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Sailormoon S Episode 112

Episode 112: "Shin no messiah ha dare? Hikari to kage no chaos"
"Who is the Real Messiah? The Chaos of Light and Dark."
Victim of the Day: Edo Yousaku (movie actor)
Monster of the Day: U-Esutan (pun on "Western")
Important Events: The Messiah of Silence and Tomoe Hotaru are introduced. "Dead Scream" is first used (but a shortened version). "Crisis Make-Up" is first named. SuperSailormoon first uses "Rainbow Moon Heart Ache". The identity of the Professor is revealed.
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.08.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

Deep beneath the ground is a dark room with strange lights and weird dolls. A girl with black hair to her shoulders wears an odd dress and sits in a chair with a black star on it. Her face remains in shadow. She opens her purple eyes as the Professor appears. The Professor asks how the Messiah of Silence is doing. From the speakers, a heavy female voice says she feels tired. She tells the Professor to hurry up and find her the perfect heart crystal. The Professor says he understands; she wants him to get heart crystals to turn into energy to awaken her. She nods.

In the Professor's classroom, he is demonstrating how cormorants (duck-like creatures) hold food in the bottom of their throats. Several cormorants with glowing red eyes dive for a fake heart crystal. The Professor says this method is cormorant fishing; they'll use this with their daimon. The daimon will swallow the heart crystals of victims and return to him so that he can make them spit it out. This way the heart crystals remain safe.

In the classroom are five desks in front of the Professor. Three women in shadow sit at desks. Mimete sits at another. No one is sitting at the last desk; it only has a vase with a single flower in it. Mimete is the only one not paying attention; she's busy ogling pictures of a handsome guy behind her books. The Professor gets angry and throws a bird at her. He asks her if his lecture is boring and picks up the pictures; he tells her not to bring such trash into the room. Behind her, the other girls snicker. The Professor asks if she has found a new target. Mimete, red, says that of course she has. The Professor replies that he can't wait to see how she works. He continues that Sailormoon is not the real Messiah. When the time comes, the Holy Grail will choose its user. Mimete says then they have to concentrate on awakening their Messiah. The Professor says that she is correct.

He puts a gun in the oven; the oven's black star now has a picture of a cormorant on it. Inside the oven, the daimon yells, "U-Esutan!" Pink smoke floods out in the figure of a cormorant. The machine spits a white briefcase onto a conveyer belt. Mimete picks it up wearing a yellow coatdress, glasses, and a red scarf around her head. She leaves the lab and exits from a cabinet in a furniture store. Everyone stares at her as she thinks that celebrities who give themselves to their fans must be very pure hearted. She will awaken the Messiah.

At the Hikawa Shrine, Setsuna explains to the Sailor Team and the cats about the Holy Grail. If a good, just person touches it then evil will be destroyed. If an evil person touches it, however, then the world will be filled with darkness. Rei starts, remembering her dream. She realizes it wasn't just a dream then... The senshi say that Setsuna came from the future to tell them this. Setsuna agrees then stands up. They ask her where she's going; Setsuna says she's meeting Neptune and Uranus to find the Messiah. She leaves. Usagi tries to stop her but she's already gone.

The others wonder why just the three of them are working together; Usagi says that she wishes Setsuna told them more. Luna and Artemis say that they must have a reason why they're not saying more. Usagi is reluctant about it. Makoto says it's too bad Usagi's not the real Messiah. Ami says they should think about finding the Messiah. Mako wonders where they should look, and Minako makes a bad pun and says they should try restaraunts.

Chibi-usa runs up greeting them wearing a hat. She looks around and asks where Pu is. Usagi says she went on some errands. Chibi-usa is disappointed- she wanted Pu to take her to the park. She looks hopefully at Usagi, but Usagi says she has other things to do. Makoto asks which park, and Chibi-usa tells her. Minako then says she'll take Chibi-usa! The others look at her suspiciously. Ami asks her what's going on in the park, and Minako sweatdrops. Minako then admits that Eda Yousaku is going to be there. Usagi gets excited that he's filming a movie at the park and says she'll take Chibi-usa. Chibi-usa sweatdrops. Makoto says that Yousaku looks like her senpai. Minako says that they all want to go, right? Usagi gets Rei to agree, but Ami says what about finding the Messiah? Usagi says that they might find the Messiah at the park; Ami asks why, and Usagi thinks she's being too stubborn and serious but says, "My.. intuition.." Ami agrees. The cats get upset, but Ami says they need to relax sometimes. Minako tries to say that they'll be able to study better, but Ami points out they're going to have fun. They all agree to go.

Mimete hides behind a tree a distance away from the set. She says Eda Yousaku is filming his movie, "Gunman at Red Fuji," in this park. She spots him with her binoculars. She thinks that before she takes his crystal, she wants him to try her homemade cakes. She runs towards the set but before she can get there, she's knocked down. Three woman stand above her telling her she can't interrupt Yousaku; he's busy and her outfit's terrible. Mimete says she just wants him to try her cakes; one of the women steps on them saying he doesn't like sweets. They walk away, laughing.

Then Yousaku appears and says that those women are his fans but they're acting meanly lately. He sees the cakes and asks if they're for him; Mimete says yes, and he tries some. He says it tastes good, thanks her, then walks away. Mimete gets starry eyed. The women said he hated sweet stuff, but he said he liked them... Yousaku must be in love with her! Even though she's destined to kill him by taking his heart crystal... He should give up on loving her.

On the set, Yousaku and his female co-star act out a scene. A crowd watches including the senshi and Mimete. Mimete thinks that if she kills him, his movie won't be finished. Therefore, she'll burn his last scene into her mind forever. Chibi-usa tries to jump up and see over everyone but can't. The wind blows her hat away. She chases it saying that it's the one Ikuko-mama bought for her. It passes by a black haired girl in black sitting on a bench; Chibi-usa yells to please catch the hat since it's important. The girl on the bench gets up and runs after it.

The hat stops near a stream. The girl falls to her knees and picks it up. Chibi-usa runs up and thanks her for saving it. The girl says she's lucky it didn't get into the stream. Suddenly her body starts to shake and she turns away. Chibi-usa asks if she's alright. The girl says it's just a fit, and it'll pass quickly. Chibi-usa waits by the girl's side until the fit is over. Chibi-usa says she's relieved the girl is okay. Then she asks her if she wants to play with her. She holds out her hand saying she's Chibi-usa. The other girl looks surprised, then smiles. She says her name is Hotaru; she takes Chibi-usa's hand. They both laugh.

At the set, it's time for a break. Mimete thinks that she wants an autograph from Yousaku before she kills him. She sees Yousaku and his co-star by the stream; they kiss. Mimete is stunned; SHE'S his girlfriend! She tears off her disguise and opens the briefcase. Pink smoke floods out and the daimon, U-Esutan, appears. Yousaku and the girl scream. Mimete smiles.

[eye catch]

Yousaku pulls his girlfriend and they run away. Mimete is upset that he really does like the other girl; she orders U-Esutan to take Yousaku's heart crystal. It gets on a horse pogo stick and hops after them. They run past Hotaru and Chibi-usa; Chibi-usa gasps. Yousaku and the girl run towards the set. The daimon starts shooting its gun yelling, "Paquoon, Paquoon!" Paint hits workers and the three women who bullied Mimete. She tells the daimon to get them; it continues to squirt paint at the women, who scream. Mimete laughs.

Chibi-usa and Hotaru watch from behind the bushes. Chibi-usa says she can't transform in front of Hotaru.

The other girls are eating lunch and wondering where Chibi-usa is. They see people running followed by the daimon. Minako tells them to transform.

At the set, Mimete is in the cameraman's seat telling the daimon to get Yousaku's crystal. The daimon gets near them when Sailormoon interrupts. The Sailor Team appears from the set walking during sunset. Sailormoon says that Wyatt Earp may forgive them, but she will not. Mimete tells U-Esutan to attack the senshi. Sailormoon uses "Moon Spiral Heart Attack" but the daimon just shoots paint through the hearts. The senshi are stunned. Mercury says the daimon is different from the others. Mimete laughs.

The daimon then throws a horseshoe at Yousaku; the girl, Lily, runs in front of him and the horseshoe wrings around her neck. She falls to the ground. The daimon grabs Yousaku and acts like it's trying to kiss him. Finally it creates a vaccuum with its mouth and sucks the heart crystal out of him; the daimon then swallows the crystal. Sailormoon, Venus, and Mars are kind of freaked out by this. Mimete tells the daimon good job, now they can return to the Professor. Suddenly Uranus and Neptune appear using "World Shaking" and "Deep Submerge" on the daimon. The heart crystal comes out but the daimon reswallows it. Uranus and Neptune introduce themselves.

Mimete is upset, then sees Hotaru and Chibi-usa in the bushes. She tells U-Esutan to get them. U-Esutan uses a lasso and grabs Chibi-usa with it; the daimon yanks her out of the bushes. Mimete tells the senshi not to move or else Chibi-usa will be in trouble. The senshi all glare at her. Then a "Dead Scream" hits the daimon and the rope. It's Sailorcirrus. Chibi-usa yells, "Pu!" happily. Pluto tells Sailormoon to transform again.

Sailormoon lifts up the Holy Grail and calls "Crisis Make-Up!" She transforms into SuperSailormoon. The daimon runs towards her, but SuperSailormoon uses "Rainbow Moon Heart Ache" and destroys it. It turns back into a gun; the daimon egg comes out of it and cracks. The black spirit takes the form of a cormorant, making its sound, before disappearing. The senshi surround Mimete, who looks nervous. Finally she just runs away crying and yelling at them.

The senshi wonder who that was. She looked like an enemy but... SuperSailormoon then loses her transformation. The other girls say her name. Sailormoon says it's hard. Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus watch.

Chibi-usa goes to Hotaru but falls down. Hotaru sees that she has a cut on her knee; she apologizes because Chibi-usa was trying to protect her. She holds her hand over Chibi-usa's wound and a pink light appears. Chibi-usa's cut is completely healed within a few seconds. Hotaru says that her classmates are afraid to go near her because they think her power is scary. Chibi-usa says she doesn't think it's frightening at all. It's great! Hotaru says, "Really?" Chibi-usa nods and smiles. Hotaru smiles and blushes and says, "Thank yo-" but falls forward. She's having another seizure. Chibi-usa tells her to hold on.

Sailormoon returns Yousaku's heart crystal. The senshi wonder why the enemies are still after pure heart crystals. Uranus tells Sailormoon that she'll let her keep the Holy Grail for a while. She and Neptune turn to leave. Sailormoon tells them to wait; why can't they look for the Messiah together? Uranus and Neptune smile; they say that they're different from the other senshi so they'll look for the Messiah themselves. Mars asks them what they mean but they don't answer. Pluto nods at them then leaves with Uranus and Neptune. Mars says that even Pluto is like that... Mercury realizes Chibi-usa isn't around; they wonder where she went. Sailormoon sighs.

Chibi-usa and Hotaru are holding hands as they walk down the street. They come to Hotaru's house (a mansion really). Hotaru sees that her father is at the door. Her father has short white hair and glasses; one of the lenses has an odd image in it. He sees them and comes up to them saying, "Hotaru-kun, I was worried about you." Hotaru says that she had a small seizure. She introduces her father to Chibi-usa who came with her to make sure she was alright. Hotaru's father thanks Chibi-usa. Hotaru goes to her father and asks Chibi-usa if she can see her again. Chibi-usa says of course, they're friends now. Hotaru repeats, "Tomodachi..." She smiles at her father, who tells her he's happy for her. Chibi-usa says good-bye and starts to leave. Hotaru and her father say that she can come visit them anytime since she's invited. She says, "Haaaiii!" then thinks about how she wants to see her own papa.

Inside, Hotaru's father tells her goodnight. He closes her door then walks down the hall. He pulls on a white labcoat and opens a door. Inside the room is the Death Busters' lab. The Professor shuts the door and laughs, his glasses glowing and his red mouth grinning.

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon 1992 Takeuchi Naoko, Kodansha, Toei Animation, TV Asahi, and Bandai. This is only a fan page and is not intended to infringe on any rights.

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