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Sailormoon SuperS Episode 132

Episode 132: "Oniai no Futari! Usagi to Mamoru no Ai"
"The Best Couple! Usagi and Mamoru's Love"
Victim of the Day: Saori
Monster of the Day: Pooko-chan
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 04.26.01.

A man and a woman are walking down the street. The man asks the woman, Saori, if it's her first time visiting senpai's apartment. The woman says yes. The man says he thinks senpai's room will be messy. Saori says she doesn't know if it will be, but why does the other think that? The man says because it sounds like a man. The woman sweatdrops, then says, "Kobayashi, I guess your room must be very messy." He laughs, then asks if she thinks senpai brought his girlfriend. They arrive outside an apartment complex.

Inside, Kobayashi (a tall man with brown hair) and Saori (shorter with brown hair) appear at the door announcing their arrival. Mamoru greets them.

Kobayashi and Saori sit on a couch inside the living room, but Mamoru isn't with them. The room is very clean. Kobayashi says he's disappointed in senpai. Mamoru walks in carrying a tray of tea, and he asks them what they're talking about. Kobayashi says nothing and laughs in embarrassment.

Mamoru sits down and asks Saori if she's finished her report. Saori says she's already turned it in.

Kobayashi looks suspiciously around the room, and Mamoru asks him what's up. Kobayashi says Mamoru doesn't have any pictures, and Mamoru asks pictures of what? Kobayashi says Mamoru's girlfriend. Mamoru says he doesn't have any pictures of "her". Saori looks at him in surprise. When Kobayashi asks why, Mamoru tells him not to get upset since it's not his business. Kobayashi slams down his cup, causing Mamoru to sweatdrop, and says it IS his concern, and is Mamoru sure that his girlfriend is coming?

The doorbell rings repeatedly and non-stop. Mamoru says that's "her" and goes to answer the door.

Saori frowns at Kobayashi and tells him he doesn't have to be so blunt by saying "girlfriend" so many times. Kobayashi tells her he's doing it for Saori. Saori asks what he means by that, and Kobayashi says slyly that Saori's lipstick is different colors on days when she sees senpai. Saori looks shocked and blushes. He says he's right, and she sweatdrops, saying Kobayashi isn't a very nice guy. Kobayashi sweatdrops and protests, but then both fall over when the hear two immature voices.

They wonder who that is, and Mamoru comes in. He tells Chibi-usa and Usagi to get off him, but the girls are clinging to him and won't get off. The girls start to argue as Usagi tells Chibi-usa to take her hands off of Mamoru, but Chibi-usa won't since Mamoru is hers. Usagi gets angry, and then Mamoru sits down on the couch with Chibi-usa in his arms. Usagi tries pulling her off saying she won't bring her anymore, but Chibi-usa says she visits Mamoru on her own all the time.

As the two bicker, Saori and Kobayashi watch in stunned silence. Finally Saori says, "Um..."

Usagi notices the guests. She suddenly bows politely and formally says she is sorry for causing such trouble. Chibi-usa says, "Good afternoon." Mamoru introduces Saori and Kobayashi as his friends from the University. He then introduces the girls as Tsukino Usagi and Chibi-usa. The two bow.

Kobayashi says, "Your girlfriend is..."

Usagi says demurely, "Yes, I'm Mamo-chan's... Mamoru-san's girlfriend-" Chibi-usa sticks her fingers up Usagi's nose and says she's Mamoru's real girlfriend. The girls argue some more and pull at each other and stuff. Kobayashi and Saori sweatdrop, and Mamoru says, "Usako...!"

Saori begins to laugh, and the other girls blame each other for that. Mamoru tells them to just stop. Saori says that she's sorry, but Mamoru's girlfriends are cute. She presents them with cakes she brought. Kobayashi says, "Girlfriends, huh? That explains it." Saori is blushing. [Note: It's obvious that at this point, Kobayashi and Saori think Mamoru was joking about having a girlfriend. To them, Usagi is so immature that she can't possibly be Mamoru's girlfriend, plus Chibi-usa claiming to be Mamoru's girlfriend doesn't help.]

As everyone eats cake, Kobayashi asks Usagi how she is doing. Usagi says she is thinking about having another cake. Kobayashi sweatdrops and says he wasn't talking about her appetite. Usagi laughs then says she's 15 and a half. Kobayashi says 15 is a good age since she must be full of dreams and love. Usagi says he might be right, but she's already in love with Mamo-chan. There's an awkward silence before Kobayashi and Saori laugh loudly, and Usagi cluelessly joins them.

Then Chibi-usa asks Saori what her relationship is to Mamoru, with a suspicious gleam in her eyes. There's another awkward, shocked silence. Chibi-usa glares at Saori, and Saori says Mamoru is an old classmate from high school.

Mamoru says he hasn't done any better than Saori or Kobayashi. [COUGH HACK Expensive apartment COUGH HACK] Saori says that's not true.

Mamoru tells Usagi and Chibi-usa that Saori is going to be a police officer when she graduates. Usagi is impressed: "A female police officer!" Kobayashi says Saori will be the head of the county's police department. Saori gets upset and tells him to stop teasing her. Kobayashi quickly says he's respecting her.

Usagi nods and says, "Head of a police department..." She should think about that (as a career) too.

Chibi-usa looks suspiciously at Saori again, thinking Mamoru knows more about her than ordinary classmates would.

There's a picture of Saori at the top of a pile in the Amazon Trio's bar. Fisheye says that Saori is a perfect woman: the type that is responsible with a clear sense of justice and a class leader. Tigerseye agrees: she is the type to do her homework, follows what adults say, and is most likely the teacher's pet. Hawkseye adds that Saori is the type to tell other teachers when students have shirked their cleaning duties. Tigerseye says Saori is the type to not know much about love. Hawkseye brushes that aside and says that Saori is Tigerseye's type. Tigerseye replies that it's just business and kisses the picture.

At a store, Usagi worries about what to get: a stuffed hippo or a stuffed horse, both stupid looking. She wants to get both but only has enough money for one, so she asks Chibi-usa for advice.

Chibi-usa looks at Usagi and asks her if she ever feels uneasy. Usagi sweatdrops and asks Chibi-usa what she means. Chibi-usa wonders if Usagi ever wonders if her life is right or if she'll be happy like now in the future? Usagi says sometimes, like now. Should she choose the hippo or the horse? Which will make her happier...? She then notices Chibi-usa isn't listening to her.

Chibi-usa is leaving the store, and then she turns and says that both animals are ugly. Usagi gets upset and says Chibi-usa doesn't understand refined taste. As Usagi yells, her face becomes like the stupid looking horse and hippo's. Chibi-usa mutters that she can't understand Mamo-chan's taste.

Saori is standing on the street. Tigerseye stands behind a truck watching her. The truck pulls away in a cloud of smoke.

Tigerseye, in a suit and glasses, appears in front of Saori. In bad English, he says, "Excuse me... Excuse me." Saori looks up in surprise. Tigerseye says, "What time is it now?" Saori, in English, answers: "It's 5:30." Tigerseye then starts to wail in Japanese that it's horrible, he's in trouble. Saori asks what is wrong, and Tigerseye says he made an appointment with a tour guide, but now he's missed the bus and won't be able to find the restaurant.

He peeks through his hands and says, "What's your name?"
Saori looks at him.
Tigerseye says the woman is very beautiful, great, wonderful, would she mind having dinner with him? Saori says she's sorry, but she's meeting someone.
Tigerseye starts wailing, "Oh my God!"

Then a man greets Saori, and she rushes to him. The man turns out to be Mamoru. Saori bows to Tigerseye and says good-bye. The two leave.

Tigerseye glares at them. Fisheye and Hawkseye appear behind him, snickering. Tigerseye says it must be different if Saori has a man. Hawkseye: "In any case you were..." Fisheye finishes, "suspicious". Tigerseye tells them to shut up since next time, he'll get Saori by force.

Mamoru tells Usagi that he must end their love. Usagi is in shock. Mamoru is holding Saori, and he says that in truth, he's been in love with Saori all along and didn't realize it until now.

Usagi cries, "No, Mamo-chan!"
Mamoru hugs Saori and rubs her hair overexaggeratedly saying, "See, see?"
Usagi cries out, "It's not true!"
Mamoru turns to leave, saying, "Please forgive me."
Usagi: "Wait, Mamo-chan!"
Mamoru: "I can't. Please say hello to Chibi-usa."
Usagi, in tears, says, "If we don't get married, Chibi-usa will never be born!"

Chibi-usa wakes up from her nightmare, saying this is the worst pinch she's been in. She goes into town and sees Mamoru with Saori. She screams, "No way!" and quickly ducks behind the wall. She sticks her head out at the same time as Kobayashi sticks his head out from the other side. They notice each other and pull away, laughing nervously and sweatdropping as they greet each other.

Saori asks Mamoru if he was busy. Mamoru says he wasn't. Saori says if he doesn't want to come, he doesn't have to, and Mamoru says it's okay. He wants to know what type of shopping he is to help her with, and has she fallen in love with someone? She blushes.

Behind them walk Kobayashi and Chibi-usa. Kobayashi says Mamoru and Saori are picture perfect, and at University, they're called the "best couple." He thinks they are too. He sighs, saying that if Mamoru had an official girlfriend, he'd have a chance...

Chibi-usa looks at him, and tells him not to give up, she's on his side! She runs away yelling, "Go go Kobayashi!" Kobayashi says it's child innocence after all and sighs.

In the store, Usagi is still trying to decide between the hippo and the horse. Chibi-usa yells at her, scaring her, and tells her that if Usagi keeps this up, Mamoru will be taken away. Usagi asks by who, and Chibi-usa says Usagi is so slow, by Saori-san of course! The difference between them is like light and darkness, with Usagi being the darkness. Saori is so much prettier, mature, smarter, and sexier than Usagi, that even Chibi-usa wishes Saori was her mom. Usagi gets increasingly upset as Chibi-usa speaks. Chibi-usa says that if Usagi and Mamoru don't get married, she won't be born. Chibi-usa asks Usagi if she's not worried. Usagi cries, "Mamo-chan, please don't hate me!" Chibi-usa says Usagi has become more mature.

Then Usagi does an about-face and laughs, saying Mamo-chan wouldn't leave her. She has no reason to doubt Mamo-chan's love, and Chibi-usa doesn't know anything. Her concern now is the hippo or the horse...

Chibi-usa yanks her out of the store.

Saori and Mamoru sit on some steps. Mamoru asks if he knows "him", the guy Saori wants to give the tie to. Saori's hands tighten around the box, and she asks if Mamoru is interested. Mamoru says sure, he can't imagine the guy Saori would be interested in. Saori demands to know what he's saying, and Mamoru laughs, apologizing. Saori stands up and faces away. Mamoru asks if he offended her, and she asks him if it's so strange. Mamoru says, "The tie?" Saori clarifies by asking if a woman like herself is strange. She watches him out of the corner of her eye.

Then Tigerseye appears saying, "Excuse me... what time is it?" Saori looks at her watch, and then Tigerseye says, "You are my target." He changes back to his normal clothes, then counts to three as Saori's dream mirror appears.

Mamoru yells, "Saori!" but Tigerseye whips him. Mamoru hits his head on the stairs, and Tigerseye throws knives at him which dig into his clothes, keeping him trapped on the stairs.

Saori tells Tigerseye this is assault, and if he stops, his charges will be minor. Tigerseye is amused and looks into her dream mirror. Tigerseye sticks his head in and looks for Pegasus as Saori screams.

Chibi-usa drags Usagi by as Usagi asks where they're going. Then they see Saori and Mamoru. They transform into Sailor Soldiers.

Tigerseye is disappointed. Saori has beautiful dreams with a sense of justice, but Pegasus isn't there. He jumps back and pulls out some more knives to destroy the mirror, but Sailormoon and Chibimoon stop him.

Saori opens her eyes a little bit and murmurs, "Sailormoon?"

Tigerseye calls the Balloon Girl, Pooko-chan, who pulls out of his shadow. Pooko-chan, a fat balloon with a face, goes zooming about. It lands on Chibimoon. Sailormoon tries pulling the lemure off of her. Tigerseye tells Pooko-chan to take care of everyone, and then he leaves.

Saori falls to the ground.

Pooko-chan says Chibimoon is not beautiful. It zooms towards Saori, and Mamoru yells at Saori to watch out. Pooko-chan looks at Mamoru and blushes, saying he looks nicer than Saori. It zooms towards Mamoru as he gets a weird, horrified look on his face.

Mamoru yells out, but when it lands, Sailormoon is under Pooko-chan, between the lemure and Mamoru. Sailormoon's face is trapped up under Pooko-chan, and she can't breathe. Mamoru tells her to get away, but Sailormoon refuses to.

Pooko-chan starts to cry, saying that Sailormoon is going to save the man by sacrificing herself. Pooko-chan thinks this is so beautiful! The lemure tells Mamoru not to worry, it'll kill him after it kills the girl. Sailormoon then collapses, as Mamoru screams, "Usako!"

Saori's eyes open as she hears Mamoru. She remembers Usagi and Chibi-usa hanging on Mamoru, and she whispers, "I see..."

Mamoru pulls himself up, ripping his clothes, then takes a knife and stabs the balloon girl. Pooko-chan goes zooming away. Sailormoon falls into Mamoru's arms.

Pooko-chan, now a thin girl, stands up and sticks tape over the cut in its side, upset. Mamoru asks Sailormoon if she's alright, and she whispers that she is. She then calls to Chibimoon as Pooko-chan starts to re-inflate itself.

Chibimoon uses "Twinkle Yell", and Sailormoon uses "Moon Gorgeous Meditation" on Pooko-chan, who yells "Stage Out".

The Sailor Soldiers then help Mamoru up, as Saori watches. Mamoru whispers, "Thank you", to Sailormoon, and they gaze into each other's eyes. Saori smiles.

Saori is on the roof top at the university. Kobayashi asks her how the previous day went. Saori pretends to not know what he's talking about. Kobayashi asks her if she told Mamoru how she feels about him. She shakes her head. He is surprised. Saori gives Kobayashi the tie she bought for Mamoru, saying she can't throw it away. Kobayashi tells her not to give up, she's going to be the head of the police department- she gives him a look and he sweatdrops. Saori then laughs, and she says she can't beat the girl who is protecting the peace of the world.

Kobayashi is confused.

Usagi and Chibi-usa are fighting over Mamoru again.

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon 1992 Takeuchi Naoko, Kodansha, Toei Animation, TV Asahi, and Bandai. This is only a fan page and is not intended to infringe on any rights.

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