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Sailormoon S Episode 116

Episode 116: "Arashi nochi hare! Hotaru ni sasageru yuujou"
"Calm after the Storm! A Friendship Devoted to Hotaru"
Victim of the Day: Mamoru's sempai (botanist)
Monster of the Day: U-bara ("Bara" means "rose")
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.13.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

Mamoru, Chibi-usa, and Usagi are in a store searching for a backpack for Chibi-usa. Mamoru gets a cute bunny backpack and hands it to Chibi-usa; Chibi-usa is happy and tries it on. Usagi is holding Luna and is upset that Chibi-usa has all of Mamoru's attention. Mamoru reminds Usagi that Chibi-usa has a picnic, and Luna agrees with him. Usagi starts strangling Luna; Chibi-usa tells Usagi to leave Luna out of it. Usagi then asks Mamoru for a picnic for just the two of them; Chibi-usa wants to go too. They start tugging on Mamoru.

Outside the store, Hotaru walks by and sees them. She remembers how happy she was with her parents. [Note: Hotaru's mother appears to have curly hair whereas in the manga it was straight.] She gets upset and walks away, but Chibi-usa sees her. Chibi-usa runs out and tells her not to run away since they're friends. Hotaru says, "Friends?" and looks back at Chibi-usa before running off. Luna, Mamoru, and Usagi come out of the store and see Hotaru leave. Mamoru says Hotaru must have her reasons, and Usagi says Haruka-san told Chibi-usa to stay away from Hotaru too. Usagi says but she doesn't think Hotaru is bad.

The Messiah of Silence tells Tomoe to get her heart crystals quickly. Tomoe agrees, and then the doorbell rings. He looks around, confused.

Outside, Chibi-usa rings the doorbell to the Tomoe house. Kaori opens and recognizes her. Chibi-usa hands her the rabbit backpack and asks her to give it Hotaru; she bows and leaves. Kaori closes the door. Hotaru sees the backpack and grabs it. Inside the pouch is a letter: Chibi-usa invites Hotaru to go on a picnic the following day. Kaori says that Hotaru is sick, but Tomoe appears and says that he thinks it's a good idea. He is so busy he can't take care of Hotaru, so please enjoy the picnic. Hotaru is happy.

The next day, Mamoru is outside Usagi's house with his red car. Chibi-usa and Usagi leave the house. Usagi tries to stuff a huge picnic basket into Mamoru's trunk. Chibi-usa wonders if Hotaru is coming, and then Luna nudges her. Chibi-usa sees Hotaru on the other side of the car; she runs over to Hotaru and hugs her, telling her that they'll go to the picnic together. Hotaru holds up Chibi-usa's bunny bag.

The picnic is near a botanical garden. Chibi-usa, Usagi, and Hotaru play around while Luna watches and Mamoru takes pictures. Meanwhile, Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna watch them from a distance. Haruka says she told them not to get near Hotaru. Setsuna asks if she's related to the Death Busters in any way. Haruka says she doesn't know, but she senses something big is going to happen soon. Michiru smiles and says they look happy though; Setsuna smiles too.

Hotaru plays leap-frog and jumps over Usagi; she then falls to the ground and Mamoru helps her up. Chibi-usa jumps on Usagi's back by accident. Mamoru stands in front of the greenhouse with Hotaru and Luna; he says a friend of his works there, his life is botany. Behind them, Usagi furiously chases Chibi-usa around the lawn. Mamoru and Luna sweatdrop.

Tomoe calls Mimete and asks what color roses she likes; Mimete says pink. Tomoe is busy pruning a rose and asks Mimete to target the best hybrid-rose specialist. She says that the botanist must have a pure heart. She comes up with a target, a man with brown hair and glasses. Tomoe makes her a rose daimon, U-bara.

Inside the greenhouse, the girls are awed by all the flowers. Mamoru's friend sees him and greets him; Mamoru calls him "Sempai." The man says that Mamoru hasn't changed since he's still always surrounded by beautiful ladies. Usagi says, "Always?" and Mamoru nervously says his sempai is joking. Then a lot of little kids coming running up and leap on their father. Usagi says there are so many, and Mamoru adds, "More than last time."

Mimete says that the Professor should choose a target based on what she likes. She comes up to the greenhouse but hides around the corner as everyone comes outside. She sees the little kids run off to their mom and is stunned that the target has so many children.

Usagi-tachi and the botanist eat lunch together. Mamoru asks his sempai how his rose hybrid project is coming along; the botanist says there's only one more step, and then he'll be done. Usagi tells Hotaru to eat as much as she wants; Hotaru says okay and gives Luna some food. Usagi tells Chibi-usa to eat the green peppers, but Chibi-usa says Mamoru's not eating them either. Usagi scolds Mamoru until he eats them, and then Chibi-usa forces herself to eat them too. Hotaru laughs, then looks away. Chibi-usa asks if she doesn't like the lunch, and Hotaru says it's not that, it's just that this reminds her of her dad and how they haven't been out on a picnic for a long time. Mamoru's Sempai says that sometimes fathers are too busy to take care of their families; he tells her to try to enjoy herself and gives her a hard push on the shoulders to cheer her up. Hotaru falls into Chibi-usa, who lands on Luna. They all laugh.

Mimete watches them from inside the greenhouse. She spots Mamoru and thinks he's a good looking guy. She's about to open her suitcase when she remembers the Professor telling her not to fail this time.


The botanist shows them where all the roses are. He talks about creating rose hybrids; Usagi can't believe he did all of this, but he gives her a look, and she laughs. Hotaru murmurs that she wishes roses would be allowed to bloom on their own instead of being controlled by humans. Chibi-usa looks at her. The botanist moves on to the next room; Chibi-usa wants Hotaru to go, but she says to go on without her since she's tired. Chibi-usa reluncantly goes with the others.

In the next room, Mimete asks Mamoru if he knows what type of plant she's holding is. Usagi tells her to go ask the botanist and gets in between them, but Mimete shoves Usagi out of the way. She asks Mamoru if just the two of them can talk. Mamoru says he can't since it's their family day. He drags Usagi and Chibi-usa in front of him. Mimete asks if they're his sisters, but he says no, they're his future wife and daughter. They walk off. Mimete gets angry and says she'll get his pure heart. As she's about to release the daimon, she imagines Tomoe telling her to get the botanist's heart crystal.

Usagi's happy about what Mamoru said, but Chibi-usa's worried about Hotaru. She says she'll go stay with Hotaru and runs back.

It's starting to rain, and Hotaru leaves the greenhouse saying she wants to go home before bad things start happening. Then the rain turns to hail and lightning strikes. The hail breaks through the glass roof, and the botanist runs off to save the plants. Usagi and Mamoru say they'll help. Meanwhile, Chibi-usa looks for Hotaru. There's a big crash of thunder followed by bright lightning, and Chibi-usa gets scared.

The botanist is standing on a ladder as he tries to board up the broken glass ceiling. Some other hands help lift the board up- it's Hotaru. He thanks her, and she blushes. He tells her he wants to help the new plants. He says that though flowers make look pretty, they aren't always the best. Then something flies out and knocks them off the ladder; the botanist shields Hotaru with his body and asks if she's okay.

Mimete is standing nearby and says she'll get the botanist's pure heart. U-bara comes out of the suitcase, and it sheds some rose petals. The botanist says they're dull so the daimon must've had too much fertilizer. The daimon gets angry and lifts him up; it swallows his heart crystal.

Chibi-usa watches from the door. She transforms, then appears in front of Mimete and the daimon and gives a speech. Mimete tells U-bara to attack. It flings out several yellow roses, but Tuxedo Kamen's red rose stops it. He tells U-bara that roses are his attack so it shouldn't do cheap imitations. He jumps down in front of Chibimoon, flings his cape, and reveals Sailormoon. Sailormoon introduces herself.

U-bara lets thorns out of its body as the flower on its head begins to bloom. It lunges at Sailormoon, who runs out of the way. Chibimoon uses "Pink Sugar Heart Attack" on the daimon, hitting its face. Mimete tells the daimon not to lose against a little girl. U-bara grabs Sailormoon and Chibimoon with its hands, but Tuxedo Kamen slices the hands off with his cane. He asks the two senshi if they are alright. U-bara then stands up, and huge roots come out of its shoulders. It plunges the roots into the ground; the roots shoot up and wrap around Moon, Chibimoon, and Tuxedo Kamen's bodies so that they can't breathe. Mimete thinks that she's finally going to kill them.

Hotaru wakes up, but she is in her possessed state. She lifts up one of the roots and uses her energy to electrocute it. U-bara dries up, as do the roots holding the senshi. Mimete runs and hides. The roots burst apart, and Sailormoon transforms into SuperSailormoon. Shen then uses "Rainbow Moon Heart Ache" on the daimon, who screams "Bara bara" as it dies. Mimete departs.

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto watch. Neptune says she felt a strange power for a brief second; Uranus says they were shadow waves. Pluto tells Small Lady to be careful.

It's sunny outside now. Chibi-usa-tachi ask if Hotaru is okay. They see Sempai surrounded by his kids and his pregnant wife. The botanist says he's alright. Chibi-usa says that it was a heavy storm, but tells Hotaru they should come back. Hotaru agrees. Everyone looks up to see a rainbow in the sky.

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