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Sailormoon S Episode 115

Episode 115: "Chinmoku no kage?! Awaki Hotaru hino yurameki"
"Shadow of Silence?! Hotaru's Dimming Tail Light"
Victim of the Day: Kazama Yu (actor)
Monster of the Day: U-tomodachi ("Tomodachi" means "friend")
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.13.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

Chibi-usa tells her friends good-bye and waves to them. She and Luna-P run down the street when she is stopped by someone saying, "Small Lady." She sees Setsuna and says, "Pu!" Setsuna says, "Good afternoon, Small Lady." Chibi-usa is happy and runs towards her.

Setsuna and Chibi-usa sit on the edge of a fountain. Chibi-usa tells Pu that she hasn't come by to see her often. Setsuna gently tells her that her name is Meioh Setsuna in this world; Chibi-usa grumpily says that if Setsuna calls her "Chibi-usa" instead of Small Lady, she'll call her Setsuna. Setsuna laughs and tells her she hasn't changed. She then asks Chibi-usa if she's happy and has made a lot of friends. Chibi-usa says yes since everyone is nice to her. Setsuna remarks that Neo-Queen Serenity probably sent Chibi-usa to the 20th century to let her make friends as a normal girl; Chibi-usa will be able to use these experiences for when she becomes queen. Chibi-usa asks Setsuna if she can visit her anytime; Setsuna promises that she can. Chibi-usa is happy and says she has to go since Ikuko-mama will be worried. She leaves, yelling, "Bye bye, Pu."

Michiru comes up and smiles, repeating Chibi-usa: "Can I come to see you anytime, Pu?" Haruka adds that Chibi-chan is a cute girl; no one would ever guess she's a princess. Setsuna says that Chibi-usa is a true princess and will be the future queen of the Silver Millennium. Haruka says she'll be careful. Then her tone changes and says that they have to find the Messiah. Setsuna turns and says that the Holy Grail has already appeared; they must give it to the rightful Messiah. Michiru and Haruka say that the Death Busters are still after the heart crystals, which means they might have their own Messiah. Setsuna says they have to be prepared; Haruka says that they can't allow the Messiah of Silence to be born into this world.

At the Witches 4's lab, Mimete is watching a TV soap opera with a handsome star, Kazama Yu. Mimete is talking to him as if he is speaking only to her; he tells "Mimete" that he can't see her anymore because of his new girlfriend. Mimete gets angry and shakes the TV, then throws it to the ground. She gets a phone call and snaps that she's busy; the Professor's voice answers, and she sweatdrops. Tomoe says since she's busy, has she found a new target yet? Mimete says she has- she won't forgive Kazama Yu! She crushes the receiver in her hand in her anger. She sweatdrops.

The Messiah of Silence says that she will take over the world and cleanse it; Tomoe tells her to be patient. Suddenly the girl falls forward, shuddering; she tells Tomoe to get her heart crystals quickly.

Hotaru wakes up on her bed. She says it happened again; she can never remember what happens during her seizures.

The doorbell to the Tomoe residence rings. Outside, Chibi-usa is trying to stand on Luna-P to reach the bell. She falls over. Kaori opens the door. Chibi-usa asks if she can see Hotaru; Kaori says Hotaru is resting and can't have any visitors. She then shuts the door. Chibi-usa leaves disappointed. Inside, Hotaru asks Kaori if someone came to see her. Kaori replies that it was the little girl from last time; she told her to go home. Hotaru gets angry and asks her why she said that; she turns to run outside, but Kaori tells her she's being selfish. Tomoe lets Hotaru do whatever she wants, and Hotaru knows that she's sick so she shouldn't play. Hotaru glares at her and leaves. Kaori mockingly says that Hotaru is scary.

Chibi-usa wonders if Hotaru is okay. Hotaru runs to the street corner; she's breathing hard, and her chest hurts. She spots Chibi-usa and calls her name; she runs towards her and says she's happy to see her. Chibi-usa says that she doesn't look well, but Hotaru apologizes if Kaori said anything bad to her. She then collapses and Chibi-usa catches her. Chibi-usa starts crying her name. Usagi and Ami come around another corner and see them. Chibi-usa starts crying and tells Usagi to help Hotaru because she'll- Ami puts her hand on Chibi-usa's shoulder and says that the hospital where her mother works is nearby. They'll take Hotaru there.

Inside the hospital, Chibi-usa and Usagi sit next to Hotaru's bed. Chibi-usa says it's her fault Hotaru's like this; if she hadn't come to see her, this wouldn't have happened. Usagi tells her that's not true; she's Hotaru's good friend. Hotaru came to see her, so now Chibi-usa should wait by her side. Usagi says not to worry, Hotaru will be fine and will be happy to see her when she wakes up.

Hotaru meanwhile is dreaming about her past. In the first scene, she is about 4 or 5 years old and is kneeling next to her dead goldfish. She's crying, wondering who killed her fish. Kaori appears in front of her, telling her that Hotaru did this so she should clean up the mess. Hotaru screams that she didn't do it. In the second scene, Hotaru is about 10 and is wearing her Mugen Gakuen uniform. She enters her class and says good morning. Everyone in the class is grouped around a student who is hurt. She runs over to him and asks him what's wrong; she puts her hand on his, but he flings it away. The other students say that Hotaru is the one who hurt him. A top student like Hotaru shouldn't be doing things like that. In the third scene, Hotaru is crying in her father's lap. He strokes her hair as she tells him she's hurt another of her friends but doesn't remember doing it. Tomoe says that there is nothing wrong with her. Hotaru says it's like there's another person inside of her who wants to hurt the people around her.

Hotaru is still sleeping. Chibi-usa and Usagi watch. Ami says that her mother will be here soon. She tells Chibi-usa not to worry since Hotaru is already getting better. Chibi-usa nods.


The three sit near Hotaru's bed. Hotaru turns to her side. Chibi-usa stands up and holds Hotaru's hand. Hotaru's hand tightens; Chibi-usa calls her name, and she wakes up. Hotaru then sits up. Chibi-usa asks if she's okay, and when Hotaru says that she is, Chibi-usa flings her arms around her saying she's glad. Ami tells Hotaru that she should rest. Hotaru says she's fine since she often has seizures. She gets out of bed. Ami says her mother will be here soon, and Hotaru says that she was told not to see doctors. She thanks Chibi-usa and leaves, but Chibi-usa says she'll walk her out. Hotaru thanks Ami and Usagi; before she leaves, Usagi tells her that her mother's hot cakes are delicious, so come by to try them. Hotaru thanks her.

As Hotaru and Chibi-usa are leaving the hospital, Haruka drives up in her yellow convertible. She greets Chibi-chan and says she'll give them a ride. In the car, Chibi-usa thanks Haruka. Haruka asks if this is the right road, and Hotaru says it is. Haruka asks her name; Hotaru says it's Tomoe Hotaru. Haruka says if she's the daughter of Professor Tomoe Souichi, and Hotaru says that she is. Haruka narrows her eyes and watches Hotaru in the rearview mirror. In the backseat, Chibi-usa asks if she can visit Hotaru at her home again. Hotaru says she can, and Chibi-usa is relieved. They both laugh as Haruka continues to watch Hotaru.

At a café, Kazama Yu is reading. Mimete appears and gushes over him; he's obviously uncomfortable with her weirdness, but she says she has friends who are big fans of his and yanks him away.

Haruka feels the wind blowing and senses the enemy. She stops the car suddenly. Chibi-usa asks why she stopped, and Haruka makes up an excuse about being thirsty. She tells them to wait. Chibi-usa watches her go, then thinks, "It can't be..." She tells Hotaru to wait in the car and jumps out after Haruka.

In the park, Yu asks where Mimete's friends are; Mimete says in her case. Yu says she's joking. Mimete then says he's found a new girlfriend; she calls him a traitor and releases her daimon, U-tomodachi. Yu yells and tries to run away; it jumps in front of him. It says it wants to be his friend forever so give it his heart crystal. As the daimon tries to suck it out, Uranus's "World Shaking" appears, and the daimon jumps away. Yu falls to the ground. Uranus appears and wags her finger at the daimon, saying that it can't take a guy's heart by force.

In the bushes nearby, Chibi-usa says, "I knew it!" She uses her Luna-P to call the other senshi. She then transforms into Sailorchibimoon.

Mimete tells U-tomodachi to get Uranus and be friends with her too. U-tomodachi says it'll be good friends with everyone. Chibimoon then appears and makes a speech. Chibimoon thinks she did a good job, but Uranus tells her, "Baka! You're not supposed to be here!" Chibimoon says, "Baka?" U-tomodachi says Chibimoon wants to be her friend too; she creates a jumprope and runs towards Chibimoon, but Uranus lifts her out of the way in time. Uranus tells Chibimoon that children shouldn't be here; Chibimoon yells that she's a Sailor Senshi too. Then she says in a lower voice that they're in a pinch; is it because of her?

In the car, Hotaru is having another seizure. She thinks, "It's happening again."

The Sailor Team arrives and jumps in front of Uranus and Chibimoon. Mimete leaves, telling the daimon to take care of them. The daimon, tears running down its face, cries, "Mimete-sama!" It glares at the senshi and says that it wanted to be friends with them before, but not anymore. It jump ropes frantically at them, and they dodge out of its way. The Sailor Team wonder what that was, and then Uranus drops Chibimoon and runs after the daimon; Chibimoon remembers too that the daimon is running towards Hotaru.

The daimon races towards the car. Hotaru is leaning against it, breathing harshly. The daimon yells at Hotaru to get out of its way. Hotaru is then surrounded by a strange light which surrounds U-tomodachi; the daimon says it can't move. Hotaru looks up, her eyes glowing pink. Uranus sees Hotaru and says, "This is...!" Then Hotaru falls to the ground as the daimon is fried. The other senshi appear; Sailormoon transforms into Supersailormoon and defeats the daimon.

The Sailor Senshi watch as Chibi-usa wakes Hotaru up. She then asks Hotaru if she's okay. Hotaru looks at her and says she doesn't think they should be friends anymore; if they remain friends, Hotaru might hurt her. She apologizes and runs off.

Uranus tells Sailormoon to make sure that Chibi-chan stays away from Hotaru. Sailormoon asks why, but Uranus says not to ask, just try to persuade Chibi-usa to keep away from her. Uranus detransforms into Haruka and drives away. The Sailor Team is confused since Hotaru is a nice girl. Then Mercury says she hopes Chibi-usa becomes friends with Hotaru again, and they all will support her. Sailormoon tells Chibi-usa the thing is to keep a pure heart. Chibi-usa nods and says she'll be patient.

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