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Sailormoon SuperS Episode 129

Episode 129: "Super henshin futatabi! Pegasus no power"
"Super transformation again! Pegasus's Power"
Victim of the Day: Reika (Motoki's girlfriend)
Monster of the Day: Kyokuba Danko-chan
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.15.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

At the circus, the circus creatures are laughing. A face says that it heard Tigerseye failed; a second says that it heard he let Pegasus get away; the third face says that it heard Tigerseye failed to kill the owner of the beautiful dream. Another circus creature says it hopes Zirconia won't get mad. They all laugh. Then Zirconia snaps at them to be quiet; they leave. Zirconia calls the Amazon Trio and repeats that they must find Pegasus in order to control the world, so go after those with beautiful dreams. The Trio bows.

The Amazon Trio are back at the bar. Tigerseye is very upset that everyone is blaming him over his failure. He says he DID get the girl, just that nuisances called the Sailor Senshi appeared. Hawkseye says maybe he failed because he brought his personal interest into this. Tigerseye then asks what Fisheye is doing. Fisheye brings out a golden saddle, saying he found it in a backroom. He says when they catch Pegasus, he's going to go horseback riding. Tigerseye thinks that's a great idea- it sounds fun. Then Hawkseye picks up a picture and says he's found a cute girl. Tigereye looks at it and agrees. Fisheye says it seems Tigerseye is going to go for the bad choices again. He downs some of his drink. Tigerseye wonders what he said that made Fisheye upset; Fisheye is a bit weird. Hawkseye says Tigerseye will go after her, right? Tigerseye agrees. The picture is of Reika (Motoki's girlfriend) in riding gear.

The Sailor Team is at the spot where the battle occurred the previous night. There's nothing there though. Rei says, "New enemies and the mysterious Pegasus..." Usagi asks if Chibi-usa is sure she knows nothing about this; Chibi-usa remembers Pegasus telling her not to tell anyone about their meeting. She says no. She wonders if she can see him again. Then she hears a horse neighing and runs forward.

From the bushes, she's amazed to see horses and riders in a big field. A woman with brown hair on a horse tries to leap over a hurdle, but the horse runs through it, and the woman falls off. She lifts up her face, and the girls are stunned to see that it's Reika-san. They wonder when she got back from Africa. Chibi-usa asks if they know her, and they say she's Motoki's girlfriend. Chibi-usa is surprised. Usagi says they should go see her.

The girls have drinks with Reika. Reika says that she just doesn't feel like riding today. She says that when she's worried, she gets depressed easily. Usagi asks what she's worrying about. Reika says that she's been recommended to go to Europe to study. But this will take 10 years to finish up. The girls are shocked and ask if Motoki knows. Reika says that he smiled and said, "That's great" but hasn't been over to see her since she visited him. She thinks maybe he doesn't love her anymore. The girls are silent. Then Usagi and Minako stand up and say together that they'll find out what Motoki is thinking for Reika; they squeeze Luna and Artemis too hard, then cover their mouths before they can talk. Reika says, "H-hai..."

At the Crown Fruit Parlor, Usagi and Minako tell Motoki that Reika doesn't know what to do. Motoki says stiffly that it isn't his decision, it's Reika's. He won't go to see her. He leaves to return to work. Minako and Usagi are disappointed; Luna says that no one else would talk like him. Artemis says that they're just sticking their noses into other's personal businesses. They start choking Luna and Artemis, demanding to know if they can't play Cupid when they're the agents of love and justice.

From the next booth, Ami says they should concentrate on finding the enemy. Usagi asks if they're not worried about Motoki and Reika. Ami says of course she is; then Makoto wonders if Motoki doesn't like Reika anymore. Unazuki appears and says that Motoki is stubborn and is really taking it hard. Usagi says of course, no couple can take it easy when they're separated from each other. Unazuki asks if something has happened with her and Mamoru. Usagi says, "Actually..." and tears appear in her eyes.

Then Rei says Usagi's just upset because she doesn't know where Mamoru is since yesterday. Ami asks how she knows, and Rei says that Usagi called her yesterday and went on and on about it. Ami and Makoto say Usagi did the same, and Minako says Usagi called her too. Everyone sweatdrops. Rei says how can Usagi know how Motoki feels when she starts crying over being away from her boyfriend for only one day. Usagi starts to cry and says she was lonely while everyone sweatdrops.

Chibi-usa and Reika are feeding a horse. Reika asks if Chibi-usa likes horses, and Chibi-usa hugs the horse's nose saying yes. She remarks on how beautiful its eyes are. Reika says that its eyes are crystal clear; you can't lie to an animal, and it will find out the problems you have. Chibi-usa asks if Reika is familiar with horses with wings and horns; she puts a carrot on the horse's forehead to demonstrate. Reika smiles and says that you can find those in beautiful dreams; Chibi-usa can see them because she's filled with beautiful dreams. Chibi-usa blushes and doesn't think they're so beautiful, but Reika must have dreams. Reika smiles and says she doesn't think they can be called beautiful if it causes the one she loves to worry.

That evening, Usagi is on the phone with Minako. She tells her they should go to Crown tomorrow to see what Motoki is feeling. Above them, Chibi-usa talks with Luna about Reika and Motoki. Luna says ten years is a long time, so Motoki might give up. Chibi-usa says couples separated by long distance are likely to give up; when they are physically apart, their minds grow apart too. Luna says, "Chibi-usa-chan..."

Below, Usagi finishes talking to Minako about Mamoru and other things. The phone rings, and Usagi answers it. She freaks out when she hears it's Mamoru, and she demands to know why he didn't call. He tells her he called her many times and told her earlier that he would be at school working. However, her line is always busy when he tries to call, so Usagi shouldn't stay on the phone for so long. Usagi sweatdrops. Mamoru asks if they've talked about "it"; Usagi is confused. Mamoru clarifies shortly, "The new enemies." Usagi quickly says of course they have, laughs, and says they'll be done by tomorrow, so bye. She hangs up and sighs. She then smiles, giggling; she hugs the phone to her chest while she rolls around on the bed saying, "Mamo-chan..."

Above, Chibi-usa says that she still loves her parents even though they're far away. Her parents must love her very much to let her stay here and study. She thinks you can't have dreams if you believe you can't because of long distance.

[eye catch]

Reika tries to leap over the hurdle with her horse, but it hits it. Reika soothes her horse saying it's not its fault. Then she hears another horse; Tigerseye is in riding gear. He says he thought Venus had appeared on a horse. She blushes slightly.

Chibi-usa and Luna walk around the area wondering where Reika-san is. They see her with Tigerseye and decide to get closer.

Tigerseye says Reika is practicing hard. Reika answers that there are still some problems, but the more she tried to practice, the less she could concentrate. Tigerseye asks if he can help since he sees the worry in her beautiful eyes. She blushes. Tigerseye thinks girls like it when men recognize that they have problems and want to help; this girl's mind is his.

Chibi-usa says she can't hear what they're talking about. Luna asks her to stop spying, but Chibi-usa says she's curious. Luna sighs and says she must have picked up this habit from Usagi.

Tigerseye asks if Reika is going abroad. Reika says she doesn't know whether to go follow her dream and leave her loved one behind. Tigerseye takes her hand and strokes it; he says he's curious about her beautiful dream, so she should show it to him. He grins, and she gets frightened and tries to run away. He snaps his fingers and she trips. He tells her he doesn't want her to be hurt. She asks who he is; the curtain falls and lifts, revealing Tigerseye in his normal outfit with a whip. She screams. He says, "One, Two, Three" and her mirror comes out.

Luna tells Chibi-usa to transform. Chibi-usa uses "Moon Prism Power, Make-Up" with the Sailormoon S movie transformation sequence. She then tells Tigerseye to stop and gives a speech. Tigerseye recognizes her and calls out his "cute girl." From his shadow, a creature appears. He says the monster is a trainer of fierce animals, Kyokuba Danko-chan. The weird creature has a skirt, fangs, and poofy hair; it uses its whip on Chibi-usa. Tigerseye smiles and sticks his head into Reika's mirror as she screams; he pulls out and says he can't find Pegasus in her dream. He tells Kyokuba Danko-chan to kill the girl (Reika). Meanwhile, the monster has suitably beaten up Chibimoon and now has its foot on her body. Then Sailormoon says she won't allow this and gives a speech.

Tigerseye says it's another group of pumpkins. Sailormoon says, "Group?" then sees the Sailor Team next to her. She's surprised that they're there. Mars says that they were waiting for her at Crown but she didn't show up. Mercury says that they came to the conclusion that she was here, and Jupiter says they were curious about Reika-san too. Tigerseye says, annoyed, that he hates girls' talk, especially when it excludes him. He calls the monster.

Danko-chan says it'll teach them to say hello to the audience and cracks its whip. Mars uses "Burning Mandala", but it uses its whip to gain control of the blasts. It says it'll skip the greeting and move on to the stunts- it then throws the attack back at the senshi. The senshi dodge them. Tigerseye smiles and tells Danko-chan to show him something more amusing. Danko-chan cracks its whip and kicks Chibimoon out to join the others. It tells the senshi to dance; it starts whipping at their feet so that the senshi and the cats are forced to jump to avoid being hit. They run around the monster in a circle while Tigerseye screams with laughter. Chibimoon thinks, "Help, Pegasus!"

Then a golden light fills the sky. Everyone stares in surprise as Pegasus appears. Sailormoon and Chibimoon power up; SuperSailormoon catches the wand and uses the attack on the monster with the help of Chibimoon. The monster screams, "Stage Out!" as it dies. Tigerseye yells that they've done it now; then he backflips through his fire ring. Reika falls to the ground. Then Pegasus neighs and disappears; the other senshi say that must be what Usagi told them about- Pegasus. Moon and Chibimoon then detransform.

At Crown, Usagi and Minako tell Motoki he has to see Reika one last time. Motoki says, "Well..." Mamoru tells him he has to explain why he can't see Reika, or else the girls will never understand. Motoki crosses his arms over his chest and says, somewhat embarrassed, that he doesn't want to see Reika because he wants her to decide for herself whether to go. He can wait for her if she does.

Then Unazuki says, "I'm very glad to hear that. Aren't you, Reika-san?" Reika stands up from behind the counter. Motoki turns red and says, "Rei-Reika!" Reika smiles and says she thought Motoki stopped liking her because she was being selfish. Motoki runs up and grabs her by the shoulders; he says that's not true, she's very special. He'll always love her. He smiles and tells her to go to Europe to follow her dream. She smiles back. Everyone else is happy. Usagi starts to say they'll cheer up Motoki, and the others say she should stay out of their business. Chibi-usa and Luna smile at each other; Chibi-usa thinks that she was right, love isn't so weak as to be destroyed by long distance.

Reika on her horse leaps over the hurdle. A plane flies into the sky, as Reika and Motoki's faces appear, smiling at each other.

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