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Sailormoon S Episode 113

Episode 113: "Youki tadayou ie. Bishoujo Hotaru no himitsu"
"The House with Evil Feelings All Around. Pretty Girl Hotaru's Secret."
Victim of the Day: Katakuri Ukon (mangaka)
Monster of the Day: U-Henshyu
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.13.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

Chibi-usa is singing in the bathtub; she is very happy. Usagi asks her what's up. Chibi-usa tells Usagi she has a new friend. Usagi thinks it's a boyfriend and asks Chibi-usa to tell her about him. Chibi-usa says no, and Usagi squirts her with water. They start to fight in the bathtub.

Mamoru is by himself in the sea park at night. He walks along looking around. Michiru says they were waiting for him, Mamoru-san, or rather, Endymion-sama. Mamoru looks up and sees Michiru, Setsuna, and Haruka standing at the top of the steps. Mamoru says that they are the forgotten Sailor Senshi from the Silver Millennium, and Setsuna adds, "And an agent from the future." The three women transform.

Mamoru also transforms into Tuxedo Kamen.

The three Sailor Senshi introduce themselves, and then Sailoruranus says that they are the 3 soldiers of the outer solar system (where the fan-term "Outer Senshi" comes from). Tuxedo Kamen repeats them. Pluto explains that in their previous lives, their duty was to protect the Silver Millennium from invasions from outside the galaxy. Uranus says but after they were reawakened in their current lives, the enemy had already arrived and had built itself up. Neptune says that it's their fault the enemy invaded Earth. Tuxedo Kamen asks why they don't work with Sailormoon and the other Sailor Senshi. Uranus smiles and says they're burdensome; Tuxedo Kamen says, "What?" Neptune tells him that this battle is too difficult for Sailormoon as well as Mars and Venus-tachi. Uranus says that this is the battle for the three of them.

Makoto is surprised that Chibi-usa went to Minako and Ami's houses as well. Minako remembers that Chibi-usa asked her what to wear to go to her friend's house; Minako said she didn't have to wear a dress, just dress neatly. Chibi-usa asked Ami what to give to her friend, and Ami told her to bring a book. Minako says Chibi-usa is really nervous about her new friend; Ami adds that they go to different schools and her friend is quiet. Makoto says that she gave Chibi-usa cookies to bring, but she would have made them more "appealing and aggressive" if she'd known earlier. Minako and Ami think she's a bit scary, and Minako says Makoto's a bit desperate.

Rei is sitting on the steps and says that Chibi-usa came to see her too. Chibi-usa wanted to know how to greet her friend, and Rei was about to answer when Usagi popped out and said she'd help Chibi-usa with it. Rei said Usagi had to go to the study group, but then Usagi yelled, "There's Michael!" Rei looked for him, and then Usagi ran off with Chibi-usa.

Usagi isn't happy with Chibi-usa's present for her friend, but Chibi-usa says the book was sold out almost every other place. Usagi says she wants the manga by Katakuri Ukon for herself though. Chibi-usa says no, then asks Usagi if she's following her. Usagi laughs and says she wants to know what Chibi-usa's friend is like. Chibi-usa says her friend is nice but a bit weak. Usagi imagines a romantic scene of Chibi-usa with her boyfriend, who is sick in bed. Chibi-usa gives her a look. Usagi says she has to go as Chibi-usa's guardian, and Chibi-usa says who's her guardian?

The Professor tells the strange girl surrounded by toys and lights that it's nearly time for the Messiah of Silence to awaken. The girl says she needs strong energy to do that. The Professor says he will take care of it and change people's pure heart crystals into awakening energy for her. He adds that he hopes she likes how it tastes.

Usagi is amazed at Hotaru's huge house. Usagi's about to ring the doorbell for Chibi-usa when the door opens. Usagi's shocked to see that the woman answering looks like Kaolinite. She drops Chibi-usa's cookies. Chibi-usa gets upset with her. The red haired woman asks them what their names are, and then Hotaru's father appears. He recognizes them as Hotaru's friends. He introduces himself, then the red haired woman as Kaori-kun, his assistant. He tells her to take them to Hotaru. He heads away. Usagi thinks that it can't be Kaolinite even if Kaori looks like her.

Hotaru's father walks down the hall; at the end there is a button. He presses it and a door opens; he walks through and it disappears. Inside is a locker room; he opens the locker that says "TOMOE :)" on it (:) being a heart) and pulls on a white lab coat. He reverts back to the crazed scientist.

Mimete is reading Katakuri Ukon's manga, "Drop Drop." She's sobbing as she reads it and ignores the phone; finally she picks it up. On the other end, Professor Tomoe asks her if she's found a new target; he's busy making coffee in his lab. Mimete hasn't been looking for one, but then she sees that Ukon has an autograph session today so she will target him. Tomoe says he'll make her a new daimon. "U-Henshyu" is created in the oven.


Outside a bookstore, Ukon is signing autographs for people. He finishes signing one for Mimete, who promises to treasure it forever. She gets a glint in her eye.

The clock in the living room sounds at 1 o'clock. Usagi says coffee hasn't been served yet, and Chibi-usa says, "Usagi..." Chibi-usa, though, is worried since Hotaru is late. Outside the room, Hotaru is having trouble walking towards the door, but as soon as she opens it, she's fine. Chibi-usa is happy to see her. Usagi is surprised that it's a girl. Hotaru introduces herself as Tomoe Hotaru. Chibi-usa says that Usagi is her cousin; she came because she thought Hotaru was a boy. Usagi gets angry, and the two start to fight. Hotaru watches in surprise then starts to laugh. She then apologizes for being late and invites them to her room. As she's about to leave, Kaori appears with coffee. She says she'll take it to Hotaru's room. Hotaru gets angry and tells Kaori not to interfere; she takes the tray and leaves. Chibi-usa and Usagi blink at each other.

In the hall, Hotaru explains that her father is a scientist so he's always busy with his experiments. Kaori comes over to help out but... Usagi asks Hotaru where her mother is, and Hotaru says she died a long time ago. Usagi apologizes, but Hotaru says it's okay, she wants to learn more about Chibi-usa and Usagi. Hotaru opens the door to her room, and Chibi-usa and Usagi are amazed- inside are many, many lamps all around. Chibi-usa says it's really great.

Hotaru drops the tray, and Usagi says, "Hotaru-chan!" Chibi-usa and Usagi kneel down next to her. Hotaru says she just felt a bit faint but she's okay. She sees Usagi's transformation brooch in her coat pocket and lifts it up. Holding it, her eyes glaze over and a strange voice inside her says that when she holds it, she feels energy flowing out... Chibi-usa says, "Hotaru-chan...?" Hotaru snaps out of her trance and asks if she said something. She apologizes for acting strangely. Chibi-usa doesn't think she's weird, and Usagi tells her to give Hotaru her present. Chibi-usa opens her bag and takes out two "Drop Drop" manga; a flyer falls to the ground, and they see that there's an autograph session today. Usagi and Chibi-usa start blaming each other for not noticing, but Hotaru only smiles.

Ukon leaves the bookstore and heads towards his car. Mimete stops him and thanks him for his autograph; he says it's no problem, but she has one more thing to ask of him... She wants his heart. She throws off her disguise and releases the daimon, U-Henshyu. It lunges at him and tries to get his heart crystal.

On the street, Usagi is panicky as she looks for the autograph session. Chibi-usa and Hotaru hold hands, and Chibi-usa asks if Hotaru is okay. Hotaru apologizes, but Chibi-usa says not to since they're friends. Hotaru smiles. Usagi gacks and Chibi-usa runs up; they see the daimon trying to get Ukon's heart crystal. Usagi tells her to take care of Hotaru; Chibi-usa tells Hotaru to go to the arcade with her since the session is over. Usagi then transforms.

Sailormoon gives a speech, and Mimete tells the daimon to take care of her. The daimon says okay, calling Mimete the head editor. The daimon then uses "Finishing Manuscripts Shots" on Sailormoon, throwing sharp pages at her. Sailormoon falls down as she tries to avoid them; finally the daimon throws a huge piece of paper on her so that she can't move. The daimon's hand turns into scissors and it says it's time to cut and paste.

Then Pluto uses her "Dead Scream" on the daimon. Uranus lifts the paper off of Sailormoon and says they'll take care of it so she should get away. Sailormoon is surprised. Neptune uses "Deep Submerge" but the daimon creates an umbrella to block it. Uranus snaps at Sailormoon to leave, but Sailormoon says, "Why?" The daimon yells "G-pen, Round-pen, Kabura-pen" and throws pens at them, but Pluto spins her Garnet Rod and blocks them. Sailormoon tells Uranus that they're all Sailor Senshi. Uranus says that Sailormoon is a burden. The daimon throws more manuscripts, and Uranus uses "World Shaking." The daimon charges Uranus and Moon with a razor as its hand.

Venus uses her "Venus Love-Me Chain" to yank the daimon back. The other senshi arrive, saying the "Sailor Team" has arrived. Tuxedo Kamen appears and tells Uranus and the others that even though they all might be weaker then they are individually, Sailormoon has allies who work together. [Note: COUGH HACK COUGH COUGH HACK] Uranus looks at him out of the corner of her eye, then looks forward without saying anything.

Mimete gets angry that all the senshi are here. The daimon asks what it should do; Mimete says to get all of the senshi, but the daimon protests that there are too many. Mimete says it has deadly attacks, right? The daimon says it ran out. Tuxedo Kamen tells Sailormoon, "Now," and she transforms into SuperSailormoon then uses "Rainbow Moon Heart Ache." Mimete's strangling the daimon but sees the oncoming attack; she leaves it, and it dies yelling about its deadline (instead of "Lovely"). It turns back into a manga page (featuring U-Henshyu against Sailormoon but dying) and the heart crystal. The heart crystal returns to Ukon.

SuperSailormoon thanks everyone, but Mars says they didn't want to help the person who skipped out on the study session. They wonder where Chibi-usa is, and Sailormoon says she's with her friend. Meanwhile, Tuxedo Kamen looks at the three other Senshi. Uranus has her arms crossed and looks away.

Later that night, Usagi and Chibi-usa are taking a bath. Usagi says that they really did go to Crown. Chibi-usa says it was fun, and Hotaru had never been to an arcade before. Usagi says that though her family life is strange, Hotaru is nice. Chibi-usa nods, saying she wants to know Hotaru better.

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon 1992 Takeuchi Naoko, Kodansha, Toei Animation, TV Asahi, and Bandai. This is only a fan page and is not intended to infringe on any rights.

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