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Sailormoon SuperS Episode 135

Episode 135: "Fureau kokoro! Chibi-usa to Pegasus"
"Symphathized Minds! Chibi-usa and Pegasus"
Victim of the Day: Morino-sensei
Monster of the Day: Hebihanabiko-chan
Important Events: The Stallion Reeve appears.
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 04.26.01.

Chibi-usa says that she hasn't told anyone about the forest or Pegasus, since they're her secret. But she wishes Pegasus could tell her more about himself. Pegasus asks her why, and Chibi-usa says that she wants to be his friend. He tells her he is sorry, but he can't do that. Chibi-usa says she knew he would say that. He apologizes again.

Zirconia addresses the Amazon Trio, repeating that Pegasus is like a shadow in this world. They must find Pegasus' host since Pegasus' power is key to dominating the world. Tigerseye asks Zirconia what happens if the host learns about Pegasus' enormous power. Fisheye is skeptical: why would a person with beautiful dreams want to dominate the world? Hawkseye agrees with Tigerseye: a beautiful dream may quickly become dark and evil. Zirconia says Hawkseye is right, and Pegasus knows this better than anyone. That is why he never tells his host about his true power, since if he does, he must then move onto a new host.

Tigerseye enters the animal cage area calling for Hebihanabiko-chan. A lemure lifts its face up from behind some boxes. Tigerseye asks the lemure if it heard what they were talking about. Hebihanabiko-chan says that they said Pegasus is a shadow. Tigerseye says that the lemure has the ability to enter one's mind by entering their shadow. Since Pegasus is a shadow, by entering into his body, the lemure can enter the host's mind and find out who the host is. Hebihanabiko-chan says that capturing human minds is its specialty, so capturing the host's mind will allow them to gain control of Pegasus. Tigerseye agrees; he'll take the lemure along for the next job.

Chibi-usa is wearing a beret, glasses, and a fake mustache as she sits with Momoko and Kyusuke on the grass overlooking the lake. They are supposed to be painting pictures. Momoko thinks Chibi-usa's painting is good, but Kyusuke thinks it's only okay. Momoko glares at him, and they play-fight until the teacher, Morino-sensei, arrives.

Morino-sensei reprimands Chibi-usa for being silly in wearing her costume, though Chibi-usa says she's only imitating what she saw on TV, and her outfit makes her feel like a great painter. Morino-sensei looks at their paintings; she says Chibi-usa's is well done, but she can't give Chibi-usa a good grade. The children are surprised, and Morino-sensei says that their task is to paint what they see. Chibi-usa's picture has different colors and Pegasus (from her dreams). Kyusuke tells Morino not to be so uptight, since that's probably why she's still single. Kyusuke's remark hits a nerve, and Morino-sensei tells Chibi-usa she still has time to hand in a new painting later.

After Morino walks away, the kids say she's a bit unfriendly. Kyusuke wonders if she doesn't like children.

Morino-sensei sits on a bench by herself and sighs, thinking that the kids are hard to look after.

Tigerseye has a picture of the teacher. He says the next target will be her. Hawkseye says she doesn't look interesting, and when Tigerseye asks him if she's his type, Hawkseye denies it. Tigerseye then asks Fisheye why he doesn't do some work, and Fisheye says he's not interested in women. Tigerseye asks him if he's really only interested in guys like himself. Fisheye turns red and gets angry, telling him not to tease, since why would he like someone who's all muscles, etc. etc. Tigerseye walks away, upset. He wanted the two others to lure Pegasus, but since he's doing it himself, if he captures Pegasus, he'll get the reward all to himself.

Chibi-usa is "helping" Usagi carry groceries. Actually Usagi is carrying all of them by herself. Chibi-usa tells Usagi to hurry up, but Usagi says that she's at the third telephone pole. Chibi-usa sighs and returns to Usagi's side. They play Janken-pon again, but Chibi-usa wins, and Usagi must carry the groceries another three pole's length. Usagi grumbles that Chibi-usa didn't even think about carrying half, and it shows bad character that she's so good at Janken-pon. Usagi then accidentally runs into a woman.

Usagi worries about her eggs, which lie cracked on the ground. Chibi-usa sees that the woman Usagi ran into is Morino-sensei. Morino greets Chibi-usa. Usagi asks Chibi-usa who the woman is, and Chibi-usa says she's her drawing teacher. Usagi thanks Morino-sensei for teaching Chibi-usa and asks her how the girl is doing. Chibi-usa is annoyed and says that Usagi shouldn't act like her guardian. Morino asks if Usagi is Chibi-usa's older sister, and Usagi nods. Morino-sensei says Chibi-usa is the most popular kid in the class, and she could be friends with everyone. Morino even envies her character at times. She then leaves. Usagi asks if Chibi-usa is doing well in class, and Chibi-usa says she guesses she couldn't be friends with everyone.

Morino sighs and stretches as she walks, thinking she has to be a teacher even on Sundays. She passes by a fortune telling table with Tigerseye running it. He asks her if she's worrying about her job; if so, he can help. He tells her she looks troubled, and he will give her free life counseling since it's his job to help pretty young women. Morino is reluctant, but he encourages her to sit down.

Morino says that she's wanted to be a teacher ever since she was a child, but she's discovered that she doesn't get along with children very well. She isn't sure if she should continue being a teacher anymore. Tigerseye nods, but privately, he's really very bored. He tells himself he has to endure since it's a step to finding Pegasus. Tigerseye takes Morino's hand and tells her not to worry anymore, her hard life will be gone easily. Morino is obviously freaked out by his creepy look and says she has to go. As she runs off, Tigerseye trips her. He then transforms and says he won't let her go. She screams.

Usagi and Chibi-usa are walking when Mamoru drives up. He offers them a ride, and Usagi says Mamoru is really her prince. Then they hear screaming.

[eye catch]

Tigerseye captures Morino. He looks into her dream mirror and says she has a beautiful dream. She says, "My... dream?" and faints. Usagi and Chibi-usa see what's happening and transform. Tigerseye says it's another blank. The Sailor Senshi appear behind him and give their speech. Tigerseye says he's been expecting them. He uses his whip at them, then throws some daggers. He is about to throw one last one but Tuxedo Kamen intervenes and holds his cane up against Tigerseye. He calls for Chibimoon. Tigerseye smiles.

Chibimoon calls Pegasus, and once Pegasus appears, Tigerseye calls for his lemure that can walk through walls to appear. Hebihanabiko-chan comes out of his shadow and enters Pegasus' body. Everyone is shocked, and then Tigerseye leaves. Pegasus' body turns to stone, and Sailormoon sees Chibimoon's eyes are blank, and she isn't responding. Sailormoon shakes her and cries her name.

Inside Chibi-usa's mind, Chibi-usa is walking through mist. Hebihanabiko-chan sees that Chibi-usa is Pegasus's host. Chibi-usa then sees Pegasus has been stoned. She demands to know what the lemure will do with Pegasus. The lemure says that it won't do anything, since Pegasus is Chibi-usa's horse. Chibi-usa says, "My horse?"

The lemure says that they're inside Chibi-usa's dream, so everything inside it belongs to Chibi-usa. Reigns appear on Pegasus, and the lemure offers them to Chibi-usa, inviting her to take them. Chibi-usa is at first confused, but then she refuses them. The lemure says that if Chibi-usa takes them, Pegasus will be hers. Chibi-usa refuses again.

Hebihanabiko-chan says Chibi-usa is strange, since doesn't she want to own the horse? If Chibi-usa controls Pegasus, then she will have the power to control the world. The lemure gives the reins to Chibi-usa once again. This time, Chibi-usa appears to take them, but then she slaps the lemure's hand away.

Chibi-usa gets mad and says that her dream is to become friends with everyone, so if she makes Pegasus hers by force, it doesn't mean anything. The lemure says she's foolish, since why use effort when you don't have to. Using control is more fun. Chibi-usa gets angry again and says she's the one who decides things. She tells the lemure to get out of her dream, and then pink light clears out the mist. Pegasus is freed, and the lemure is thrown out of Pegasus's body.

Hebihanabiko-chan is angry. Chibimoon wakes up and tells Sailormoon to go now. Sailormoon uses "Moon Gorgeous Meditation" on the lemure, and it dies.

Sailormoon then asks Chibimoon what happened, but Chibimoon says she doesn't know. Then Tuxedo Kamen says they're glad she's back, and he goes to get the car. (Typical male :p)

A child tells Morino-sensei that the clouds look like cream puffs. She tells them that they'll draw it as something delicious. She's surrounded by children who say drawing is fun; they tell her that they like her. She then awakens from her dream to see Chibi-usa and Usagi. Chibi-usa tells her that Sailormoon scared the weird guy away. Morino stands up. Mamoru offers to drive her home, but she says she can walk instead.

Chibi-usa is about to leave, when Morino asks Chibi-usa why she turned in the painting with the Pegasus still in it. Chibi-usa says because she felt Pegasus belonged in the scene, and she wants to make the most out of the feeling it gives her. Morino says that Chibi-usa can't get a good mark even if she's good at art. Chibi-usa says it's okay since she likes herself the way she is now. Morino says Chibi-usa really is different. She smiles at Chibi-usa and says that she really does like Chibi-usa's picture though. Chibi-usa smiles. Then Morino leaves. To herself, she says, "I like myself the way I am now..." She says that she won't give up on the kids, and begins to laugh.

At home, Chibi-usa is pulling off her socks when a light shines on the window sill. The Stallion Reeve, a stand with a ball at the top of it, appears on the sill, and in the center of the ball is Pegasus in miniature form surrounded by pink light. Chibi-usa is surprised, but Pegasus says that he wants to be Chibi-usa's friend too and wants to be close to her. Chibi-usa is happy and says that now they can see each other all the time; Pegasus says yes, but only when they're alone.

Chibi-usa has to finish changing clothes, so she takes off her shirt. Pegasus turns red and looks away. Chibi-usa asks what's wrong, and he looks at her, then looks away again, still blushing. Chibi-usa puts on her pajamas, saying that she calls him Pegasus, but what is his real name? He apologizes but says he can't let her know that yet. Chibi-usa is fine with that though since they'll get closer little by little. She smiles at him.

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