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British Sailormoon

The following information is submitted by Serena. I have cleaned up what she wrote to make this easier to read, adding in punctuation marks and capital letters where necessary.

"HI, I'm emailing u to tell u about Sailormoon in England, UK. Well, Sailor Moon is not well known in Britian and is shown on only one channel which is a kids' channel. The channel is Fox Kids but Fox Kids are creeps and only shown Sailor Moon up to the episode "Sercet Garden" in season 2 (if I may say is a to be continued ep) Then they start again. This has happen for about 1.5 years or probably more before I realised SM was played on that channel. Oh yeah, there are absolutely no Sailor Moon stuff (except an odd poster or 2) in anime stores (as there are next to none) stores that sell any thing on Sailor Moon. And the 2 that do sell some SM stuff are really big stores but are also really far from human civilisations (meaning u can't go to regularly) What I'm saying basically is that to get sm stuff u have to go to another country or get it delivered from the internet. Well, that's all have to say...."

As of October 23, 2000:
"Hi i'm writing about Sailor Moon in Britain again ( as i was the person who sent it to u the first "article") and i would like to said after waiting for ages they (Fox Kids) have finally started showing the rest of Sailor Moon (started) on Monday the 24th 8:00 am. Actually Sailormoon is show in the afternoon at 4:05 but those are old episodes as the afternoon ones are behind. The reason im able to watch sailor moon in the morning (without being late to school as school startes at 8:30 am ) is because we in Britain all have a half term holiday only for this week. By the wayi though I might just let u know before I go any further this isn't stuff u may find useful to post on the sailor moon in different countries. n e way i would like to say that fox kids have improved (thought the dubbing is crap "not done by fox kids") but for how long until they do they stop and restart. Though sailor moon is on at a much to early time since i ( we ,the general sailor moon wacthing public) start school/work and i don't think n e body gets home at 4:05 since school down here finishes at 3:30. p.s they is still nothing in the shops"

As of November 29, 2001 from Tina:

  • Sailor Moon is still being shown on Fox Kids UK. So far they have shown up to the episode SMR "Follow The Leader". They are apparently planning to show the other series at some point next year however after a mass of requests from fans like us ^_^ SM is now also being shown on another channel - Carlton (channel 3) as part of the GMTV Kids line-up at 07.45am on Sundays. This channel is kinda like the BBC, so now ANYONE can watch it! ^_^
  • Sailor Moon dolls are now available!! Ok, so we don't have any of the Outers yet, but now you can buy a NA Irwin Sailor Moon/Jupiter/Venus/Mercury/Mars doll 11", or 17" from Toys'R'Us. "11 costs 9.99 - about $15. You can also buy a Moon Wand for the same price
  • Sailor Moon videos. At present there are 2 videos, with more planned for future release. They each contain 2 episodes from the first series.
  • Sailor Moon World Trading Game, Dartz/Flip card, Past Present Future trading cards are now available. ALL of the original English translation Manga books are available.
  • Overall, Sailor Moon's popularity is on the increase over here. Lets hope it's only just the beginning.

As of February 20, 2002 from Myu:

"Sailormoon started airing on a terrestrial channel in Britain (ITV) around late last year (2001), although it's only been shown at 7:30/6:45/7:45 (the time is *always* changing...) on a Sunday morning. Great marketing, hmm? Oh, and finally Sailormoon merchandise has started to appear - in Toys 'R' Us and Woolworths - although it's a somewhat limited selection - the "moon rod" (used for Moon Princess Halation (don't remember its dub name(s)), the cuddly sailor dolls (inners & Tuxedo Mask), the six-inch dolls and the...twelve-inch? (barbie-size) dolls. Oh, and i think that the dubbed videos of the first series are around as well. Just a little side note, in Woolworths they were giving away a free promotional video with every Sailormoon purchase (episode 1: a moon star...)."

The following information is from Paddy, is cut and paste, and is of June 22, 2002.

"Hi, I'm Paddy and i would like to add some information about Sailor Moon as of summer 2002. Sailor Moon still shows on Fox Kids (and Fox Kids +1 hour) but at even more ridiculous times like 6.00 am or 7.00 am once a week on a Sunday morning. This channel is only available on a digital or cable broadcast so the majority of people cant really see it.

"This however was/is not the only way to see Sailor Moon in the UK. In the autumn of 2001 a early morning tv show comapny called GMTV (which showed on ITV or channel 3) started showing the DIC translation of the show. So from October of the year GMTV showed the series. These only featured Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars but still featured Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus and Princess Serenity in the titles which confused many viewers.

"Anyway this pleased many UK "moonies" who only had terrestrial tv (the mormal broadcast of 5 channels in the UK). This was ended when GMTV stopped at episode 10 around where Neflyte has just appeared as Maxfield Stanton. As it turns out GMTV only had the rights for the first 10 episodes and could show no more. GMTV stopped showing Sailor Moon and it was no longer on terrestrial tv.

"Then GMTV started selling the 10 episodes it has rights on home video, with only 2 shows on each (around 40 minutes). Recently they brought out a DVD of the first 6 episodes.

"GMTV occasionly may re-run the episodes it has rights to on ITV's digital channel ITV2 but this is extremely rare.

"So anyway altough Sailor Moon is available for the first time in the UK on video without buying import videos most people would rather it has just been left because of the pitiful choic we have."

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