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Sailormoon S Episode 119

Episode 119: "Chinmoku no Messiah Kakusei? Unmei no Hoshiboshi"
"The Messiah of Silence Awakens? The Fate of the Stars."
Victim of the Day: Thomas Harris (DJ)
Monster of the Day: U-choten
Important Events: The Sailor Team finally learns what the Silence is. The identity of Tomoe Hotaru, in one sense, is revealed. Pharaoh 90 'appears'.

Rei runs towards the stone Sailor Senshi in her dream. She turns to see the three stars disappear. She asks if it's the Messiah. A woman with long dark hair and a black cloak holds a scythe and stands on top of a rock pillar. She smiles and lifts up the scythe. The card of death appears with an image of a girl with short black hair and glowing purple eyes. The woman jumps and slashes Rei with the scythe.

Rei awakens in her study session. The others aren't paying attention to her. Rei has been having the dream again; she wonders who the girl is. An image of the girl is Rei's mind- she looks like Hotaru.

Chibi-usa opens the door to Rei's room. Usagi tells her she told her not to come over to play, but the others say it's okay. Chibi-usa is sorry to bother them before the exams, but she needs Usagi onee-sama's help. Usagi says, "Usagi... onee-sama?!" Chibi-usa shows everyone a poster advertising the new planetarium. The famous DJ Thomas Harris will be hosting the opening. Chibi-usa says it's educational and she wants to take Hotaru there. The others agree to go the next day.

Minako wonders why Haruka-tachi are watching Hotaru. Rei thinks about the girl in her dream. Ami says maybe because Hotaru has a special pure heart, and Makoto says that makes sense. Rei thinks some more about the girl, then says it can't be... Chibi-usa pops up and says she's excited about tomorrow. She says that what would be even better is if someone would pay for two admission fees. Everyone is silent. Usagi starts to protest, but Minako says it's a mother's responsibility to care for her daughter. Chibi-usa starts snuggling against Usagi saying, "Mother," and Usagi tells her she's not her mother yet. The other girls try to convince Usagi, and Usagi finally agrees. Meanwhile, Rei remains silent and continues to think about her vision.

That evening, Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna are on the roof of a building discussing their mission. Michiru says that her dream about the world being destroyed is growing more intense. Setsuna says that they have to find the Messiah and give her the Holy Grail soon. Haruka adds that Tomoe Hotaru has a strange power so they have to find out who she is; she did a check on Tomoe Souichi and found out he's part of the Death Busters. Hotaru is his daughter so... Michiru says that she has a clearer image of the person with the Holy Grail. She says that the woman in the dream is holding a long object. The wind begins to blow, and Setsuna says it can't be! Michiru says it's the "Silence Glaive." Haruka asks if she's sure, and Michiru answers that she's not certain. The image of the symbol of Saturn appears, then the planet Saturn. A Sailor Senshi in shadow holding the Silence Glaive is in front of the planet. Haruka asks if that means if the Messiah of Silence is also the senshi of Destruction? Michiru says if that's the case then they might not be able to prevent this. Setsuna says then the end of the world is coming. Haruka says that if they kill the senshi of destruction before she awakens, then they'll still have a chance. She won't give up; the world won't be destroyed. Michiru agrees saying that they have to protect the world.

The Messiah of Silence says that she will awaken soon and create the Silence that Tomoe wants. She strokes a teddy bear in her arms; she says that in order to do that, she needs awakening energy from a pure heart crystal. The girl tears the bear open, fluff coming out, then tosses the bear's body to the ground. Tomoe agrees to help her.

Mimete is watching Thomas Harris do his countdown on TV. She tells him to wait for her. The phone rings and she answers. It's the Professor; she asks him if he likes stars. When he says he does, she says she's glad. She looks at the flyer for the new planetarium. Tomoe hangs up and looks at a strange machine on his desk; clouds of smoke billow from the dome glass covering, and inside are many glittering objects. He says there's an old saying, "The stars know everything."

Hotaru walks home by herself. She hears a girl yell "Tomomi-san!" She turns around and smiles, but the girl runs past her to another person. (She thought the girl said, "Tomoe-san.") Hotaru sighs unhappily. Then she hears, "Hotaru-chan!" She sees Chibi-usa waiting for her. Chibi-usa asks her if she'll go to the planetarium today; Hotaru says she has to ask her father first, but Chibi-usa says the show will be over if she does that. Then the other senshi arrive and say getting side-tracked is bad, but there isn't much time, and could they join them if it's okay? Hotaru says it's okay. Chibi-usa asks her again to go again; she promises to apologize to Hotaru's father too. Hotaru agrees to go.

The girls listen to Thomas Harris explain the mythology behind the stars and constellations. Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna stand by the door. Near the front row sits Mimete, who is starry-eyed as she watches Thomas Harris. Michiru says that the enemies are here. Haruka says that they're probably after Harris. Michiru wonders why Usagi-tachi are with Hotaru. Haruka says that this might be their best chance to find out who Hotaru is.

Mimete holds her suitcase in her lap thinking that Harris will be hers.


Setsuna stares at the back of Usagi's head until Usagi turns around. She sees Setsuna; Setsuna nods at her. The Sailor Team goes outside to meet Setsuna. They ask her if the enemy is here, if they're watching Hotaru, what are they planning, they can help. Setsuna says she has to tell them the truth; she explains that she, Uranus, and Neptune are trying to stop the Silence. The enemies are from another dimension and are called the Death Busters. They say, "Death Busters?" Then they ask what the Silence is. Setsuna says it's the destruction of the world. She then says that Mars must have felt something. Rei starts, and the others look at her. Rei admits that she's been having strange dreams since the daimon arrived. Setsuna says that the Death Busters' goal is to destroy the world. She tells them to concentrate on the Garnet Orb so that they can see what Mars did. They close their eyes, and the Orb begins to glow.

The Senshi watch in horror as they see the Silence. This time, though, everything is in total ruins. Setsuna says that if the Death Busters' Messiah of Silence awakens, this will occur. Rei sees the Messiah of Silence again, and the senshi gasp as she stabs Rei. Usagi asks who the Messiah of Silence is, and Setsuna says she might reveal herself soon. She nods her head, and the senshi turn as they hear screaming from inside the auditorium.

Mimete has released her daimon, Uchoten, a star daimon. From its hat it releases black stars that destroy everything in their path. Uchoten tells everyone to wish on a star for it. Thomas Harris tries to calm everyone, but the daimon destroys the glass around him. Harris grabs a chair and yells, "Monster!" Mimete tells Utochen to get Harris; the daimon laughs loudly and says it's great. Mimete sweatdrops and says she'll take care of the audience.. but before that, could she get Harris' autograph? Harris throws the chair at her.

Mimete then uses "Charm Buster" on the audience. Everyone falls over. Behind the seats, Chibi-usa and Hotaru kneel. Hotaru starts to have a seizure, her heart beating loudly, and Chibi-usa says she'll get help. She runs off to transform but Uranus stops her; Uranus tells her to wait for a bit. Then the Sailor Team arrives; the senshi all make an introduction together. From outside the doors, Neptune smiles and says that in short, they can't watch this happen. Pluto agrees.

Mimete gets angry and tells the daimon to take care of the senshi first before the heart crystal. She then leaves. The daimon starts attacking them with her stars. Meanwhile, Hotaru's seizure is worsening. The senshi crouch behind the seats unable to attack. Then Tuxedo Kamen's rose is flung into the daimon's hat. The daimon laughs and takes off its hat revealing a hat with even more star holes to fling stars from. Venus says now it's worse.

Hotaru stands up, unable to breathe. Chibi-usa tells her to get down, but Hotaru is then surrounded by purple light, a sign appearing on her forehead, the sign of Saturn. The Outer Senshi see that they're right about Hotaru; the Sailor Team is stunned. Hotaru-chan is a Sailor Senshi?

Hotaru glares at the daimon and shoots a beam at it so that it can't move. Sailormoon uses "Crisis Make-Up" to transform, then uses "Rainbow Moon Heart Ache" to finish the daimon off.

Uranus uses "World Shaking" followed by Neptune's "Deep Submerge" and Pluto's "Dead Scream." The three attacks combine towards Hotaru, who smiles. Chibi-usa yells, "No!" and runs in front of the attacks. Supersailormoon screams, "Chibi-usa!" and pulls her and Hotaru out of the way. Tuxedo Kamen demands to know what they're doing.

Uranus tells them not to interfere. Hotaru is the Senshi of Destruction, Sailorsaturn. Neptune and Pluto say that when Sailorsaturn awakens, the end of the world will come. Uranus tells the others to leave Hotaru since they don't understand the true impact of the Silence. The Sailor Team responds by saying they have no right to kill Hotaru even if she is the senshi of destruction. Chibi-usa says there has to be another way. Then Hotaru starts to glow and vanishes. Uranus narrows her eyes and says, "Damn!"

At the Tomoe residence, Hotaru appears on her bed, unconscious. Kaori laughs and says she was getting worried.

Tomoe talks to the now large dome machine next to him. He says that Pharaoh 90 is correct- Hotaru is Sailorsaturn, the senshi of destruction. No one else could be more suited to become their Messiah of Silence. Tomoe laughs insanely. Inside the machine are millions of stars and other galaxies.

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