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Sailormoon S Episode 121

Episode 121: "Kokoro wo ubau youka! Daisan no majou Tellu"
"Heart Stealing Flowers! The Third Witch Tellu"
Victim of the Day: Mass Victims
Monster of the Day: None, Tellun (Tellurian) Plants
Important Events: Tellu's episode.
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.13.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

Tellu pulls the plug on Mimete, and Mimete dies. The senshi watch in horror, then as Tellu disappears, SuperSailormoon falls to the ground and detransforms into Sailormoon.

On the balcony, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto say that the enemies are so heartless that they even kill each other off. They can't let this continue; they'll find the Messiah of Silence. They turn and leave. Sailormoon sees them and calls for them to wait.

Outside, the Sailor Team tells the Outer Senshi not to go after Hotaru. They say that she's a nice girl. There has to be another way. If they work together, then they can find another solution. Uranus tells them to stop. Their goals are completely different; they'll find and kill the Messiah of Silence, Sailorsaturn. Chibimoon starts to cry; she says Hotaru is her friend, and she'll protect her. Uranus and Neptune leave. Pluto lowers her face and leaves. Tuxedo Kamen puts his hand on Chibimoon's shoulder and nods at her.

The Messiah of Silence asks Tomoe if he has any heart crystals yet. He tells her to please be patient. The Messiah says that she doesn't need just one heart crystal, she needs many in order to establish herself. Anyone who stands in her path will be destroyed. She then falls forward, and Hotaru whispers, "Chibi-usa..." before falling back under the control of the Messiah of Silence. Tomoe starts forward, but she says it's nothing, just get her heart crystals.

At the "Witches 3" (there's a paper sign saying "3" taped over the "4"), there are strange plants everywhere. A girl with green hair and green eyes at the computer gets a call. It's the Professor. He tells Tellu that he is pleased with her report; she wants to use plants to get heart crystals. Since the daimon have been failures, he's interested in using her method. She thanks him and holds up a plant. Around her there are thousands of the same odd pink plants. She says everything is ready.

Tomoe hangs up the phone. Behind him, Kaori says "Professor." He turns, and she says she has brought him coffee. He starts to hit his shoulder, and when she asks what's wrong, he says his shoulder is bothering him. She massages it for him, blushing. Tomoe says that she has been a good assistant to him; she replies that she would do anything for him since he is the one who brought her back to life. Tomoe says that she's wasting her talents as just an assistant though; he says he wants the old Kaolinite back. She protests but he calls her "Kaolinite." Her eyes flash, and she is surrounded by red light. She then floats above the air wearing a black dress. She disappears.

Tellu has opened a shop selling her special plants, Telluns. She claims to the huge crowd of people around her that they can grow without water or fertilizer. Since it's opening day, she'll sell them for the special price of 10 yen (which is like ten cents US). There's a large clamour as people want to buy them. Setsuna stops by the store. She says she's never heard of Telluns before.

That evening, a Tellun is sitting with other plants. It releases energy which destroys all the other plants.

Chibi-usa runs down the street with Usagi, Luna, and Artemis following. Usagi wonders why she has to follow since Chibi-usa just wanted to go out for a walk. Luna says it's because Chibi-usa is thinking about Hotaru. Luna and Usagi get into an argument about Chibi-usa being a lot like Usagi since they're mother and daughter while Artemis tries to calm them down. Then Usagi remembers that this direction leads to Mugen Gakuen.

Chibi-usa peers inside Mugen Gakuen and sees that no one is inside. She says she'll rescue Hotaru and is about to enter when Usagi pulls her back. At the park, Usagi and the cats scold her. They say it's dangerous since Mugen Gakuen is probably the Death Busters' hideout. Chibi-usa says she knows but she thinks Hotaru was kidnapped by evil people; she knows Hotaru's inside and wants to rescue her. Usagi reassures her that everyone feels the same way; they'll rescue Hotaru for sure. She tells Chibi-usa to believe in her sisters.

Hotaru wakes up. She wonders what she's doing here. She goes to find Chibi-usa.

Setsuna examines the Tellun. It takes in all it needs from the humidity and uses it as energy; she's never heard of such a plant before. She wonders if this plant is somehow related to the other incidents with plants. Suddenly the Tellun glows red; its bud blossoms and is about to suck Setsuna's energy when the Garnet Orb protects Setsuna from it.

Hotaru walks down the street. Tellu gives her her last plant saying it's a plant that brings good fortune. Hotaru thanks her and runs to find Chibi-usa; she thinks it's the perfect gift for her. Tellu smiles and says the first stage is complete.


Chibi-usa answers the door and sees Hotaru. Chibi-usa is happy to see that she's safe. Usagi asks who it is, but Chibi-usa closes the door. Usagi gets angry. Outside, Hotaru gives Chibi-usa the plant. She says its name suits her. Chibi-usa says Hotaru too, but Hotaru disagrees saying she hurts her friends without knowing it. She thinks there's another her she can't control. Usagi, Luna, and Artemis listen from the door. Hotaru says that Chibi-usa's kindness warms her. She falls to the ground, and Chibi-usa and Usagi yell her name. The Messiah of Silence takes over and says it wants Chibi-usa's pure heart; her skin turns dull and her eyes flash red. She reaches up to strangle Chibi-usa as Chibi-usa asks if she's okay, but Hotaru yells inside, "No!" Hotaru regains control and covers her mouth in horror. She tells Chibi-usa to help her, she's scared.

Then Kaolinite appears and says she's come for Hotaru. Chibi-usa yells no, but Kaolinite blasts her into Usagi. She then grabs Hotaru, who reaches for Chibi-usa. Chibi-usa yells, "Hotaru-chan!" as Hotaru yells Chibi-usa's name. Kaolinite and Hotaru disappear.

Usagi and the cats discuss the situation outside while Chibi-usa sits. The cats say it's Kaolinite; Usagi says they defeated her, but Artemis points out they never found her body. Chibi-usa says she couldn't help Hotaru even though Hotaru asked for her help. The others tell her not to blame herself. Setsuna comes by; she sees the Tellun and slaps it out of Chibi-usa's hands as it starts to glow. Chibi-usa yells at her that Hotaru gave it to her. Setsuna says Hotaru might have been after her heart crystal. They turn to see the Tellun's energy destroying the grass and the tree nearby. Setsuna says that only a small bud did this damage; if all the plants together bloom, then the results would be disasterous. The cats agree; this is a new plan, so the enemies must desperately need many heart crystals. Chibi-usa says to let her prove that Hotaru had nothing to do with this.

Chibi-usa, Usagi, and Setsuna watch the Tellun shop from around the corner. Chibi-usa says they'll sneak in through the back door while Usagi gets mad because she was going to suggest that.

Inside, Tellu puts her plan into action. She shuts off the exits and uses a spray on the plants. They all bloom. Tellu, in her Witches 5 outfit, tells them they're lucky to get full blooming Telluns. The cost is their heart crystals. The plants then use their energy to take all the heart crystals from the customers. The crystals enter the black star on her hand.

From the back door, the girls look in. They're shocked. Chibi-usa protests that Hotaru doesn't know about these things though. Usagi says they have to help everyone. They all transform. They then confront Tellu, who says they aren't that dumb since they found her pretty quickly. Chibimoon gets angry and says she's dumb for making people say things about Hotaru. Tellu says she'll take their heart crystals.

The plants use their energy but the three senshi dodge them. Tellu says they can't run since the store is full of plants. Chibimoon says she'll defeat the plants; she wishes to her rod to work. She then says "Pink Sugar Heart Attack" but nothing happens. Tellu uses the vines from her arm on Chibimoon, but then the attack blasts out and repels the vines. Chibimoon is happy but Tellu attacks with the vines from her other hand. Pluto jumps in front of Chibimoon and the vines wrap around her instead. Chibimoon yells, "Pu!" Tuxedo Kamen then throws a rose which cuts through the vines. Pluto falls forward, and Tellu stumbles back. Sailormoon then transforms into SuperSailormoon and uses "Rainbow Moon Heart Attack" on the plants, destroying most of them. She falls forward and turns back into Sailormoon.

Tellu gets angry and pulls out one last plant. She injects it with a liquid; it mutates into a Hyper Tellun. Tellu says it responds to pure heart crystals and explodes with its victim after it takes it. She says she'll be leaving with her heart crystals for the Professor; she lifts up her black star. Tuxedo Kamen then flings his rose at it; it breaks and releases all the heart crystals. Tellu lunges for them but the Hyper Tellun attacks her as it goes towards the heart crystals; it wraps around her as she screams at it. She struggles and uses her energy on her, but it attacks her too, and their energy kills them both.

A dropped school ID falls to the ground. Sailormoon sees that it says, "Teruno Lulu" and has a picture of Tellu. Tuxedo Kamen says that Mugen Gakuen is definitely suspicious. Sailormoon nods.

Chibimoon tells Pu to wake up. She apologizes since because of her, Pu got hurt. Chibimoon says but she believes in Hotaru because Hotaru is her good friend.

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