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Sailormoon S Episode 118

Episode 118: "Makuu no Tatakai! Sailor Senshi no Kake"
"Battle with an Evil Atmosphere! Sailor Soldiers' Gamble"
Victim of the Day: None
Monster of the Day: U-Ikasaman (U-nikasa)
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.13.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

Hotaru and Chibi-usa are playing Babanuki (similar to Old Maid), and Hotaru picks the joker from Chibi-usa's hand. Chibi-usa then picks the other card, the Ace of Hearts, and wins. Hotaru looks sadly at the joker, which has Death on it, and says the Joker likes her since she has no luck with the Ace of Hearts. Chibi-usa says that Hotaru is good at Shinkeisui jaku so they'll play that next.

Tomoe puts a card into the oven and says the world's greatest Daimon will be created. He laughs, and Mimete says it's time for a coffee break. He says it's his turn to go, so he'll go to the store to buy snacks. As soon as he's gone, Mimete starts throwing in more games and game books, saying Tomoe should experiment more and add more variety. The oven begins to overheat and generate too much electricity; it explodes, and the house is surrounded with a strange aura. Hotaru and Chibi-usa both yell as weird colors surround them. Then the house settles.

Hotaru asks Chibi-usa if she's okay. They look around and see everything waver. Chibi-usa looks out the window and sees the ocean. Hotaru looks out the window and sees the African safari outside. Chibi-usa calls for help on her Luna-P and says that they're in danger; Usagi wonders what's going on. Hotaru screams, and Chibi-usa asks what's wrong. Her Luna-P signal dies out. The girls say they'll go find out what's happening.

Hotaru tells Chibi-usa that she can see fish swimming in her drawer. Chibi-usa wonders about the other furniture; she opens up Hotaru's desk and a lion appears. Chibi-usa and Hotaru scream and run out the door (leaving poor Luna-P inside).

On the other side of the door, they appear in the desert at night. The door disappears. Hotaru wonders what to do and falls to her knees. Chibi-usa tells her to be strong since the others will rescue them. Hotaru nods.

Outside the house, Tomoe returns with groceries. He tries the door but it doesn't open. He thinks someone's pulling a prank on him; he knocks loudly on the door and yells, but when it doesn't budge, he throws himself at it and is knocked back. Behind him, he hears voices and turns into the "Hotaru's sane father" state.

The Sailor Senshi are there with Luna and Artemis. Mercury says that the house has been pulled into another dimension. Tomoe wonders if they've found him out, but they say they're here to help Hotaru. Sailormoon says they won't hurt him; if he doesn't recognize them, she'll punish him. The others sweatdrop, and Mars hits Sailormoon on the head. They start to argue, and Tomoe thinks he overanalyzed the situation. Mercury tells them they should go; in another hour, the house will disappear into the other dimension.

Inside, Hotaru and Chibi-usa walk through the jungle. It's very hot. Then the surroundings become freezing cold. Chibi-usa wonders what is going on. In front of them, a penguin appears from a hole then disappears into another hole.

Sailormoon says they'll go. The others wonder what she's doing. Sailormoon says first Jupiter will use her "Sparkling Wide Pressure" on the door, but if that doesn't work then Mars will use "Burning Mandala." Sailormoon herself will just watch. Everyone sweatdrops as Tomoe asks if he can really count on them. Mars says Sailormoon's the only dumb one. Mercury explains that if they break open the door, space will be distorted. Mars and Moon start arguing again, but Mercury interrupts saying they have to open the door from the other side. Moon asks how, and Venus says the "Sailor Teleport." Sailormoon again says to go, and everyone else sweatdrops saying they already know. They then use the Sailor Teleport leaving Tomoe with the cats.

They appear inside the other dimension in the air, then fall to the ground. They're in a valley surrounded by mountains. Sailormoon wonders if they're in the wrong place, but Mercury says they're inside Hotaru's house.

Outside, Tomoe thinks it's ironic that he's being helped by the Sailor Senshi but he can't afford to lose Hotaru. He then becomes the insane scientist again and decides to have tea while he's waiting.

Sailormoon still doesn't believe they're in Hotaru's house; the Sailor Team is now swimming in a lake with a waterfall. Mercury explains again that many different spaces became twisted together. The water disappears, and the senshi land in a grass plain. Mercury says that Chibi-usa isn't far away.

Outside, Luna and Artemis wonder if the senshi are okay. Tomoe is wolfing down his snacks. In front of the gate, Setsuna watches. Haruka and Michiru arrive. Haruka asks how they're doing. Setsuna says that Tomoe Hotaru is trapped in another space; the Sailor Team might not come back either. Haruka says it's okay if Hotaru remains stuck. Michiru says, "Haruka!" but Haruka replies that it's true since Tomoe Hotaru is dangerous.

Chibi-usa hopes everyone comes soon since she's feeling tired; Hotaru asks if she's okay. Chibi-usa says she's okay. The jungle disappears and they're now over a cliff; Chibi-usa falls as Hotaru lunges for her hand.


Hotaru is struggling to hold onto Chibi-usa. Chibi-usa says it's okay if Hotaru lets go, but Hotaru says no.

The Sailor Team is trekking through the desert. Mercury says Chibi-usa is in the next dimension, and Moon asks if she's sure. Mercury says yes and counts to three. They then appear on the other side of the hole. Moon almost falls in but pulls herself up. She then spots Hotaru and Chibi-usa. Hotaru can't hold on anymore and falls in with Chibi-usa. Venus uses her "Venus Love-Me Chain" to catch them, then tells the others to help her pull them up.

Hotaru wakes up to hear Mercury say that with both Hotaru and Chibi-usa, they can't use the Sailor Teleport. Hotaru says that they can only save one person, right? She wants them to save Chibi-usa and leave her there. Sailormoon says, "Hotaru-chan..." Hotaru says it's okay since she's never been wanted anyway, so they should save Chibi-usa. Sailormoon then tells her gently that it's alright, they'll save both Chibi-usa and Hotaru. Venus says that Hotaru is Chibi-usa's friend; Mars adds that Chibi-usa would be upset if she heard Hotaru say that; Jupiter says that they'll figure out a way with the help of onee-sama (Mercury); and Mercury finishes that since Hotaru-chan is Chibi-usa-chan's friend, she's their friend too. Hotaru nods, tears in her eyes.

Outside, as Tomoe coughs on his food, Luna says there are only 30 minutes left.

Mercury says she'll connect them to the exit with her computer. They appear over Hotaru's staircase. Sailormoon and Chibi-usa fall backwards, knocking into Jupiter and Venus.

The senshi stand in front of the door. Moon asks if this is the exit. Mercury says it's probable, but Moon says she has a weird feeling. She opens the door anyway, and they go through; the door disappears behind them. A voice greets them. Sailormoon freaks out as she sees the daimon- it has a Queen Card for a face, bunny ears, dice for a middle, and other interesting body parts. It introduces itself as a U-Ikasaman.

Mercury says all the strange energy is coming from the daimon. The senshi realize if they don't defeat it, they won't be able to leave. They pose to attack, but the daimon says it's not violent, it just likes tricks. Sailormoon asks what type. The daimon says it likes to gamble, so if they win against it, it'll let them go. Mars says they don't have time and starts to do "Burning Mandala." The daimon stops her and points out that it can just send them to another place. Venus says that if one of them wins, it has to let them all free. The daimon agrees but says that if it wins, they have to stay here and play with it forever. A disco ball lights up as the games begin. Jupiter says she'll go first.

Jupiter plays roulette with the daimon; she picks Red 16. The ball lands on Red 16, and she smiles, but then the number flips to 7. Jupiter is encased in a glass card as she yells, "You cheat!"

Mars goes next playing Jenga with the daimon. Mars is carefully putting a block on the stack, but the daimon has laid a string a stack below. It pulls the string, and as the blocks tumble down, Mars is encased in glass too.

Mercury goes next, playing chess. She Checkmates the daimon, but as she puts her piece on the spot, the spot begins to glow. The board blows up in Mercury's face, and the daimon says, "You lose. Who's next?"

Moon and Venus challenge her. They decide on the race car driving game. Venus says she'll show the daimon driving skills. However, when Venus and Moon hit the driving pedal, they go backwards and crash into each other. The daimon says they should've read the instructions. It asks if anyone else is next.

Hotaru and Chibi-usa say they'll play. The daimon asks what game. Chibi-usa says Babanuki. Hotaru looks at her surprised. The daimon says it'll challenge them to the game.

Outside, the cats wonder what the senshi are doing since there are only 10 minutes left. Tomoe is napping on the steps.

The card game is almost over. The daimon has to pick cards from Chibi-usa who has the joker. The daimon reaches for a card, and Chibi-usa makes a happy face. The daimon thinks it can read which card to pick from Chibi-usa's expression. The daimon reaches to the other side, and Chibi-usa gets a sad face. The daimon picks that card and is shocked to see it's the joker. Chibi-usa laughs at it.

Hotaru reaches for one of the daimon's cards; the daimon says, "Oh, I was hoping you'd pick that!" Hotaru says, "Really?" and takes it. The daimon is angry, thinking that a normal person would think it was the Joker. Chibi-usa hands her last card to the daimon saying she wins. The senshi are happy and tell the daimon to release them. The daimon snaps it'll only release them if Hotaru wins. The senshi argue but the daimon says they only have 5 minutes left.

Chibi-usa tells Hotaru it's okay, just watch the daimon's face and pick. The daimon then shuffles the cards and sets them down on the table. It says now it doesn't know which card it is. The daimon thinks to itself that it has put a mark on the Joker; it'll get Hotaru to pick it by double-talking. Hotaru reaches for the Ace but the daimon asks if she's sure about it. Hotaru reaches for the other one and the daimon says, "That's right." Hotaru's about to pick it up when the Sailor Team gives her advice. Hotaru asks them why, and they say they like her. Chibi-usa tells her to play like it's Shinkeisui jaku. Hotaru nods happily and picks up the Ace. The daimon is shocked. Hotaru is happy, and then she faints.

The Sailor Team tells the daimon to let them go. The daimon sneers, "What promise?" The others say it cheats. The daimon laughs. Chibi-usa gets angry and transforms. She uses "Pink Sugar Heart Attack" on the daimon but nothing comes out of her wand. Then it starts shooting out hearts, and the daimon dodges them but the attack hits the glass around Sailormoon. Sailormoon is freed; she yells at Chibimoon about how dangerous that was. Chibimoon points out that she's out though, and Sailormoon shrugs, forced to agree. She then transforms into SuperSailormoon and uses "Rainbow Moon Heart Ache" on the daimon.

The other glass cards disappear, and the senshi appear in Hotaru's foyer. Chibimoon goes to Hotaru's side, but Sailormoon tells her to change back first. Chibimoon thinks: "Hotaru-chan, thank you."

The senshi walk out of the house holding Hotaru. Tomoe thanks them, but inwardly laughs, thinking that the Sailor Senshi will regret saving her.

Setsuna says, "It's too bad, right, Haruka?" Michiru smiles and says Haruka believes in Sailormoon more than either of them. Haruka tries to deny it.

Sailormoon tells Chibi-usa that they did it. Chibi-usa thinks that she and Hotaru-chan make a good pair.

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon 1992 Takeuchi Naoko, Kodansha, Toei Animation, TV Asahi, and Bandai. This is only a fan page and is not intended to infringe on any rights.

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