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Sailormoon S Episode 108

Episode 108: "Usagi no dance he waltz ni notte"
"Usagi's Dance to Share in the Waltz"
Victim of the Day: Edwards (the Englishman)
Monster of the Day: Chikuon
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.07.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

Usagi murmurs how during this hot afternoon in this air-conditioned room, she feels that the romantic atmosphere is making her drowsy. Minako yells in her ear, "Usagi-chan, this isn't the time for a nap!" The girls are all at Mamoru's apartment for their study session. Mamoru says that they came here just for the air-conditioner, but Rei replies that no, the herb tea is also good. She realizes her mistake too late. Ami is busy looking at Mamoru's books; she's impressed with how advanced they are but how they're all unrelated, and Mamoru says that they're all interesting so he can't just choose one type. Mamoru then says that they should study hard, so they'll begin with English. Usagi says she's bad with English, and Mamoru tells her (not meanly) that she's bad at everything.

The doorbell rings, and Usagi goes to answer the door. A strange, older man with a cane and a suit is at the door. He greets her in English. Usagi tries to say that she's bad at English but the man doesn't understand her. Then he realizes her problem and asks her in Japanese if Mamoru is here. Usagi, still confused, says in bad Japanese that he's in. She then says that he can speak Japanese. Mamoru greets the man, Edwards. The other girls appear and greet him in English, though Makoto says, "Thank you!" and the others sweatdrop. Edwards tells Mamoru that several of his young friends wanted to invite him to a party; he then invites the other girls who get excited.

Mamoru explains that Edwards is an Englishman who lives in the large, European house on the outskirts of the city. Edwards often has parties for international students. Rei dreams about how romantic it is, and Ami says it's great to meet people from different cultures. Usagi is happy that she'll be in a European house with Mamoru. Mamoru says, though, that since it's an international party, most of the conversations will be in English. Usagi, Rei, and Makoto sweatdrop. (Minako can speak fluently, having lived in England, and Ami probably has studied it a lot.) Mamoru says that they have to practice their English. Usagi says, "Mamo-chan and a party! But English..." Mamoru says it's okay, but Usagi keeps repeating those lines and ignoring everything else. Everyone sweatdrops and says studying's over for today.

The Professor is talking to Eudial over the phone. He says the waltz is wonderful; he wants to play a record for her called "A Wish for the Future." Eudial says then the target is a person who loves the waltz and has a wish for the future. She comes up with Edwards' profile. The Professor then puts the record on the phonograph and plays it; it sounds nothing like the waltz, and Eudial says so. She yells, "Professor!" into the phone but he's busy doing other things. She slams down the phone and says no part of that was the waltz. The Professor puts the phonograph in the oven. The daimon yells, "Chikuon!" and continues playing the music in Eudial's car. Eudial drives out of a lake, the music blaring out of the speakers, and the car splashes water on the young couple cuddling nearby.

At Edwards' mansion, the girls are impressed with all the handsome men. Usagi, however, is really worried since everyone is speaking English. Ami tells her it's a good chance to practice. Usagi protests she didn't learn enough to call it a good chance. Edwards walks up with two young men, George and Ned; the three greet Mamoru in English. Usagi is extremely worried. The men then start to speak in Japanese; the girls are surprised, and Rei tells Usagi she's lucky but Usagi's not there.

Usagi is hiding at the side of the room, trying to study English with a book. She sees that all the girls, even Rei and Makoto, seem to be speaking English well with the men. She gets even more worried and says she'll drink some juice to calm down; she accidentally grabs a wine glass instead.

Mamoru's friends talk to him about what to study. Ami tells Edwards that everyone is so advanced in their studies; Edwards says that he enjoys inviting them here since the sound of the waltz with promising young people makes him happy. Ami says that she can see his hope for the future, and Edwards tells her to join in.

Meanwhile, the other three girls stand aside. They can't understand what the others are talking about since they're so advanced. Usagi then stumbles by, calling for Mamo-chan. She starts to talk about making relativity pudding by mixing different ingredients in. Mamoru's friends are impressed, thinking she's comparing the theory of relativity to pudding. Mamoru tries to calm Usagi down, but she accidentally punches him in the face. Ned takes Usagi's hands and tells her she's unique and charming; she starts to speak a gibberish mixture of English and Japanese. Ami tells Mamoru Usagi's drunk. Edwards gently takes Usagi by the shoulders and tells Mamoru to take her outside.

Edwards then announces that he has invited two new people; he points to the stage and introduces Tenoh Haruka and Kaioh Michiru. Haruka sits down at the piano and Michiru begins to play her violin. The girls clap, but Ami comes and tells them about Usagi. They all go outside. Ami gives Usagi some water. Makoto wonders why Usagi drank alcohol, and Usagi explains that she didn't, she just drank some juice. She then faints, and the others scream, "Usagi-chan!"

Inside, Haruka and Michiru continue their duet. In front of the mansion, Eudial gets out of her car wearing a Chinese dress. She says, "Show time..."

The girls walk back inside, Usagi saying she's okay now. Haruka and Michiru greet them. Michiru says it's a wonderful party, then invites Mamoru to dance the waltz with her. Usagi puts her arms out, saying Mamoru is dancing with *her*. Haruka then asks Usagi to dance with her. Usagi quickly agrees. Her friends sweatdrop.

Haruka says Usagi is dancing very well, and Usagi says it's like a dream. The other girls are surprised that Usagi is dancing. Makoto says it's because of Haruka's lead. Rei says she's jealous and wants to be next. Makoto says they'll decide by arm wrestling, but Minako says they should do junken. Ami pulls away as they begin to play.

Michiru and Mamoru talk as they dance. Michiru says that Edwards helps young people out a lot. Mamoru replies that Edwards became rich when he was young at the sacrifice of others; he thought he only needed money to create a bright future. However, as he became older, he realized money alone wouldn't work since he had no one to give the future to. That's why he wants to do this, to share his vision of the future with everyone. Michiru says Edward's a romantic since to get your future, you often have to sacrifice things. Mamoru responds by saying that even if you get the future, it's nothing if you have no one to give it to. Michiru smiles a little.

Minako, Makoto, and Rei continue playing their game, then start yelling at each other. Eudial sees them and smiles.

[eye catch]

At the end of the dance, everyone is impressed with Haruka and Michiru. Many women come up to Haruka and ask to dance with her; soon a crowd of people surrounds them, and Usagi is pushed out. The next dance starts and she has no partner. She notices the other girls playing junken (Ami included) and wonder what they're doing. Usagi then sees Mamoru's dancing with another woman. Makoto sees that Haruka is dancing with Michiru. Edwards comes up to them and tells them to spend some time with him, he'll show them a special place.

He takes them outside to a garden that has a beautiful view of the city. The girls are impressed. Edwards says that like the roses, he wants young people to have beautiful futures. That's his dream, and he hopes the girls will have beautiful futures as well. He then leaves to get snacks for them. Makoto says that for the flowers to bloom so beautifully, Edwards must have a beautiful heart. Ami says that he has a pure heart, and the house has a rosy future.

Inside, Mamoru is taking a break. He sees a waiter about to open a door, but the door has blue smoke coming out from underneath. He tries to stop the waiter but the door swings open. The smoke fills the room, and all the guests pass out. Mamoru pulls out a handkerchief and holds it over his nose. Edwards comes in, sees the smoke, and does the same. He grabs a red-haired woman by the arm, telling her she must get outside. The woman turns- it's Eudial wearing a gas mask. She points her gun at Edwards and shoots him. Outside, the girls notice the smoke and see Eudial. Eudial grabs the crystal.

Michiru and Haruka transform into Neptune and Uranus. Neptune uses "Deep Submerge," knocking the heart crystal out of Eudial's hand. Uranus grabs the crystal, and in response, Eudial calls for the daimon. Her car says, "I am backing up, I am backing up" and backs up into the wall. The trunk pops up, and the box opens. Eudial laughs, but after a moment, no daimon comes out. She says, "Daimon... What are you doing?!" The daimon stumbles out, complaining that the blue dress it's wearing is too heavy. Eudial sighs and says she has a headache; she wants to go home. Sailormoon yells, "I won't let you go home!"

The Sailor Team stands on the balcony above Uranus and Neptune. They each proceed to make a short speech involving fairy tales (since it IS a ball, after all..) but before Venus can finish her speech, Sailormoon decides it's long enough and says, "In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!" Eudial says there's another source of her headache.

Neptune says the heart crystal isn't a Talisman; Uranus tells Eudial it's another waste of time. Eudial shrugs, then calls the daimon to take care of the senshi. She drives off. Chikuon holds out a blue rose; it says, "Un, deux, trois" and throws the rose, which explodes. She does this a second time and hits Sailormoon. Uranus and Neptune are returning the crystal to Edwards when the daimon is going in for a third attack; Uranus stands up and uses "World Shaking" on it. The daimon's clothes rip off, blue smoke surrounding it. Sailormoon says, "Uranus!" Uranus asks if she interfered, and Neptune says, "Bye." The two leave.

The daimon stands up. The senshi are surprised that it's so strong. This time, the daimon looks like a phonograph. It cranks itself up and starts playing the "Waltz from Hell," shooting out musical notes. The senshi avoid it. Sailormoon gets mad and tells it that if it's really a phonograph, it'll use music and not just musical notes. The daimon says that's a good idea and puts on a record. It starts to play "Devil's Yodel," really horrible music; the senshi cover their ears in pain. Chikuon says the music will destroy their brains.

A thrown rose breaks the record. Tuxedo Kamen makes his speech. The daimon throws its horn at him but misses. The daimon says that was its last weapon. Tuxedo Kamen says, "Now, Sailormoon!" and Moon uses "Moon Spiral Heart Attack" on Chikuon, who yells that it shouldn't have thrown its horn before it dies.

The party has resumed. Edwards asks if he fell asleep. The girls then see Usagi and Mamoru dancing happily. Rei says she's jealous. Minako looks for Haruka so she can dance with her, and she, Makoto, and Rei play junken again.

Outside, Neptune and Uranus watch the party from a tree. Neptune says that Edwards passes on his bright future to younger people. Uranus says that the Silence is coming so they can't waste any time in finding the Talismans. They look up at the night sky.

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