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Sailor Senshi Page: Site Staff

For a long time, the Sailor Senshi Page was run by one person, namely me. That was for about four years. However, during this time, many, many people contributed to the SSP in a variety of ways including:

  • World page contributions.
  • Fanfic, fanart, and fanmusic submissions.
  • Dumb rumor submissions.
  • Sailormoon news submissions.
  • Gifts and stuff.
  • Dub cuts and edits.
  • Information contributions.
  • Information corrections.
  • Picture editing.
  • Feedback!
  • Flames

As you can see, there are a lot more ways people have helped the SSP grow. I thank everyone for helping make the SSP what it is today!

Most people I have credited for their work: fan submissions have the creators' names and e-mail addresses (or URLs) attributed to them; the world pages have information credited to the people from all over the world who've contributed their knowledge to the site; the names and e-mail addresses of people who've sent in substantial information have been written down; the SMS and SuperS dub cuts' people all have been listed in the NASM dub page; news tidbits are usually credited to individuals or webpages as sources; and people who've helped edit pictures that were once crappy have also received credit.

Some things on the SSP have remain uncredited however. Most dumb rumor submissions aren't credited, though, though submissions are appreciated greatly. This is because a LOT of people have submitted rumors, and hopefully most of them haven't created the rumors themselves. Plus many people only submit a few rumors at a time. People who've submitted large amounts of bad information are listed on the site though (Rebo and S. Volcano). And people whose comments I've used have also been credited. Information corrections, unless explained in long paragraphs, are also not credited.

Basically, visitors have hugely improved the site from the puny little... thing it was when it started. Thank you very much! Without the help of visitors and friends, the SSP would be... a much worse site than it is today.

Besides the people who've made the above contributions, there are also others who've helped out the SSP in huge, other ways. I'd like to thank those people in particular for helping me out.

  • Chris: Chris is the "official" designer of the SSP. He first helped design the site way back when, when my site was badly set-up and laid out. His designs are elegant, organized, beautiful, and fast-loading, and I admire his skills greatly. He's done a heckuva lot of HTMLing in the process, and he uploaded all the HTML pages on his own. I owe him so much for all the HTML assistance he's given me, not just with the site designs but with other things also!
  • Matthew: Matthew is the official "does whatever the heck he wants whenever he wants" person. He graciously volunteered to update the site in the summer of 2000, when I was out of the country, and ever since I gave him my account's password, he's been adding and changing other stuff without me ever telling him to. He's done everything from doing daily updates to organizing e-mails I received over the summer to adding in news information to fixing up spelling errors to changing bad information to making screenshots to doing reviews to making video clips to basically EVERYTHING. If there was a second in command, it'd be Matthew.

So, Chris and Matthew are basically unofficial SSP staff members. They definitely deserve special credit for helping the SSP in a billion ways and one.

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