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Sailormoon S Episode 122

Episode 122: "Ai wo shinjite! Ami, kokoroyasasiki senshi"
"Believe in Love! Ami, the Kind-hearted Soldier."
Victim of the Day: Mass Victims
Monster of the Day: None. Nanobots.
Important Events: Viluy's episode.
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.14.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

The girls are examining Tellu's student notebook. They say something's definitely wrong at Mugen Gakuen. Then Usagi comes running up yelling about how great Ami is for getting the top score on another exam. The other girls are surprised but Ami says that she's not the only top scorer. Another girl named Bidou Yui from Mugen Gakuen is always one of the top students at that school. Minako suggests that they go check out Mugen Gakuen since the next exam is there, but Makoto points out that they don't have IDs to take the test. Minako says that's why they'll sneak in. Then Ami says that she's already applied to take the test at Mugen Gakuen. The others are surprised.

It's snowing outside Mugen Gakuen and many students stand outside studying as they wait in line. Rei says they're totally different from Usagi, who gets mad at her. Inside, Kaolinite is latched onto Tomoe's arm; they watch the lines of students. Kaolinite says that Mugen Gakuen's fame has spread, so all the top students are here. The camera focuses on Usagi, and Kaolinite says with so many students, they're not all smart but are enthusiastic towards studying.

Someone says "Professor," and Kaolinite releases Tomoe's arm. At the door is a girl with white hair and a strange blue outfit on. The Professor greets her as Viluy. He says he heard her plan is progressing. Viluy says yes; she plans on obtaining a large amount of heart crystals. Tomoe says she will get enough to awaken the Messiah of Silence. Viluy bows and thanks him; she turns around, then tells Kaolinite if she has so much time on her hands, why doesn't she go after heart crystals? Kaolinite glares at her.

Chibi-usa runs down the street. A car honks at it- it's Mamoru. He asks her where she is going, and she says to wait, then runs down an alley. Mamoru drives on and sees Setsuna in the mirror. Setsuna looks down the alley after Chibi-usa.

Chibi-usa stands in front of the Tomoe mansion and remembers how Kaolinite grabbed Hotaru and disappeared. She wonders where Hotaru is.

At Mugen Gakuen, the girls are finally inside the school. Usagi is happy that they managed to sneak in with so many other students. All the other students are busy studying and concentrating really hard; Rei says she wouldn't want to be like them. Ami says they're just studying to achieve their dreams. Usagi sighs and says she's lazy compared to them. Rei says it's too late to rethink her life, and Usagi yells at her that she knows all her faults. The other three girls laugh.

Someone approaches the girls from behind and asks if Ami is Mizuno Ami. Ami turns to see Viluy in a Mugen Gakuen uniform. Viluy says that Mizuno-san is the one who's always scoring top marks; she's wanted to meet her for a long time. Ami asks who she is, and Viluy introduces herself as Bidou Yui. Usagi pops out as soon as she hears the name. Viluy asks who she is, and Usagi laughs, saying she's not worthy of being named. Viluy says that if she's Ami's friend, she must be intelligent, so what are her best subjects? Usagi sweatdrops and says slowly, "Afternoon naps and lunch..." The other girls are embarrassed, but Viluy says Usagi's good at jokes. She then tells Ami she has something to show her. She takes her hand and drags her away before the others can protest. Usagi yells after them that the teen years are important; there's other things besides studying. The girls then split up.

In the back of a classroom, Michiru and Haruka stand by the windows. Michiru says the ocean is getting wild; Haruka says Michiru felt it too. There's a strange, horrifying energy in the building that she's felt for a while. Michiru says they should go downstairs then; Haruka agrees and says they'll finally find out what it is. Michiru nods.

Viluy shows Ami the weird star machine Tomoe had in previous episodes. Viluy says it's a mini-universe model that their science club made. Ami stares at it. Viluy tells her that their school has five divisions- science, philosophy, art, professionalism, and physics. She says that brilliant students can teach classes as well; good scores give students leadership, and that's one of the best things about the school. Ami protests that she doesn't think good grades mean you're a good leader; good leaders also have to understand those who don't make such good grades. Viluy laughs and says Ami is too kind; in science, all you need is logic, not understanding of the human heart. Ami says that's not true, and Viluy laughs again, saying that Ami doesn't sound like a student who gets top scores. A bell rings, and the exams are starting. Viluy leaves.

Kaolinite and Tomoe watch Ami from their monitor. They think Mizuno Ami is suspicious. Viluy enters and says Ami might be a Sailor Senshi. She takes off her disguise and says she'll take care of the situation. Kaolinite says she'll do it, but Viluy shoves Kaolinite out of the way and bows before Tomoe. Viluy's plan is to collect a huge number of heart crystals; if Ami interferes, she'll kill her. She shows her arm bracelet and says that her nano robots are controlled to follow her orders; she touches the bracelet, and a huge computer below starts to glow. Viluy says her plan won't fail; Tomoe says to do what she thinks is best. Viluy smirks at Kaolinite and asks why she came back; is it just because she wants to "play" with the Professor? She laughs as Kaolinite glares at her. Tomoe asks Kaolinite if something's wrong, but Kaolinite says it's nothing.

Viluy enters the room with the huge computer. She says that everyone is concentrating hard on the exams; she presses her bracelet and commands the nano robots to get their heart crystals.

Usagi and Minako peer into an exam room. Many students are sitting in front of computers. They don't see anything weird going on inside. They start to close the door, but then the students start screaming. They run inside and see heart crystals floating over the students. Viluy's voice tells them to surrender the crystals to the Messiah of Silence. The crystals are then sucked into the computers. Minako says this is definitely the Death Busters' hideout. Someone has to be controlling the computers, so they have to find out where. Usagi says she'll tell the others.


Haruka and Michiru run down flights of stairs to the Underground Laboratory, passing a sign that says "Do not Enter." Haruka slides her student ID through the slot, and the doors at the bottom of the steps open. The two girls gasp as they see Hotaru sitting on a throne; she's holding a teddy bear and is asleep. Black energy surrounds her. Michiru says it's the Messiah of Silence. Haruka says they'll get her now. They run forward but Ami tells them to stop. Michiru is surprised she's there. Ami tells them not to hurt Hotaru; Haruka tells them the world will be destroyed if they don't. Ami says the Death Busters are using Hotaru so it's not Hotaru's fault. She runs in front of Hotaru and holds out her arms.

Then Viluy asks what they're doing here- this is off-limits. She thinks it's very suspicious that Kaioh Michiru, Tenoh Haruka, and Mizuno Ami are all here. She throws off her disguise and asks who they are. Haruka and Michiru then run around Ami towards Hotaru, but Viluy blasts them with her "Mosaic Buster." Haruka tells Ami to get away, but Ami says she won't leave them. Viluy says that Ami is too kind for her own good since she's going to die. She blasts Ami but Ami dodges the attack. The blast hits the balloons over Hotaru's throne; she stirs but continues sleeping. Ami then transforms into Sailormercury.

Viluy says was right about Ami being a Sailor Senshi. Viluy uses "Mosaic Buster" on her, and Mercury uses "Shine Aqua Illusion" to freeze the nanobots. She thinks she stopped the attack but then Viluy touches her arm bracelet, and the nanorobots blast out of the ice and attack Mercury. Viluy says that the nano robots will destroy Mercury's entire body, leaving only her pure heart crystal. Mercury says Viluy is being bad for using science for evil purposes instead of for peace. Viluy tells her to give her heart crystal to the Messiah of Silence. Mercury falls to her knees.

Then the Sailor Team arrives. Sailormoon gives a speech. Viluy then tells them if they move, Mercury will die. She then tries blasting them with "Mosaic Buster" but they dodge it. Michiru and Haruka stand up and transform into Neptune and Uranus.

Uranus uses "World Shaking" on Viluy followed by Neptune's "Deep Submerge". Viluy is temporarily shocked. Sailormoon transforms into SuperSailormoon then uses "Rainbow Moon Heart Ache" on Viluy's arm bracelet. The bracelet starts to short circuit; she tells the nanobots to go after SuperSailormoon but they start attacking Viluy instead. Viluy screams at them, and the senshi watch. Mercury said Viluy is the one who said "Machines don't need minds." The big computer begins to malfunction, and the heart crystals return to their owners. Tomoe says Viluy failed. Kaolinite smiles and thinks now she doesn't need to come up with a plan to get rid of Viluy.

Viluy's body vanishes, leaving only her arm bracelet behind. Mercury picks it up and says this is what happens to a person without love who only believes in logical science. The bracelet turn into dust.

Hotaru's throne rises in the air as the area around her collapses. The senshi watch as Tomoe's voice tells the senshi that their battle has only begun. Hotaru is drawn into a portal and disappears. SuperSailormoon yells, "Hotaru-chan!"

Chibi-usa stands in front of Tomoe's house. Someone holds an umbrella over Chibi-usa. She turns to see Mamo-chan and Pu. Mamoru tells her not to catch a cold. Setsuna asks how long Chibi-usa will stand here. Chibi-usa says she just wants to see Hotaru. She wonders if Hotaru will be back safely. Setsuna then hugs Chibi-usa.

Outside Mugen Gakuen, Haruka says if Ami hadn't stopped them, they would have gotten the Messiah of Silence. The younger girls look worried. Haruka says, though, that Ami's kindness saved their lives. [Note: This comment makes no sense for a number of reasons.] Michiru says they'll appreciate it this time, right? Everyone laughs.

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