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Where Can I get English Sailor Moon CDs?

Two North American CDs, "Sailor Moon: Songs from the Hit TV Series" and "Sailor Moon and The Sailor Scouts: Lunarock," were printed. They contained music and songs from the English dubbed version of Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon:
Songs From The Hit TV Series

First North American CD

Sailor Moon:
Songs From The Hit TV Series

Blisterpack Version

Sailor Moon and The Sailor Scouts:

Second North American CD

Where Can I get Japanese Sailor Moon CDs?

As for the Japanese Sailor Moon CDs, there are two types - legitimate Japanese CDs and bootlegs. Bootlegged CDs are ones imported from Taiwan and include companies like SonMay and Everanime. (There are also many other companies.)

Many of the older Sailor Moon CDs are now out of print and so the CDs can only be acquired through bootlegs. You can always try and Anime Nation for legitimate CDs since those stores do not carry bootlegged CDs.

I would hazard to say that most online anime stores sell bootlegged Sailor Moon CDs. If the store is selling an imported anime or video game CD for $20.00 American or under, it's a bootleg. This is also true for auctions like Most Sailor Moon CDs on there are also bootlegs. For SonMay CDs, if their CD number is something like "GA-014", "GGG-112", "CD-207", "SM-341", "Ang-", or "GAME-061", they're bootlegs.

All the real Sailor Moon CDs have "COCC" followed by a five digit number (they're from Columbia); "COD" followed by some digits for the singles; or "FMCC" followed by some numbers for video game music; sound dramas; and some other Sailor Moon music collections.

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