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Sailormoon S Episode 117

Episode 117: "Yori takaku yori tsuyoku! Usagi no ouen"
"Much Higher, Much Stronger! Cheerleader Usagi."
Victim of the Day: Hayase Shun (high-jump champion)
Monster of the Day: U-ndokai
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.13.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

Mamoru/Endymion says that there was another team with a different duty from the other Sailor Senshi; their mission was to protect the galaxy from outside invasions. From the planet of Uranus, there was Sailoruranus. Uranus is shown kneeling with her Space Sword in front of the planet Uranus. From the planet Neptune, Sailorneptune. Neptune appears holding her Deep Aqua Mirror in front of her planet. And from the planet Pluto, Sailorcirrus. Pluto holds her Garnet Rod and stands next to her planet. Uranus says that they were given stronger powers than the other senshi to protect the Earth from invasion. Neptune says that when they were reawakened, the enemy had already invaded Earth. Pluto says that this is their most serious threat yet, so she will join the battle.

The Sailor Team, cats, and Mamoru sit in front of the Hikawa Jinja. Makoto says that the Outer Senshi have stronger powers than them. Rei says that she feels like the Outer Senshi have always protected them from a distance. Luna says she understands now that they have a different duty. Artemis starts sobbing and says how much he respects them; they were isolated yet continue to fight. Minako hands him a handkerchief, and he blows his nose into it. He thanks her, and she sweatdrops. Mamoru says it's not a good idea for them to fight together. He remembers Uranus saying that they have different views on things. Usagi wonders about that.

The Witches 4 are playing Twister. Mimete says that her opponent is doing well but she has Hayase on her side; she thinks of his picture on a magazine and how she's doing it for him and how they'll make a great couple and how she'll break a record but the leg she has lifted up in the air is wobbling. Tomoe watches from outside, then finally comes in and says, "Mimete-kun". She falls over. She asks if something is wrong, and he says he heard their next target is a sports champion so he brought a special daimon. He hands the case to her and she leaves. Tomoe then continues playing twister with the remaining Witches.

In Hotaru's room, she has the same magazine Mimete had of Hayase. She blushes as she writes a letter. She remembers watching Hayase on TV; he made a new record for Japan with his high jump. The announcer said that he had always been weak as a child and stayed in the hospital, but now he made a new record. Hotaru stares at the magazine picture of Hayase; Kaori appears next to her and says she didn't know Hotaru had such a hobby. Hotaru covers her letter and yells at her to leave; Kaori says Hotaru doesn't like her much and leaves, laughing.

Hotaru puts the letter in the envelope marked "Hayase Shun." Kaori appears again and asks if it's a love letter. Hotaru yells at her again while Kaori laughs. Hotaru says she's been acting strange, and Kaori says it's not her, it's Hotaru. Hotaru writes a letter that she doesn't have the courage to mail; she laughs. Hotaru is stunned.

Usagi comes back from school and sees an extra pair of shoes near the door. In the living room, Chibi-usa is happy that Hotaru came by. She tells Hotaru she can stay as long as she likes. Usagi comes in and greets Hotaru, then asks why Chibi-usa didn't serve Hotaru tea. Chibi-usa says Ikuko-mama is out, so Usagi should do it since she's just a child. They start fighting as Hotaru watches wide-eyed. Hotaru then smiles and says that it's nice since the house is full of love. The other two wonder if that's true.

Hotaru has her letter next to some cake and canned tea. Usagi says Hotaru wrote a letter to Hayase-san? Chibi-usa asks what she wrote. Hotaru blushes and says she just wrote how she admires him, since he was sick like her but is different now. Chibi-usa says she hopes he replies to her letter, but Hotaru says she changed her mind. The other two ask why, and Hotaru says that she doesn't know his address and... Usagi says they can take it to him; Chibi-usa agrees and says then they can talk to him too.

At the track, Hayase is stretching out. Mimete watches from behind the gate. She thinks there's a good chance she can get his heart crystal since no one else is there. She takes down the sign that says that unauthorized persons are not allowed in; she blows her nose into it and crumples it up. Then she sees a security officer watching her. She puts the sign back up. He gives her an okay sign and she returns it, thinking she didn't know he was watching.

Outside, Usagi, Chibi-usa, and Hotaru walk towards the center. Chibi-usa is embarrassed by Usagi, and Hotaru thinks she'll see Shun-kun soon.


Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna watch Hayase practice from the stands. Setsuna says that the Death Busters might target him because he's popular. Chibi-usa runs up calling, "Pu!" Haruka and Michiru greet her. They ask if she's alone, and she says she's not. They hear whistles and look down.

On the field, Usagi is running with Hotaru, chased by security guards with whistles. Haruka thinks, "Odango?" Then she notices Hotaru and is surprised. Hayase notices the commotion. Usagi yells at the guards and asks why they're chasing them; they just want to give Hayase Hotaru's letter. The guards whistle no. Hotaru says it's okay; she's happy just thinking about Hayase and watching him on TV.

Then Hayase comes up. Hotaru blushes as she stares up at him in shock. Usagi tells her to give him her letter. From the stands, Chibi-usa cheers for Hotaru with fans and lots of commotion. Behind Hayase, the guards clean their glasses. Hotaru lifts up her letter slowly then brings it back down. Usagi asks what's wrong. Hotaru starts to say something.

From behind the fence, Mimete loses patience. She releases her daimon, U-ndokai, a track daimon with a huge shell on its back. It attacks the officers by pushing a huge ball at them that leaves a trail of fire behind it. Usagi grabs Hotaru out of the way, but Hotaru lets go of her letter. It flies into the fire and burns up. The officers run into their office, and the daimon shoves the ball into the door. Mimete laughs and tells U-ndokai to go for Hayase.

Usagi sits Hotaru down near the steps and tells her not to leave. Hotaru is in shock over her letter. Usagi transforms into Sailormoon.

The daimon, meanwhile, rolls Hayase across the field, yelling, "Giant roll." It tries to get Hayase's heart crystal. Mimete watches happily. Sailormoon interrupts and gives her speech. Chibimoon gives a speech too. Sailormoon says she doesn't need Chibimoon. The daimon then throws something around their legs, making them three-legged. It then goes for Hayase again; the two senshi try to stop it but trip. Mimete holds Hayase's head while the daimon swallows his heart crystal. Mimete and U-ndokai then run away.

They pass by Hotaru on their way out. The daimon then returns and asks if Hotaru is sick. Hotaru's eyes flash pink as she looks up. The daimon is suddenly blasted back into the field, now in its shell. From the bleachers, the three Outer Senshi watch. Haruka asks if they saw that. Michiru says this isn't ordinary power. Setsuna says Hotaru is dangerous.

Mimete yells at the daimon, but the daimon says it doesn't know what happened. It says it was lucky to survive because it had a shell. Then Chibimoon yells, "Pink Sugar Heart Attack" into the shell's opening. The daimon stands up and yells that hurt. Sailormoon unties herself and transforms into SuperSailormoon. She uses "Rainbow Moon Heart Ache" and destroys the daimon. Mimete runs away.

Hotaru wakes up to see Hayase kneeling over her. He tells her to rest, and she starts to speak, but he says he knows, she's weak. He tells her that he used to be weak too. She says she knows. He says that he still has memories of his childhood, and sometimes it feels like being a sports star is just a dream. Hotaru tells him she knows how he feels. He thanks her, saying she's the first person to listen to him with her heart. The security guards wipe their eyes. Hayase puts his hand on her shoulder and tells her he hopes she can enjoy sports one day. She nods happily.

Hotaru watches Hayase on TV as he breaks a new record.

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