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Sailormoon S Episode 126

Episode 126: "Atarashiki seimei! Unmei no hoshiboshi betsuri no toki"
"Bundle of New Life! The Destiny of Stars, the Time of Farewell."
Victim of the Day: None
Monster of the Day: None
Important Events: Basically this episode explains what happens to everyone, more or less, and how Uranus and Neptune deal with the outcome.
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.15.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

SuperSailormoon enters the battlefield where Sailorsaturn is fighting Master Pharaoh 90. As she enters, Master Pharaoh 90 gives a scream, and then there is a final burst of black energy as the whirlwind dies out. The sky becomes clear, and the crater where the battle was fills with water. Butterflies fly through the sky. Sailoruranus and Sailorneptune watch as SuperSailormoon appears before them. Her eyes are blank, and in her arms is a baby. SuperSailormoon falls to her knees, and the other two Senshi run forward. From behind them, the Sailor Team yells, "Sailormoon!" When they finally all stand up, SuperSailormoon is alone. They run to her side and ask if she's alright.

Chibi-usa wakes up in her bed surrounded by Mamoru and the other girls. They are relieved she is alright. Chibi-usa asks where Hotaru-chan is. Usagi and Mamoru exchange glances. Chibi-usa's hands tighten around her bed sheets, and she says it's not true. She remembers how Hotaru-chan (Saturn) came to her in a dream and said, "Thank you." Her eyes flood with tears. Usagi starts to say, "Chibi-usa" when Mamoru tells Chibi-usa not to worry since Hotaru is alive. The others agree, and they say that Sailormoon protected Hotaru as best as she could, so they're sure Hotaru is alive somewhere. Chibi-usa wipes her eyes and says she's okay; she tells Usagi that she did her best. Usagi says, "Chibi-usa..."

From outside Usagi's house, three girls yell, "Chibi-usa-chan!" Chibi-usa comes running out and says, "Good morning!" as she pulls on her shoes. Usagi runs after her and says, "Chibi-usa!" Chibi-usa looks at her and smiles, waving her hand as she says, "I'm off!" Usagi stares after her worried.

Behind her, Luna says, "Usagi-chan..." Artemis is with her. Usagi says that she knows Chibi-usa is hiding her loneliness and is still worried about Hotaru. Artemis says that Chibi-usa is sensitive to others; if she cried, that would affect Usagi. Luna says that they don't know where Hotaru or Sailorpluto are, and Artemis adds that the others are looking hard for them though. Usagi holds out her hands and says she won't give up. She remembers holding Hotaru; she's certain of it. She tightens her hands into fists.

Chibi-usa is on the school bus sitting by herself. She thinks about Hotaru and is sure she'll see her again. She looks out the window and sees Haruka's yellow convertible.

The car is parked outside a cafe. Inside, Haruka is sitting across from Michiru in a booth. Michiru is holding baby Hotaru and giving her a bottle of milk. Haruka says that they look perfect together; Michiru replies that there's nothing wrong with an ordinary life. Haruka is startled, then smiles. She says that their time is up. Michiru sets down the bottle and pats Hotaru on the back saying, "Okay. Sorry, baby." Hotaru burps.

Michiru holds Hotaru, who is sleeping peacefully, in her arms as she and Haruka drive down the highway. Haruka looks at Michiru and remembers when they met for the first time and then when Neptune's Talisman appeared.

In a nearby hospital, a nurse holds Hotaru in her arms as Michiru walks behind her. The nurse says that Hotaru is a cute baby and will grow up to be a healthy girl. They stop outside a door that says, "Tomoe Souichi" on it. She knocks. Inside, Souichi is in a wheelchair with bandages on his legs, arms, and head. When the nurse says, "Tomoe-san", his motorized wheelchair turns around. Michiru takes Hotaru from the nurse and gently puts her in Tomoe's arms. Hotaru wakes up, smiles at Michiru, then smiles up at her father. Tomoe says, "Hotaru..."

A doctor tells Haruka that Tomoe has suffered memory loss. He has had head trauma and suffers from nervous breakdowns; he may be able to live normally, but he will forever have a portion of his memory lost.

Tomoe is outside on his wheelchair, Hotaru in his arms. Michiru watches them from behind a tree, and Haruka joins her. Haruka asks her what's wrong, and Michiru says that she feels strangely sad for leaving Hotaru. Haruka puts her hands on Michiru's shoulders and says there's one more thing they have to do before they go. Michiru nods.

Chibi-usa is at a park with the other children. She's riding her bike; two of her friends ride up and ask her if she's okay. She forces a smile and says she's fine. Then her hat flies off her head, and she tells them she'll catch up. She chases the hat up a hill.

Then the image of Sailorpluto appears before her. Pluto says Chibi-usa is doing well; Pluto would like to hug her, but her body doesn't exist in this world. Chibi-usa tells Pu to come back; Hotaru-chan is gone too, and she's lonely. Pluto says that's not true since she has the Sailor Senshi as her friends, as well as Sailorsaturn. Chibi-usa asks if Hotaru-chan is alive. Pluto replies that Hotaru had two personalities, one as Mistress 9, the other as Sailorsaturn. With Sailormoon's help, Hotaru overcame Mistress 9. Hotaru was reborn on Earth and is starting a new life. She then starts to disappear. Chibi-usa tells her not to go, and Pluto tells her to take care before vanishing. Chibi-usa yells at her not to go. She drops her face and starts to cry.

Then she hears a voice. A man in a wheelchair on the other side of the hill holds her hat and asks if it's hers. Chibi-usa runs down to thank him, then is shocked to see that it's Hotaru's father. She notices at the black haired baby in his arms and stares.

[eye catch]

Chibi-usa stares at Hotaru, who is lifting her arms up towards Tomoe. Souichi hands Chibi-usa her hat, and she thanks him. Then Hotaru sees her and starts reaching towards her. Souichi is surprised and says that the baby likes Chibi-usa very much. Chibi-usa reaches her hand out to Hotaru, who takes it with both of her hands. Hotaru then starts giggling happily. Chibi-usa asks Tomoe what the baby's name is, and he says, "Hotaru-kun. Right, Hotaru?" The baby continues to smile at Chibi-usa. Chibi-usa repeats softly, "Hotaru-chan..." Chibi-usa remembers Pluto saying that Hotaru was reborn and is now starting a new life. Then a nurse yells, "Tomoe-san!" They see her waving at them from near the hospital. Tomoe says they have to go and turns around; Hotaru is still reaching towards Chibi-usa. Chibi-usa says, "Oh!" and Tomoe looks back at her. Chibi-usa then says, "Take care, baby." Tomoe lifts up Hotaru and says, "Bye bye!" As he heads away, Chibi-usa says, "I'm glad to see you, Hotaru-chan." She wipes her eyes and says that they'll see each other again, so for now, good-bye.

At the crater where Mugen Gakuen once was, Ami and Minako look for signs of anything. Ami uses her computer but says there's nothing here. Minako is disappointed. Makoto and Rei come running up and ask if they found anything; Minako says nothing. Makoto says it's the same for them; they searched the city but couldn't find Hotaru. Usagi is sitting on some stones looking depressed. Rei yells at her that she tried her best. Usagi forces a smile at them. Meanwhile, Artemis sees Haruka's convertible parked on the side of the street; he calls Luna, and she sees it. They exchange worried looks.

Violin music starts to play; Michiru is standing on top of some rubble while Haruka sits next to her, throwing a rock up and down. Usagi hears the music and runs towards the other two girls. Haruka stands up and says, "Don't come closer, Sailormoon!" She throws the rock at Usagi's feet. Usagi looks down, and when she looks back up, they're not there.

Michiru comes out from behind more rubble and says, "Usagi! You were too kind. That's unacceptable." Haruka says that fortunately the Earth was saved this time, but they can't forgive her behavior. Michiru says that Usagi protected the Senshi of Destruction and risked the Earth. Usagi falls to her knees. Michiru says, "Usagi! You..." Haruka finishes, "Don't possess the qualities of a future queen." Usagi stares at them in shock.

The other girls say that they're being cruel; Minako says she thought they understood each other. Makoto runs in front of them and says that they knew the other two were stubborn from the beginning. Michiru laughs and asks if they want to beat their thick heads. She lifts up her henshin wand. Makoto demands to know if they're challenging them. Haruka lifts up her own henshin wand. Michiru and Haruka look at each other, then transform into Sailorneptune and Sailoruranus. Then the four Sailor Guardians transform.

The four senshi tell Uranus and Neptune that they don't have a grudge against them but they won't forgive them blaming Usagi. Then Usagi yells at them to stop; she doesn't want them to fight. Uranus says Usagi is spoiled. Jupiter demands to know if Usagi is angry. Usagi says she's not since Uranus and Neptune are right about her being a crybaby with no discipline; however, she thinks what she did was right. Saturn may be the Senshi of Destruction, but she's also a Sailor Senshi. She stands up and looks at her hands; she is happy to know Hotaru's warmth, and they understood each other. She wants Uranus and Neptune, and the others, to change their positions. Uranus says if Usagi wants to change them, she should do it herself. Neptune adds that if she doesn't, they'll be enemies forever. Usagi says, "I see..." She tells the others to stay out of this since she will handle it. She transforms into Sailormoon.

Uranus says that the heroine has finally shown up. Neptune says she won't show any mercy. She then uses "Deep Submerge" which throws Sailormoon back. The other girls run to her, but Tuxedo Kamen flings a rose at them. He says that sometimes it is necessary to fight each other to understand one another. They should stay out of this. Sailormoon gets to her feet. Uranus says that she thought Sailormoon was going to cry, and Neptune adds, "Little Princess." Uranus then uses "World Shaking" on Sailormoon, but she dodges it and lands behind Uranus. Uranus looks around for her, and Neptune calls that Sailormoon is behind her. Uranus then starts to kick and punch towards her, hitting Sailormoon a few times, who pleads with her to stop. Uranus then stops, and Neptune comes up from behind Sailormoon, pulling her arm behind her back. She says that Sailormoon did well. Uranus then says this is it; she charges towards Sailormoon, but Sailormoon looks up determinedly, her brooch starting to glow. Uranus says, "What?!" and the light causes Neptune to let go of Sailormoon. Sailormoon then runs out of the way while Uranus lands into Neptune. The two are thrown back onto the ground.

Sailormoon stands behind them. The two stand then kneel before her. Sailormoon stares at them in surprise and says, "Uranus... Neptune." Neptune says, "You're as good as I expected, Princess... No, the future Neo-Queen Serenity." Uranus thanks her for showing them her true power at the last second. Sailormoon is still surprised. Neptune says that they completed their mission before they left. Uranus says that they found the true Messiah and saved the world. Sailormoon asks who the true Messiah is. Uranus laughs and says, "Unbelievable!" as she and Neptune stand up. Neptune says that Sailormoon is very different from them- she even saved the Senshi of Destruction. They turn and start to walk away.

The other four run up to Sailormoon and say, "Uranus! Neptune!" The other two continue walking. Uranus tells Neptune that there has been one difficulty after another, so it's been tough. Neptune says but now it is rewarding. Uranus agrees, saying not only for Sailorsaturn, but also for the two of them. They stop, and Uranus says they should have thanked Sailormoon for that. Then Sailormoon tells them to wait; she wants them to answer one question- is Hotaru-chan alive? Uranus and Neptune turn and smile; Uranus says they'll see her again. Sailormoon says, "She's alive!" The other girls are happy too, and Sailormoon says, "I'm so glad!"

Chibi-usa gets off the bus and runs into Mamoru's open arms as the other senshi stand next to him. Haruka and Michiru drive off as the sun starts to set.

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon 1992 Takeuchi Naoko, Kodansha, Toei Animation, TV Asahi, and Bandai. This is only a fan page and is not intended to infringe on any rights.

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