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Sailormoon S Episode 110

Episode 110: "Uranus-tachi no shi? Talisman shutsugen"
"The deaths of Uranus and Neptune? The Talisman appears"
Victim of the Day: Sailorneptune and Sailoruranus
Monster of the Day: none
Important Events: The title is pretty self-explanatory. Mimete and Meioh Setsuna are introduced. The third Sailormoon S opening is used.
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.08.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

Michiru is lying on a patio chair next to the pool holding a seashell against her ear. She's contentedly dreaming about the ocean. A voice softly says, "It's not fair to stay in your own world." Michiru opens her eyes to see Haruka standing over her. Haruka adds, "Don't leave me behind." Michiru smiles. She tells Haruka that she had a dream the previous night, and this morning she had the same, strange feeling. Haruka agrees, and Michiru says, "Then you know." Haruka says, "Of course... Because today the Talisman will appear."

Eudial sets down a strange, home-made machine that is connected to a disk. She inserts the disk into the computer then flips the home-made machine on. She says that now she will definitely find the holders of the Talisman. Eudial has a flashback about how she was in the locker room putting her shoes on; she cries out in pain. Inside her slippers are thumbtacks. She wonders who would put them in there; they hurt! She looks inside her locker and sees that it's covered with snails; on the top shelf is an empty container. Eudial quickly pulls back, wondering why the snails are in her locker. The locker door swings open. Eudial sees a sign that says "A snail woman in a wagon gets killed in an accident." Eudial stares at it, then hears voices from the other side of the lockers.

A girl with curly orange hair and glasses remarks to other three women in shadow that Eudial-sempai failed again. One woman says, "She wasted another of the Professor's daimons?" The second woman says that though Eudial is good at calcuating, she's being unusually stupid. The third says she wants Eudial to retire. The orange haired girl tells them that they shouldn't talk about their sempai like that; she turns slightly and sees Eudial, who quickly hides behind the lockers. She smiles. The first shadowed girl asks if she'll be in charge next, but the orange haired girl tells them that she got a call from the Professor. The others are surprised that only she got called.

Eudial slams her fist down on the table. She angrily thinks that the others were making fun of her and that they forgot how she taught them how to do their jobs. She frantically types and remembers the orange haired girl, Mimete. Mimete pretends to be a cute girl but is actually two-faced; she's the one who probably put the snails in Eudial's locker. Eudial won't forgive her. She thinks that today is a holiday so if she finishes by the weekend and gets the Talismans, she'll be guaranteed a high position. Then she'll make the other girls' lives hell until they die. She finishes typing and stands up. She says that the program will certainly find the owners of the Talisman. The computer goes through hundreds of profiles of people as it searches; Eudial wonders aloud who could have the purest hearts to hold the Talismans. The computer stops and beeps; Eudial stares at the screen, stunned. She sounds incredulous as she says, "This is the holder of the Talisman..."

It's raining. Haruka is sitting on the window sill of her apartment staring outside. The phone rings, and the answering machine starts. At the beep, Eudial's voice asks if this is Tenoh Haruka's place. She says that this is Eudial and laughs; is Haruka surprised? Since Eudial knows their identities, she can easily find them. (Haruka actually does not look too surprised or interested.) Eudial says that she's found the owners of the Talismans and will take them away; they will win the battle- Eudial's message is cut off by a beep. The phone rings again; the answering machine repeats its message, and Eudial angrily says that the recording time was too short. She calms down, then says that she was almost done anyway. (The screen shows some of Haruka's apartment which is strangely bare.) Eudial says that Haruka and Michiru were looking for the Talismans as well; she can help them, if they want. Eudial assures them that she hasn't told her boss their true identities. If they want the Talismans, they should come to the designated spot. She'll send them a fax. Eudial hangs up, and a fax comes through.

Michiru sees the fax while drying her hair. She tells Haruka that Eudial is probably speaking the truth about finding the Talisman holders. Haruka agrees and looks out the window. Michiru watches her worried; sad music begins to play in the background. Haruka stares at her hands thinking about how dirty they already are; she'll use any means necessary to get the Talismans. Haruka looks up, surprised; Michiru is standing next to her, gazing sadly at her. Michiru gently puts her hand on Haruka's then leads their hands through a series of steps until they're clasped together. Haruka laughs and asks her what she's doing; Michiru smiles at her and says, "It's alright, Haruka. I like your hands." Their faces are very close.

Ami is sitting alone in the library. She wondered what the Talismans are. Michiru's voice said that their goal is to get the Talismasn. Makoto stands outside in the rain, holding an umbrella. She asked, "Will you use any means to get the Talismans?" Haruka's voice said yes, they will do anything to get them. Rei, in her miko outfit, stands watching the rain. She asked: "Can't we understand each other?" Michiru's voice said no, they are enemies. Minako is Crown Center playing the racing game. She asked: "Aren't we all Sailor Senshi?" Haruka's voice told her not to say that, they're different. Usagi lies on the bed in her room. She remembers Michiru say that they will sacrifice anyone without remorse, and Haruka added even if it's the owners of the pure heart crystals. Usagi closes her eyes.

The phone rings. Shingo tells Usagi that the phone is for her. Usagi opens her eyes. Shingo adds it's from someone called Haruka. Usagi sits up in surprise.

Mamoru and Chibi-usa are standing in an alley; on both sides many people are walking by in shadow. Mamoru is surprised that Haruka-kun and Michiru-kun asked Usagi to meet them; he says that they're really Uranus and Neptune... Chibi-usa says she doesn't think they're bad though. Meanwhile, a tall woman with dark green hair and dark skin watches them. She turns and walks away into the crowd just as Chibi-usa looks up. Mamoru asks her if something is wrong.

An elevator stops at the 50th floor. Usagi comes out and is amazed to see that there is an aquarium here. Hundreds of fish swim in the tanks on the sides and on the ceilings. Michiru has her arms crossed and is looking silently at Usagi; Haruka is staring at the fish. Usagi is impressed with the aquarium and asks the two if she can bring her friends next time. They don't answer her. Finally, she repeats, "May I?" Haruka remains silent, then closes her eyes and says, "Never appear in front of us again, Sailormoon."

The lighting changes; the glass becomes blue, and everything else except for the three woman turns black. Usagi says they're all Sailor Senshi; can't they be allies? Haruka walks towards her. She says she can't forgive Usagi for playing around; she grabs Usagi's brooch. Usagi struggles, but Haruka finally shoves her and gets it. Usagi falls to the ground, crying out in pain. Haruka says she'll keep the brooch for a while. Usagi stands up and tells them not to go after any more pure hearts. Haruka and Michiru stand next to each other, both of their arms crossed. Haruka tells her to be quiet; the screen turns black around them. Haruka says that if Usagi shows up again, she will die. Usagi's eyes widen in shock. Haruka and Michiru transform into Sailoruranus and Sailorneptune.

Uranus says that they need to find the Talismans, inside the pure hearts of certain people, in order to get the Holy Grail. Neptune adds that the Silence is coming; in order to stop it, the Messiah must receive the Holy Grail. Usagi repeats, "Seihai (Holy Grail)? Messiah?" Uranus tells her it's not her business. The doors behind Uranus and Neptune open; a helicopter waits outside. The two walk towards it. Usagi cries out, "Haruka-san! Michiru-san!" as the helicopter flies away into the air.

Usagi stands on the rooftop alone. A voice behind her says, "Are you going to save them?" Usagi turns to see a woman with dark green hair, dark skin, and a purple suit walking towards her. The woman says, "They are going to fight a battle ordained by destiny. Today, however, they are in danger." She stands before Usagi. Usagi asks her who she is. The woman says she is Meioh Setsuna, an old friend of the other two and repeats her question. She adds that since Usagi cannot transform, she may be in more danger than the other two. Usagi says determinedly for Setsuna to tell her where Uranus and Neptune are going. Setsuna smiles a little.


Uranus and Neptune are in the helicopter nearing their destination. Neptune says that it's coming into view; Uranus says that it's the church under construction, the Marine Cathedral. They land in front of the Cathedral. Uranus and Neptune stand in front of the huge doors. Uranus says that soon they'll find the owners of the Talismans. Neptune's hand reaches for Uranus's so that their fingers touch. Neptune says that once they enter, no matter what happens to them, they'll ignore the other's dangers and continue on alone. Uranus smiles and says she already knows. Neptune smiles and lowers her face saying that's right. She pulls her hand away.

The doors open and the two senshi enter. They start to walk down a long hall that has strange, red stone imprints of Cupid along the walls. Uranus says that it's rude for them to receive an invitation without a welcome. They pass by a Cupid imprint, which suddenly makes a strange whirling sound, then an echoing noise. Neptune stops and stares at it. Uranus asks her what's wrong. Suddenly the flat stone blocks come out of the wall and line up in front of the senshi. Uranus says it's a trap.

Eudial, in another place in the Cathedral, says of course it is. She stands in front of a table soccer game. The red blocks are lined up and are the "players" being pulled; two figures stand in the center of the field are the "balls." Eudial says, "Game... start!" and starts yanking the doors quickly. Uranus and Neptune quickly dodge out of the way as the red stones fly towards them. Eudial laughs hysterically as she continues "playing". Uranus uses "World Shaking" on the blocks; Neptune follows with "Deep Submerge," destroying the rest. Uranus smiles, but then a last red stone piece appears and flies towards Uranus. Neptune yells, "Uranus!" and shoves her out of the way. The block slams into Neptune, throwing her against the wall, then turns around, taking Neptune with it, and disappears. Uranus runs to the now solid wall yelling, "Neptune!"

Organ music begins to play. Eudial is playing a huge organ. She says into a microphone, "Sailoruranus. I have the holder of a Talisman!" Uranus yells, "What are you saying?" Eudial laughs and says that she was fooled; even the two of them didn't realize it. Uranus gets angry and demands to know what she's talking about. Eudial tells her that her partner, Sailorneptune, has a Talisman inside her, and Eudial is going to take it. If Uranus wants to see this event, she should enter the chapel. Uranus races down the hall thinking that Michiru can't possibly be the holder of a Talisman.

She opens the doors of the chapel. At the end of a long bridge is the organ. In front of the organ is Neptune, tightly vined to the red stone piece and unconscious. Uranus's eyes widen and she thinks, "Neptune!" She yells her partner's name as she runs across the bridge. On either side of the bridge on the walls are more Cupid blocks. They turn to the side and shoot Uranus, who falls to the ground. Eudial laughs and says Uranus fell into her trap. She hits "Stop" on the tape player (that was really playing the organ music).

Eudial walks towards Uranus and says that if anyone but her walks along the bridge, they receive the punishment of God. Eudial says that she hasn't taken Neptune's Talisman yet. She won't until she gets the other Talisman. Uranus says, "Other Talisman?" Eudial points the gun at Uranus's chest and says that Uranus was never afraid of getting her hands dirty as she tried to save the world. Uranus's heart crystal has the other Talisman.

Neptune wakes up. She sees Eudial and Uranus in front of her and says, "Uranus..."

Uranus tells Eudial that the Talismans are sealed inside of pure hearts; she can't possibly have the Talisman. Eudial smiles and says that they'll see. However, with Uranus's wounds, she probably won't survive after she's been shot. She starts to pull the trigger.

Neptune suddenly wrenches out of the vine's grasps and runs forward screaming, "Uranus!" Uranus watches in shock as Neptune gets repeatedly shot; she falls to her knees. Uranus yells, "Neptune!" Neptune manages to get to her feet. She says, "Haruka, I won't let you die." Uranus yells, "Wait, Neptune, don't move!" Neptune continues forward and gets shot a second time. A scene of a flower falling to the ground is shown in between scenes of Neptune screaming as she is shot. She falls to her knees. Uranus screams, "Neptune!" Neptune takes deep breaths and says, "Haruka..." She gets to her feet again and stumbles forward. The Cupids try shooting again but are out of ammunition. Eudial's eyes widen as Neptune nears her; Neptune falls over her gun, and Eudial shoots. Uranus stares in shock and remembers how that morning Michiru was playing with her hand. Neptune's heart crystal turns into a mirror.

Neptune lies unmoving on the ground. Eudial, breathing heavily, says that this is a Talisman. She'll take Uranus's next. Uranus says, "The Talismans were sealed inside us...?" She looks up at the ceiling where a glass window of a butterfly is; she wonders, "Messiah, is this the punishment for our sins?" A light shines through the image to a person in the doorway; the person says, "Stop right there!" Uranus looks at her and thinks it's the Messiah. A moment later, she sees that it's Usagi. Usagi runs towards Eudial and shoves her towards the edge of the bridge; Eudial drops her gun. She makes chicken noises as she tries not to fall off the side; she jumps onto a crane and screams, "Shimatta!" as she plummets down.

Usagi asks Michiru-san to wake up. She holds the Talisman and asks it to please reenter Michiru's body. Uranus, staring at the ground, tells her to stop. It's okay, they've found the Talisman. Usagi says, "No way! What about Michiru-san?" Uranus, eyes still hidden by her hair, murmurs, "It's not fair, Michiru. You're always in your own world..." She slides Usagi her brooch back and tells her not to get so desperate when she can't transform. Uranus lifts up Eudial's gun. Usagi gasps and tries to yank it out of Uranus's hands; Uranus tells her to let go, and Usagi says, "You can't!" Uranus says that inside of her is another Talisman. Usagi tells her they don't need the Talismans; she'll save the world without it. Uranus's face softens a bit. She says that it's strange, when Usagi says that, she feels like Usagi can really do it. Uranus tells her that a while ago, Usagi looked like the Messiah, even though she doesn't believe in Usagi's power. Usagi says, "Haruka-san..." Uranus then shoves Usagi to the side. She smiles and says, "Sailormoon, find the last Talisman." She points the gun to her chest as Usagi screams, "Stop!"

In the hallway, a black light lights up from inside the chapel. The four other senshi arrive in time to see Uranus lying on the ground, her heart crystal floating above her. The crystal turns into a sword. Usagi's face is lowered and she says, "Sonaa..." The senshi gasp. Behind them stands Meioh Setsuna. Usagi whispers, "Haruka-san... Michiru-san...!"

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