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Sailor Senshi Page Site Map

This is a description of all the areas that you can visit on the SSP.

This FAQ answers common questions I receive including my policies on images, content usage, and other stuff. Please read this before e-mailing me.

Updates to the site, and news on the Sailor Moon world.

View the SSP in other languages- French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, or Korean.

The main page contains a general overview of the anime. It also has links to the following sections; each area provides more in-depth information on various subjects relating to the anime.

  • Season Summaries: This contains brief, overview summaries of the five anime TV seasons. Each season has its respective logo before each summary. All summaries are listed on the same page.
  • Episode Summaries: This section has summaries of individual episodes from Sailormoon. Currently all of Sailormoon S is done, as well as several SuperS episodes. This area will no longer be updated.
  • Character Information: This section is divided up into three areas:
    • Good Characters: Lists all the Sailor Senshi and their friends. The major characters each have their own page complete with statistics, general information, attacks/powers listings, and a few pictures. Other characters are grouped together on one page.
    • Villains: Lists each season's villain groups with the group name, the members, and the general monster name of the season. Villains from the same season or arc are grouped onto the same page with background, descriptions, and pictures.
    • Movie Characters: This is just a link to the "Movie Reviews and Info" area.
  • Movie Reviews and Info: Each of the three Sailormoon movies has its own separate page. The pages have character listings, summaries of the plots of the movies, and information on the new powers and songs.
  • Sailormoon Seiyuu: Contains a listing of the Sailor Senshi voice actresses, the major roles they played besides the Senshi (if any), and pictures of them. Also, the site has group shots of the R and S Movie seiyuu.

The front page has a general overview of the two manga series, Sailormoon and Sailor V, as well as manga related issues. The page is then split up into the following areas:

  • Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon
    • Manga Vs. Anime: Contains differences between the manga and the anime. This is divided up according to season/story arc.
    • Characters, Attacks, and Powers: Each of the major Sailor Senshi has two pages in this area. The first contains the Sailor Senshi's statistics, some important events relating to that senshi, and several trivial facts. The second page has complete listings of each senshi's magic powers with pictures. The Starlights and Kakyuu are listed together; new Sailor Senshi that appear in the Dream arc and SailorStars are listed on one page; Tuxedo Kamen has only one page. Villains pages are also currently being developed; all enemies from one group are featured on one page with information, pictures, and attack names (if applicable).
    • Manga Image Galleries: Black and white scans from the manga on the first gallery. The second gallery contains colored scans from the Sailormoon art books.
  • Codename wa Sailor V

The entrance page has a long overview of the musicals, highlighting on costumes, music, special effects, and choreography as a whole. The page splits up into the many separate pages. Each musical has its own directory and three subpages- the first page has information on the VHS and CD numbers; the second page has pictures of the actresses involved. This section will no longer be updated with information on the latest musicals.

This section has in-depth information, cast and credit listings, and media for the live action drama, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. This is the section of the site that is most updated.

The North American Sailor Moon Page has several small sections: (1) Sailor Scout Listings with some profiles, (2) Episode and Movie List, (3) Changes in the North American dub, (4) Changes in the SMS Dub, (5) Changes in the SuperS dub, (6) Changes/Comments in the dubbed movies, (7) A listing of all the characters' voice actors/actresses in the dub, and (8) Reviews of North American Sailor Moon products such as cards, dolls, and CDs.

This section of the site has links to information on how the Sailormoon anime and manga were translated in different countries including various countries in Asia; various countries in Europe; and countries in South America. Each country contains one different page except for the United States, Canada, and Australia, which are all grouped together for the DIC dub.

This page is set-up as an encyclopedia for the many different Sailormoon items and objects found in the anime and the manga. Listings are arranged alphabetically with descriptions of what each item does. Many of the entries also contain pictures of the objects.

This section has translations of the Sailor Senshi names; the relation of kanji to the Sailor Senshi's powers; some Sailormoon terminology; some Japanese phrases that appear in Sailormoon; Japanese name suffixes; and some notes on the Japanese language.

The page provides information on some of the Sailormoon SuperFamicom video games released in Japan.

This page contains links to the various picture galleries in the Sailor Senshi Page.

  • Sailormoon Doujinshi Scans: Scans from various Sailormoon doujinshi.
  • Sailormoon Anime Books: Scans of the covers from the anime books and anime manga.
  • Black and White Manga Pictures: Scans from the actual manga so they are only in black and white. Arranged according to story arc. Found in the Manga Section.
  • Art Album Manga Pictures Gallery: Colored scans from the Sailormoon Art Books. Also found in the Manga Section.
  • Page of Death: Images of the senshi dying.
  • Sailormoon
  • Trading Card & Playing Card Scans: This page contains two subsections: (1) the Trading Card scans, which are separated into various pages to decrease loading time, and (2) the Playing Card Scans where each separate deck of cards has its own page.
  • Sailormoon Coloring Book Pictures: Scans from various Sailormoon coloring books. You can download the pictures and either color them using an image program like Paint or Paintshop Pro or by printing them out and doing it the old fashioned way.
  • My Sailormoon Cels: Cels from the anime that I own with some information on them as well as pictures (of course). These cels are all Uranus and Neptune related.

There are sound clips for all the Sailor Soldiers in this section, and sometimes, there are rotating MP3s here, also.

There are movie files for all the Sailor Senshi from the anime, including transformations and attacks; opening and ending sequences for the various seasons; and tons of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon downloads.

The main page contains links to the following fan sections:

  • Sailormoon and Anime Fanart: Fanart of Sailormoon and other anime series by different artists. This section is arranged alphabetically by artist; some artists have subsections where their art is arranged by subject matter.
  • Sailormoon Fan Music: Fan music based on Sailormoon. Currently contains only two artists.

Greek, Roman, and Asian mythology as related to Sailormoon.

Maybe one of the best ideas I've ever had since this is one of the most popular sections of the page. This area of the SSP lists false rumors and wrong information found on webpages, mailing lists, and newsgroups as well as my either sarcastic or informative rejoiner to the rumor.

This section looks at some artworks that have inspired Naoko Takeuchi.

Where Pioneer got its DVD and VHS covers from.

Reviews of the Region 1 DVDs by Matthew.

Various reviews and opinions by myself.

In this area, you can find out information on buying different Sailormoon products- videos, manga, CDs, books, playing cards, etc. You can also buy Sailormoon stuff from the links I provide in association with Amazon. There are also other anime videos, manga, and CDs listed that you can buy. The Sailormoon areas are divided up by questions on where to find such and such, and each question has a different page.

Interactive Stuff

As the title suggests, this area has links to the following miscellaneous yet still interesting sections:

This has a list of links to other sites grouped by subject matter. Mainly has links to my friends' sites or very useful, general sites. There is also a Free-For-All Links page where you can add your own link.

"Link Free" means you can link to my website without asking me for permission first. There are many banners and buttons you can download to use for linking to this site as well as various redirecting URLs.

Contains a list of all the awards The Sailor Senshi Page has even won with links to who gave the awards. There are some select award images on the site as well. Also included are published material this site has been credited as a source for which is basically one magazine and one book.

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