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Sailormoon S Episode 123

Episode 123: "Hametsu no kage! Chinmoku no messiah no mezame"
"Shadow of Destruction! Messiah of Silence Awakens."
Victim of the Day: Mass Victims and Chibimoon
Monster of the Day: None
Important Events: The last of the Witches 5 makes her appearance. Messiah of Silence awakens. Kaolinite dies again.
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.14.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

A blue-haired woman in black calls to the students of Mugen Gakuen; they all march into the school. From a rooftop, Haruka senses that the wind is rustling. Michiru says it's scared of the unknown future.

Chibi-usa sits in the bathtub and thinks of Hotaru. Usagi is showering and looks at her worriedly. She walks towards Chibi-usa and starts to tell her not to worry about Hotaru, but she slips on the wet rug and falls into the bathtub. Chibi-usa glares at her, then pushes her under the water. They have a dunking fight. Afterwards, Chibi-usa runs up the stairs saying she won. Usagi puts a towel around her. At their doors, Chibi-usa tells Usagi not to worry about her. She thanks Usagi and says goodnight. The door to Usagi's room opens, and Luna and Artemis look at her. She nods.

Usagi runs towards Mugen Gakuen; Artemis's voice says that the students are gathering in numbers there. Usagi thinks she didn't tell Chibi-usa about this, but she'll save Hotaru.

Hotaru is breathing harshly. She whispers, "Chibi-usa..." Tomoe and the blue haired woman watch. Tomoe says that Hotaru is suffering; the girl says Hotaru needs heart crystals quickly. She says that she, Cyprine, the last and best of the Witches 5, will do her best for Tomoe. Tomoe tells her she's the only one he can rely on; he puts his hands on her shoulders. Cyprine says she's much better than Kaolinite. Behind them, Kaolinite appears in the air. She's angry that even Cyprine is sneering at her. Cyprine sees her and smirks. Kaolinite disappears and reappears on the ground. She digs her hand into a pillar. She thinks to get back at Cyprine, she'll get a pure heart crystal from Hotaru's friend, Chibi-usa.

Chibi-usa is in a strange hazy fog. A cross appears in the distance. Hotaru is tied to it, and many hands are reaching up towards her. Hotaru lifts her face and tells Chibi-usa to help her; the hands grab her face and body, and she screams as she's dragged away. Chibi-usa wake up from her nightmare and thinks, "Hotaru-chan..."

The Mugen Gakuen students, including Haruka and Michiru, march in file towards Cyprine's voice. They enter a huge room with multicolored glass windows. In the front is a huge statue of a woman holding a scythe; a black star is on it. Cyprine stands before it, and she tells the students to give their heart crystals to the Death Busters. The students in front fall down as their heart crystals speed towards the statue. From behind pillars, the Sailor Team gasps in horror. Cyprine smiles and snaps her fingers; a red light appears from the ceiling and encases the girls in a bubble. She says non-students are not permitted. The bubble flies to the ceiling and disappears. Cyprine then leaves to deal with them while the other students continue giving their heart crystals. Haruka and Michiru watch.

The girls appear in the office of Cyprine. She greets the senshi and introduces herself as the last of the Witches 5. Since Cyprine knows their identities anyway, they transform, giving speeches at the end of their transformations. Cyprine smiles and says that the Death Busters will win since the Silence is coming soon.

Mars uses "Burning Mandala"; the attack destroys the windows. Mars wonders if she got Cyprine, but from out of the smoke, two lights blast Mars- one red, one blue. She looks up and dodges a red blast coming towards her but gets hit by the blue one. Cyprine is floating in the air laughing; she holds a staff. Venus uses her "Venus Love-Me Chain" and lassos it around Cyprine; Cyprine only laughs, and then a red blast hits Venus. The senshi see another girl, the mirror image of Cyprine, only with red hair, standing next to her. Cyprine introduces herself again, and the red haired girl says she is Ptilol. "One is two, and two is one."

Jupiter says it doesn't matter if it's one or two. She throws a "Sparkling Wide Pressure" at them, but they call each other's names and put their staffs together. The staff absorbs the attack, and then the two throw it back at Jupiter. Cyprine and Ptilol blast the senshi, who dodge the attacks. The two girls laugh.

[eye catch]

Chibi-usa stands outside of the Tomoe house. She tells Hotaru to wait; she'll come save her today. She transforms into SailorChibimoon. Kaolinite watches from inside the mansion and is surprised that Chibi-usa is also a Sailor Senshi. Chibimoon stands in front of the doors to the house; they suddenly open and Chibimoon gets frightened. She then tells herself that she isn't scared and runs inside. The doors close behind her. Chibimoon looks around the rooms and sees Kaolinite by the window. Kaolinite says that Hotaru is waiting for her, as well as her pure heart. She walks towards Chibimoon but Tuxedo Kamen throws a rose between them. Kaolinite then blasts Chibimoon, who is knocked out the window. Pluto uses "Dead Scream" but Kaolinite creates a smoke screen; she then grabs Chibimoon and flies into the air. She disappears saying she has the purest heart.

Mercury uses "Shine Aqua Illusion," but Cyprine and Ptilol reflect it back. Jupiter says they're too strong; Mars add that they make a good combination. Sailormoon says that have to try something different. Mercury says if they could separate the twins... Cyprine and Ptilol laugh; now the real fight begins. The senshi might die if they're hit by their true power. The senshi say they'll never give up and will show them their team work.

Mercury uses "Shabon Spray" to create a mist around the two Witches. Venus uses "Venus Love Me Chain" but Cyprine and Ptilol use their staffs against it. Moon's "Moon Tiara Action" and Mars' "Fire Soul" are likewise absorbed. Cyprine and Ptilol tell them their attacks are useless; they're only helping the Witches grow stronger by letting them absorb their attacks. Then Jupiter leaps up and hits Cyprine on the back. Cyprine gets angry and runs after her. Ptilol yells at her not to chase Jupiter, but then Mars hits her. Ptilol chases after Mars. Jupiter and Mars dodge the attacks by the Witches; the Witches laugh and charge up their wands. Ptilol thinks she has Mars, and Cyprine thinks she has Jupiter. Then Mars sees Ptilol's attack and dodges just as Cyprine launches her attack where she thinks Jupiter is; they realize that they're attacking each other too late and are killed. The glass statue of the Messiah of Silence is destroyed; it releases the heart crystals.

The senshi think that they just barely pulled through. Suddenly, a portal appears in front of them. Mercury says that the hallway is a spatial disturbance. Jupiter says it must lead to the Death Busters' true hideout. They agree to enter.

Meanwhile, Uranus and Neptune are already walking down the hall. They see Tomoe at the end of it. Tomoe greets them; Uranus says he's finally shown himself. He tells them they're lucky to witness this great event. A light shines and the two senshi see that behind him on a platform is Chibimoon. Uranus runs towards him, but she's blasted back by a force field. The other senshi arrive; they see Tomoe and Chibimoon. Tomoe says, "Kaolinite." Kaolinite appears and tells them that the Messiah of Silence will finally awaken by taking Chibi-usa's pure heart.

On the throne atop some stairs, Hotaru starts to glow. Sailormoon yells and runs towards Chibimoon; Uranus shouts a warning but Sailormoon hits the field and falls back. Hotaru glows even more. Tomoe says, "Our Messiah of Silence!" Sailormoon screams, "Chibimoon!" and goes against the field again. Hotaru stands up. and a strange purple hand comes from her body; it reaches into Chibimoon's chest. Chibimoon starts screaming, but she sees Hotaru and says she's glad to see her. She then faints as the heart crystal comes out. Sailormoon starts crying.

Tomoe says the heart crystal is perfect for their Messiah. Uranus says that if Saturn awakens, then the world is doomed. Sailormoon yells at Hotaru to stop. She then pleads to Tomoe if he's really Hotaru's father, and if he really loves her, then stop this. Tomoe looks and them and says, "Love? What is love?" They stare at him shocked.

Hotaru swallows the crystal; her hair becomes long, and her body becomes adult. A black star appears on her forehead. Uranus and Neptune are shocked- that's not Sailorsaturn! The woman says she is the Messiah of Silence, Mistress 9. The Sailor Team says it isn't Saturn so what does that mean? Mercury says Hotaru's become a Death Buster.

Kaolinite is happy that they've won. Tomoe thanks her for her hard work, and she's glad he said that. She's about to say more when a wave of electricity throws her against the electric field; she falls to the ground and dies. Mistress 9 says Kaolinite's work is done; now they move on to the next step. She and Tomoe disappear along with the field. The ceiling begins to cave in. Sailormoon goes to Chibi-usa's body, and Uranus tells her to hurry since it's going to collapse.

Great energy explodes out of Mugen Gakuen as parts of the building collapse. Tuxedo Kamen, Pluto, and the cats are outside. The other senshi run out with Chibi-usa's body. Sailormoon says Chibi-usa isn't breathing. The cats say all the students are out, and everyone runs off. Pluto stops and sees Uranus and Neptune standing on a nearby pillar.

In Mamoru's apartment, Mamoru links his life to Chibi-usa's to keep her alive. Usagi says there's no point in fighting if Chibi-usa doesn't live. Setsuna tells the Sailor Team that she's going back to Mugen Gakuen with Uranus and Neptune to destroy the Messiah of Silence. The others yell that Hotaru is the Messiah of Silence. Setsuna says there's no way to save Small Lady without killing the Messiah. She turns and leaves.

Usagi says she doesn't want to see any more tears. Mamoru says, "Usako," and she nods at him. The Sailor Team then walks towards Mugen Gakuen as Mamoru says they have to fight for the sake of what they believe in.

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