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Sailormoon S Episode 124

Episode 124: "Semari kuru yami no kyoufu! Kusen no 8 senshi"
"Approaching Horror! Eight Soldiers in a Pinch"
Victim of the Day: None
Monster of the Day: Gerumatou
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.14.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

Mistress 9 opens her eyes. Tomoe says everything is ready. The two stand in front of the universe system. Tomoe says all she has to do is activate the Holy Grail so then Pharaoh 90 will be guided towards them. With their master's appearance, the end of the world will come as the Silence overtakes the Earth. The Age of Light will end, and the Dark Age will begin. He laughs.

In Mamoru's apartment, Mamoru holds Chibi-usa's hand. Her body glows.

The Sailor Team stands in front of Mugen Gakuen. They say they'll fight for Hotaru, Chibi-usa, and the world. Usagi tells Chibi-usa and Hotaru to wait for her. The senshi transform.

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto fly towards Mugen Gakuen in their helicopter. Uranus tells them they have no time; they must stop the Death Busters. Neptune puts her hand on Uranus's. Uranus says they must fight to save the world, whatever the cost. In the backseat, Pluto thinks about Usagi saying she won't let anyone be sacrificed.

The Sailor Team runs towards Mugen Gakuen. Inside, Mistress 9 senses their arrival. She says the Holy Grail is coming. Tomoe says, "The Holy Grail?" Mistress 9 says the senshi are making this easy by bringing it to her. Tomoe says it's very convenient. Mistress 9 says that she can't allow them inside until after they establish themselves though. She closes her eyes, and Mugen Gakuen is surrounded by a strange light.

Mars feels something and stops. The others ask her what's wrong, and she says she felt dark energy. Then a strange dome field surrounds the building; only the roof is exposed where the shape of a star is.

Inside, the thousands of test tubes explode; reddish pink liquid oozes onto the floor. Daimon eggs pour out from every corner in the school and float in the air; they then burst into liquid daimon creatures.

Mercury says that there's large amounts of dark energy coming from the school. They have to use the "Sailor Teleport" to get inside. Mistress 9 uses her power, and Mars gasps. The liquid red daimon creep out of the building; they throw themselves out of the barrier towards the senshi. Mercury yells a warning. The oozy daimon launch themselves at the senshi. The senshi use their attacks on the daimon, but Mercury says there are too many. Jupiter tells them to keep fighting. Mars says they can't use the "Sailor Teleport." Sailormoon uses "Moon Spiral Heart Attack" which clears out all the daimon in the area, but more come from Mugen Gakuen.

Mistress 9 is breathing harshly, her eyes glowing. She tells Tomoe that Mugen Gakuen is surrounded by dark energy and is now the Omega Zone. No one can enter their purest place. She lifts her glowing hand and says it's time to get the Holy Grail.

The senshi keep using their attacks. Sailormoon uses "Moon Spiral Heart Attack" to clear out all the daimon. The senshi say to use the "Sailor Teleport" now, but Sailormoon is suddenly grabbed around the neck by Mistress 9's hand and dragged into a portal. The other Sailor Senshi try to pull her down but are pulled back by the oozy daimon. Sailormoon disappears, and the other senshi are shocked. Then the liquid daimon retreat and act as an outer wall around the field. Mercury says they can't use the "Sailor Teleport" now. They don't know what to do.

Meanwhile, the Outer Senshi near the school. They see the barrier; Neptune says it's not an ordinary one. Uranus sees the star hole on top and wonders if they can get in through there. As they near the field, the daimon look up and their eyes flash. They jump at the helicopter and wrap around it; the Sailor Senshi inside gasp, then start screaming as the daimon cause everything to short circuit and spark inside. The helicopter then explodes.

[eye catch]

Uranus opens her eyes; she sees that everything around her is in the middle of exploding. Neptune looks around too. They then see Pluto behind them holding her Garnet Rod. They ask her what she did. She said she stopped time, so they can get away now. Uranus asks her if she's hidden such power from them. Pluto says no; stopping time is taboo. Uranus repeats, "Taboo?" Neptune asks, "Then... what will happen to you?" Pluto says, "If you find the true Messiah..." The other two's eyes widen and they say, "Pluto" but disappear. They land on the roof of Mugen Gakuen. The helicopter then explodes.

Mistress 9 says that the Outer Senshi are very strong. Tomoe says but Mistress 9 is stronger than them. Mistress 9 responds by saying that it's because she had Chibi-usa's pure heart crystal; she then says, "I am using Chibi-usa's pure heart... for wrong..." She gasps. Tomoe asks her if something's wrong. She snaps, "Nothing!" He stares at her. She then transforms into Hotaru in a Mugen Gakuen uniform. Floating in the air, Mistress 9 says she's going to get the Holy Grail. She orders Tomoe to go after the two Sailor Senshi. Tomoe says, "Me?" Mistress 9 says for him to use the dolls he's made and calls him daimon Gerumatou. He laughs.

The daimon barrier moves outward. Mercury says that the barrier is growing in energy. All they can do is prevent it from getting any larger. Mars says they have to believe in Sailormoon. They'll do what they can. The senshi then form a square around the school. They kneel down and use their energy to create their own barrier. They think, "Sailormoon..."

Sailormoon wakes up alone. She wonders where everyone is. She then sees Hotaru lying on the ground nearby. She says, "Hotaru-chan!"

Uranus and Neptune run down the hall. They see many weird lifeless dolls on both sides of the hall. The two senshi stop and wonder what these things are. Tomoe says that these are containers he made. He won't let the Sailor Senshi in. Uranus says, "Be patient and strong until you establish justice." She says those were Tomoe's words; doesn't he remember? Tomoe says he doesn't; he wishes he had smart girls like them as containers instead of Tomoe Souichi. Tomoe laughs hysterically, and red energy comes out of his eye. Tomoe's body falls to the ground as daimon Gerumatou shows its true form. It's really weird looking. Neptune says it's just as they thought- a daimon was controlling Tomoe.

Uranus uses "World Shaking" on the daimon; its body explodes into gunk. The gunk falls to the floor; the pieces twitch then move into the containers. Gerumatou says that their powers won't work on it; the dolls puff up and start moving. They run towards the two senshi. Neptune uses "Deep Submerge" on some of them but the rest keep attacking. Neptune and Uranus dodge, hit, and kick the others, but soon they're captured. The dolls circle them and laugh.

Then Pluto's voice says, "Talisman." Two bright lights appear in front of the senshi; the light obliterates the holds on the senshi, and then the Talismans appear. Neptune takes her mirror, and Uranus grabs her sword. Neptune then uses the Deep Aqua Mirror to find the real daimon; when she sees it, she says, "Uranus!" Uranus unsheathes her Space Sword and runs towards the daimon, then shoves the blade into its eye. The daimon screams as its body explodes; the blade falls to the ground with a daimon egg at the end. The daimon egg breaks, and the other dolls fall to the floor. Uranus says she thought she heard cirrus. Neptune agrees. Uranus picks up her sword as the two run down the hall. Uranus says the Death Busters are fighting harder then expected; Neptune says they won't lose though.

Tomoe murmurs, "Hotaru..."

Sailormoon holds Hotaru in her arms. Hotaru says, "Holy Grail..." Sailormoon asks about it. Hotaru says she heard if SuperSailormoon holds the Holy Grail here, the darkness would disappear. Sailormoon nods and stands up. She then says she's glad Hotaru's okay. Hotaru tells Usagi to hurry for Chibi-usa's sake. Sailormoon stares at her, then asks how Hotaru knew she was Tsukino Usagi. Hotaru's eyes widen, and then she smiles. Sailormoon says she's not Hotaru. Hotaru laughs and says she just looks like her. Sailormoon asks what she's done with Hotaru. Mistress 9 says she dissolved Hotaru into her. She floats in the air and turns back into Mistress 9.

Then the door opens. Uranus and Neptune say they've found her, and now they'll destroy her. Sailormoon stands in front of Mistress 9 and says to wait. Mistress 9 laughs, and then the curtains are swept away to reveal the enormous mini-universe. Mistress 9 says, "Master Pharaoh 90, please wait." She smiles at the senshi and continues laughing as the strange, pinwheel shaped object inside the mini-universe glows.

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