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Sailormoon SuperS Episode 134

Episode 134: "Makoto no Yuujou! Tenba ni akogareta Shoujo"
"Makoto's Friendship! A Girl Attracted by Pegasus"
Victim of the Day: Takase Tomoko
Monster of the Day: Tenko-chan
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 04.26.01.

In the Crown café, Usagi is sobbing over "Pegasus in the Moonlight", a novel about a Pegasus that falls in love with a human lady who denies his love. Unazuki says that she's read the novel and can see why it became a best seller.

Rei is surprised that Usagi's read a novel since she only reads comics, so it might snow (right now, it's summer). Usagi asks what Rei is saying. She says Rei probably hasn't read the book. Rei sweatdrops. Minako says she cried 10 times reading it, and Unazuki says she hopes to experience a deep love like that. Ami agrees. Rei thinks that Ami's read the book, too, so Rei's behind.

Chibi-usa wonders if the author's writing about the same Pegasus Chibi-usa's seen. She then sees Makoto staring at the book.

Makoto is sitting with Usagi, Chibi-usa, Luna, and Diana on a bench. Makoto laughs and says it's nothing serious, just that the author of the novel, Takase Tomoko, was her classmate before she came to Juuban. The others are surprised and look at the picture of Tomoko: Tomoko is the same age as Makoto? Diana says there's a great difference between having talent and no talent. Usagi sweatdrops and tells Diana not to say that.

Usagi asks Makoto why she didn't say anything before, and Makoto says that it might seem like she was boasting about knowing a celebrity. Usagi sweatdrops and says she might be right. Luna says that if Usagi was in the same position, Usagi wouldn't have kept silent, and Chibi-usa agrees. Usagi says Luna said too much.

Makoto says she encouraged Tomoko to apply for magazine awards. She used to read Tomoko's stories and tell her her impressions; Tomoko worked hard on writing since it cheered her up, and her first try, "Pegasus in the Moonlight", was a big success. Makoto didn't get to celebrate with Tomoko though since she transferred schools. Makoto looks a bit depressed.

Usagi says that they should go to Tomoko's place and get her autograph. Makoto is uncertain, but Usagi says Tomoko wants to see Mako-chan too. Luna says Usagi's the one who wants to see Tomoko, then Chibi-usa says she wants to see Tomoko, to meet the person who writes such nice stories. Makoto finally agrees to go. Chibi-usa and Usagi are happy.

At the Dead Moon Circus, Zirconia gives the Amazon Trio another tongue-lashing for caring only about their looks and not about catching Pegasus. Zircon, the flying eyeball, returns and gives Zirconia a picture. She throws it at the Trio and tells them to go after this girl. Tigerseye recognizes the girl, Tomoko, as a famous author. Hawkseye says he read her novel: it was hilarious. Fisheye agrees; the part where the heroine sacrifices herself to save the Pegasus was too horrible- Zirconia then yells at them. Tigerseye agrees to go after Tomoko.

The senshi and the cats walk towards Tomoko's house. Minako says it's surprising that Makoto knows Tomoko, but it's good to know a celebrity, isn't it? Artemis sweatdrops and says that it's a "good friend" (not a celebrity). Usagi says she bought a second book to be autographed. Rei tells her that that's not enough. Usagi needs at least three copies and takes out her three books. Usagi and Ami are surprised. Rei says one is for outside use, another is for preservation, and the last one is to show everyone else. Everyone sweatdrops as Rei laughs. They say it's a bad habit, and Rei looks at them questioningly.

Makoto recognizes where they are. Tomoko's house is just around the corner, and she runs ahead. The other girls comment that Makoto seems happy. Minako says that it's because she'll get Tomoko's autograph. Everyone else sweatdrops, and Artemis says that's not the reason.

Outside Tomoko's house is a gate; in front of the gate are many men and women who are shouting. Tigerseye comes walking up in a tuxedo and carrying a bouquet of flowers. He thinks that Tomoko must have many male and female admirers, but he'll be the first one there. He then sees all the people outside Tomoko's house and is shocked. He tries shoving them out of the way, but then a fight starts.

Makoto asks the crowd what happened, and one of the men says that Tomoko seems to have run away since the deadline has passed. Minako says Tomoko must have run away from work. Makoto drops her box of goodies and says that's not true, writing is all Tomoko has. She runs off.

Makoto sees Tomoko sitting against a tree in their usual spot. Makoto calls Tomoko's name and goes to talk to her. Makoto asks Tomoko why she ran off since she loves writing. Tomoko's dream was to write novels, wasn't it? Tomoko says that she can't write anymore. Every time she sits down to write, words don't come to her. She can't write anything but "Pegasus in the Moonlight", and she has no more dreams. Tomoko runs off.

Tigerseye watches the scene from behind tall grasses. He says that the girl is in a slump, so he has to change his plan. He then says he's a bit cold, and it turns out he's sitting in water behind some reeds.

Makoto sits in the darkened Crown Fruit Parlor by herself. Unazuki, Usagi, Chibi-usa, and the cats watch her. Unazuki asks if something happened, and Usagi says, "Well... yes and no."

Makoto thinks that Tomoko has changed. She remembers how when she and Tomoko first met, Tomoko was being bullied by some guys who were throwing around her papers. Makoto yelled at them to stop, and they ran off. Tomoko thanked Makoto, but Makoto said Tomoko should have kicked the guys. She picked up the papers, then asked if Tomoko was in her school. Tomoko said they were in the same class. Makoto was embarrassed but said she just transferred. She then asked if the papers were Tomoko's assignment; Tomoko said they were her manuscripts, and Makoto started to read them. Tomoko protested that she just finished it and hadn't showed it to anyone, but Makoto told her to be quiet.

They sat under the tree as Makoto finished reading it. When she was done, she handed the story back to Tomoko and told her it was interesting. Makoto said she hadn't been this involved in a story before, and she'd read many novels. Tomoko thanked her for the compliment, but Makoto said she didn't give compliments to people she just met. She said if Tomoko wrote anything else, she'd have to let Makoto read it. She walked away, and Tomoko thanked her.


Tomoko watched a handsome soccer player from behind a tree. Makoto appeared, giving her a drink. Makoto said Tomoko must be interested in that type of guy. Tomoko said that when she watched him, she could think up many stories. Makoto asked her if she told that to the boy, but Tomoko said he had many fans, so he wouldn't be interested in talking to her. Makoto said that's why Tomoko should enter her stories for magazine awards, so that if Tomoko becomes famous, the guy would surely want to meet her. Tomoko was uncertain, but Makoto told her to trust her.

In the present, Usagi notices that Chibi-usa is gone.

Tomoko sits in her room, frustrated. There are many wads of paper on the ground behind her, and she can't think of anything to write. Then she hears a voice outside. It's Chibi-usa with Diana on her head. Chibi-usa says that she's seen Pegasus, and she's happy that Tomoko has the same dream as her. Tomoko is confused, but she closes the drapes and sits on the ground, covering her ears.

Then Makoto yells at Tomoko. Diana and Chibi-usa are surprised to see Usagi, Luna, and Makoto there, and Usagi tells Chibi-usa to let Makoto handle this. Makoto asks if Tomoko's going to become that girl she was before, the one who hid her manuscripts in her drawer and wouldn't let anyone else read them. What Tomoko's dream was to let people read her works, even if it was just one person, and what she's writing isn't only for just Tomoko anymore.

The light turns on in Tomoko's room, and she opens the window. She smiles at Makoto. Makoto smiles back.

Then Tigerseye appears behind Tomoko. Tomoko asks who he is. He hands her a business card that says "Tigerseye" on it, and he introduces himself as someone from Dead Publications. He says that a writer who locks herself up in her room is the type to fall in love with her editor. Then he transforms into his normal clothes. Tomoko screams.

Makoto transforms with "Jupiter Star Power, Make-Up", and Chibi-usa and Usagi transform with "Moon Crisis, Make-Up."

Tomoko runs out onto the balcony with Tigerseye behind her. He tells her to show him her beautiful dreams. He counts to three, and her dream mirror comes out. Then Jupiter throws a "Sparkling Wide Pressure" at him, which he dodges. Jupiter says she won't let him touch Tomoko. Sailormoon and Chibimoon make a speech. He gets annoyed and calls out his lemure, Tenko-chan.

Tenko-chan, a lemure with a bomb on its head, appears. It says it will first chain the senshi. Its hair turns into chains, which ties the three Sailor Senshi together. Jupiter is about to use "Supreme Thunder" when Luna cries out for her to wait. Jupiter goes through with the attack anyway, and the attack electrocutes all of them. Luna and Diana sweatdrop.

Tigerseye looks into Tomoko's mirror, but there's no Pegasus. He's disappointed, especially since Zirconia picked Tomoko herself. Tigerseye tells Tenko-chan to take care of the Sailor Soldiers.

Tenko-chan sets the timer of the bomb on its head and tosses it at the Sailor Senshi. Sailormoon asks what it is, and Tenko-chan says it's a time-bomb that will go off in two minutes. The Sailor Soldiers are shocked and struggle. Tenko-chan laughs, then a rose flies by and breaks through the chains. Tuxedo Kamen tells them that chains aren't fit for beautiful ladies, only criminals and vicious dogs.

Jupiter throws the bomb at Tenko-chan. The blast knocks it into the ground. Diana tells Chibimoon to go, and Chibimoon yells, "Twinkle Yell". Pegasus appears, and Tomoko stares at it, saying, "This is... Pegasus?" Tenko-chan climbs out of the ground, but Sailormoon's "Moon Gorgeous Meditation" kills it. Tigerseye freaks out and vanishes.

Outside, Makoto asks if Tomoko is okay. Tomoko nods, then says she's seen the real Pegasus. The others pretend to be surprised. Tomoko says that having seen such a beautiful dream, she is sure she can write again. Now, she'll write something for everybody. Everyone smiles. As they leave, Tomoko shyly asks Makoto if she'll read her book when she's done. Makoto says of course, she's the first one to read Tomoko's book. Tomoko smiles.

On the desk in Tomoko's room is a manuscript that says, "Illusion of Pegasus" on it. On the next page, it says, "Dedicated to my best friend, Makoto, and those who have beautiful dreams."

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