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Sailormoon S Episode 125

Episode 125: "Kagayaku Ryuusei! Saturn soshite kyuuseishu"
"Shiny Shooting Stars! Saturn and the Messiah"
Victim of the Day: None
Monster of the Day: None
Highlights: Final battle with Mistress 9 and Master Pharaoh 90.
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.14.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

A heart crystal fads into the blackness. Hotaru's voice says, "Chibi-usa, I'm sorry..." The star on Mistress 9's forehead glows. Mistress 9 murmurs, "Finally, you're gone."

Sailormoon yells, "Hotaru-chan!" Uranus snaps that this isn't Hotaru. Mistress 9 agrees- Tomoe Hotaru just died. Sailormoon says that isn't true. Mistress 9 ignores her and tells them that the strange ball floating towards them is Pharaoh 90, the master of the Death Busters. When it arrives into this world, the Silence will begin.

Uranus and Neptune say they'll defeat her then. They use "World Shaking" and "Deep Submerge". The two attacks combine into one powerful one, but Sailormoon jumps in front before it can hit Mistress 9. She's thrown back by the force. Mistress 9 just smiles. Uranus and Neptune scream at her, and then Mistress 9 uses her long hair to tie them against a statue of the Messiah of Silence.

Mistress 9 tells Sailormoon if she doesn't want Uranus and Neptune to die, then she should give her the Holy Grail. Some more hair strands wrap around their necks and start to cut off their air. Mistress 9 wonders if she should kill one first; the hair tightens around Neptune's neck. Neptune manages to yell at Sailormoon not to give Mistress 9 the Holy Grail- if she does, Neptune will lose all respect for her. Sailormoon thinks: "But...!" Uranus screams at her not to give it up, and Neptune yells, "Sailormoon!" Mistress 9 laughs.

Sailormoon stands up and starts to form the Holy Grail. Mistress 9's eyes widen. Uranus screams, "Stop!"

Then Tomoe Souichi stumbles in; he's badly hurt. Sailormoon recognizes him as Hotaru-chan's papa. Souichi says, "Hotaru..." He puts hands on Mistress 9's shoulders and tells her he's her father. He says it's his fault all of this happened. Mistress 9 stares down at him in disgust. She says he's the container for Gerumatou; she tells the filth not to touch her. She knocks him away, then uses her hair to hold him up by the neck. Sailormoon starts crying and tells Mistress 9 to stop.

Outside, the four Sailor Senshi are struggling to hold back the daimon barrier. It's growing stronger, and the daimon are clawing to reach them.

Souichi says, "Hotaru..." as he is strangled.

Then Hotaru's voice says, "Papa!" Sailormoon, Neptune, and Uranus stare at Mistress 9 in surprise. Mistress 9's body is shaking as she says, "Papa...!" She puts her hand on her face, her eyes wide, and says, "It can't be...!" Sailormoon says hopefully, "Hotaru-chan?" The hair holding the senshi and Souichi loosens; Souichi hits the ground. Mistress 9 is breathing harshly; she says the body is rejecting her. She falls to the ground and says, "I can't breathe, Papa!"

Uranus yells at Sailormoon to kill Mistress 9 now. Sailormoon yells back that Hotaru-chan is still alive. Neptune yells, "Don't be fooled!"

Souichi crawls to Mistress 9's side and asks if she's okay. "Hotaru" says she needs the Holy Grail to recover. Souichi asks where he can find it. Inside Mistress 9, the heart crystal appears and a voice says, "Papa!" Mistress 9 stands up and screams. Then Sailormoon stands and calls the Holy Grail into her hands. Uranus yells, "Why?!" Neptune screams that Sailormoon is not the Messiah so has no right to decide. Sailormoon says that Hotaru is still alive; she believes Hotaru doesn't have to be sacrificed to save the world.

Mistress 9 reaches for the Holy Grail. Sailormoon walks over to Souichi; he says he needs it to help Hotaru. She hands it to him. He smiles and thanks her. Then he gives it to Mistress 9. Uranus and Neptune hang their heads, silently crying.

Mistress 9 reaches for the Holy Grail. As soon as she grabs it, she stands up triumphantly, blasting Sailormoon and Souichi back as the Grail glows in her hands. Mistress 9 laughs. She says that when Pharaoh 90 appears, she'll thank Sailormoon by letting her live as a daimon container. Sailormoon desperately cries, "Hotaru-chan!" The heart crystal disappears again.

Mistress 9 says there's nothing that Sailormoon can do. Sailormoon determinedly says that she will save Hotaru and the world. Mistress 9 tells her that the Holy Grail is a collection of all emotions; it's the ultimate in pure heart crystals. Sailormoon can't possibly defeat Pharaoh 90 once he has the Holy Grail unless she finds a heart crystal more pure than it. Mistress 9 then thrusts the Grail into the machine and laughs. Power erupts from the machine and explodes from the building top. The daimons suddenly get a huge burst of energy and viciously attack the Sailor Team as Mugen Gakuen is leveled.

The container holding the Holy Grail disappears, and then the Holy Grail is destroyed too. Sailormoon stares in shock: "The Holy Grail!" Beams of power erupts from the mini universe's dome. Mistress 9 laughs and says, "This way, Pharaoh 90!" The pinwheel ball, Pharaoh 90, starts to sparkle and comes closer.

Uranus yells that this is all Sailormoon's fault. Sailormoon holds up her rod and uses "Moon Cosmic Power!" She tries to repel Pharaoh 90, but it blasts her back. Mistress 9 says that without her second transformation, Sailormoon can't stop the Silence. Soon her Master will appear, and the world will be theirs. Then a beam from the dome blasts Mistress 9 as she screams, "This can't be!" When the blast ends, Sailormoon falls to her knees- she took the energy beam for Mistress 9 and Souichi, who is holding Mistress 9 in his arms.

Power continues to erupt from Mugen Gakuen.


A black whirlwind surrounds Mugen Gakuen. The daimons push past the senshi, and the senshi are swept up into the tornado. They are unconscious. Then the black field starts growing outwards at a faster speed.

Sailormoon is breathing hard. Souichi holds Mistress 9 in his arms and says, "Hotaru..." The heart crystal appears. Hotaru's voice says, "Papa... Where are you? It's dark in here... I can't see you." Souichi says he's right here. Hotaru says, "I have to save Chibi-usa! Papa, help me out of here!" Souichi says to forgive him, he doesn't know how. He says he wants to go back to happier times.

He remembers how when Hotaru was a little girl, and they were happy together.

He closes his eyes, crying. He tightens his hand around hers. The heart crystal shines brighter. Mistress 9 opens her eyes and says, "Papa..." Souichi looks down at her and says, "Hotaru..." The others stare in surprise.

Suddenly Mistress 9 regains control and shoves Souichi forcefully away, screaming at him not to touch her. She's breathing harshly. She tells Hotaru to disappear since she's useless and unwanted. The force field continues to move outwards. Mistress 9 tells Hotaru to die. Then Hotaru gains control and yells back, "No!" Mistress 9 fights back, but then Hotaru thinks about her father and Chibi-usa. She yells that she has loved ones. The sign of Saturn appears on her forehead, and then Mistress 9 screams as her body is disintegrated, leaving only the symbol of Saturn, which then too fades. Uranus says the senshi of destruction has been reborn. Souichi yells, "Hotaru!"

In Mamoru's apartmen, he looks up to see Sailorsaturn. He says, "You're..." The cats appear behind them. Saturn tells Chibi-usa she'll be okay. She floats forward and returns Chibi-usa's heart crystal; Chibi-usa reswallows it. Artemis says, "Sailorsaturn..." and Luna says, "Hotaru-chan!" Saturn smiles and says, "Thank you, Chibi-usa-chan, thank you..." She then disappears.

Neptune says that Pharaoh 90 is getting stronger. Uranus murmurs that they don't have the power to stop it. Souichi yells, "Hotaru!" again, and then the ground beneath him and Sailormoon crumbles. The statue falls apart too, and the three senshi and Souichi plummet to the ground. Master Pharaoh 90 appears in the center of the black whirlwind. A fire has started where he is.

Sailormoon is lying on the ground; her uniform is torn everywhere, and she's bleeding. Uranus and Neptune are a distance behind her, also badly hurt. Uranus says that all their work is meaningless. Neptune says it's over. Uranus yells to Sailormoon that she must be happy now. She screams, "Answer me!" then falls to the ground.

A voice says, "Sailormoon." Sailormoon looks up and sees Saturn. Saturn thanks her for protecting her body. Sailormoon says, "Sailorsaturn... Hotaru-chan!" Souichi, from a distance away, weakly says, "Hotaru...!" Saturn smiles and says she's no longer Hotaru. She is now the only one who can stop the Silence. She must do so by entering the center and destroying everything. Sailormoon says she'll go too; Saturn stops her and says that she does not have enough power since she is not SuperSailormoon and Pharaoh 90 is using the power of the Holy Grail. Sailormoon asks what will happen to Saturn when she destroys Pharaoh 90? Saturn says that she is the Senshi of Destruction because she is given the power to destroy; however, when she uses that power, she herself will... Her voice trails off as the Silence Glaive appears in her hand. Sailormoon screams, "Don't!" and runs forward, but is stopped when Saturn points the glaive at her. Saturn then says, "Sayonara" and flips backwards into the center.

Pharaoh 90 starts screaming as there are blasts of a battle in the center. Sailormoon yells, "Hotaru-chan!" and tries running in, but she's blasted back. Sailormoon stares at the center, then starts screaming, "Crisis! Make-Up!" It doesn't work. She clutches her brooch and screams over and over, "Crisis Make-Up!" After the fourth or fifth time, she starts slamming her fist on the ground and cries. Uranus and Neptune silently watch her. Sailormoon cries, "Crisis Make-Up..."

The other senshi are floating; they awaken and say, "Sailormoon" as the stones on their tiaras glow. The stones on Uranus and Neptune's tiaras glow as well. Then the crescent moon on Sailormoon's tiara glows with the combined powers of the other senshi. She yells, "Crisis Make-Up!" one final time. A large heart crystal appears in front of her, and she transforms into SuperSailormoon. Butterflies float past her as she glides towards the center; her tears are blank with tears, and her hands are in fists. She enters the battlefield. Master Pharaoh 90 gives one final scream, and then the black whirlwind stops. There is one large blast of black energy, and then the sky clears.

Uranus and Neptune stare at the huge crater where the battle was. They remember Pluto saying, "If you find the true Messiah..." Uranus says, "True Messiah..." They look up and see glittering objects in the sky. The members of the Sailor Team, now lying on the ground battered and beaten, look up too. Butterflies in the sky float towards the ground, and where they end, SuperSailormoon appears. Her costume is torn, and she holds a black haired baby in her arms. Her eyes are blank, the large heart crystal floating in front of her. The butterflies trail away into the sky.

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