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Sailormoon S Episode 114

Episode 114: "Idol daisuki! Nayameru Mimete"
"I love Idols! Mimete's Worries"
Victim of the Day: Araki Ginta (idol)
Monster of the Day: U-tehime
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.13.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

The Messiah of Silence tells Tomoe to get more heart crystals. Tomoe bows to her, telling her to be patient since his minions are working very hard to get them for her. The girl looks up, as does Tomoe.

Somewhere above them, there is a door that says "Witches 4" (a paper sign saying "4" is taped over the original painted 5). Inside, three Witches are at work. Mimete, however, is singing to "I am Sailormoon." On her computer comes a concert of Araki Ginta singing his new song, "New Crisis Love." She thinks he's cool.

At the Hikawa Jinja, the girls watch Araki on TV. The girls think it's strange how everyone is so excited over him. Makoto says they're "okake." Ami, surprisingly, has never heard the term. The others explain that okake are people who chase idols. Minako stares at the screen, not listening to them. The other girls talk down about the okake; Usagi says she can never understand them, then looks to Minako for confirmation. [Note: REALLY ironic considering SailorStars...] Minako blinks, then agrees- they can't be chasing idols. Artemis starts to tell Minako that that's Araki Ginta when Minako smushes him onto the ground. On TV, Araki says that they're looking for a heroine to star with him in his new movie; he says there will be a contest for it. Minako secretly writes down the time and place. Rei then shuts off the TV, and Minako gasps, but when everyone looks at her, she asks Ami what one of her questions means.

Tomoe is balancing weights on a scale. He asks Mimete if she's found a new target; she says, "Of course." She then drops all the magazines of Araki Ginta onto the ground. She lifts up a poster of him and says he's the new target. Tomoe says a singer? He tells Mimete that all her targets are popular young men; he's starting to believe that she is mixing her hobby with her work. If that's so, then she can't become successful if she continues. Mimete cries out and falls to the ground; she says that she's just doing her job and pretends to cry. Tomoe tells her not to sob; he assures her that he is just worried about her bright future. She will lead tomorrow's meeting so good luck. Mimete says she'll do her best and leaves. Tomoe flips through the Araki magazine and reads, "I love Araki's sexy, sun-tanned body." He starts to laugh hysterically.

The girls minus Minako are at the study session. They're watching Ami do a problem. Makoto asks Usagi how she understood the entire thing, and Usagi admits that she doesn't. Artemis walks in and asks where Minako is; Rei says Minako said she had a cold so was staying home. Artemis thinks that Minako must be...

At the Culture Center, Minako walks in with an Araki T-shirt on. All she wants is just a glimpse of him. She asks the lady at the table when he will arrive; the woman frowns and says that he won't be here today, he will be at the second competition. Minako and someone else whine at the same time. Minako turns around and sees Mimete; they frown at each other. Minako says, "You...!" and Mimete says, "You!" They grab each other's shirt, and then Mimete says that Minako has a first edition Alazin T-shirt. Minako says Mimete is good, and Mimete says they both have good taste. Minako introduces herself as Aino Minako; Mimete says she's Hagyu Mimi. Minako says they should both try hard to get their dreams.

The "Heroine Audition" is underway. When it's Minako's turn, she wears a bathing suit during her interview. One of the judges asks her what she would do during a kissing scene; Minako says confidently that she wouldn't tell her parents she was on TV. The judges all laugh. A male judge, grinning suggestively at her, asks what she would do if the director asked her out to dinner. Minako says that would be fine since she eats all types of foods- well, everything but mushrooms. The judges laugh again.

Mimete, however, is extremely nervous during her interview; she takes a long time just introducing herself. When a judge asks her a question, she tries to answer but sounds so confused and lost that he tells her he doesn't have to answer. He's exasperated but says "hmmm" as he writes down his score.

After the competition, all the girls stand on stage. They are told that only five out of the dozens of girls will move on to the second competition. Minako and Mimete don't think they'll make it, but then they are both called. They're surprised, but Mimete is worried.

[eye catch]

Mimete enters the Death Busters' locker room feeling depressed. If she wins tomorrow, then what? Suddenly she thinks no, she WILL win- she has to since she's so stylish with a great body. She imagines herself surrounded by adoring fans; she even sees Professor Tomoe in the crowd, and he waves to her. Then she realizes Tomoe is really talking to her; he says she might have a fever since she's all red. He tells her to take care of her health since it would be a loss to their organization if such a talented person like herself got ill. Mimete remembers that her job is to get Araki's heart crystal; plus she's up for a big promotion. She is torn between wanting Araki and helping the Death Busters. She remembers Tomoe's words, then she remembers Minako saying everyone should work hard to achieve their dream. Mimete stands up and says that who cares about the Death Busters, she wants Araki. She says she'll be a good girl who can't do bad things.

At the second competition, the judges are the audience. Araki tells them that the winner for the movie part will be chosen if her score is 80% or more. The girls then leave the stage. Minako hears Artemis and he jumps onto her shoulder. Artemis says she doesn't usually keep secrets from him; Minako says she couldn't tell the others she was a okake of Araki's. She says if she wins this competition, she'll be the most beautiful girl. Artemis says, "Sugoi!" then jumps away. Minako sees Mimete; Mimete is busily concentrating on what to say. Minako silently wishes Mimete good luck.

The next contestant comes off the stage feeling upset. (None of the previous contestants got enough votes.) Minako introduces herself to the audience and bows. Michiru, Setsuna, and Haruka stand near the door in the auditorium. Haruka says it's a small world. Minako gets a fairly large percentage of the audience but not enough.

She leaves the stage somewhat disappointed; however, she says that it's okay since she saw Araki. Araki says he's glad she thinks so. Minako sees him standing nearby. She happily tells him she'll be his fan forever; he says that she, and everyone else, will eventually forget about him. However, that the memory of liking him will be with her forever, so that's how girls should be. He says to please support him, though, since he doesn't want to end his career as an idol.

Mimete is on stage; she is nervous, but the audience gives her a good percentage, almost 80%. Mimete is ecstatic as it reaches over, but then it falls back down. She falls to her knees as the announcer says that there was no winner from the competition. Minako runs on and asks Mimete if she's okay, but Mimete flings her hand away. She stands up, laughing, and transforms into her normal outfit. She introduces herself as Mimete of the Death Busters; what she wants is Araki's pure heart. She releases her daimon, U-tahime.

Mimete then uses her wand and yells, "Charm Buster!" Stars come out from the tip and cause everyone to faint. Mimete says that it's because of her beauty; the daimon says she has to be joking, but Mimete yells at her to do her job. U-tahime then swallows Araki's pure heart crystal.

Sailormoon uses her "Moon Tiara Action" to knock the wand out of Mimete's hand. The four senshi stand on the beams above the stage. Minako runs offstage and transforms into Sailorvenus. She returns, telling Mimete that she pretended to be an okake of Araki and then tried to hurt him. Mimete tells her to be quiet; now the Death Busters can use Araki's heart crystal. Venus says Araki will die, and Mimete points out that the Death Busters are the bad guys. Mimete orders U-tahime to attack Venus.

The other four senshi get behind Venus. U-tahime starts to sing; Mimete tells it to just attack, but U-tahime replies by saying it has to warm up first. Then U-tahime says it'll do its killing song; the music starts up but U-tahime says nothing. It then admits it forgot the words. Mercury tells Sailormoon now, and Sailormoon transforms into SuperSailormoon. She uses "Rainbow Moon Heart Ache" on the daimon just as U-tahime remembers the words. It turns back into a microphone with Araki's heart crystal floating over it.

Mimete lunges for the heart crystal that appears but Venus uses her "Venus Love-Me Chain" to slap Mimete's hand away. Mimete gets upset and disappears. From the auditorium doorway, the three Outer Senshi watch. Neptune says that the Death Busters are still after the heart crystals. When Uranus wonders why, Pluto says that with the heart crystals, they will have enormous energy. She adds that the Death Busters may have already found the Messiah of Silence. Uranus and Neptune look worried.

On stage, Mars gives Venus Araki's heart crystal. Venus is surprised but the others say they heard she was a long-time okake of Araki's. Venus laughs as she returns the crystal, then glares at Artemis who just shrugs.

Mimete tells Professor Tomoe that she is sorry for failing. She starts to cry. The Professor puts his hands on her shoulders and tells her there's always tomorrow.

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