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Sailormoon S Episode 127

Episode 127: "Senshi no jikaku! Tsuyosa ha jun na kokoro no naka ni"
"A Growing Soldier! A Pure Heart is the Base for Growing Strong"
Victim of the Day: Mass victims
Monster of the Day: Renjii
Important Events: The final daimon. Chibi-usa returns to the future?
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.15.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

Usagi and Mamoru stare up at the sky. They say that the moon is beautiful tonight and the evening calm. Usagi says that it's cold out; she looks down and blushes as she says maybe Mamo-chan can help keep her warm. She looks back up and sees Mamoru's turned around. Surprised, she asks what he's doing. Mamoru says that she said she was cold, so he's making hot cocoa for her. Usagi sighs. Mamoru asks her what's wrong, and she complains that he's not romantic at all.

Chibi-usa is in her room gazing at all the stars. Then a pink light shines, and a letter appears in a puff of smoke. It falls into her hands. She opens it; there's a picture of Neo-Queen Serenity on it, along with her usual kanji crossouts. The letter says that they're lonely without Small Lady around; please come home, she'll be waiting. "PS, Papa will also be waiting." Chibi-usa says, "Mama..." She remembers running through a flower field with her parents watching. Then Usagi comes in. Chibi-usa looks at her silently; Usagi asks what's wrong and what she's holding. Chibi-usa hands her the letter; Usagi's eyes widen as she reads it. She says, "This is..." Chibi-usa turns around and nods.

At the Hikawa Jinja, Rei says, "A letter from the future?" Usagi nods. She says it's from Neo-Queen Serenity... that's her! She laughs. Minako says, "Then.. the letter was written in all hiragana?" The others sweatdrop and says it's not the time for jokes. Minako laughs. Usagi says the letter said to come back. The others ask what Chibi-usa said. Usagi remembers that Chibi-usa said, smiling, "Not immediately... I can go back any time." The other girls think that at Chibi-usa's age, she needs her parents' love, and she must be lonely. The cats say that Chibi-usa might be hiding her true feelings since she doesn't express them openly. Ami says that the emergency is over, and Rei adds that they can see Chibi-usa off to her parents. Makoto says they should let her leave with happy memories, and Minako wonders what they can do. Then Usagi suggests a going-away party. Rei says, "Oh, once in a while you get a good idea." The others agree that it's a great plan. They prepare the details.

Chibi-usa, Usagi, and Luna are on a swingset. Usagi tells Chibi-usa that they'll have her going-away party at Mamoru's house the following day. Chibi-usa thinks that she wasn't planning on going so soon. Usagi says that this was everyone's idea; Luna says she hopes Chibi-usa will like it since it's going to be a great party. Chibi-usa murmurs, "Do you really want me to go?" They look at her, and Chibi-usa stands up saying it was nothing. She runs off. Usagi says, "That's strange..." Luna adds that Chibi-usa doesn't seem to like the idea.

Chibi-usa runs down the street with Luna-P. She thinks, "Stupid Usagi! If I leave, I'll never see you, Mamo-chan, or anyone else again..." She stops and thinks she'll never get to see them again. She starts to cry, her hands in tight fists. Luna-P floats in front of her comfortingly, and Chibi-usa yells, "No! No!" She hugs Luna-P tightly.

In Usagi's room, Usagi is searching through her drawers. Luna says that Usagi said she'd get something for Chibi-usa, but Luna knows she spent all her allowance. Usagi says it's not a problem, she'll give Chibi-usa something special anyway. She says, "I found it!" She lifts up a tiny dress and says this was her favorite when she was little.

Mamoru walks towards his apartment and sees Chibi-usa sitting on the ground outside his door. He asks her what's wrong. She doesn't answer, and he says he can't understand her if she doesn't speak. He invites her in. Inside, they drink tea at the table in the living room. Chibi-usa sets down her cup and suddenly asks Mamoru if he thinks everyone dislikes her. He asks her why she would think that, and she says it's because they organized a going-away party for her so quickly. She feels like they're forcing her to go. Mamoru tells her that everyone wishes she could stay forever; however, since Chibi-usa is so young, she belongs with her parents. He asks if she misses them. He then adds that it's not just Usagi, but everyone else as well, and he'll miss her too. Chibi-usa's hands tighten in her lap, and she asks him if he'll be lonely without her. He says he will, and Chibi-usa stands up and runs into his arms, knocking her teacup to the floor. She cries, "Mamo-chan!" as she sobs in his arms.

That evening, Chibi-usa is sleeping in bed. Usagi is busy sewing at the table in the room. She pokes herself with a needle and cries out. Chibi-usa wakes up and asks what she's doing. Usagi quickly tells her it's nothing, so she should go back to sleep. Chibi-usa is about to protest, then says, "Good night." She huddles under the covers. Usagi thinks, "I'm sorry, Chibi-usa." Chibi-usa thinks, "Stupid Usagi. Don't you know how I feel?" Her eyes start to water.

Lightning strikes outside. At the site where Mugen Gakuen was, Tomoe's old oven lies on its side, still in tact. The lightning strikes a pile of broken daimon eggs, leaving behind one full daimon egg. It starts to glow, and a half-finished daimon crawls out. It then starts to slowly crawl towards the oven.

The next day, everyone is at Mamoru's apartment. They pull crackers, and everyone claps. They say they wish Chibi-usa good luck in her future. Usagi tells Chibi-usa to cheer up since her home world isn't too far from theirs; it may be father than Hokkaido, but it's closer than Heaven. Minako asks Usagi if she's been to Heaven; Usagi sweatdrops and says no. Rei says she shouldn't talk about things she knows nothing about. She then stands up and announces she'll sing for everyone. They all clap.

The half-finished daimon manages to get to the oven; it's breathing hard. It then enters the oven. The oven disappears as it shouts, "Renjii!" Out of the smoke, the daimon appears. It says, "Pure hearts... Must collect pure hearts." Its eyes glow.

[eye catch]

The girls decide to present their gifts to Chibi-usa. Makoto gives Chibi-usa a package and says she specially cooked this for her; when she gets home, use a microwave and eat it with her parents. Chibi-usa says, "Thank you, Mako-chan." Then Ami hands her a disk, saying it's a program she made. Minako says Ami is very study-conscious, and Ami says she believes it's important to study when you're young. She adds that it's an original game that Chibi-usa should play with friends or during a study break. Chibi-usa, not looking very happy, says, "Thank you, Ami-chan." Rei hands Chibi-usa a cassette that is a recording of her songs; the last song she composed specially for Chibi-usa. Chibi-usa says dutifully, "Thank you, Rei-chan." Minako gives Chibi-usa a photo album with all the pictures of them she's collected. Chibi-usa says, "Thank you, Minako-chan." Mamoru takes out a rose and says that the red rose symbolizes purity and sweetness, traits Chibi-usa has. Chibi-usa says, "Mamo-chan..."

Then Usagi says she wonders if everyone's gifts can fit into her gift; she takes out a pink bunny backpack with her dress on. Chibi-usa says, "This is..." Rei exclaims, "What a cute dog backpack! Well done!" Usagi sweatdrops and says it's a rabbit. Rei gets embarrassed and says, "Sorry... Well, if you look closely, it's a rabbit." Usagi gets upset and says that Rei is always putting her down; Rei says she said it was a dog because she thought it was one. The two start arguing, and then Rei finally says, "You're so bad at sewing! Here!" She puts bandaids in Usagi's hand. Usagi blinks and says, "Thank you." Rei says she'll put them on for her.

Minako says she'll put Chibi-usa's things in her backpack. Luna tells Chibi-usa that Usagi resewed it many times. Chibi-usa says, "How nice..." The other cats look at her, and Chibi-usa says that Rei and Usagi can talk about anything. Rei playfully hits Usagi on the head, and Usagi sticks out her tongue. They both laugh. Artemis says that when two people argue a lot, it means they're best friends. Chibi-usa says she wants a friend like that. Artemis and Luna exchange glances.

That evening, Chibi-usa stands in front of the others in the park some distance away from the dock. She says she wants to say good-bye to everyone here since it'll be less painful this way. She and Luna-P bow to everyone and thank them for what they've done for her. The others tell her to be strong and to greet everyone for them in the future. When it gets to Usagi, Usagi opens her mouth but then shuts it, looking upset. Chibi-usa says, "Usagi..." There are tears in her eyes; Usagi takes a deep breath- she's crying too. Chibi-usa then says, "Good-bye" and runs off crying. Usagi runs after her. The other girls are about to, but Mamoru tells them that they should leave the two alone.

Chibi-usa uses her time key; the portal in the sky appears. Then Usagi runs up and says, "Chibi-usa!" The two face each other, crying. Usagi tells Chibi-usa not to cry since she'll see her parents soon. Chibi-usa says, "Stupid Usagi. You're the one who's crying." Usagi says she wasn't going to show her tears in front of Chibi-usa but... Chibi-usa starts to float up. Chibi-usa yells, "No! I don't want to go, Usagi!" and holds out her hand. Usagi looks down and says, "Be good to your mama and papa." She smiles and takes Chibi-usa's hand. Chibi-usa is then pulled up and calls, "Good-bye, Usagi!" She disappears. Usagi continues to stare at where she vanished.

Then Luna says, "Usagi-chan!" Usagi wipes her eyes and looks at her. Luna says that there are terrible things happening in the city.

The senshi and the cats run down the street. The cats say there was one last daimon egg that became a daimon. It's now attacking everyone for their heart crystals; people on the street fall to the ground as their heart crystals float above them. Tuxedo Kamen runs ahead of them as they head towards the former Mugen Gakuen area. Among the rubble stands a daimon with a huge container behind it. Tuxedo Kamen flings a rose at it. The senshi and he then introduce themselves.

The daimon says, "Pure hearts! Pure hearts!" and attacks them. They dodge it then try using their attacks, but the attacks don't work. The daimon knocks them all down.

Chibi-usa walks through the mist towards Crystal Tokyo. She thinks about her friends.

The daimon electrocutes all the senshi and Tuxedo Kamen, who fall to the ground. The daimon lifts up Sailormoon and says, "Pure hearts!" Sailormoon thinks that if she had the Holy Grail, she could transform into SuperSailormoon.

Then Chibimoon yells, "Pink Sugar Heart Attack!" and falls from the sky onto the daimon. She drops her wand which throws pink hearts at the daimon. Chibimoon yells at it and introduces herself. Then the daimon gets up and throws her wand at her; Sailormoon pulls Chibimoon out of the way in time. Then Tuxedo Kamen throws a rose at the daimon, who falls over. Tuxedo Kamen tells Sailormoon to believe in friendship; she nods and starts to use "Moon Spiral Heart Attack." Sailormoon thinks that without the Holy Grail, if everyone has pure hearts to help others, they'll protect each other. The daimon is then hit by her attack and dies. The oven falls to the ground and explodes into many pieces upon impact. The others run up to her and say she did it.

Tuxedo Kamen and the Sailor Senshi watch the sunrise. Tuxedo Kamen says that the Holy Grail might mean the pure heart itself. Chibimoon says it's a beautiful sunrise. Sailormoon's eyes widen and she asks why Chibimoon came back. Chibimoon says it's because they can't survive without her! They all jump on Chibimoon and start tickling here as Tuxedo Kamen and the cats watch. Then Luna-P appears with a letter. Chibimoon opens the envelope, and in the letter is a picture of Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion. Chibimoon reads, "Dear Small Lady, thank you for the many gifts. Please don't bother Usagi onee-san too much and behave yourself. Bye bye! PS. Please bring more gifts next time." The other four senshi say, "That's Usagi-chan, alright." while Sailormoon looks surprised. The screen turns into a heart that focuses on Chibimoon, who smiles and says, "The story is over. Thank you!"

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