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Sailormoon SuperS Episode 128

Episode 128: "Unmei no deai! Pegasus no mau yoru"
"An Unexpected Encounter! The Night Pegasus Does his Steps"
Victim of the Day: Furuhata Unazuki (Motoki's sister)
Monster of the Day: Karakuriko-chan
Important Events: Pegasus appears. The new enemies appear. Zirconia and the Amazon Trio are named. Sailormoon and Chibimoon get temporary new transformations; Sailormoon has a new unnamed attack.
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.15.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

It's night in Tokyo.

A drop hits the water. A male voice says softly, "The forest is crying... The crystal forest is crying." There is a scene of a crystal forest around a lake. Then the scene shifts to a bright gold light shining from a cloud in the distance. The voice says, "If you can hear me, please respond... I ran all the way here to see you..." The cloud moves, more gold light shining from it. Then a pegasus with a golden horn on its forehead bursts out of the cloud.

Chibi-usa is sleeping in her room in the attic. She dreams that the moon is gold, and she is running down the street. She heard a voice calling her name; she wonders who it is. She follows the neighing of a horse and comes to the crystal forest. In the middle of the lake is the pegasus. She sees it and reaches for it. On her knees, as she holds out her hand, her pajamas transform into her Princess Serenity gown. Suddenly the pegasus disappears. She asks where it has gone. Was it the Pegasus that called her? The voice says, "Please don't tell anyone about this encounter..." She turns her head around...

And sees Usagi in front of her. Usagi demands to know what she's dreaming of. Chibi-usa blinks sleepily. She says it was just a dream and falls back down, but Usagi yells that everyone else has already gone. She tells Chibi-usa to lift up her arms, and when Chibi-usa does, Usagi pulls off her pajamas.

At the park, there are many people gathered. Minako and Makoto sit next to Motoki; Makoto asks him if this won't interfere with his job. Motoki says that not many people are interested in playing games today. Makoto says that's right. Minako adds that it's because they're seeing an event that only happens once every hundred years or so. Behind them sit Ami, Chibi-usa, and Unazuki. Ami explains to them that what's happening is that the moon, sun, and Earth line up on the same axis so that you can't see the sun. Unazuki adds that when you can't see the sun at all, that's a full solar eclipse.

Behind them, Usagi says that it'll get dark; it's a very scary eclipse. Rei asks her why she's lying to a kid. Chibi-usa says it's okay since she doesn't believe Usagi anyway. Usagi asks her what she means, then asks if she said something wrong. The others are stunned that she actually believed what she was saying. Rei and Usagi start to argue while Chibi-usa sweatdrops.

As everyone waits for the eclipse to begin, Chibi-usa thinks about her dream with the pegasus. Unazuki slyly asks what she's thinking about- perhaps a boyfriend, her destined man? Chibi-usa turns red as Ami gasps in shock. Mamoru, Usagi, and Rei lean in closer. Unazuki tells Chibi-usa not to worry her mama and papa with this; Usagi and Mamoru exchange looks, then look back at Chibi-usa and up again.

Motoki says that Unazuki is talking about herself. Unazuki says, "Onii-chan!" Motoki tells his sister that their mother has been worried since Unazuki comes back so late after her part-time job. The other girls say, "Hmmmm?" and lean towards her as she turns red.

Then Mamoru says the eclipse is about to begin. Everyone puts on shades or holds up the special black glass to see the eclipse through. The eclipse begins; Usagi stares as the sun is completely covered by the moon. She thinks about how dark it is.

Lightning flashes in the grey and white sky; a strange floating tent with balloons around it flies into the city.

The solar eclipse ends. Everyone leaves the park. Usagi notices the odd tent in the city; she wonders if it was always there. Then Rei says they'll leave without her, and she tells them to wait.

Inside the tent, there are many strange and freaky faces. One yells, "They haven't realized it! They haven't realized it!" A face says, "They haven't realized that they're dogs." A second face says, "They haven't realized their children are growing into monkeys." A third face says, "This city is full of dogs and monkeys." A tent appeared in the middle of the city and no one noticed it. Faces say, "Why?" "Why?" "Why?" And a glowing face says, "I wonder why." Another face says, "It's because they are creatures who don't look at the world outside the walls of their own rooms." Other circus things say that the people don't even notice when the rats eat the city.. or when a circus tent appears. They haven't noticed at all. The circus freaks dance around the center ring, screaming with laughter.

Then a voice says, "Stop it!" The creatures all bow as the pillars they are standing on sink; the pillars go back up, now empty. In front of the ring is a huge elephant; on the stand a strange, purple snail-like creature appears holding a staff. A weird flying eye sits on top of the staff. The creature says, "Now is the time we can take over the world! Where are you, Amazon Trio?"

A ring of fire appears before the creature, and a man with orange hair in tights and a strange outfit, a small circle on his forehead, introduces himself: "Tigerseye is here." A water ring appears, and a very feminine man with long blue hair and an odd blue outfit similarly introduces himself: "Fisheye is here". One last ring appears, and a man with reddish-pink hair, a sash and skirt on, says, "Hawkseye is here." They bow and say the Amazon Trio has arrived; what does Zirconia wish of them?

Zirconia tells them that "he" must have escaped into this world. In order to conquer the world, they must capture "him." Zirconia therefore orders the Amazon Trio to attack those with beautiful dreams. They repeat, "Beautiful dreams?" Zirconia explains that "he" would normally lose energy and die in this world; in order to remain here, he must hide in the beautiful dreams of a person. Tigerseye says, "I see..." Hawkseye says that "he" has already entered this world and is in a person's beautiful dream. Zirconia says that is correct- there are as many people in this world as there are stars in the sky, but those with beautiful dreams are only a small portion of them. They must find those people without fail. The three bow.

[eye catch]

The Amazon Trio sit in a bar. Before them on the table are many pictures of beautiful girls. Tigerseye says that even with those with beautiful dreams being such a small part of the population, they still have many people left. Hawkseye tells him not to choose based on his preferences but on his job. Fisheye adds that he doesn't see why Tigerseye thinks the girls are so pretty anyway. Tigerseye replies that Fisheye's choices are unique. He then picks a picture of a cute girl; Hawkseye says he chose based on his preferences anyway. That type of girl seems hard to get though. Tigerseye smiles and says not when he can make it seem likes he's her destiny. The picture is of Unazuki.

At the Crown Fruit Parlor, Unazuki gives Chibi-usa and Usagi their drinks. Usagi asks Unazuki what's happening with her and her boyfriend that Motoki was talking about; Unazuki turns red and says for her to watch what she says in front of kids. Usagi wonders if it's that serious, and Chibi-usa tells her to stop. She looks at the heart pendant necklace Unazuki is wearing and asks if that's her boyfriend. Unazuki tries to pull Chibi-usa's hand off, and Usagi tells her to stop. Then Unazuki tells them that he's not really her boyfriend; they've been in situations before but he hasn't said he loves her. That's not exactly what she has been dreaming of. Chibi-usa says that girls can't always wait for princes on white horses to come to them; sometimes girls have to get on the horses and find their princes. Unazuki is surprised; she says Chibi-usa is very realistic. Usagi thinks that Chibi-usa has been reading mama's guides for adults.

That evening, Unazuki is riding the bus home. Tigerseye, in a snazzy suit with lots of jewelry, stands in back. In his hand appears a wallet. As Unazuki is getting off, she can't find her wallet to pay for the bus. Tigerseye comes up and asks if this wallet is hers? They get off, and Unazuki thanks him. Tigerseye says maybe it was fate that he found it. They shouldn't leave yet, or they might regret it later. Unazuki blushes.

Chibi-usa runs down the street looking around. Usagi complains about Chibi-usa taking her here at this time of night. Chibi-usa asks Usagi if there are any forests around big lakes nearby. Usagi says of course not, this is the city. Chibi-usa says Usagi's probably right. They then hear screaming.

Tigerseye uses his whip to slap Unazuki's bag out of her hand. He says, "I'm sorry for scaring you, pretty girl." A curtain appears in front of him, then snaps back up. Tigerseye is in his normal cross-dressing outfit. He says that he's not really a bad guy. Unazuki screams that he looks like one.

Usagi and Chibi-usa run up. They see Unazuki and the weird guy. Usagi tells them to transform.

Tigerseye says, "One." A board flies up against Unazuki's back. "Two." Clamps appear around Unazuki's wrists and ankles. "Three." Unazuki screams as a pink mirror comes out of her chest. Tigerseye says this is her beautiful dream. He's about to see what it is when Sailormoon and Chibimoon tell him to stop. They introduce themselves.

Tigerseye thinks they're weird pumpkins. He calls out his doll, Karakuriko-chan. A black shadow stretches out, and from it, a strange doll appears, its body not connected. It says, "Karakuriko-chan" and its head spins around. Sailormoon tells Chibimoon to be careful. Then Karakuriko-chan's body parts fly out and attack the two. Its hands lift up Sailormoon into the air, and its lower half keep Chibimoon down. The doll's head floats near Sailormoon; she yells at it, asking what it's going to do. Then a sword appears out of its mouth and starts stabbing at Sailormoon, who moves her body to avoid it.

Tigerseye wonders how long she can hold on. Then a rose hits Karakuriko's head. Tuxedo Kamen appears on a streetlamp and gives his speech. Tigerseye says that Tuxedo Kamen is very womanized; Tuxedo Kamen tells him to be quiet, he doesn't want to be labeled by a man like him. The two fight- Tuxedo Kamen with his cane, Tigerseye with his whip. Then Tuxedo Kamen knocks the whip out of Tigerseye's hands- it wraps around the tree where Tuxedo Kamen's shadow is. Tigerseye laughs and says Tuxedo Kamen has fallen into his trap- the whip glows, and Tigerseye says Tuxedo Kamen's shadow is trapped so he can't move. Tuxedo Kamen discovers it's true.

Tigerseye then sticks his head into Unazuki's mirror as she starts screaming. He laughs, then pulls his head out. He says that though she has a beautiful dream, "he" isn't there. He's sorry but he'll have to kill her so that "he" won't enter her dreams. He tells Karakuriko-chan to finish everyone off. Karakuriko-chan attacks Chibimoon, who struggles to keep its claws away from her. She thinks that if this continues, they'll all die pleads for someone to help give them power.

Then a light shines in the night sky, and the sky turns rainbow colors. A golden light releases Sailormoon and Chibimoon from the monster, and then the pegasus shows itself. Tigerseye says, "It's him... Pegasus!" Pegasus lands on the ground; Sailormoon and Chibimoon stare at it. Pegasus nods its head, and sparkles of light flies from its horn towards the two; their outfits are transformed.

Tuxedo Kamen says that Sailormoon powered up to SuperSailormoon. Tigerseye is starting to become a bit frantic and yells at Karakuriko-chan to get the senshi. Then a strange wand appears in front of SuperSailormoon. She thinks that she feels powered up. The monster pulls its body together and launches itself at the two senshi. Then SuperSailormoon, with Chibimoon behind her, uses the wand on the creature. It screams, "Stage out!" as it disappears. The shadow fades. Tigerseye curses and disappears into the fire ring.

Unazuki's mirror returns to her body, and she falls forward. SuperSailormoon and SuperSailorchibimoon stare at Pegasus. SuperSailormoon says it's beautiful. Then it disappears, and they realize that they are back to their normal forms. They run to see Unazuki; Tuxedo Kamen says she just fainted. They're relieved.

Chibimoon stares at the rainbow-lit sky. She remembers her dream and thinks that it wasn't just a dream. Aloud she says, "I knew it..." Sailormoon thinks that she might know something about this, but Chibimoon denies it. They both look up at the sky.

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon 1992 Takeuchi Naoko, Kodansha, Toei Animation, TV Asahi, and Bandai. This is only a fan page and is not intended to infringe on any rights.

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