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French Sailormoon

The following information is courtesy of Stéphane Dumas.

Character Names

Japanese Name French Name
Tsukino Usagi Bunny Rivière
Mizuno Ami Molly
Hino Rei Raya
Kino Makoto Marcy
Aino Minako Mathilda
Chibi-usa Camille
Tenoh Haruka Frédérique
Kaioh Michiru Mylène
Meioh Setsuna Sylvania
Tomoe Hotaru Olivia

For more information on the French dub, here are a few pages Stéphane recommends:

As of September 2002, Sandrine Huet adds:

  • The French dub has reached the last ep of SuperS.
  • Makoto is called Marcy but sometimes has a last name: "Maurane".
  • Minako is called Mathilda but somewhere in the dub she's called Amélie Morin (which is the name of her French voice actress at the time).

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