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Sailormoon S Episode 109

Episode 109: "Shougeki no toki! Akasareta tagai no shoutai"
"Shocking Opportunity! Mutual Shining of True Self"
Victim of the Day: Aino Minako (Sailorvenus)
Monster of the Day: Doorknob-der
Important Events: Identities revealed. Haruka and Michiru sweatdrop for the first (and maybe only) time in the anime.
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.07.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

The phone in the Professor's lab rings. He picks it up. Eudial tells him that she found something strange while investigating the Holy Grail- the shadow of a person appeared. The Professor says that's the shadow of the person who can use the Holy Grail. Eudial repeats him, and the Professor says that if they get the Holy Grail... an image of a woman dressed in a black cloak appears. She carries a cane in one hand, and in the other, she holds up the Grail. The world is quickly destroyed, turning red and black. However, if their enemies get it... an image of a woman with rainbow butterfly wings appears; she holds the grail. The Professor says if that happens then their work will be destroyed. He lifts up the receiver and accidentally crushes it in his hands. He sweatdrops. Eudial asks him who the person who can use the Holy Grail is, and the Professor quickly says that first she has to get the Grail, bye. However, before he can hang up, Eudial says that he broke the receiver, didn't he? The cost will be deducted from his pay. The Professor says he wish he could bill the Sailor Senshi.

Makoto pauses her stopwatch, saying that Usagi finished the problem in 23 seconds, her best time yet. Makoto, Minako, and Rei clap while Usagi thanks them. Then Ami says that Usagi made a mistake. Usagi starts to cry, wondering why this happened. Minako comforts her saying she know she tried her best. The others try to reassure her that it was a simple mistake and that she'll do better next time. Usagi says that she'll make another mistake; she's sick of facing these hardships. Rei slams her fist on the table; she tells Usagi to remember how hard it was when her heart crystal was taken out. Ami says that compared to that, studying is fun. Makoto agrees, and Usagi sits down. The four of them start talking about how much it hurt, while Minako stands with an odd look on her face, tightly squeezing her handkerchief.

Minako sits on a swing by herself. Artemis comes up and asks what's wrong. Minako asks him why out of the five girls, only she wasn't attacked by a daimon? Artemis says that she's not pure. Minako glares at him, and he sweats profusely, saying that's impossible. Minako then says perhaps the enemy thinks she's lost enthusiasm ever since she quit volleyball, her favorite sport. Artemis asks if it bothers her, and Minako says she doesn't know.

In her school gym, Minako practices volleyball very hard, hitting all the balls until she's sweating and her hands are red. When she's finished hitting all the balls, she notices Usagi lying on the ground near the door. Minako gasps, asking if she hit Usagi and if Usagi's all right. Usagi, her face with red ball marks on it and a few teeth missing (cuuute) says she's okay, but is Minako okay? Minako says, "Okay about what?" She then sees Luna and Artemis appear behind Usagi and realizes what that "what" is. She asks why would she be bothered? She turns away, laughing too loudly. Suddenly, she gets an eerie look on her face and mutters about how she can't figure out how she doesn't have a pure heart. Usagi sweatdrops.

Minako loses again at the UFO catcher game. (The prizes are ugly, fat Japanese dolls that hold fans with messages on them.) Usagi asks if Minako is sure that she's alright, and Minako says she is. Luna says Artemis worries too much, and Usagi agrees, then notices Minako has that creepy expression back on her face. Minako mutters, "What part of me is not pure?!" The enemies can't be *that* great if they didn't notice her obvious purity. Usagi waves her hand in front of Minako, who snaps out of her trance. Luna says Minako can't be thinking about letting the enemies attack her, can she? Minako pulls away, sweatdropping. Usagi starts to shake her back and forth by her shoulders, nearly strangling her as she screams that Minako can't let that happen. Usagi slams her against the UFO catcher machine and asks what happens if the enemy gets her heart crystal? Minako nervously says that she'd get it back. Usagi says she can't do it and starts shaking her again; Minako's hands hit the buttons on the game machine, and somehow Minako wins all the prizes. Minako and Usagi stare in shock.

On the street, Luna tells Minako that even though Usagi purely loves Mamoru, she also purely loves eating and oversleeping. And also since she hates studying, she purely wants to skip classes. Usagi is upset as Luna keeps insulting her. Luna adds that though these prove Usagi is pure, she still thinks Usagi's just a stupid girl. Artemis adds that the enemies can't see Minako's true purity. Minako remains aloof, saying that she doesn't really mind. She then stops and turns around to face Usagi. She asks Usagi if she'll do her a favor, and Usagi says, "Yes?" Minako holds up the bag of UFO dolls and asks her if she'll keep half. The cats and Usagi sweatdrop.

In a bookstore, Minako looks through various books on pure hearts. Usagi and the cats watch her from outside the store. Usagi says they should leave Minako alone for a bit; Luna agrees, saying Minako wouldn't get desperate. Artemis says he's not so sure about that.

Minako reads that a pure heart is when you concentrate with enthusiasm. Minako admits that Usagi is enthusiastic when concentrating, even when she looks stupid. Compared to Usagi, Minako is very mature.

She hears a voice, and she turns to see Haruka and Michiru. She says, "Good afternoon" and puts the book back on the shelf. The other two notice the book is about pure hearts. Minako wants to ask them something; they're on alert and warily wonder if Minako knows about the Talismans. Minako begins, "Ta..." and Haruka and Michiru repeat "Ta," but then Minako says, "Take for example, does a person who often does kind things have a pure heart?" Haruka and Michiru sweatdrop. Haruka, in confusion, says "Ta" again. Minako repeats, "Ta?" but Michiru saves it by saying, "Taking care of others, for example." [Note: I'm not sure what the original words Minako and Michiru say are that begin with "ta," but VKLL adapted the scene pretty well.] Minako's eyes flash and she says, "Taking care of others..." Outside, a car passes by with a speaker telling people to donate blood. Haruka and Michiru smile, and Haruka says, "What about donating-" but Minako has already run out, yelling, "Thank you!"

Haruka and Michiru smile again. Haruka says they overreacted, and Michiru agrees. They turn to leave with the "oohing" music and still shots; Haruka says that Minako just believed her idea, and Michiru says that Minako is dangerously pure. Then Minako pops back in and butts into the scene, saying, "Ano..." She hands both of them a UFO doll she won; the two women sweatdrop and watch in disbelief as Minako leaves. Haruka says, "I don't want this..."

Minako bounces to a blood donation center and tells them they can take as much blood from her as she wants since it's for the good of the community. She then bounces away.

The Professor asks Eudial if she's found a new target; Eudial says yes, it's a weird person with a pure heart. She says, though, that the Sailor Senshi might interfere again. The Professor says he'll make her a daimon that will prevent them from doing so. He tries shoving an entire door into the oven; when that doesn't work, he saws off part of it and puts the knob and lock into the oven.

Minako happily bounces to another center. She tells the dull-looking nurses that she's 18 even though she looks younger. She laughs hysterically as they take her blood. She thinks with starry eyes how very pure she is.

[eye catch]

Usagi tells Mamoru that Minako's been donating blood everywhere everday. Mamoru says Usagi should stick near her in case she's attacked; also, Minako should get more vitamins. Usagi agrees.

Minako runs down the street yelling, "Blood donation!" over and over. The cats, Ami, Makoto, and Rei spy on her from behind bushes. Makoto says maybe they should stop her. Rei replies that if Minako has the Talisman, there will be problems; Ami points out that if Minako has the Talisman, she'll be attacked anyway. Luna says then all they can do is save her if they have to. Artemis comments that since Minako is donating blood just for her pure heart, is she really pure? The others sweatdrop.

Usagi runs past them with vitamin drinks for Minako. Minako happily drinks them down. Luna, sweatdropping, says that Minako is definitely pure. The other girls sweatdrop and frantically agree.

Haruka and Michiru watch Minako from behind a tree.

Minako carries the vitamin drinks in her arms and continues to gulp a bottle of the drink down. Usagi follows her as they enter the street. Eudial drives up and sees them. She smiles, takes out her gun, and shoots Minako. Minako falls backwards, the bottles clattering to the ground. Her heart crystal floats in front of her. The other girls, Haruka, and Michiru gasp. Usagi cries, "Minako-chan!" and runs towards her.

Minako, eyes blank, suddenly leans forward and grabs her heart crystal. Usagi stops as weird, creepy music plays in the background. Suddenly Minako turns around and starts giggling like a monkey. She says that her pure heart crystal came out! Usagi says that it's nice, but now they should put it back. Minako monkey giggles again and runs off with her crystal.

Eudial says it can't be and drives off after her. Usagi runs after Minako, yelling for her to wait. She sees Eudial drive by. Haruka and Michiru jump out of the bushes and chase after them. Behind them, the other girls and cats trip over the dropped bottles and land on top of each other in a pile.

Minako enters a closed, underground parking lot. Eudial drives through the "Closed" sign. Minako is lying on the ground unconscious; her heart crystal floats above her. Eudial gets out of the car and says that Minako has great willpower. Usagi yells at Eudial not to get closer to Minako. Behind the corner, Haruka and Michiru wait. Eudial calls out the daimon, Doorknob-der, which carries a door on one hand and a swiss army knife on the other. Eudial tells it to lock the place up. The daimon does, putting a thick metal covering on every entrance. It starts to seal up the entrance to the garage, and Haruka and Michiru run in just before it closes.

Eudial asks who the two newcomers are. Usagi sees Haruka and Michiru. Eudial says that they would have lived longer if they hadn't decided to interfere. She starts walking towards Minako. Usagi looks at Haruka and Michiru and thinks that she can't transform... But if she doesn't... Haruka softly says to Michiru that they can't transform. Eudial is about to grab Minako's heart crystal, but Usagi tells her to stop. She holds up her brooch. The others stare at her. Usagi then yells out, "Moon Cosmic Power, Make-Up!" and transforms into Sailormoon in front of them.

Eudial, Haruka, and Michiru are stunned. Sailormoon gives a speech, then says, "In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!" Eudial tells Doorknob-der to take care of Sailormoon, but the daimon is reluctant. It specializes in locking and securing, not fighting, but Eudial yells at it until it says okay. It blasts Sailormoon and jumps on her, slamming its door against her. Sailormoon screams for Eudial to stop. Eudial is about to take the crystal when something hits Eudial in the hand- it's the doll Minako gave Michiru. Michiru tells Eudial she won't let her have the crystal. Eudial tells the daimon to get Michiru and Haruka instead. Haruka throws her own doll at the daimon. Michiru says that they have no choice, and Haruka agrees. The two transform into Neptune and Uranus.

Sailormoon, lying on the ground, whispers, "Haruka-san and Michiru-san..." Eudial is in shock: "THREE Sailor Senshi?!" Uranus uses "World Shaking" on Eudial, who dives out of the way; the attack only destroys her lab coat. Neptune jumps in front of Minako and takes the heart crystal. Sailormoon gets up and asks Michiru-san to return the crystal. Neptune looks at it and says it's not the Talisman. Sailormoon runs forward.

Eudial says, "What?!" From outside the attacks of the remaining Sailor Senshi can be heard; they're trying to blast open the door. Doorknob-der sweatdrops. Eudial screams that there's more Sailor Senshi outside?! She orders Doorknob-der to get rid of all of them. Doorknob-der jumps up and uses its "Desperate Attack." Neptune uses her "Deep Submerge" on it, knocking it backwards. The daimon runs to Eudial, telling her that's why it's bad at fighting. Neptune says, "Now, Sailormoon!"

Sailormoon stands up. The daimon tells her to finish off Eudial first while Eudial sweatdrops. Sailormoon begins her attack, and Eudial kicks the daimon to the side. Sailormoon yells, "Moon Spiral..." Eudial opens her car door and pulls out a weird weapon, saying "Witches' Eudial..." Sailormoon says, "Heart..." Eudial points her weapon at Moon saying, "Fire..." Moon finishes: "Attack!" Eudial finishes her own phrase with: "Buster!" Her weapon lets out a burst of fire; the hearts collide into it, then reflect to the side and hit the daimon, who yells "Lovely!" as it dies. The doors around the garage disappear.

Eudial smirks, saying that even Sailormoon's attack can't defeat her Fire Buster for which she's getting a patent. She orders Sailormoon, Neptune, and Uranus over to where the other three senshi are standing or else she'll burn Minako up. Eudial laughs again, saying she'll send them all to hell. Suddenly, many dolls fly into her. Minako is standing up holding her now empty bag. Eudial, with a doll sitting on her head, says, "What?!" Minako transforms into Sailorvenus. Eudial says, "You're all Sailor Senshi?!" (The doll on her head has a fan that says, "Out of luck.")

Venus uses "Venus Love-Me Chain" and it creates a hole in Eudial's Fire Buster. Eudial throws it down and gets into her car, shrieking how she won't forget about this since she knows their true identities. She backs up the car, and the Sailor Team dives out of its way to avoid getting run over. After Eudial's gone, they carefully come back out.

Uranus and Neptune are leaving the garage when Sailormoon says, "Wait! Haruka-san, Michiru-san!" The other senshi say, "Eh?!" in surprise. Sailormoon asks them what their purpose is, and why do they want the Talismans at the cost of people's lives? Uranus says that she shouldn't ask unnecessary questions. Neptune tells them not to get involved. Sailormoon says, "But-" and Uranus snaps, "Shut up." They leave. Venus says that Haruka-san and Michiru-san are Sailoruranus and Sailorneptune. Mars asks if that means they're their enemies? Jupiter says she doesn't want to believe it.

Haruka and Michiru are standing by the sea, the wind blowing around them. Haruka says that the others now know their identities; she wonders if they did the right thing by transforming. Michiru says she doesn't regret their decision. If they hadn't, they wouldn't have lived... and besides, she wanted to save those girls.

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon 1992 Takeuchi Naoko, Kodansha, Toei Animation, TV Asahi, and Bandai. This is only a fan page and is not intended to infringe on any rights.

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