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Sailormoon S Episode 107

Episode 107: "Geijutsu ha ai no bakhuhatsu! Chibi-usa no hatsukoi"
"Art is the Explosion of Love! Chibi-usa's First Love"
Victim of the Day: Tsuzuki Masanori
Monster of the Day: Chokokuka
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.07.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

The Sailor Team is at Usagi's house. Usagi rummages around the kitchen looking for something to eat. She spots an apple pie in the oven and brings it to her room. Luna asks her where she got the pie; Artemis says she didn't make it, did she? Usagi cuts the pie and says she found it in the oven, so she thinks her mom made it for them. Rei says then they don't have to worry about eating it. Ami agrees, saying they don't want to get sick before the exams. Usagi holds up the knife threateningly and asks what they mean. Makoto quickly gives everyone a pie piece. Minako makes a bad joke, and everyone complains.

Chibi-usa enters the room asking them if they've seen her apple pie- she stops when she sees that everyone is eating it! They sweatdrop- the pie isn't for them? Chibi-usa says she made that pie herself! Minako tells Usagi, "Shame on you" while Rei says in the name of Mars, she'll punish Usagi. She flicks Usagi on the forehead which knocks Usagi to the ground. Chibi-usa cries that she made the pie for Masanori-kun. Usagi sits up and asks who Masanori is. Chibi-usa blushes and says she has to go. She's about to go, then tells Usagi she'll make her compensate for the pie, and she leaves.

The other girls ask Usagi where Chibi-usa is going, and Usagi explains that Chibi-usa has started an art class. Chibi-usa runs down the street happily. Makoto says that Chibi-usa must have made some friends; the girls continue to eat the pie. Luna says that for Chibi-usa to have made a pie, she must have found someone more than a friend. Makoto remembers that Chibi-usa said "Masanori-kun." Ami wonders if they should eat all of the pie. Rei says that it won't help anything if they leave crumbs, and Minako says Usagi should handle the situation. Everyone agrees while Usagi whines unhappily.

Chibi-usa arrives at the art school and sees a brown haired boy standing at the gate. He's holding a bundle of roses. Chibi-usa hides behind some trash cans. A woman walks down the street towards the school, and the boy tightens his hands around the roses, thinking, "She's coming..." Chibi-usa wonders who Masanori-kun is waiting for, and Michiru comes into view. Masanori says, "Mi-Michiru-san..." Michiru smiles at him and tells him good afternoon. Masanori suddenly gives her the roses. Michiru says they're beautiful, and Masanori says that roses are for passionate love. Michiru looks surprised; Chibi-usa is also shocked and feels like she's fallen into a black hole. Michiru kisses Masanori on the cheek. Chibi-usa glares and makes a fist, accidentally knocking a can off a trash can. Michiru looks up and sees Chibi-usa. She tells the children that they should go in, class will start soon. Masanori stiffly follows her. Chibi-usa slaps her own cheeks, telling herself not to give up.

Inside, lots of kids are busy sculpting. Masanori is making an angel figure while Chibi-usa is next to him. She looks at him and blushes. Outside, Usagi and Luna watch Chibi-usa from the window. Usagi complains about coming here, and Luna reminds her that she's the one who ate the pie. Meanwhile, Chibi-usa is diligently working on her sculpture but it's not coming out right. Masanori asks Tsukino-kun what it's supposed to be, a jar? Chibi-usa says it's the Holy Grail. She saw a painting of it in her mother's room and always wanted something like it. Masanori helps her out and makes it look a lot more like the Holy Grail. Chibi-usa is impressed, and Masanori blushes.

Usagi and Luna see Chibi-usa with the boy. Luna says he must be the Masanori Chibi-usa mentioned. Usagi says Chibi-usa is doing well. The two kids are working together. Chibi-usa thinks that Masanori-kun is wonderful; he's her best friend.

Michiru comes into the room. Usagi is surprised that she's here, and Luna says next door looks like a painting studio. Michiru passes by Masanori and Chibi-usa, telling Masanori not to help Chibi-usa-chan so much. Masanori blushes and nods while Chibi-usa grits her teeth. Michiru says, "Good luck, my love rival." Masanori's eyes turn into hearts. Chibi-usa's, however, have flames in them, and she thinks that she won't give up. Usagi says, with a cute face, that she knows what's going on now. Luna asks her what she's going to do, and Usagi says she's going to be the go-between between Chibi-usa and Masanori. Luna is surprised. Inside, Masanori works some more on his angel sculpture of Michiru.

In the Death Busters' lab, the Professor phones Eudial. He says, "Eudial-kun," then hears a man from a Chinese restaurant say that his four cups of ramen will be ready soon. The Professor says, "Very good." then hangs up. He ponders over the phone for a minute. In the Witches 5's lair, Eudial picks up the ringing phone. She says "Moshi moshi" twice, then finally the Professor greets her. Eudial asks if something was wrong since he paused before speaking; the Professor says it was nothing and asks if she has found a new target. Eudial sends him information on the new target- the Professor sees an image of a beautiful statue. Eudial says that the genius child sculptor, Tsuzuki Masanori, created it; she believes he's the holder of the Talisman. The Professor creates a new daimon for her, placing sharp sculpting utensils in the oven. The daimon yells, "Chokokuka!"


Haruka and Michiru are in the painting studio. Haruka, sitting on the window sill, says that she looked for Eudial, but there was no sign of her activity. Michiru, painting a picture of a mermaid, says that then they can relax for the afternoon. Haruka notices the roses in a vase. She asks Michiru who gave them to her. Michiru asks her if she's worried, and Haruka says, "A little." Michiru laughs. Haruka says, "Are they from your boyfriend?" Michiru replies, "Of course." Haruka shrugs and says she's surprised that a man was brave enough to approach Michiru. Michiru says it's not like Haruka to be jealous. Haruka says that she's not jealous, she just can't stand it if Michiru looks at someone else besides her. Michiru laughs again and says, "Haruka-san, that's called jealousy."

Usagi sneaks into the sculpting classroom behind Chibi-usa. She says, "Chibi-usa" which startles the girl, who jumps up. A picture of Usagi as Cupid over a heart appears, and Usagi says she's "Cupid of love." Chibi-usa glares at Usagi and steps on her foot. Masanori asks Chibi-usa if Usagi's her onee-san, and Chibi-usa says something like that... Usagi takes their hands and puts them over one another, telling Masanori to be Chibi-usa's good friend. Masanori says okay nervously and runs off. Usagi tells her she gave Chibi-usa a chance so she should attack now. Chibi-usa yells at her to go home before she stomps on her foot again. Both Usagi and Luna think she's scary.

Eudial's car crashes through the sliding windows. Everyone seeks shelter, but Eudial tells them not to worry. Masanori starts to get up, and Eudial sees him. She pulls out her gun and shoots him. In the painting studio, Michiru says today won't be so relaxing after all. Haruka opens the windows and tells her not to say it like that, this is their mission. The two transform into Sailor Senshi.

Eudial takes the crystal thinking it must be the Talisman. She looks up to see Neptune and Uranus. Eudial calls out the daimon. Chokokuka wears an artist beret and a large coat; it poses, and Eudial trips. Chibi-usa jumps up, but Luna and Usagi tell her not to transform. She tells them she won't. Instead, she bites Eudial on the arm and grabs the crystal. Chibi-usa tells her she won't let her get Masanori's heart crystal. Eudial approaches her, but Uranus grabs the crystal away. Chibi-usa tells them to return it; Neptune tells Chibi-chan not to worry, and Uranus adds since it's not a Talisman, they'll return it. They do, and Chibi-usa gives it to Masanori.

Eudial drives away leaving the daimon to defeat the senshi. Chokokuka throws some of the sharp sculpting tools at Uranus and Neptune. Uranus says they're at a disadvantage if they fight here, and Neptune agrees. They jump over the daimon and run outside. The daimon throws off its coat and follows. Usagi says they left a mess; Luna tells her to transform, and the two run outside and follow the daimon. Chibi-usa tells Masanori he'll be okay, then runs after the others. Masanori whispers that he's found his goddess as he watches Chibi-usa leaves.

Chibi-usa transforms into Chibimoon, and Usagi transforms into Sailormoon.

Uranus kicks the daimon into a playground set in a sandbox. She says that the daimon is weak. The daimon, however, makes a sculpture in the sand and puts its earring into it. The daimon calls the spiky sand sculpture "Art Number 001: Beyond Killing." The sculpture comes to life and lunges at Uranus, pushing her into the bushes and knocking down Neptune. The daimon makes a second sculpture, this time round, and names it "Art Number 002: Ambitious Silence." Neptune comments about the daimon's taste in artwork, and then the sculpture runs after her. Neptune leaps over a bench, but the sculpture rams right through it.

The daimon laughs. Sailormoon and Chibimoon arrive saying they can't forgive her. They use "Double Sailormoon Kick" but Chokokuka throws a hanger at them which creates a field that smushes them into the ground.

Meanwhile, Neptune runs towards the lake. She swings herself up into the nearby tree, and the sculpture falls into the lake. It melts, and Neptune says now she knows. Uranus comes rolling out of a bush with the first sculpture. Neptune tells her its weakpoint is water; Uranus kicks the sculpture in the stomach, sending it flying over Neptune into the lake. The two senshi then confront the daimon. Neptune says it's weak against water and uses "Deep Submerge" on it. The daimon half melts, saying it should use water proof clay next time. Uranus tells the others to take care of it; the two Moons agree but Chibimoon goes first. Her "Pink Sugar Heart Attack" takes a few moments to start, then hits the daimon in the face. Sailormoon then uses "Moon Spiral Heart Attack." Uranus and Neptune leave. Chibimoon says she can count on them instead of Sailormoon.

The sun is setting, and Masanori and Chibi-usa walking together holding hands. Masanori calls her "Tsukino-san," but Chibi-usa says he can call her Chibi-usa. He tells Chibi-usa good-bye, then comes back, saying he almost forgot something. He hands her a package and says she can keep it; she opens it, and inside is a statue of her as a goddess. Masanori runs off saying he'll see her later. Chibi-usa watches happily.

Behind her, the senshi say, "Chibi-usa, kakkoii!" Chibi-usa asks if they watched. Usagi says Chibi-usa should thank her since she got them together; Chibi-usa replies that Usagi was making fun of Chibi-usa, and Luna agrees. Chibi-usa then asks them what they'll do about the pie. Usagi sweatdrops, asking if she remembers about it. Chibi-usa says of course. Makoto says she'll make a pie for Chibi-usa, but the little girl says it's not enough. Rei says it's Usagi's fault, and the others agree she should make it up to Chibi-usa. Usagi cries, asking Chibi-usa to forgive her, then climbs up a streetlamp as Chibi-usa shakes her fist at her.

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon 1992 Takeuchi Naoko, Kodansha, Toei Animation, TV Asahi, and Bandai. This is only a fan page and is not intended to infringe on any rights.

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