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Sailormoon SuperS Episode 133

Episode 133: "Artemis no Uwaki? Nazo no Koneko Toujou"
"Artemis' Unfaithfulness? A Mysterious Kitten Appears"
Victim of the Day: a nun from the Juuban Church
Monster of the Day: Kigurumiko-chan
Important Events: Diana appears.
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 04.26.01.

Mamoru is in Usagi's room helping her and Chibi-usa study. Chibi-usa doesn't understand math, so Mamoru explains it to her. Chibi-usa is happy and says that she can depend on Mamoru. Usagi gets jealous and asks Mamoru to help her since she doesn't understand something. Chibi-usa says Usagi's holding the book upside-down. Usagi argues that if she doesn't understand something, she doesn't understand it, and Chibi-usa says if she's holding the book upside-down, she won't understand it. Mamoru tells them to stop fighting, since he'll go home if they don't study seriously.

Then Luna and Artemis come in. Artemis says Luna is misunderstanding him, and Luna says that Artemis has found his love. The others are interested, and Luna explains that they were passing by the Juuban church when Artemis became starry-eyed over the young nun outside. Artemis again protests that Luna is misunderstanding him. Usagi and Chibi-usa are impressed and say good for Artemis. Mamoru says Artemis has good taste since that nun is beautiful. Chibi-usa and Usagi get upset, and Mamoru ducks his head.

At the lake, a pink light fills the sky. Something lands in the bushes, scaring the birds.

Mamoru is outside Usagi's house with the girls. He tells them to do five pages in the exercise book. He turns to leave with Artemis in his jacket. Usagi and Chibi-usa dutifully, dully, say "okay". Mamoru looks at them and says if they don't do the exercises, he won't come by to teach them anymore. They say "Hai" more cheerfully.

Mamoru tells a depressed looking Artemis to cheer up.

Chibi-usa says Artemis is disappointed; Usagi says it's because Luna misunderstood him. Luna protests but Chibi-usa says Artemis likes Luna. The girls worry about poor Artemis, whom Luna is mean to. They say he is a serious guy and might leave his home now. Luna thinks maybe she shouldn't have said what she said earlier.

Mamoru tells Artemis not to be enchanted by beautiful women when he's with his loved one. Artemis tells him it's a misunderstanding. Then they hear a cute voice saying, "Father!" They stare as a small grey kitten appears before them.

Mamoru: "The one who spoke..."
Artemis: " this kitten?"

The kitten, who has a yellow crescent moon on her forehead, asks if her father recognizes her: it's her, Diana! Artemis jumps down and tells the kitten that she's mistaken, but Diana snuggles up against Artemis. Diana is pleased she found Artemis since Mother told her not to be taken up by strangers. Artemis sweatdrops.

Luna then appears behind them, enraged. She yells that not only is Artemis attracted by beautiful women, but he's having kittens too! Artemis protests, but Luna says that a kitten that talks must be his. She smacks him with her claws. He stares at her, teary-eyed, holding his wound. She tells him he can do whatever he wants, and she leaves. Artemis runs after her.

Mamoru looks at the kitten, who looks confused.

At the Dead Moon Circus, the Trio are practicing their circus stunts. Zirconia appears and asks them if they're practicing, but what about Pegasus? They assure Zirconia that they are looking for him, and Zirconia says she hopes so, young people are all talk and no action. She says she is anxious and hates to be disappointed.

They bow before her.

At the bar, the Trio are depressed that they've been scolded again. Fisheye and Hawkseye blame Tigerseye since he's the failure, but Tigerseye protests the other two haven't been helping.

They go through photos but can't find anyone interesting. Tigerseye then picks up a picture of a woman, and the others agree that she's good, but Hawkseye is skeptical of Tigerseye's abilities with her. Tigerseye says that when you get these types of girls, your satisfaction reaches its peak. It's a picture of the nun Artemis saw earlier.

At the church, the young nun is praying to God. At the church door, Chibi-usa and Usagi watch her, impressed. Chibi-usa thinks the sister is so beautiful that she's going to pretend the nun's her mom. Usagi drops her hand on Chibi-usa's head, and Chibi-usa laughs.

Artemis dutifully enters Minako's room saying he's home. Minako is facing away from him looking out the window. She doesn't answer his calls. Finally, Artemis tentatively says, "Mina?"

Minako, without turning around, asks Artemis who his owner is. Artemis laughs and tells her not to joke around. They're buddies protecting peace together.

Minako says buddies? Artemis has been keeping secrets from his buddy. Artemis is confused. He wonders if she's talking about the cake he ate. He didn't think that cake was a big deal for a secret. Minako slams her hand against the wall and balls it up into a fist. She says she didn't even notice about the cake, but that wasn't it.

Artemis asks if she's upset about him dropping her favorite cup and her ribbon in the mud. Minako says so HE did those things, but it's okay since she'll forgive him with her smile.

Artemis thinks Minako is acting weird. He then he sees the phone cradle is empty and thinks, "Impossible!"

Then Minako turns around holding the phone. She says Usagi called her to tell her Artemis is a father, and he didn't even tell her anything! Artemis says it's a misunderstanding, and he doesn't know anything! Minako demands to know how can Artemis not know he was a father? She feels sorry for his kitten! He must take responsibility! He cries, rolling around as "lightning" strikes, yelling that he's innocent.

At the Hikawa Shrine, the girls sit around a table with Luna. There are piles of food and goodies near Luna. Usagi and Chibi-usa are impressed with the sweets, but Rei tells them the food isn't for them.

Rei tells Luna that she has many options, so forget about Artemis. Ami asks if there's really another cat that talks, and Makoto silences her. Luna laughs and says she and Artemis don't have a relationship. Usagi asks Luna if she can have some of her food, and Luna says she has to make Usagi into a Queen. Luna has her path, and Artemis has his.

Usagi asks if something happened to the two of them.

Rei says that if Artemis is having kittens... Makoto says that that means Artemis has left Luna. Usagi is surprised: Luna and Artemis were a couple? Luna sweatdrops and says, "Nevermind."

At the church, the nun puts a wreath of flowers on the door and tells God to bless the couple that is getting married there that day. Tigerseye appears and says what beauty while looking at the nun. The nun agrees: the ones who grew the flowers and made the wreath did so out of the love of God. Tigerseye asks the Sister if she likes God, and she says, sparkly eyed, that yes, God's love is the best, and He loves everyone.

Tigerseye: "Even me?"
The Sister says yes, He loves everyone.

Tigerseye falls to his knees, and says he heard God. God told him to love your neighbors and those who have sinned. The Sister is thrilled and praises God. Then Tigerseye stands up and tells her to love him who has sinned. He reverts into his normal form, and she screams.

Artemis walks down the street thinking it's hard finding kittens. He has to find the kitten so that he can prove his innocence. He hears the Sister's screaming. He then sees Tigerseye grabbing the Sister, telling her to show him her mirror.


The Sister holds up her cross and tells God to protect his servant. Tigerseye cries out and falls to the ground. She asks if he's okay. He says he's just pretending, and he's watched too many movies. He counts to three, and her dream mirror comes out. Tigersye says it's a shame that this isn't a movie, since her words don't seem to reach God.

Then Artemis jumps down and smacks Tigerseye's face, growling. Tigerseye tells Artemis he'll be responsible if Artemis touches his beautiful face.

Minako transforms with "Venus Star Power, Make-Up".

Then a cross's shadow appears as Sailor Soldier arrival music plays. Venus stands near the cross on the church top and says, "An old saying goes, "A cat has her day, cast not your pearls before cats!" The music stops, and Artemis drops his head saying, "Oi, oi." (Venus fumbled another old saying.)

Tigerseye tells the "ugly girl" not to interfere. Venus gets angry and tells him she can't forgive him for saying that to an agent of love and beauty.

Tigerseye calls out his lemure, Kigurumiko-chan. Tigerseye then smacks Artemis out of his way. The lemure asks Venus if she likes boxing. Venus says she doesn't know since she's never tried it. The lemure smiles and jumps up, changing its clothes in a puff of smoke. It falls to the ground in a kangaroo outfit with boxing gloves, saying, "Kangaroo boxing!"

The lemure tries kicking Venus but misses. Kigurumiko-chan thinks it's missing something from its pouch.

Tigerseye looks into the Sister's mirror. She has beautiful dreams, but Pegasus isn't there. He takes out his whip, but Artemis struggles up and claws Tigerseye's hand before he can destroy the mirror. Tigerseye tells the lemure to deal with the cat too. Kigurumiko-chan jumps down and puts Artemis in its pouch. Artemis then has a kangaroo suit on him.

Venus jumps down and uses "Venus Love-Me Chain" on the lemure, which knocks it down and hurts Artemis. Tigerseye says that the cat is a part of the lemure now, and Artemis shares in the lemure's pain. Then the lemure jumps up and starts punching at Venus, and Artemis discovers his body is moving too. The lemure misses, but Artemis's glove hits Venus in the face, knocking her down.

Chibi-usa and Usagi transform into Sailor Soldiers. Sailormoon then tells the sinners to repent. The other Sailor Soldiers are standing on top of the church, too.

Mercury says as she jumps down, "The place of pretty girls..."
Chibimoon: "Is in marriage!"
Jupiter tells them not to attack the church, and Mars adds, "Even though it's a rival to the shrine!" (hehe)
Sailormoon and Chibimoon then give their usual speech.

Tigerseye tells the lemure to take care of the Sailor Soldiers and leaves. The Sister falls to the ground, unconscious.

The lemure starts to attack the Sailor Soldiers, and the senshi see Artemis is in its pouch. Jupiter starts to use her attack, but Mercury says Artemis is in there. Jupiter asks what they should do, and Mercury says they should try to separate Artemis and the lemure.

Then Kigurumiko-chan hits the two of them and knocks everyone else out too. Then Luna jumps and starts biting the lemure, while Artemis tells her that's enough. Kigurumiko-chan throws Luna down and is about to jump kick her, but Artemis bites the lemure's pouch. The lemure, in pain, takes out Artemis and throws him to the ground. Artemis asks if Luna is okay.

Kigurumiko-chan is going for another round, but Tuxedo Kamen's rose stops it. He takes Diana out from his hat, and she jumps down. Chibimoon says, "Diana!" and Diana says, "Small Lady!" Everyone watches in surprise. Then as the lemure starts up again, Diana tells Small Lady, Chibimoon, to go for it. Chibimoon uses "Twinkle Yell" and Moon uses "Moon Gorgeous Meditation" on Kigurumiko-chan.

Luna asks if Artemis is okay. Artemis says yeah, and Luna says he really needs her care, doesn't he?

There's a wedding at the church, and the nun watches happily.

The girls are surprised to learn that Diana is the daughter of Luna and Artemis. Diana says she's from the future who's come to visit Small Lady with permission from Neo-Queen Serenity. Chibi-usa says they're friends in the future.

Minako says that means Luna and Artemis have a relationship in the future. Artemis is embarrassed and laughs. He asks Luna how she feels. Luna says she doesn't plan on having a relationship with Artemis, since he's a cat who's charmed by beautiful Sisters. Artemis says, "Not with the sister!" He said he just wished a cat could be married at a church so beautiful. Luna is surprised, her face red.

Diana says that she's pleased to meet her mother and father. Luna is startled: "Mother?" Artemis laughs and says he now understands how Mamoru feels. Mamoru asks if the two of them should drink tonight then, and everyone laughs.

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