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Sailormoon S Episode 120

Episode 120: "Ijigen kara no Shinryaku! Mugen Gakuen no Nazo"
"Invasion from Outer Space! The Secret of the Infinity Academy."
Victim of the Day: Serugel Ajimofu (geneticist)
Monster of the Day: U-pasocom
Important Events: Tellu appears in shadow. Mimete dies.
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.13.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

Chibi-usa runs into the Tomoe residence, remembering how the Outer Senshi told her that Hotaru is Sailorsaturn, the senshi of destruction. If she awakens, the world will end. The house is completely empty. She tries one room after another, then comes to Hotaru's room. She at first imagines that Hotaru is there, but the room is bare like the others. She starts to cry. A hand touches her shoulder. Setsuna stands there and says, "Small Lady." Chibi-usa gets angry and asks what she did with Hotaru. Setsuna shakes her head and says that the house was like this when she got here. Chibi-usa says she's lying, Hotaru is her friend and wouldn't leave without telling. She says this is all Pu's fault since she said terrible things about Hotaru. Hotaru is her friend. Setsuna kneels in front of her, and Chibi-usa cries more and says she hates Pu. Setsuna hugs her tightly.

At Mamoru's apartment, the girls and cats are gathered talking about how there is no one at Tomoe's house. Mamoru searches for information on Tomoe on his computer; he finds a file and says that Tomoe Souichi is a brilliant genetic engineer. Tomoe is a professor at Mugen Gakuen (Infinity Academy). The girls say that's where Haruka, Michiru, and Hotaru go. Mugen Gakuen is an extremely elite school where only the talented can get into; it's an elementary school all the way up to a university and has extremely advanced equipment. Mamoru then reads that Tomoe doesn't only teach there, he owns the entire school. Ami says that they should go there for clues.

Setsuna and Chibi-usa enter. Usagi sees that Chibi-usa is soaked and starts to scold her, but Mamoru stops her. Mamoru thanks Setsuna but stops her as she's about to leave. He asks her about Mugen Gakuen. Setsuna's eyes narrow then close.

Setsuna tells them that Tomoe Souichi established Mugen Gakuen three years ago; since strange things happen there all the time, Uranus and Neptune entered as students. Luna says then they were spies; Artemis asks if that means... Setsuna nods and says Tomoe is probably a part of the Death Busters. The girls ask about Hotaru then. Setsuna says they aren't sure, but Hotaru is Sailorsaturn. Chibi-usa says that's right; Hotaru is one of them, not an enemy. Hotaru's a sweet girl, so don't kill her! Usagi says that even if Hotaru is the senshi of destruction, she's still a Sailor Senshi. Setsuna closes her eyes, then says that this is why they didn't want to involve the other girls in their mission.

Mimete calls Tomoe telling him she has a new victim: Serugel Ajimofu, a geneticist who is giving a lecture at Mugen. Tomoe says that the scientist has an interesting theory on other life forms but he's not really into it. He'll call her when he makes a decision. Behind him stands a green haired woman. Mimete says she understands and hangs up. After a moment, she turns on her speakers and listens in on Tomoe's conversation.

Tomoe tells the green haired woman, Tellu, that he has a job for her. Mimete has tried hard but since she hasn't succeeded, he hopes Tellu can do better. If she does well, she could have the next highest position. Mimete furiously shoves her computer and books off her table.

Tellu enters her room. Her telephone rings, and she answers it. Tomoe's voice says that he changed his mind; Tellu's job is canceled. On the other end, Mimete uses a machine to imitate Tomoe's voice. She tells Tellu that "he" will call her later; she then hangs up. Tellu stares at the receiver.

Mimete says she'll win back the Professor's trust by killing the Sailor Senshi. She looks at the picture of Eudial (with marker drawn over it) on the wall and says she'll be borrowing Eudial-sempai's invention for a bit.

Outside of Mugen Gakuen, Usagi-tachi think that the school is creepy. Rei feels an evil prescence. Artemis reads the sign that says there is a special lecture for visitors today; Luna says anyone can go in. Ami tells them it's their chance.

Mamoru searches for more information on Tomoe. He finds an article from four years ago; a fire started in the genetic engineering building but Hotaru and Tomoe were the only survivors. They weren't even hurt. Mamoru wonders what that means. He then sees Chibi-usa sleeping; he puts the covers over her and remembers how she yelled that Hotaru was a nice girl.

The girls are in Mugen Gakuen. The halls are empty; they wonder what to do. Ami says they should try to get to the computer room. Someone pokes Minako's butt. She waves her hand telling Makoto not to poke her. The person pokes Minako again. Makoto stares at the person and says it's not her. Finally Minako yells at Makoto not to poke her, then sees the person standing behind her. Rei gets angry at Minako for being so loud, and she also sees the man. The senshi all scream and rush to the wall. Standing in front of them is a huge, scary security guard. He asks what they're doing. Makoto says they're lost and need to find the lecture room. He tells them where to go; they quickly walk by, but the guard says they forgot something. He points to Usagi who's still on the ground; she says her back went out. They fall over.

The girls pull Usagi to the lecture room feeling embarrassed. Mimete walks by with a huge bag. The guard tells her to stop. He wants to search her bag since she looks suspicious; she struggles, then electrocutes him with her homemade shocker. She says she doesn't have time to waste. From the corner, Tellu watches. She smiles and disappears.


Serugel Ajimofu gives his lecture to everyone on the possibility of living beings in other galaxies; these beings may also be among us or very near to us. It is broadcast over the televisions in the school. The Sailor Team has split up and is investigating different areas of the very cool school; Usagi even stops to stare at the water fountain when Minako drags her off. They pass by the Security room.

Inside, Haruka and Michiru say that it's fortunate that everyone is at the lecture. Michiru wonders where the Death Busters' headquarters is, but Haruka says it'll be hard to find. The door opens, and the two are on alert, but it's Setsuna. They smile and say she startled them. Setsuna tells them that the other girls are investigating the school.

Tomoe listens to the scientist's lecture on the TV. He starts to laugh and looks at the strange mini-universe in the glass. Hotaru is sleeping on her chair and dreams about the past.

When she was a child, she was in her father's lab staring at the mini-universe machine. Tomoe told her not to lean into the glass too much. He was telling the others about the glass machine that was another space. Suddenly, the insides of the glass became black. Hotaru asked what it was, then a strange light emitted from inside and burst out. The fire started in the lab from the explosion. Tomoe held the body of his dead daughter in his arms; he screamed her name and started to cry. Then a voice asked if Tomoe wanted to save his daughter. Tomoe asked who it was; an odd black light appeared before him and said it could save the two of them if Tomoe agreed to its conditions. Tomoe said he didn't care about himself, only Hotaru, and the entity said it would take his body. It entered his right eye. The lab then completely exploded.

Hotaru winces, sweat and tears on her face. Tomoe laughs in his lab and says he'll acheive their goal.

Dr. Ajimofu is interrupted in his lecture by Mimete. Mimete uses her "Charm Buster" on the audience then releases her computer daimon, U-pasocom. It stands over Ajimofu, who turns red. It lifts him up and puckers up.

The senshi realize there's an enemy attack. Sailormoon bursts through the doors of the auditorium. She starts to introduce herself but the other senshi do her speech for her, Mars finishing up with "We'll punish you!" Sailormoon is confused.

Mimete smiles and has U-pasocom attack the senshi. It uses its visor to locate the targets, then shoots mice, which turn into real rats, at the senshi. Mars uses "Burning Mandala" to burn some of them, and then Jupiter uses "Sparkling Wide Pressure" on the daimon. Mercury says there are still more rats hiding; they suddenly leap out but Venus uses "Venus Love-Me Chain" on them. Mars and Jupiter take on the daimon again, but it throws disks at them. Mimete then blasts Venus and Mercury with her "Charm Buster" attack.

On stage, Mimete sets up Eudial's machine. She tells U-pasocom that it did well. It thanks her. The senshi are all hurt. Then Chibimoon with Tuxedo Kamen flies by; she uses "Pink Sugar Heart Attack" on the daimon. Sailormoon uses the opportunity to transform into SuperSailormoon; she then defeats the daimon with her "Rainbow Moon Heart Ache."

The senshi surround Mimete and tell her to surrender. Mimete says she still has one final weapon. She says, "Witches Electric Warp" and uses the machine on herself. She disappears. The senshi wonder where she is, and then the TV monitors turn on to reveal a huge Mimete on them. The Sailor Senshi stare at her, stunned. Mimete laughs and says that her power is much stronger now; they're lucky they got to see her on stage, but now they'll die.

It's then that she hears someone else laughing. She recognizes the voice as Tellu. She turns and sees Tellu standing off to the side. Tellu says it's not nice to take someone else's job. She asks if Mimete knows why Eudial never used this machine. She lifts up a cord. Mimete stares, and Tellu says it's because if the cord is unplugged from the machine you're inside, you're gone. Mimete frantically pleads for Tellu not to pull the plug, but Tellu smiles and tells her good-bye. She yanks it out of the socket, and Mimete plunges into darkness before the screens turn black.

The senshi stare at Tellu in confusion and horror. Tellu laughs and disappears. The Sailor Senshi wonder what's going on. SuperSailormoon then falls to the ground and detransforms into Sailormoon. The other senshi ask if she's okay. Uranus-tachi watch from the balcony.

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