib Usa/Sailor Chibi Moon/Black Lady Nicola Grupe
Mizuno Ami/Sailor Merkur Stefanie Beba
Hino Rei/Sailor Mars Julia Haacke
Kino Makoto/Sailor Jupiter Veronica Neugebauer
Aino Minako/Sailor Venus Claudia Loessl
Ten'ou Haruka/Sailor Uranus Anke Korte
Kaiou Michiru/Sailor Neptun Ulrike Jennie
Meiou Setsuna/Sailor Pluto Ulla Wagener
Tomoe Hotaru/Sailor Saturn/Mistress 9 Cathrin Dahms
Chiba Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask/ Endymion/Ritter des Mondlichts(Moonlight Knight) Matthias von Stegmann (1. Season)
Dominik Auer
Luna Ulli Philipp, Mara Winzer
Artemis Bernd Stephan
Diana Sabine Bohlmann
Pegasus/Helios Florian Halm, Marc Stachel
Furuhata Motoki Hubertus von Lerchenfeld
Kumada Yuuichirou Axel Malzacher
Tsukino Ikuko Christina Hoeltel
Tsukino Kenji Tonio von der Meden
Tsukino Shingo Benedikt Gutjahn
Sakurada Haruna Uschi Wolff
Gurio Umino Dominik Auer, Beni Weber
Urawa Ryou Philipp Brammer
Rei's Grossvater (Grandpa) Michael Habeck
Nishimura Reika Ulrike Wolff
Furuhata Unazuki Beate Pfeiffer
Osaka Naru Stephanie Kellner
Koenigin Perillia (Queen Beryl) Karin Kernke
Jadeite Kain Taschner
Nephrite Pascal Breuer
Zoisite Madeleine Stolze
Kunzite Juergen Bahr, Gudo Hoegel
Anne/Ginga Natsumi Melanie Jung
Ail/Ginga Seijuurou Marc Stachel
Kermesite (Cooan) Martina Dunker
Der Erleuchtete (Wiseman) Michael Habeck
Kaolinite/Kaoli Michelle Tichawski
Professor Tomoe Thomas Otto
Mimet Melanie Jung
Cyprin Beate Pfeiffer
Zirconia Marianne Wischmann
Falkenauge (Hawk's Eye) Kai Taschner
Cerecere Cathrin Dahms
Pallapalla Sabine Bohlmann
Seiya Kou/Sailor Star Fighter Ditte Schupp
Yaten Kou/Sailor Star Healer Irina Wanka
Taiki Kou/Sailor Star Maker Martina Dunker
Sailor Iron Mouse/Nezu Melanie Jung
Sailor Tin Nyanko/Suzu Beate Pfeiffer
Chibi Chibi/Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon Nicole Grupe

The following additional information on German CDs and Austrian Sailor Moon was submitted by Akaiko Nozomi. (Akaiko also submitted a German VA/cast list, similar to the one Scarymoon submitted.)

"There are now 10 Sailor Moon CDs out in print."

Sailor Moon (German CD-Single)
Super Moonies - Kämpfe Sailor Moon (Second German CD-Single)
Sailor Moon R (First German soundtrack)
Sailor Moon ...In Love (Second German soundtrack)
Sailor Moon - Dancing on the Moon (Third German soundtrack)
Sailor Moon Super Moonies (Fourth German Soundtrack)
Sailormoon - Power of Magic (Fifth German Soundtrack)
Super Moonies : Sailor Moon's Wintertraum (Sixth German Soundtrack)
Sailor Moon - Heart Beats
Sailor Moon - Starlight

"Austria showed up to episode 127. Start and end themes and words not kept. The original background music was kept. Songs were removed in the first series, kept in Sailor Moon R."

"There was also an extra CD that came out called "Sailor Moon - The Original Songs". It had all of the Japanese Sailor Star single songs.

1. Overture - Moon Heart Sequence (Hirotani Jyunko)
2. Axxxxa mo Mata Jitensha (Hisakawa Aya)
3. Honoo no Sogekimono [Flame Sniper] (Tomizawa Michie)
4. We Believe You (Shinohara Emi)
5. Route Venus (Fukami Rica)
6. Bye Bye tte Itta (Araki Kae)
7. Senshi no Omoi (Katsuki Masako)
8. Ginga Isshinbun Chigai Nakata Omoi (Niiyama Shiho)
9. Mayou Naka Hitori (Sakamoto Chika)
10.Chikara o Awasete (Tsunoda Narumi)
11. Golden Queen Galaxia (Horie Mitsuko)
12. Moon Revenge (Peach Hips)
13. Sailor Team no Theme (Asakawa Hiroko)
14. You're Just My Love (Mitsuishi Kotono and Furuya Tohru)
15.Nagareboshi He (Three Lights)
16.Todokanu Omoi (Three Lights)
17. Kaze mo Sora mo Kitto (Mizuki Arisa)

The following information on the senshi names is courtesy of Meiousei.

"It is most of the German names of the villains in BSSM, as told by a series of German published booklets called "Das Officielle Sailor Fanbuch," or "The Official Sailor Fan Book."

"I'll name most of the main villains in the German version of the anime. I don't know the "official" romanizations of the anime names of the Metallia group and the Death Busters, so forgive me if my romanizations aren't correct. Original Japanese name is on the left, the German on the right.

"This information is taken from German informational booklets about the series, called Das Offiziele Sailor Fanbuch (The Official Sailor Fan Book).

Queen Metallia and Consorts:
From fan book Nr. 8: "Feinde" (Enemies)

Queen Metallia = Könnigin Metallia (Queen Metallia)
Queen Beryl = Perillia (didn't see THAT one coming!)
Jadite = Jedite
Nephrite = Nephlite
Zoicite = Zoicite
Kunzite = Kunzite

The Black Moon
From Fan Book Nr. 11: "Crystal Tokio" (I don't have to translate that, do I?)

Koan = Kermesite
Petz = Petzite
Calaveras = Karaverite
Berthier = Bertherite
Demand = Prinz Diamond (Prinz = Prince)
Saphir = Prinz Sapphire
Rubeus = Rubeus
Esmeraude = Esmeralda
Black Lady = Black Lady
Wiseman = Der Erleuchtete (The Enlightened One)

And for good measure:
Ail = Ale
En = Anne
and their human names are Seijuurou (Ail) and Nazumi (Anne)

The Death Busters
Taken from Fan Book Nr. 15: "Death Busters"

Professer Tomoe = Professor Tomoe
Kaolinite = Kaorinite
Eudial = Eugeal
Mimet = Mimet
Tellu = Telulu
Viluy = Vyroid
Cyprine and Ptilol = Cyprine and Pitirol
The Witches Five = Die Fünf Hexen (The Five Witches)
Mistress 9 = Mistress 9
Pharoah 90 = Pharao

Um... I also found out in this volume that Setsuna's name was changed to Syria. They never mention that until this book, even though Sailor Pluto had a fan book of her very own, Nr. 10. That's the only REALLY big senshi name change I've come across so far, and I can't for the life of me figure out why they decided to keep everyone's original Japanese name except hers. *sigh* And yes, they changed Usagi to Bunny, but I don't consider that completely out of the blue, like Setsuna to Syria.

The Dead Moon
From Fan Book Nr. 17: Königin Nehelenia

Queen Nehellenia = Königin Nehelenia (Königin = Queen)
Tigers-eye = Tigerauge (Tiger eye)
Fisheye = Fischauge (Fish eye) (also turned female)
Hawks-eye = Falkenauge (Falcon eye)
The Amazon Trio = Das Amazonen Trio (same thing)
The Amazones Quartet = Die Amazonenquartett
CereCere = SeleSele
PallaPalla = ParaPara
JunJun = JunJun
VesVes = BesuBesu
Zirconia = Zirkonia

Shadow Galactica
From Fan Book Nr. 19: Galaxia

Sailor Galaxia = Sailor Galaxia
Sailor Iron Mouse = Sailor Iron Mouse
Sailor Aluminum Seiren = Sailor Alumina Seren
Sailor Lead Crow = Sailor Lead Crow
Sailor Tin Nyanko = Sailor Tin Nyanko

Um... and then, inexplicably, this book leaves Setsuna as Setsuna, instead of leaving her name as Syria. So I'm not sure if these books are DIRECTLY on the nose when they tell character names.

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