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Sailormoon S Episode 106

Episode 106: "Unmei no kizuna! Uranus no tooi hi"
"Establishing a Destiny! Uranus' Distant Fire"
Victim of the Day: Elza Gray (track runner)
Monster of the Day: Hurdler (present); unnamed daimon (past)
Important Events: Haruka and Michiru meet for the first time. "Uranus Planet Power Make-Up" and "Neptune Planet Power Make-Up" are first used.
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.07.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

Haruka is on her motorcycle. She thinks about how, in her past, she wanted to be the wind. She drives the motorcycle out of a tunnel. An image of Haruka wrapped in light blue cloth appears. Haruka wanted to be just like the wind and disappear into the sky.

Haruka stops the motorcycle on a hill overlooking a high school. She takes off her helmet. At that time, she was trying to escape her destiny, and after every obstacle, she had a new version of herself. A breeze blows by. Haruka stares at the sky, then says that the wind is rustling.

The Professor is running on a treadmill in his lab. He says a workout does the mind good. He increases the speed and runs frantically. He calls Eudial and manages to gasp out a suggestion for a new target: a runner. Eudial does a search on her computer and comes up with a girl with bronze skin and red hair. The Professor says he'll make a new daimon. He laughs hysterically while still running at a frantic pace. A hurdle is put into the oven. The new daimon yells, "Hurdler!" from inside. Eudial then drives her car out. In the zoo, an elephant is about to enter its pen, then sweatdrops and quickly backs out as Eudial's car speeds out.

At the high school, Usagi-tachi are walking around on the grounds. Minako says if she gets accepted at this school next year, she can play volleyball again. Rei assures her that she'll get in since she's been studying hard, and Usagi nods. Rei says that she only said Minako-chan. Usagi glares at her and says that Rei's look makes her feel bad; Rei says, "Really?" Usagi says she feels a strain on their friendship, but Rei just brushes her off and tells everyone to leave. Usagi gets angry and says that she's jealous that Rei's school has all grades so Rei will just go up to the next level (since she doesn't have to worry about entrance exams). Ami tells Usagi she'll be fine; Usagi gets a hopeful look on her face, then Ami says she can get into any school if she passes the exams. Usagi freezes with the same look on her face; Rei sweatdrops and tells Ami she's not helping. Usagi falls to the ground. Usagi yells that Rei is mean, and they start fighting.

Then Minako says, "That girl..." Everyone looks to see a dark skinned, red haired girl. Makoto says it's Elza Gray. [Note: Elza Gray is not Japanese, so her family name is Gray, her given name is Elza.] The others don't know who she is, but Makoto explains Elza Gray is one of the top runners in Japan for obstacles and hurdles. Usagi's impressed. Elza stops by a water fountain and wipes her face. When she looks up, she sees the other girls. They bow.

The girls sit down on some benches. Elza asks if they're going to come to the school next year, and Makoto says they aren't sure yet. Elza reaches down and squeezes Minako and Makoto; they stand up, shocked, saying, "El-Elza-san!" The others are also surprised. Elza smiles and tells them that they have strong hips that are good for runners; they should join the track team next year. They all laugh. Rei says Usagi can be manager, and Usagi snaps that she knows she's bad at sports.

Minako says that Elza is very dedicated to keep training even though there's no club meeting. Elza replies that she used to be more confident in running, but there was one girl that she could never beat. She remembers how during a race, Haruka passed easily by her. Elza says that the girl always passed her like the wind. She heard the girl quit running but she never beat her even once, so she's still running after her. Usagi thinks Elza is cool.

Elza says good-bye to them, and they all thank her. Outside the field, Eudial says she's confirmed her target. Haruka jumps from the buildings to the trees inside the high school campus, looking around. While Usagi-tachi are leaving, Usagi says she should study harder. The others agree and tell her to keep trying and good luck. Usagi smiles at them. Then they hear Elza screaming.

Elza is backed up against a tree with Eudial pointing her gun at her. The Death Buster shoots, but Elza runs out of the way. Eudial says she's fast. The Sailor Team arrives, telling Eudial to stop. Eudial calls out for her daimon; she shoots off a gun, and the daimon, Hurdler, which has a shoe for its main body, jumps out. Venus uses "Venus Love-Me Chain" on the daimon, but it yells, "Hurdler Pass" and leaps over it. Hurdler then says, "Hurdler Line" and throws a rope around the senshi, then pulls on the line, tightening it.

Nearby, Haruka calls Michiru on her communicator watch, telling her she's at Shirakaba High School. Michiru says, "Okay." Haruka adds that Elza Gray is the target. Michiru says, "Is that so..." Haruka watches as Elza tries to run away and Eudial shoots her in the back; Elza screams as her heart crystal comes out. Haruka thinks that she and Michiru know Elza; Elza was the one who introduced her to Michiru. That was before she became Sailoruranus. Haruka has a flashback to her past.

The past Haruka has a vision of the destruction of the world. A voice calls to her, and she turns, seeing a girl with sea green hair in a green sailor-type uniform. The girl tells her that they have to find the Messiah quickly, and only the two of them can do this.

The past Haruka comes back to reality. She pinches the bridge of her nose; that dream has returned. Next to her, Elza tells her she's heard that Haruka is fast; however, Elza won't lose. Haruka is standing on a track field with other female runners. They position themselves, and the race starts. Haruka easily passes the other girls. The present Haruka remembers that at that time, she was trying to escape her destiny. No one could beat her in any sports; she was good at running, but she just did it to relieve boredom. Only motor-sports really interested her. The circuit was the most important thing to her... until she met Kaioh Michiru.

Haruka zips up her pullover suit after the race. Elza comes up to her and says Haruka is really great at running. She tells her that her friend wants to meet her. Eudial calls, "Come over here, Michiru." Michiru, wearing a light blue and white sailor school uniform, appears carrying a notebook. Elza introduces her as Kaioh Michiru, an intelligent, genius painter. Michiru says that Haruka didn't even break a sweat while running; she says that Haruka was holding back, wasn't she? Haruka asks her what she means, and Michiru smiles, saying that Haruka can hear the wind. Haruka's eyes narrow. Present Haruka says she knew in that moment that Michiru was the girl of her dream, and Michiru knew her true identity. Haruka was a senshi by destiny but did not want to accept that since everything in her life would change. Past Haruka picks up her bag and says Michiru is strange. What does she want? Michiru asks her if she'll model for her paintings. Haruka replies, "Pass! I don't like that type of thing." and walks away.

[eye catch]

Haruka in the past is on a cruiseship. She wears a tuxedo and sits at a table by herself; many other people are there too. They all watch Michiru who is playing the violin on stage. Haruka overhears a couple talking about Michiru. The woman says Michiru doesn't look like a junior high school student and must be popular. The man replies that he heard Michiru doesn't have many friends. When the woman wonders why, the man says apparently she doesn't like people. Haruka gets up to leave; Michiru watches her go.

Haruka goes below deck but stops on the stairs to look at a painting of a huge tidal wave destroying a city. Michiru is on the steps below and asks her if she likes the painting. She says Tenoh Haruka, the brilliant racer, is welcome here. Haruka, not looking at her, comments that Michiru knows a lot about her, and did Michiru paint the picture? Michiru says Haruka is famous, and that at her school, Haruka has many fans. One, even though she's a girl, wants to ride along the coast with Haruka in her car. Haruka smiles briefly and says, "The end of the world..." She asks, still staring at the painting, how a gentle, pretty girl like Michiru could paint such a horrible, imaginary scene? Michiru says that this isn't a dream- it's real, and both of them can see it. Haruka frowns, turning to face her. Michiru stands up. Haruka says that she's the first junior racer in Japan; she doesn't care about her past life or saving the world, and she wants Michiru to leave her alone. She says that if this is important, why doesn't Michiru do it? Michiru's hands tighten, and she tells Haruka to stop talking like that. She has a dream to be a violinist and doesn't want to save the world either. The two stare at each other in silence.

At the circuit, Haruka walks by a half-open garage. She hears moaning from inside and enters. There is a boy in a Mugen Gakuen uniform on the ground; he tells her to help him, then something comes out of him and transforms him into a huge, red monster with big fangs. (It looks like the daimon from the manga.) Haruka picks up a pipe and is about to hit the monster, but she remembers the boy pleading for her to help him. She pauses, and the monster lunges at her. She blocks it with the pipe, but it's knocked out of her hands. The daimon lunges towards her again, but this time a bright light appears between them. The daimon pulls back. Haruka watches in amazement as her transformation stick appears before her. She reaches for it, but a voice tells her, "Don't!"

Haruka pulls her hand back, and the wand falls to the ground. Haruka sees Michiru behind her. Michiru tells her not to touch it; if she does, she can never go back to having a normal life. She lifts her own transformation stick and transforms into Sailorneptune. The daimon attacks, but she hits it, sending it flying into some shelves. Haruka runs in front of the pile, telling Neptune to stop. She says that the monster was a human; is Neptune okay with killing people? Neptune says that the Silence is approaching; if she doesn't kill it, more people will be die. Haruka says, "So you don't choose the way." Neptune agrees: "No, I don't choose the way." Haruka gets angry again, but then the daimon recovers and starts to attack Haruka. Neptune suddenly takes the attack for Haruka, pulling the other girl out of the way while Haruka stares at her in shock. Neptune, with deep red cuts in her arm and back, manages to use a "Deep Submerge" on the monster. Neptune falls to her knees. The monster's body crystallizes before the boy returns to normal.

Haruka is holding Neptune against the wall. Neptune asks about the monster, and Haruka says it returned to human form. Neptune says she almost killed the monster... but next time she will be sure to kill it. It's not easy, but she chose to become a Sailor Senshi. Haruka asks why Neptune saved her; she looks at Neptune's cut arm and says if she hurts herself, she can't become a violinist. Neptune says she didn't spy on Haruka because she was a senshi; even before that, Michiru was watching her. She was the girl who wanted to ride with Haruka in her car. She says she didn't want Haruka to follow her path, but she was still happy when she found out Haruka was the other senshi. She says that Haruka is always faithful to her feelings; Haruka denies that, saying she's always running away. Neptune smiles and says that she knows more about Haruka than Haruka does about herself since she's always watching her. She winces in pain, then, with tears in her eyes, apologizes for telling Haruka all of this. Haruka turns to look at the transformation stick.

In the present, Haruka thinks: "And then I..." Her hand tightens around the wand in her hand. Michiru says that it's time. Haruka says she's ready, and Michiru says she is too. Haruka transforms into Uranus with "Uranus Planet Power, Make-Up" and Michiru uses "Neptune Planet Power, Make-Up" to transform into Sailorneptune. Uranus then does a "World Shaking" on Eudial, knocking the heart crystal out of her hand. Neptune cuts the line between the daimon and the Sailor Team, freeing the other senshi. They land on their feet except for Sailormoon, who lands on her butt. Eudial angrily tells the daimon to take care of the senshi and leaves.

The daimon says, "Hurdler Line!" but Neptune, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury jump out of the way; Sailormoon quickly crawls away. Mars tells the daimon it can't keep doing the same attack; she uses "Burning Mandala." The daimon is too quick though, "Dash"ing out of the way. Uranus runs next to it saying it can't beat her since she's the wind. She grabs the daimon from behind and tells Neptune, "Now!" Neptune uses "Deep Submerge." The other senshi cry out in alarm, and Sailormoon tells Uranus to watch out. However, at the last second Uranus jumps safely out of the way, and the attack only hits Hurdler. Neptune yells at Sailormoon to attack. Sailormoon uses "Moon Spiral Heart Attack" on the daimon.

Uranus and Neptune examine the heart crystal but it's not a Talisman. They toss it back; Eudial watches from behind a tree and curses. After Elza awakens, the two senshi leave. Mars and Venus comment that they did pretty well.

Haruka thinks that after that, she chose this way. She accepted that she was a Sailor Senshi. The screen shows the image of Haruka in blue cloth; then the wind blows Michiru's art portfolio shut. The notebook is sitting in the backseat of Haruka's yellow convertible; she and Michiru are driving on the highway. Haruka smiles at Michiru and says she's glad she met her. Michiru pulls some hair out of her eyes and says, "What?" Haruka says, "Nevermind. Let's just keep driving. I won't let you go tonight." Michiru says, "Maa..." and they laugh.

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