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Sailormoon S Episode 105

Episode 105: "Power ga hoshii! Mako-chan no mayaoi michi"
"Need Power! Mako-chan's Lost Way"
Victim of the Day: Yakushiji Kakusui (a priest/monk)
Monster of the Day: Aiangaa (flashback), Darumaa
Important Events: Two different daimon. More information on the Talismans- what forms they are and what they look like. Obligatory swimsuit episode! Atypical ending.
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.06.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

Makoto, in a white karate uniform with a black belt, is running barefoot through a forest. She trips over a root and falls to the ground. She wonders why she couldn't beat the daimon. She remembers how the daimon, Aiangaa, was very strong. She tried going against it, but it lifted her up and threw her down. She then tried using "Sparking Wide Pressure" on it, but it had no effect on the daimon. Sailormoon's "Moon Spiral Heart Attack" finally beat it. Makoto thinks she needs to power-up and continues running.

The Professor calls Eudial. Eudial tells him that she has a new target- a priest, Yakushiji Kakusui, who has been living in the mountains for four years and four months in order to reach spiritual reawakening. Eudial then asks the Professor how she'll know what the Talisman looks like. He tells her that if the heart crystal has a Talisman, it will take that form. The three forms are the sacred mirror, the sacred sword, and the sacred gem. When brought together, they will form the Holy Grail. (Images of all four objects appear on the screen when their name is mentioned.) He puts a ball with a face on it in the oven, and Eudial's car appears out of the water and drives on the railroad.

Usagi receives a postcard from Makoto. Makoto says that she's training at a temple in the mountains; Usagi looks at the return address and sees that the temple is near the resort hotel where Mamo-chan is working part-time. She says, "Lucky..." and grins.

The remaining four girls ride a train to visit Makoto. Usagi scarfs down her food while Minako sweatdrops. Rei tells her to slow down since she's getting food on her face. Luna and Artemis pop out of identical bags; they complain that they're hungry so their owners should feed them. Usagi and Minako say simultaneously, "Hai hai" and both drop shrimp into Luna and Artemis's mouths, who chew with the same expression on their faces.

Rei asks Usagi how she convinced Chibi-usa not to come. Usagi says because of her position as Chibi-usa's future mother, she explained to Chibi-usa why she shouldn't come. At Usagi's house, Chibi-usa says that Usagi said she was going to the bathroom but snuck out the back instead. Furious, she says she won't forgive Usagi and throws down her bag. On the train, a bag falls on Usagi's head.

The girls get off at a bus stop. Usagi says that she read there's a hotel nearby; the girls see it and think it's great. Usagi says why don't they stay there? Rei points out they came to help Mako with her training, but Usagi says it doesn't matter where they stay as long as they help Makoto. Rei reluctantly says that's a good point; Ami says she doesn't mind if she can study. Luna yells, "STOP!" in English and tells everyone not to fall for Usagi's scheme. She says that Mamoru-san is working at the hotel. The other girls get angry at Usagi and accuse her of lying; they storm off to the temple with Usagi following disappointed.

Usagi climbs the many steps, feeling exhausted. The other girls are really tired too; Ami says that there are 52 times more steps than at the Hikawa Jinja. The girls finally reach the top and see Makoto punching and kicking a tree. They say, "Mako-chan!" She sees them and asks what they're doing here. They tell her they came to help with her training, but she should have told them before she left.

Suddenly, Kakusui comes running up the steps and flips over the girls. Makoto says he's great, he runs around the mountains 50 times a day. Usagi says Mako's in love with him, but Makoto turns red, saying that's not it. She runs off, saying she has to train. Kakusui is standing under a waterfall. Makoto steps into the water, which is freezing. She says she'll join Kakusui and stands underneath another fall; a few seconds later she comes out, saying she can't do it. She tells Kakusui she's in a slump and that her power was ineffective against an enemy. She wants to get more power, but she needs willpower like his. He comes out the waterfall but doesn't say anything; she demands to know why, and he says he couldn't move his mouth because he was so cold. He sneezes and asks if he caught a cold. Makoto laughs. He tells her the smile suits her. She blushes. Kakusui says his favorite phrase, "'There is no other path to make myself feel alive. That is why I take this path.'" Makoto repeats it. Kakusui says he is uncertain, though, if he should continue following his path if he doesn't finish his training. Mako, in surprise, asks him if he has doubts. Kakusui laughs and says no one has more doubts than he does.

Above the falls, Eudial says she's found her target.

That evening, the girls are sleeping in the same room at the temple. The girls ask Makoto why she is training; Makoto says no real reason, but Rei says if she has problems, she should share them. Usagi tells her not to pile up all her problems; Rei makes a slight at Usagi, who gets mad and throws her pillow at Rei. Rei throws two pillows at Usagi, but one hits Minako. Minako throws her own pillow but it hits Ami. Soon the girls are having a pillow fight. Afterwards, all the girls are asleep except for Makoto, who is outside on the deck. She thinks that everyone came to see her, but she wants to solve the problem herself.


It's early morning, and the girls are awakened by Makoto's practicing. They see that Makoto is concentrating very hard and decide not to bother her. They sit in front of their breakfast, which is very simple, but Usagi complains she can't live like this. Ami says it'll improve her thinking, and Rei says Usagi will become slimmer. Usagi says she doesn't care if she gets fatter, she just wants to eat good food while traveling. Luna and Artemis come up and say that Makoto has already left; she is working very hard. There's a silence. Then Usagi says they should go to the hotel to eat breakfast. Everyone falls over. Rei yells at her if eating is all she thinks about. Usagi, upset, tells her not to be so serious. Rei says fine, they'll go to the hotel. Ami asks what about the food, and Usagi says she'll eat it all. Minako takes out her swimsuit. Luna and Artemis are surprised, and then Rei and Usagi take out their swimsuits. The cats think only Ami was serious about helping Makoto, but Ami blushes and takes out her swimsuit. The cats drop their faces.

At the hotel, the girls sit at an table with an umbrella at the poolside. There are a lot of people there. Usagi is happily stuffing her face when Mamoru walks by. He's surprised to see them all here. Usagi asks him if he wants to go somewhere with her, but he says he's too busy. He gets called by his boss and leaves. Usagi sits down, pouting. Then some boys say, "Those girls are cute!" The three guys say that they're pretty and want to go talk to them. Usagi, Minako, and Rei show off a bit. Then one of the boys says there's a prettier girl elsewhere, and they go to see her. Usagi, Rei, and Minako are suitably upset.

Usagi, angry, stands up. She then sees that the boys are looking at Michiru and Haruka, who are lying down in lounge chairs. Michiru has a black bathing suit on and shades; Haruka has a blue and white swimsuit but has white shorts and a shirt over the suit. Usagi goes over to talk to them. Haruka is surprised that they're there; the younger girls greet them. Minako says Michiru-san looks great in her swimsuit. Michiru thanks them but says they look great too; the girls blush.

Ami tells Usagi maybe they should return to the temple. Usagi says she wants to stay longer though. Rei says that even if Usagi stays, Mamoru won't go on a date with her, and that's what Usagi was thinking about, right? Usagi says Rei is mean for taunting her and jumps at her, but Rei moves and Usagi falls into the pool. A sudden breeze comes by- Michiru says it brings the smell of the sea and something will happen soon. Haruka nods. Usagi, in the pool, spits out water of her mouth.

Usagi walks alone through the forest. Eudial's car drives past her, and she runs after it.

Makoto and Kakusui are in the forest, sitting on rocks meditating. Makoto can't concentrate and looks at Kakusui, who looks deep in meditation. She tries to concentrate again, then hears snoring. She sweatdrops. Kakusui's head falls forward, and he wakes up and stretches. He starts laughing. Makoto says he's supposed to be training. Kakusui says it's important to relax sometimes, then laughs, saying that wasn't a very good excuse. Mako smiles. She hears the sound of a car and looks up. Eudial has her gun pointed at Kakusui. Makoto stands in front of him but he pushes her out of the way. Eudial shoots and Kakusui's heart crystal appears. Kakusui tells Makoto that people can't be alone, then falls to the ground. Eudial walks towards his body. Makoto dives into the bushes and transforms. Usagi transforms too.

Jupiter jumps in front of Kakusui saying she won't forgive Eudial. Eudial calls out to the daimon, Darumaa. Darumaa has a weird body- the midsection is composed of pegs and it holds a brush. It shoots needles at Jupiter with the brush, then throws a peg at Jupiter which knocks her down. Sailormoon appears introducing herself. The other three Senshi arrive too. Jupiter tells them she'll do this herself. They're surprised. Jupiter throws a "Sparkling Wide Pressure" at the daimon, but it reflects her attack. The attack hits the rock Sailormoon is standing on. The rock explodes, knocking all the senshi down.

Eudial is about to get the crystal, but Sailoruranus gets it first. She and Neptune are standing on a tree branch. Uranus compliments Eudial on her good work but the heart crystal isn't the Talisman. Eudial retreats. Uranus comments that Eudial runs away very quickly; she returns the crystal. Uranus then asks Jupiter if she needs help; Jupiter says she'll do this on her own, and Neptune tells her not to be too desperate. They leave.

Darumaa uses its brush and releases bristles towards Jupiter. The other senshi surround her but get trapped by the bristles. Darumaa uses its eyes to electrocute the senshi. The other senshi tell Jupiter that they should work together, and she remembers Kakusui's words. She agrees that they should work as a team; they combine their powers to break out of the bristles. Sailormoon raises her wand, but Darumaa knocks it out of her hand. The senshi are shocked. Jupiter confronts the daimon. She remembers how Kakusui says you need to relax sometimes; she closes her eyes and relaxes, surprising the daimon. Then she yells, "Sparkling Wide Pressure!" The daimon tries to reflect it, but it's too powerful and hits it. The daimon is destroyed and turns back into the ball. Jupiter is very happy.

The girls are riding the train back home. Both Usagi and Makoto are stuffing their faces. Rei says that Makoto's problem must be solved. Makoto sees Kakusui standing outside, waving. She waves back and mouths, "Thank you!"

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