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Sailormoon S Episode 111

Episode 111: "Seihai no shinpi na chikara. Moon nidan henshin"
"The Magnificent Powers of the Holy Grail. Moon's Secondary Transformation."
Victim of the Day: none
Monster of the Day: none
Important Events: Sailorpluto returns. "Pluto Planet Power, Make-Up" is used for the first time. Sailormoon receives her second transformation. Eudial dies. Tomoe Hotaru is shown (in shadow).
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.08.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

At the Marine Cathedral, the two Talismans float above the bodies of Uranus and Neptune. Usagi asks Uranus what she should do to get the Talismans to return to their bodies. Uranus is having trouble breathing and talking. She manages to gasp, "Odango atama.. no... Sailormoon.. We don't mind.. But protect the Talismans..." Usagi is kneeling over her, and Uranus thinks she looks like the Messiah. Uranus says, "Messiah... Holy Grail..." The other Senshi ask who the Messiah is. Uranus says that the Silence, the end of the world is coming. Only the Messiah can use the Holy Grail to save the world. The light in her eyes dies out, and her head falls to the side. Usagi screams.

Mars has her head over Uranus's chest. She says she can hear a faint heartbeat. Jupiter says that they have to find some way to return the Talismans and heart crystals into the other two's bodies. Suddenly a burst of flame appears over the senshi. Eudial quickly runs past, grabbing the two Talismans. She secures the Talismans (the mirror in her blouse and the sword at her side) and laughs. Usagi says she won't let Eudial have them and transforms into Sailormoon.

Sailormoon tells Eudial that the Talismans are Haruka-san and Michiru-san's pure hearts so give them back. She runs towards Eudial but Eudial, who has a weird mechanism on her back that's like a blender backpack, pulls out its nozzle and shoots flame at Sailormoon, who's knocked backwards. The flames surround the senshi. Eudial laughs and says that this is the power of her improved Fire Buster II (which she's applying a patent for). Mercury tries using "Shine Aqua Illusion" but nothing happens. Mars says to fight fire with fire and uses "Burning Mandala"; this time the flames get bigger. Eudial laughs again and tells them their attacks can't extinguish the Fire Buster II's flames. (You can see a no smoking sign on the back of the Fire Buster.) She says they'll be burned to death and runs off.

Tuxedo Kamen with Chibimoon breaks through a glass window; Chibimoon uses her Luna-P to extinguish the flames. The other five senshi are relieved to see them. Sailormoon thanks them. Tuxedo Kamen tells them to go after the Talismans, and they nod. The Senshi, minus Sailormoon, run off. Sailormoon tells Uranus and Neptune that she'll get the Talismans then run after the others.

Eudial is running down a hallway estatic that she has the Talismans. She sees the senshi gaining on her. She stops and shoots out a sticky liquid; the senshi's feet get stuck. They all fall down. Eudial laughs and runs away again. Sailormoon arrives to see Eudial's back. The others warn her not to touch the sticky stuff. Sailormoon wonders what to do; she looks back up at Eudial, then puts her hands together and tells everyone to forgive her. She then jumps on their bodies to get to the other sides. Chibimoon says that Sailormoon looks like Inaba's white rabbit; Mars asks if they're sharks. Sailormoon asks if she hurt them, and Venus says she won't forgive her if Eudial gets away. The others tell her they'll catch up. Sailormoon nods and chases Eudial.

Racing down the hall, Sailormoon tells herself she has to save Uranus and Neptune's heart crystals. On a ledge above, Meioh Setsuna watches her.

Outside, the moon is hidden by clouds. Eudial enters a large room and runs towards the doors. She then stops and faces Sailormoon. Sailormoon gives a speech, then holds up her rod. Eudial smiles and says that she beat Sailormoon's attack before; Sailormoon starts. Eudial says that they have a difference in power levels; if Sailormoon wants to live, she'd better leave. Sailormoon says even if she dies, she'll get back the Talismans. She does her "Moon Spiral Heart Attack" (with different music in the background). Eudial uses her "Fire Buster" attack to destroy the hearts. Sailormoon is shocked. Eudial laughs and says that she already told her that the Fire Buster II is more powerful than Fire Buster I. Sailormoon's attack is nothing to her.

The clouds pass by the moon; moonlight floods through the colored glass windows. Eudial says she'll make Sailormoon pay for her past interferences. She starts to do her "Fire Buster" attack but is stopped. Setsuna steps out of the shadows. Eudial demands to know who she is, and Sailormoon says, "Meioh Setsuna-san!" Setsuna says she will take back the Talismans. The other Senshi run up and see Setsuna. Setsuna uses "Pluto Planet Power, Make-Up" to transform into Sailorpluto.

Sailormoon says, "You are..." and Chibimoon finishes, "Sailorpluto!" Pluto tells them it's nice to see them again. Sailormoon asks why she's here. Pluto's hand tightens on the Garnet Rod, and she says, "The last Talisman.. is with me!" She indicates the jewel at the end of the rod. Everyone gasps in shock. Then Eudial laughs saying that this will save her time going after the third Talisman. Pluto says she won't let them have it. The jewel glows and comes off the rod; Pluto holds it out in front of her. The Talismans on Eudial begin to glow and float towards Pluto. Eudial lunges for them but misses.

The Talismans form a triangle. Pluto's tiara vanishes and the planetary sign of Pluto appears on her forehead. In the chapel, Tuxedo Kamen watches in surprise as the symbols for Neptune and Uranus appear on the foreheads of Sailorneptune and Sailoruranus. Their bodies disappear. They reappear in front of their Talismans. The Talismans then release the heart crystals which reenter the two senshi's bodies. The other Sailor Senshi are relieved. Neptune and Uranus wake up and see the Talismans. Neptune says that there don't have to be any sacrifices. They smile at each other. They then reach for their Talismans.

The three Talismans glow and release light towards each other. Everyone watches. In a room above the Professor's lab, a girl screams as she's surrounded by black energy. The Professor's lab rumbles, and he wonders what's happening.

The Talismans' light finally forms a pyramid. At the tip, an object appears. Pluto says that depending on who controls it, this object can either save the world or destroy it with its unlimited power. This is the Holy Grail.

Eudial says, "Holy Grail... It's mine!" She shoots fire out towards Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, then at the other senshi. Eudial races towards the Holy Grail. Sailormoon dives out of the fire and says she won't let Eudial have it. Eudial blasts her with the Fire Buster, and Sailormoon falls to the ground. Eudial laughs as she runs towards the Grail. Sailormoon climbs to her feet and manages to catch up to Eudial. The two race neck in neck. Sailormoon thinks about the others who are in the fire; as the two near the Holy Grail, Sailormoon jumps first followed by Eudial. They both reach for the Holy Grail, but Sailormoon's hand grabs it first, and she knocks Eudial out of the way. Sailormoon's brooch starts to glow.

Pink light floods the church room. The fires vanish. Sailormoon holds up the Holy Grail; her Sailor Senshi uniform suddenly changes. Chibimoon says, "Sailormoon...!" Tuxedo Kamen asks if this is a new awakening. Pins appear in Chibimoon's hair. Eudial tries using her Fire Buster on Sailormoon, but she holds up her hand, blocking it; she then reflects it back on Eudial, who is knocked out of a window to the ground below. Uranus says, "Sailormoon!" Neptune asks if Sailormoon is the Messiah who will save the world. The other senshi stare in shock as Pluto smiles.

Outside, Eudial races to her car, vowing revenge on Sailormoon. She starts to drive away, heavily burned. From her radio, Mimete speaks. Mimete says, "Eudial-sempai, your job is over now." Mimete continues about how Eudial's many failures upset Mimete even though she tried to ignore them; she says that Eudial has brought disgrace upon the Witches 5, and only her death will redeem them. Eudial says, "Death?! The battle has just started!" Eudial's car comes up to a turn. Eudial tries the brake but it doesn't work; she looks down to see they've been cut out and are crawling with snails- the sign from earlier is posted there. Eudial screams as her car runs off the road and plunges into the water below. Mimete cheerfully says, "Congratulations on your retirement!"

Sailormoon drops to her knees, her second transformation disappearing. Tuxedo Kamen catches her and says, "Sailormoon!" She smiles at him. The other senshi ask if she's okay. She replies that she's very tired. Uranus says, "Sailormoon isn't the real Messiah...?" The others look at her. Uranus explains that the real Messiah has unlimited power; Sailormoon only got a little of it and is already tired. Neptune says then the real Messiah must be elsewhere. Uranus says they've been given a new Messiah. They look at each other and nod. Pluto watches them. Chibimoon fingers the new pins in her hair.

In her room, the mysterious girl dressed in black breathes deeply, trembling.

In the lab, the Professor is laughing. Mimete runs up to him and tells him that the Holy Grail has appeared. The Professor continues laughing. Mimete adds that the Sailor Senshi have the Holy Grail. He still laughs. She asks him what is so funny. He says that though the Sailor Senshi have the Holy Grail, none of them could fully control it. If one of them could truly use it, the Death Busters' lab would have been destroyed, but there isn't even one crack. He laughs hysterically. Mimete says: "Maybe..." He looks at her. Mimete says that maybe someone close to the Professor could use the Holy Grail for the Death Busters. He says that she may be right.

The girl in black continues to tremble, breathing heavily.

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